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  1. True. They should probably be lower. Closer to Atlanta's 25-ish. LT - Jake Matthews - top 10 LT who played every snap LG - Likely rookie Jaylen Mayfield C - Matt Hennessy who is also unproven RG - Chris Lindstrom who was a top 10 OG at either LG or RG RT - Kaleb McGary who is an average RT (plus in the run, minus in the pass) who needs to prove things. Green Bay has: LT - Bakhtiari for 1/2 the season is still unproven for the entire season after his injury - unproven like ATL's LG LG - Jenkins - Solid starter like Atlanta's LT C - Replacing L
  2. Naw, the real COVID reason is there's a microchip shortage due to the factory being closed through the pandemic and a silicon shortage.
  3. If Ryan had the defenses that Kelly had during Jim's career, the Falcons would have been to more than just 1 Super Bowl with Ryan as QB. Kelly had some of the best defenses and running games backing him up and making him look better than he was.
  4. Matt Ryan has 5.4% higher completion %, 20,000 more passing yards, 17 less interceptions (in 2 more years), INT rate lower by 1.3%, Higher AY/A by 0.7 yards, 10 points higher in passer rating, 9 more 4th quarter comebacks, 10 more game winning drives. Objectively, Matt Ryan is a better than Jim Kelly. And it's really not close.
  5. ANY/A and EPA/Play are surely important for win%. However, some QBs have great ANY/A but have a suffering win% because their corresponding defense is complete and utter trash. See Drew Brees and Matt Ryan as guys who should have won more games had there been any defense played in the NFC South.
  6. Biscuit should be in the hall regardless. Those three I'd say are better than Kelly.
  7. PFF's OL grades are frustrating. Their individual grades tend to put too much blame on one guy and have no real bearing as to player talent to improve, just player performance on a single play/game. Their group grades are better, but articles like this are meh.
  8. Honestly, the only way to fix this is to flood the market with systems.
  9. A lot of people try to blame Matt Ryan for that loss too... last I checked, Matt Ryan didn't give up the lead. The defense did. Giving a defense a 25-point lead should be an auto-win in literally any game.
  10. QB Wins and Losses are not a stat. The amount of games some QBs should have won where they led their team to over 30 points and still lost due to poor defense is mind boggling.
  11. Trust me, they haven't. Southern cooking is the heartiest of them all. But no one goes to Ohio for Ohio-style BBQ. There's a difference between BBQ and grilling out too. LOL. Just like our pizza here is terrible too. I never claimed we were good at cheesesteaks. (though, it really can't be that tough as long as you have the right bread. It's basically just chopped flank steak with some form of Cheese Whiz).
  12. Northern states can't make southern food. They're terrible at smoking meats too.
  13. I think he could fit in well with the Falcons. They have the speed to open the game up for Harry and could use him a lot like how Mohamed Sanu was used in 2016 as a big slot.
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