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  1. Sashi Brown's Ghost Mock !

    Taven Bryan and Braden Smith the first two rounds makes a ton of sense to me. Good job for the Falcons.
  2. 1st stab at a 2018 Mock -2-15

    Awful Falcons pick. Robert Alford, Desmond Trufant and Brian Poole are all good cornerbacks and none of them need to be replaced this coming season or the year after. Taking a guy in the first round would be an atrocious use of the pick. That being said, the Falcons could use a NT-type DT, a 5-T type DE that could slide to DT in the nickel or an offensive guard. I'd recommend Da'Ron Payne or Taven Bryan in this situation.
  3. Post Superbowl 7-Rounder

    A true 3-T in the first round isn't a horrible choice at all. Hurst would be a good fit. He could play LG in Atlanta and be a massive upgrade, While I don't think LB is a huge need with Duke, Deion and De'Vondre all working out well for the Falcons, Bryan would give Atlanta a player for that Michael Bennett role that would have worked. Depth at safety is always good to have. A backup QB is never a bad thing to have. Depth at OT is also nice to have.
  4. Duck's Mock Draft 6.0

    To break the forum rules against trolling. cool.
  5. Duck's Mock Draft 6.0

    And I'm fascinated that every time you make a mock, you insist on putting a position to a team that makes no damn sense. But to each their own.
  6. Duck's Mock Draft 6.0

    And I'm just hoping for you to make a decent Falcons pick in your mock.
  7. Duck's Mock Draft 6.0

    Serious question, do you understand that the Falcons don't need a first round cornerback?
  8. Is that different enough? Mock.

    Bryan is definitely the best choice for the Falcons in round 1.
  9. Three Round Mock (post-Smith trade)

    Falcons retired #s are: 10 Steve Bartkowski 31 William Andrews 57 Jeff Van Note 58 Jessie Tuggle 60 Tommy Nobis 78 Mike Kenn
  10. Three Round Mock (post-Smith trade)

    78 is a retired # for the Falcons due to Mike Kenn. Other than that, I don't see Wynn being worth the #26 pick, but the Falcons might.
  11. Gonna just kind of quote tweet what you did for Atlanta: So, I'm 100% cool with re-signing players. Always a smart thing to do. And I love the idea of signing Justin Pugh, but he wouldn't play RG in Atlanta, he'd play LG. The Falcons would likely cut Andy Levitre if they brought in Pugh because they like what Schweitzer brought to the table. They love that Schweitzer improved throughout the year and would likely role with this OL in 2018 if they sign Pugh: Jake Matthews - Justin Pugh - Alex Mack - Wes Schweitzer - Ryan Schraeder I don't think they would go out and get Danny Amendola either. It just doesn't make sense as a move. Now, Dom Easley coming in to basically take Adrian Clayborn's role is genius thinking. So the Falcons trade down 7 spots and pick up a 4th this year and a 3rd next? Totally down. While WR isn't the No. 1 need in Atlanta, Courtland Sutton would give the Falcons something they desperately need. A 6'5" WR who plays bigger than that. Someone with some speed and size opposite Julio Jones who could allow Sanu or Jones to align in the slot and provide true mismatches for the team. I'd love this pick. Now this is an interesting pick. While I love Nick Chubb, taking a RB in the 2nd round when you have arguably the best RB combo in the NFL is curious. That being said, the idea of Chubb, Freeman and Coleman as a three-headed monster long-term is a lovely vision. Now this is an interesting pick. Because on-field, I compare him a ton to Ra'Shede Hageman when they were in college. But off-field, he's much cleaner than Shede was. Could compete for time at SDE and nickel DT. A taller, ball-hawking CB to compete for an inside or outside CB role? I'm down. Depth on the OL? Sure! A massive DT to compete for time and depth? looks good to me. Depth at linebacker? Always good to have. A TE who has a ton of experience on ST and is a top receiver in the red zone. Interesting pick, but I love the fit.
  12. He has the Falcons signing Justin Pugh. But RG isn't a need here. The LG spot isn't really either unless you see the Falcons cutting Levitre like I do. I get you HATE Schweitzer, but the team loves him. And he'll only improve.
  13. Relationship Advice Thread

    That's my strategy as well. "Hey Babe, we're doing sushi tonight." Normally gets the best response though.
  14. 2018 Free Agency: Possible Cap Casualties

    I wouldn't hate the idea if I'm Houston of bringing in Peters and Levitre for 2-3 years and letting Davenport play RT and Martin at C with a draft pick at RG. Watson could have a damn good line to protect him.
  15. 2018 Free Agency: Possible Cap Casualties

    Honestly, just draft McGlinchey for RT and have Davenport thrown to the fire at LT. You'll be much better off.