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  1. While this is cool and all, the idea of having games in neutral site spots in the US would only work if they did some places like The Swamp in Florida or Bryant Denney in Alabama or the Rose Bowl in LA.
  2. He was a leader here in Atlanta and played at his best when they used him more like a Mike than a Will. Had the Falcons flipped him and Deion Jones, they would have been better on defense and maybe Dan Quinn doesn't lead the team to 2 straight 7-9 seasons in Campbell's last two years here.
  3. Glad to see De'Vondre Campbell is making a good impression on you guys. I loved him here in Atlanta.
  4. Petit-Frere has Colts OL written all over him, tbh. Dude is such a mauler in the run game, but he's amazing as a pass blocker too. Moving Nelson to LT doesn't make sense.
  5. Meh. Falcons going QB and S feels very bad for their actual needs. No QB in this draft is a true franchise guy. They took a S in 2021, but Hawkins from 2020 is looking good too. RT, EDGE, CB, WR, RB are the biggest needs. BPA would be EDGE Christian Harris and RT Cade Mayes second pick CB is great as well.
  6. Dude, There won't be nearly as many foreclosures as you think there will be. Lenders don't want foreclosures.
  7. There's so many COVID-related federal programs for home retentions on mortgages. The people who weren't paying are still getting the ability to keep their houses as long as they work with their mortgage lenders. (this is literally part of what I do for work.) So trust me, it's not hard for people to keep their houses, even if they didn't make a single payment since the pandemic started, they'd be ok.
  8. Most people are doing modifications that take into account the pandemic and there's pretty much no paperwork to get them approved. I did a modification and I was paying my mortgage the last 2 years because it cut my rate by 1.6% without having to do anything but paperwork. It's amazing how easy it is to get those nowadays. I'm saving $300/mo on my payment too.
  9. Some will lend on it. Some won't. Bigger banks and credit unions tend to avoid those properties because re-sale on them is really tough. There are some straight mortgage companies that don't care though and will loan on it with prime rate with no issues.
  10. Essentially lenders consider it a mobile home. So while it's not a bad plan, it's better to not go pre-manufactured and go with something that's going to have a true foundation. It does. It's either listed as premanufactured or mobile home on the mortgage.
  11. Why not do a 2/3 loan for it and finance the other 3rd for improvement costs? Then you can make it how you want it. Bones are the most important part. So how were those?
  12. Love the first round pick. Stingley and Terrell would be a tough corner combo to compete against and the Falcons have a bunch of solid nickel options moving forward. Like the second round picks, but think Sanders and Metchie fit the Falcons schemes and role needs better than Johnson and Dotson do. Johnson is more of a true 4-3 WDE where Sanders fits the 3-4 WOLB role he'd play here. Dotson is more a speed demon where the Falcons need more of a Roddy White possession type in Metchie. That being said, the positions are fine, I just like the fits of Metchie and Sanders over Johnson and Dotso
  13. Mayfield had 0 pressures allowed and created quite a few lanes in the rushing game. I really don't get why you hate the guy so much. He was actually very good this week.
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