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  1. Consensus Mock II - 26. Atlanta Falcons

    Should be Taven Bryan if we want accuracy. Maurice Hurst if we want the best DT available.
  2. Great pick OL isn't a need for the FAlcons anymore. Can't see this being the pick. Going with a speed WR, true NT or even TE would make more sense here. Hell, even a S like Terrell Edmunds could be the pick here. I could see B.J. Hill being the pick here. Great picks and fits.
  3. BrownLeader 2018 Mock Draft 2.0

    While I don't like the first two picks, the last 5 save this draft. That being said, the Falcons don't really need an OG and taking one that high isn't a great move for Atlanta's needs.
  4. 1 Round Mock Before Draft

    Atlanta taking a 25-year old tight end who doesn't really fit when there's a top fit for the Falcons in Taven Bryan available makes absolutely zero sense. IF Bryan is there, he's the pick.
  5. 8 Trade Mock

    great falcons pick.
  6. I have to agree with him here.
  7. Bryan and Andrews would be great for the Falcons.
  8. Bowser's Last Mock Before Draft Day

    Trade down, pick up a 3rd AND get Taven Bryan? I'm down.
  9. Remixxxxxxx's 7 round mock (no trades)

    Good Falcons Mock Please make the font bigger next time.
  10. 7 Rounds 4.0 With 1 Trade

    Good Falcons mock outside of McDermott.
  11. D82's One Last Mock

    While I love Daniels, the Falcons biggest need is at DT. They don't have a need for Lineman as there's a bit of a logjam there right now. Maurice Hurst makes more sense here Edge isn't really a need, but I wouldn't hate strengthening the spot with Turay. Good picks
  12. OG isn't a need in Atlanta anymore. Can't see them going there in the fist.
  13. 2 Round Mock after Dez Bryant release

    I'd do that in a heartbeat.
  14. 2 Round Mock after Dez Bryant release

    Way too early for Ian Thomas. I like him, but he's definitely not Evan Ingram.