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  1. Falcons release CB Jalen Collins as his suspension ends

    Jalen passed through waivers.
  2. Falcons release CB Jalen Collins as his suspension ends

    Yeah, could be similar. But Harrison didn't have the added issues of PED suspensions. So take Collins pissing off coaches in practices and add these PED suspensions and boom, he gone.
  3. Falcons release CB Jalen Collins as his suspension ends

    Was demoted to 6th and 7th teams in preseason because he was driving the DB coaches crazy. I don't know exactly what he did, but they were not happy with him at all.
  4. Falcons release CB Jalen Collins as his suspension ends

    Collins was cut for not complying with the PED rules AND being a headache for the team off the field.
  5. Elusive_Tiger's Mock Draft 2.0

    Love the idea of Vita Vea in Atlanta. Especially if they can bring back Poe and rotate Vea, Poe and Grady Jarrett.
  6. Atlanta Braves Mega Thread

    Yup. Braves should have just traded the Maitan for Quintana package when they had the chance.
  7. John Coppolella To Resign As Braves GM

    Is that all they are losing? I hope so.
  8. About those "win probability" charts ...

    IT was definitely 98% against it. Because in 98% of those 31-16 games with 6 minutes left, the team up 31-16 wins.
  9. Verdict on the skycam

    The zoomed-out version of it is better. Then it's basically just coaches film.
  10. Atlanta Braves Mega Thread

    GM of Toronto who built them into a contender and then later was assistant GM of the Dodgers.
  11. The Recipe Thread 2.0!

    Not everyone in Atlanta does the buffalo sauce added to it. A lot do just the butter.
  12. The Recipe Thread 2.0!

    Another good one @TENINCH, is simple Atlanta style Wet Lemon Pepper. Before you fry the wings up, sprinkle them with lemon pepper and a pitch of salt. When you get them out, make a mix of a stick of butter, 4 sliced-up lemons, and about a tablespoons of black pepper. make sure the butter is melted down and the lemons and pepper are in there as you melt the butter. Then take the lemon pepper mix and spin the fried up wings into it.
  13. Jersey numbers that belong to players.

    For Falcons: 28 Warrick Dunn 11 Julio Jones 88 Tony Gonzalez 78 Mike Kenn 84 Roddy White 57 Jeff Van Note 58 Jessie Tuggle 60 Tommy Nobis 10 Steve Bartkowski 31 William Andrews For others: 84 Randy Moss 80 Jerry Rice 88 Tony Gonzalez 19 Keyshawn Johnson 40 Pat Tillman
  14. The Recipe Thread 2.0!

    Thanks for the bump. I'd love a pin, but I understand if that's not available.