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  1. Austin Hooper isn't leaving Atlanta. If he doesn't agree to an extension, they will franchise him.
  2. Yup. That was his biggest issue.
  3. All 32 Starting QB's Next Season

    Let's go ahead and get my thoughts out the way. Breaking it down into categories: Set with what is or what they feel is a franchise QB: Arizona Cardinals - Kyler Murray Atlanta Falcons - Matt Ryan Baltimore Ravens - Lamar Jackson Buffalo Bills - Josh Allen Chicago Bears - Mitch Trubisky Cleveland Browns - Baker Mayfield Dallas Cowboys - Dak Prescott Denver Broncos - Drew Lock Detroit Lions - Matt Stafford Green Bay Packers - Aaron Rodgers Houston Texans - DeShaun Watson Kansas City Chiefs - Patrick Mahomes Los Angeles Rams - Jared Goff Minnesota Vikings - Kurt Cousins New York Giants - Daniel Jones New York Jets - Sam Darnold Philadelphia Eagles - Carson Wentz Pittsburgh Steelers - Ben Roethlisberger San Francisco 49ers - Jimmy Garoppolo Seattle Seahawks - Russell Wilson Hostile/Potentially changing this offseason: Carolina Panthers - Justin Herbert Las Vegas Raiders - Derek Carr Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Phillip Rivers Tennessee Titans - Ryan Tannehill Washington Redskins - Dwayne Haskins Cincinnati Bengals - Joe Burrow Indianapolis Colts - Cam Newton Jacksonville Jaguars - Gardner Minshew II Miami Dolphins - Tu'a Tagavailoa Aging Legends Potentially Leaving/Retiring: Los Angeles Chargers - Tom Brady (Rivers heads to Tampa) New England Patriots - Jacob Eason (Brady Leaves) New Orleans Saints - Teddy Bridgewater (Brees retires)
  4. Falcons-Patriots in 2012 would have been very interesting. I think the Falcons that year could have beaten the Pats of that year. Plus Tony G would have been able to go out having at least going to a Super Bowl.
  5. Honestly, I think he was pretty bad coming out of college. He didn't fall to the 6th because of his talent or perceived lack of it. he fell because of his off-field stuff.
  6. Good pick With Neal, Allen and Kazee in the secondary, I don't know if the Falcons see S as a need. They definitely see DL as a need though and adding an EDGE here makes more sense A little high for him, but he fits. Good pick Good pick Good pick
  7. Two rounds. CHANGES......

    Epenesa than Taylor than a DT. Not a huge fan of a RB in the 2nd, but it's very likely that it could happen. good mock.
  8. Mock no trades January 2020 with explanations

    Love the Chaisson pick. Fits in well with what hte Falcons need from their edge guys.
  9. First of the year with trades

    Love the Epenesa to the Falcons pick.
  10. J-Deereā€™s 1 round mock (trades) 1.0

    Kinlaw to the Falcons works for me. DT and EDGE are the biggest needs and he'd look good next to Grady.
  11. What Super Bowl matchup do you want to see?

    How would the Ravens be a better team when the Titans clearly beat the brakes off them? I don't understand. Head to head in the playoffs because it's settled on the field.
  12. The Make No Sense Mock, Bengals don't click...

    About 3 days ago, I would have said this was a great pick. But I can't see the Falcons going for him after the crazy reports about him came out a few days ago. Off-field matters to Atlanta and they need a captain for the defense. I'd expect K'Lavon Chaisson if they go EDGE or Javon Kinlaw if they go DT.
  13. What team will Cam Newton he traded to?

    They will cut him if the best offer they get is a 4th. Because they'll get more than that as a comp pick based on QB contracts. I have a sneaking suspiscion that Newton could be headed to Tampa when all is said and done.
  14. What team will Cam Newton he traded to?

    Scott Turner's offense is much easier conceptually than a Gruden WCO is. I don't think this is as much of an issue as you think it is.
  15. What team will Cam Newton he traded to?

    He won't be traded. HE'll be cut.