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  1. I guess we're just seeing different things. I don't think Wilson reads coverages particularly well and I don't think he places the ball well either. Wilson just screams project to me.
  2. See, I don't get that at all. I see Johnny Manziel. But without the off field baggage and less experience in game and a lot more injuries. Has a lot more development to do and doesn't do a good job of reading defenses with disguised coverages. Has trouble with those unnecessary sacks and picks and playing Hero ball gets you in trouble in the NFL more than people want to admit. Lance to me is a MUCH better prospect despite having some questions of his own. Mac Jones is a high floor low ceiling guy I like better too.
  3. Or even if they could negotiate stepped increases before a boom in 2023. That would work too. They should see caps around 220M in 2022 and 240 in 2023, so why not step it from 195 now to 200 in 2021, to 213 in 2022 and 226 in 2023 and then normal caps from then on. EDIT: My #s awere off.
  4. Common sense solution would be flat cap from 2020 to 2021.
  5. Matt Ryan isn't getting cut. And he sure as hell isn't going to New Orleans.
  6. For the Falcons: 1) Nothing. Ryan is better than Stafford. 2) Ryan + 2021 1st + 2022 1st (keep it simple, but this would improve the QB spot long term. Also, Watson is a hometown guy being from rural northeast GA. Would be able to have family at games and everything. Grew up as a Falcons ball boy.) 3) Nothing. Ryan is younger than Rodgers and talent wise is pretty equal. Different skill sets, but Ryan outperformed Rodgers from 2016-2018.
  7. That's fine. But they make a good phone and after 3 years, regardless of who my phone is made by, I'm getting a new one anyway.
  8. Now this is the kind of review I wanted. I wonder how it changes for things like Madden and Ratchet and Clank.
  9. I am on my third iPhone now. The first two lasted 3 years before I got bored with the phone and it started to slow down and the battery was basically shot on it. So I was ok with upgrading. I don't see anything bad about the Iphones.
  10. With how the staff is being built right now, I wonder if Mallory and Schulters and either Parmalee or Herringer are retained.
  11. https://www.atlantafalcons.com/news/arthur-smith-adds-four-more-coaches-to-falcons-staff Emanuel and Pees are basically focused on the DL. Peelle at TE coach is interesting because he's caught balls from Ryan for a few years and worked next to Tony Gonzalez for a couple as a player. Hoffman is a ST guru and kicking specialist.
  12. Ragone is essentially the guy who's gonna organize the offense. So I don't mind it at all. London is basically there to translate the offense for Ryan.
  13. If I'm SF, I offer 3 1st round picks for Watson today.
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