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  1. The If Pete Prisco is Right mock w/ Explanations

    I think the Falcons go Dillard over Ford. tbh.
  2. Clowney trade value?

    If I'm the Falcons and I can get him to agree to an extension, I give you 14 and Beasley for him.
  3. Obscure/Nostalgic Players

    Darryl Blackstock. Demorrio Williams.
  4. Falcons sign DT Tyeler Davison to 1-year deal

    Likely plays 1-technique DT for the Falcons. Rotating him and Deadrin Senat in the role. Grady Jarrett and Jack Crawford likely playing the 3-technique. Atlanta also likely running some 3-4 looks at times with Quinn heading the defense up with Senat or Davison in the middle, Jarrett and Crawford at the ends. Will be interesting to see what they do in the draft now.
  5. My annual Forum by Forum Mock Draft

    In this situation, it's Andre Dillard or Montez Sweat.
  6. Expansion draft game

    Falcons probably would have put the following 5 under consideration: OT Ryan Schraeder OG Brandon Fusco CB Robert Alford EDGE Brooks Reed and I might get some flack for this one, WR Mohamed Sanu
  7. T-minus 2 weeks final mock

    Great trade and pick I like Lindstrom, but the Falcons need a tackle, not a guard. Holyfield isn't good for Atlanta. Such a slow, bad running back. Not what Atlanta needs. They need speed and actual talent without off field issues. good picks
  8. Julio Jones through 8 years: 698 catches, 10,731 yards, 51 TDs Calvin Johnson through 8 years: 643 catches, 10,405 yards, 74 TDs Calvin never played with guys on the caliber of Michael Turner, Devonta Freeman, Tevin Coleman, Roddy White or Tony Gonzalez vulturing his TDs either.
  9. Falcons bring back DE Adrian Clayborn on 1-year deal

    I mean, I don't think he does anywhere close to the same thing on Tyron Smith. That dude is better than Orlando Pace was.
  10. I don't get how Julio Jones isn't on that list.
  11. Your Sleeper team for 2019

    Falcons also have an improved offensive line. I would think so. Especially since Arians is making the bucs seem like a pick for some.
  12. 7 Rounds of Heaven With 1st Round Write-ups

    Good picks
  13. Four Rds and some trades

    My god would this be bad for the Falcons This trade makes sense only if Oliver or Q are there. This pick would be great at 14. But Atlanta trading up to 7 for him just isn't going to happen. Falcons staying at 14 for Gary makes more sense. Keeping 45 and taking McGary would be the pick there. Atlanta spending a 3rd round pick on the LB corps just doesn't work. Taking Maxx Crosby at DE makes more sense. Good pick This is a pretty bad pick. The Falcons need athleticism on the edge. Bryant just doesn't have that. Crosby earlier would have that. Taking an OL, SS or DE makes more sense here.
  14. Giants4eva Mock Draft.. Final Draft on 4/24/19***

    Exactly how I feel. I love Jonah though and will never be mad at a true OT in the first round.
  15. 2019 4 Round Mock w/ Trades

    Trade up is great. This pick doesn't make sense though. They won't trade up for Gary. The only two guys they'd trade up for are Q or Oliver. Falcons staying at 14 and taking Dillard makes more sense. Sharping is like a 4th round talent. Taking him in the 2nd would be a bad move. Especially since he doesn't have the athletic profile that the Falcons need. Falcons taking a chance on Jeremy Simmons makes more sense here. Keeping this pick with Atlanta makes more sense. And taking Isaiah Johnson here would be awesome. WR Mecole Hardman would be the pick here instead of Dean assuming Johnson is the pick in the 3rd. Solid pick. But he's a C in Atlanta.