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  1. Josh Allen is an ELITE QB

    LOL, no he isn't.
  2. Age definitely caught up with him. Younghoe was great today, though.
  3. Don't use today to judge Goff. The Falcons are atrocious.
  4. Trade Deadline Rumors

    Teams don't just put 3 years of development into a TE and then go out and get an OC who will feature said TE in the offense just to trade him away. That and the Falcons haven't given up on the year yet. (though, idk why not) I'm perfectly fine doing that.
  5. Trade Deadline Rumors

    Hooper is 99% not getting traded.
  6. Trade Deadline Rumors

    FWIW, seeing a lot of rumors about Austin Hooper out there. I'd be wholly shocked if the Falcons did trade away Austin Hooper.
  7. Position query from a UK fan

    I'd go with defensive tackle. It's also one of the easiest positions to pick up.
  8. Is Dan Quinn on the hot seat?

    Quinn's seat is on fire. He could be gone at the bye week.
  9. Have to think it all gets blown up.
  10. Falcons DBs tried to catch it... but you know what they say, guys who are fast and can catch play WR. Guys who are fast and can't play CB.
  11. Bryant has 3 career punts for a 36 yard average.
  12. Future of Sunday Ticket

    Or they can make an offer to the NFL that's more than what Directv does for Sunday Ticket.
  13. Week 1 Overreactions Thread

    If Prime Mike Vick could pass accurately and with touch.
  14. What NFL hill are you willing to die on?

    Unless a QB has been in like 4 systems and has been successful in all of them.
  15. And he was cut for Matt Bryant.