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  1. brian poole

    Trufant hasn't been horrible unless they put him in the slot. They need to put Alford there, tbh.
  2. brian poole

    Never liked him. I think he's better at SS than at nickel corner. Would prefer to see more and more Oliver at CB even if they brought in a SS that was worth a damn.
  3. Falcons S Ricardo Allen tore his Achilles

    I wish they would have gone out and signed Eric Reid. KAzee is about equal to Allen. But losing NEal and not replacing him with Reid wasn't helpful. They'll get back Deion Jones in November at some point. The issue is more the secondary. The DL is healthy outside of Shleby right now. The LBS are healthy outside of Deion. The CBs are healthy too except ST Ace Justin BEthel who has a nagging injury.
  4. Do you Vape?

    I got a GeekVape AEGIS mod recently. HAve quite a few tanks and such. What kinds of flavors does everyone do?
  5. Bowser's WAAAAY-TOO-EARLY 2019 Mock

    My only Quibble about this is that Gary is a SDE/DT here. So a true DL, not a pure DE. But yeah, I'd love him here in Atlanta.
  6. 4 Fantasy Football Questions: Please Help

    New offense. Not a focal point to target a guy who's doubled in the red zone.
  7. The Recipe Thread 2.0!

    Sous Vide is always interesting for me. I've found with things I can't cook well, it makes them better. But with things I can, I can't figure the thing out.
  8. 4 Fantasy Football Questions: Please Help

    The chance is there.
  9. Yannick Ngakoue or Vic Beasley if I'm being a homer about it.
  10. The Recipe Thread 2.0!

    Italian seasoning, Chili powder, onion powder, garlic powder for savory. Add a tiny dash of salt and you get the full flavor. Tony's creole is pure salt.
  11. Which is interesting because lately, the thought was "Ryan can't beat Rodgers" and he put that to rest. Would love to see Ryan go up there and smoke the eagles... btw, Ryan in Philly's average game is 22/37 (58%) for 264 yards, 2 TDs and an INT in the regular season. And this past year was his only game in the postseason vs. the Eagles and it was basically the same. So there might be something to it because those #s are all below his road career average.
  12. I'd love to see the Falcons just smash the Eagles week 1.
  13. Potential Surprise Cuts?

    I could see Dan Quinn and THomas Dimitroff bringing him in here for a late round pick before he'd be cut.
  14. 4 Fantasy Football Questions: Please Help

    Because it's his third year in the NFL and he's shown improvement each year. He also spent all offseason with MAtt Ryan trying to improve their chemistry to near Ryan-Gonzalez levels.
  15. 4 Fantasy Football Questions: Please Help

    1) yes. 2) Sanu 3) 2016 is much closer to this year. 4) Austin Hooper 70 catches, 750 yards, 8 TD