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  1. lmao. I was doing the same thing!!! it was so much fun. "Oh, you have Xbox? LMAO" Also RTTS is SOOOO different this year.
  2. Cleaning house 2-3 position groups at a time. only S remaining from Quinn era is Jaylinn Hawkins. Only RB left is Qadree Ollison. Only QB left is Matt Ryan (though that's more the Mike Smith era.)
  3. Phillips injury history makes it tougher to trust him as a long-term solution, tbh. I think Parsons would be better as a full time edge.
  4. Imagine if Megatron had a team that would help him actually get to the playoffs.
  5. Atlanta is solid. But if they trade back up, I could see them targeting Micah Parsons as a potential EDGE over Phillips.
  6. LOL same. Wife and I want to name after family members. One of my favorite names she picked was for my uncle Sylvain.
  7. Mike Davis was signed earlier in the offseason. I think he's RB1. He's gonna take the primary load for the offense from my understanding. The RB room looks a lot better now with Mike Davis, Cordarrelle Patterson, Ito Smith and Qadree Ollison as the 4 guys under contract who actually have NFL carries.
  8. I'm thinking we use him like Tevin Coleman was used here in Atlanta.
  9. Treadwell was never going to last, but the Falcons have listed him at RB. Not WR.
  10. I had a top 110 pick grade on Johnson. Dude is gonna be good.
  11. I don't mind doing that for next year. It's really not that hard for me to do.
  12. I'd recommend using a composite board. Go to Drafttek, Go to DraftScout, Go to Draft Network, add in PFN. Then just average out the rankings using a spreadsheet and go with that.
  13. https://www.atlantafalcons.com/news/falcons-sign-duron-harmon-and-cordarrelle-patterson Interesting that they list Patterson as a RB. Also interesting that Harmon signed. He should start at either FS or SS allowing Erik Harris to play a reserve role and the rookie they draft in the mid rounds to start.
  14. Adding the signings of Cordarrelle Patterson and Duron Harmon when I go on lunch, but @FalconFan13, we finally have a quality safety on the roster.
  15. The Falcons have some good pieces. CB A.J. Terrell, DL Grady Jarrett, LBs Deion Jones and Foye Oluokun all showed they were at minimum above average starters last year. This doesn't include average players like Dante Fowler, Tyeler Davison and Fabian Moreau. Add in potential from guys like Mykal Walker, Marlon Davidson, John Cominsky, Kendall Sheffield and Isaiah Oliver, and they have some solid pieces. But they do need like 4-5 good players. Mainly 2 S and some edge rushers. But it's not a defense completely devoid of talent. Bills traded #9, a 4th and 1st the next year to move to 4 f
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