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  1. Big Lebowski deserves the 90s. But how in the world is In Bruges winning the 2000s?
  2. 3-rounder.

    I don't get how they're seeing it as a need. Falcons have Allen, Neal and Kazee back at S. I get an injury replacement is always needed, but I don't see it as a first 3 round need unless they move Neal over to LB.
  3. 3-rounder.

    Where are you getting that the Falcons need a S from?
  4. Your franchise All-Time Team?

    Atlanta Falcons QB: Matt Ryan RB: Warrick Dunn RB: Gerald Riggs WR: Julio Jones WR: Roddy White TE: Tony Gonzalez LT: Mike Kenn LG: Justin Blalock C: Alex Mack RG: Jeff Van Note RT: Bob Whitfield DE: John Abraham DT: Rod Coleman DT: Grady Jarrett DE: Chuck Smith LB: Deion Jones LB: Jessie Tuggle LB: Tommy Nobis CB: Deion Sanders FS: Scott Case SS: William Moore CB: Desmond Trufant K: Matt Bryant P: Dan Strzynski HC: Mike Smith
  5. 1980s Comedy - Official FF BMET (Nominations)

    Coming to America Ghostbusters Ferris Bueller's Day Off Major League Caddyshack
  6. Rams release RB Todd Gurley (Page 7)

    And they won't til he can get a physical. HE lives in the Atlanta area, and we've been bombarded with COVID-19 so that's going to be a minute.
  7. Never wasted money on WR1? Did I miss the Randy Moss years?
  8. BayRaider 2020 Semi-Final Version Mock Draft

    1) AJ Terrell doens't have first round film and there's no pro days, so how is he rising up boards? 2) The Falcons run their SLB like a pure 3-4 EDGE guy who blitzes on third downs. 3) Falcons have outside corners in Sheffield and Oliver. they could use someone for the nickel. So Robertson actually would be a good pick.
  9. Also, keep in mind, that this could be like the cold or flu where heat would force it to lay dormant at minimum or completely kill it off once it starts getting hot in a few months.
  10. Maybe the Coronavirus dies in the heat. With the weather heating up that could be our saving grace.
  11. Everything Free Agency (Rumors, notes and news)

    To be fair, a QB has also never thrown for 30 INTs in a season and returned to his prior team since Kenny Stabler.
  12. I watched Atlanta's entire season and I have gone back multiple times to watch Thomas' games and I'm just not impressed. And Atlanta dominated him through three quarters in their first game. When they were up 26-3 heading into the 4th quarter, the Falcons decided to drop back into more of a cover 3/cover 4 shell and played him with a 10-yard cushion. But let's ignore what I actually say like you continually do.
  13. You have to be able to do everything to be the best WR in the NFL. Run every route. Be physical over the middle. Create separation and go deep. Julio Jones has literally done all of that for the last 6 years consistently. How anyone else is even considered, especially a bulk possession receiver like Thomas, as better than him just is laughable to me.
  14. Except I do get that. And you can easily shut Michael Thomas down. Falcons did in both games for 3 quarters this past year. Wasn't til the 4th he did any damage in either game and that was after they relaxed the defense. He's not special. He's not the hulk. And he's not as athletic as guys like Julio or Hopkins are. He's not blowing the top off of a defense with his 4.5 speed. You need to watch more football because I've seen way better 3rd down converters through the years. Hell, Plaxico was a monster on third down. And yes, Julio can be shut down. Literally every receiver in the NFL can be shut down if you roll enough coverage his way. Teams aren't rolling doubles and triples Thomas' way on the same frequency as others. Also, Brees has to force him the ball because there aren't other guys in New Orleans worth a **** to throw to.