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  1. The Rams. Just the Rams. All of their new additions. Adding Suh to Donald and Brockers is going to be terrifying.
  2. Is Raheem Morris a future HC?

    Is it possible? Sure. But who knows if or when he would leave Atlanta.
  3. Best UDFA that your team ever picked up initially

    Jessie Tuggle. He should be in the Hall of Fame. Signed the same year the Falcons drafted Aundray Bruce and played like a first round pick to make the busting of Bruce hurt less.
  4. 7.0 YPA isn't good. 7.7 YPA was near the tops in the league. Falcons also led the league in drops and 7 of Ryan's 12 picks literally hit the hands of receivers before the INT. 1 more the receiver ran the wrong route. So... there's that.
  5. Relationship Advice Thread

    I want 3 kids, my wife wants 2. We've compromised to 2 kids and 2 pit bulls, (though no kids yet). I get the feeling our wives may have talked.
  6. Matt Ryan

    Normally, hits the hands and the WR drops it. Grazing the fingers isn't a drop.
  7. Matt Ryan

    Yup. the offense in the red zone is one of the most balanced in the league. so Ryan doesn't HAVE to pass for TDs down there. Which hurts him at times in these discussions, but overall scoring offense under Ryan has always been pretty damn good.
  8. Matt Ryan

    They led the league in drops last year. But TDs are a function of the offense and the Falcons haven't needed him to pass for TDs when he has running backs that can combine for nearly 20 every year.
  9. Matt Ryan

    It's an even # year. So yes.
  10. The Car Thread

    A standard Automatic has issues changing gears sometimes and will hunt. I have an easier time with the CVT.
  11. Financial Experts say...

    Completely unrealistic right now unless you're considering 401K as part of it. If you do, then having a 5% contribution with a company match of the same 5% would be 60k contributed to the 401k by then if you're making 40k/year. Assuming by 35, you're making closer to 55k, it's still pretty unrealistic with rising housing costs and everything else.
  12. The Car Thread

    Nissan is much better than the rest. They've also been developing theirs for years. The D-step works so well for them.
  13. ATL signs DT Terrell McClain

    Sure. But I'm going to trust the Falcons braintrust on this one. They seem to understand what works for Dan Quinn on the defensive line.
  14. Love you, bud. But I don't understand these games.
  15. ATL signs DT Terrell McClain

    Terrell McClain is a much better fit for Atlanta's scheme than he was for Washington. Much better at 1-gapping and will have weight incentives in his contract.