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  1. Looking for fresh perspective on Manuel

    YEah, that Seattle-style defense. Y'all need faster linebackers to run it.
  2. 2019 NFL Draft

    Tackle, DT, EDGE, all of those are first round worthy. Also, I could see the team falling in love with Dalton Risner.
  3. 2019 NFL Draft

    Can't see the team going corner in the first round.
  4. Looking for fresh perspective on Manuel

    Manuel isn't a bad coordinator. He just wasn't the right guy for this defense.
  5. Is Tom Brady a cheater?

    Did someone say something? I have trolls on my ignore list.
  6. Is Tom Brady a cheater?

    Yes. In both his personal and professional lives, he is a cheater.
  7. Offseason/Coaching Rumors, 2019 Edition

    Because Koetters passing concepts are atrocious. He'd be the worst coach they could hire outside of Mularkey.
  8. Buying a House

    Great advice. My wife and I probably looked at 30 houses in a 2 month span but when we found the one we finally bought, it was perfect.
  9. Buying a House

    what part of SC are you in?
  10. Buying a House

    How much is the house though? Because 15k below 100k is ridiculous. 15k below on say 250k is still pretty ridiculous depending on the market.
  11. Buying a House

    How much under were you?
  12. Buying a House

    None of that. My wife and I talked about how we had a house fire at the place we rented and that it'd be nice to have a place that we can make our own for our own family. The seller was a hispanic house flipper and my wife is Filipino. There's literally no way that's discrimination. I'm a minority in my own right as someone who's Jewish.
  13. Buying a House

    The Fair Housing Act only applies to lenders here in the US. I know this because I work at a bank and was trained in it. Please stop.
  14. Buying a House

    No there wouldn't be. He told us AT THE CLOSING TABLE. AKA, things were done, we just needed to sign. Holy cow. How are you this dense?
  15. Buying a House

    The seller literally told us at closing that he picked us because of the letter we wrote and attached with our offer. He had 3 nearly identical offers and ours was the only one with a letter explaining our situation. Most people who are selling their house know they'll get an offer within a certain range because of where the market is. If someone low-balled you, that's one thing. We went in at $245k when the house was priced at $240k. The seller received 3 offers in the $244-248 range and took ours because of the letter we attached with our house explaining the situation.