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  1. Buying a House

    None of that. My wife and I talked about how we had a house fire at the place we rented and that it'd be nice to have a place that we can make our own for our own family. The seller was a hispanic house flipper and my wife is Filipino. There's literally no way that's discrimination. I'm a minority in my own right as someone who's Jewish.
  2. Buying a House

    The Fair Housing Act only applies to lenders here in the US. I know this because I work at a bank and was trained in it. Please stop.
  3. Buying a House

    No there wouldn't be. He told us AT THE CLOSING TABLE. AKA, things were done, we just needed to sign. Holy cow. How are you this dense?
  4. Buying a House

    The seller literally told us at closing that he picked us because of the letter we wrote and attached with our offer. He had 3 nearly identical offers and ours was the only one with a letter explaining our situation. Most people who are selling their house know they'll get an offer within a certain range because of where the market is. If someone low-balled you, that's one thing. We went in at $245k when the house was priced at $240k. The seller received 3 offers in the $244-248 range and took ours because of the letter we attached with our house explaining the situation.
  5. Buying a House

    Depends on how less attractive the offer is. If it's a couple of thousand, it doesn't hurt to take the lower offer. Especially if it's a house flipper who is from the community that's selling it.
  6. Buying a House

    My wife and I did this and we won our bid because of it. And it was a house on the market. Your situation is your house isn't on the market.
  7. MVP Race

    Mahomes looks like he's the MVP right now. However, Brees and Ryan both deserve to be in the conversation as well. All three are playing out of this world right now.
  8. Takk is the primary pass rusher and Vic is the complementary guy. The bigger issue right now is that they keep flipping Vic over to the right side when he's at his best on the left going against RTs. It's frustrating to see him struggle because you know that it could all click tomorrow and he'd be back to being a 10+ sack guy again.
  9. Buying a House

    Wife and I just bought a house on Tuesday. Moving on saturday. Pray for me.
  10. More like the role he's in right now doesn't do the same things he did that year. I still don't get why they don't just use him like they did that year.
  11. Atlanta Falcons 2018 Draft Class Review

    Honestly, I think my evals above sum up how they've played. Ridley - starting caliber WR and helps take pressure off of other guys. Oliver - developing, but still doing well at CB. Senat - best DT outside of Jarrett on the roster. Creating tons of pressure and penetration vs. runs. Ito - been Devonta with Devonta out. He's got a bright future. Gage - been a solid gunner on ST and had a couple of plays on offense here and there. Oluokon - Should start at WLB when Deion comes back. Has been able to help stabilize the LB spot without Jones in there.
  12. Trip to Atlanta

    Oh nice. I went to school for that. We should meet up for a beer sometime.
  13. Trip to Atlanta

    Live in Marietta and grew up in Marietta, but I'm always downtown or near it for work.
  14. Trip to Atlanta

    Totally missed this. Would have given a bunch of my recommendations. Born and Raised here.
  15. brian poole

    Trufant hasn't been horrible unless they put him in the slot. They need to put Alford there, tbh.