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  1. Position query from a UK fan

    I'd go with defensive tackle. It's also one of the easiest positions to pick up.
  2. Is Dan Quinn on the hot seat?

    Quinn's seat is on fire. He could be gone at the bye week.
  3. Have to think it all gets blown up.
  4. Falcons DBs tried to catch it... but you know what they say, guys who are fast and can catch play WR. Guys who are fast and can't play CB.
  5. Bryant has 3 career punts for a 36 yard average.
  6. Future of Sunday Ticket

    Or they can make an offer to the NFL that's more than what Directv does for Sunday Ticket.
  7. Week 1 Overreactions Thread

    If Prime Mike Vick could pass accurately and with touch.
  8. What NFL hill are you willing to die on?

    Unless a QB has been in like 4 systems and has been successful in all of them.
  9. And he was cut for Matt Bryant.
  10. Former Falcons LB Paul Worrilow retires

    He couldn't cover. Campbell can. Campbell has been excellent. But what do I know?
  11. Trade Rumors

    Apparently Atlanta offered Mohamed Sanu, Jamon Brown and a 3rd and the Texans turned it down.
  12. If you could only watch 3 teams this season

    Falcons, Browns, 49ers
  13. Is a QB being built like a LB a BAD thing?

    Cam also took some head shots while running too though.
  14. Why should I watch?

    Clone wars is amazing. It's the bridge between ep 2 and 3 and should be watched as such. Also, The Last Jedi is a good watch. Just don't overpay for it.
  15. Game of Thrones - Our Watch has Ended

    Yeah, they needed a true tactician in there.