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  1. The Murder of Laci Peterson

    There's more evidence than what was released publicly as there always is in cases like this. I'm sure they had more physical evidence than we have been led to believe.
  2. Relationship Advice Thread

    Sack up and just say it. It doesn't have to be anything romantic. Just while you're having a fun moment, just be like, "This is why I love you" and then go from there. She'll be in a good mood and likely say it back.
  3. Name Change

    You can actually allow people to change their display names at will if their email is the same. I'd recommend doing something like that.
  4. Do you Vape?

    IT's my go-to right now.
  5. Do you Vape?

    Nice! I had the same thought. My favorite flavor right now is Nilla Cake by Elysian Labs. You should try it out if you like desserts.
  6. Do you Vape?

    What flavors do you tend to like? and what kind of mod do you have?
  7. Relationship Advice Thread

    My fiancé actually just bought me more polos. Which were what my style was anyway. So I have like twice as many polos as I did before and nicer jeans than what I did. But other than that, it's all the same style.
  8. Where will Drew Brees play next year?

    I could see him having a final hurrah with a team like Denver or Miami or even Washington if they lose Cousins.
  9. Relationship Advice Thread

    If they are getting a divorce and have stopped living together, I don't see the problem. As long as the relationship is dead and has been dead, I don't see the issue. Like Christina El Moussa is dating despite her divorce not being finalized yet, but she's been officially separated from her husband Tarek since last March. Why should she be stuck as if she's still married?
  10. Which 0-2 team will make the playoffs?

    None. They all suck.
  11. Watching the game and covering it for The Falcons Wire. It's why I'm not in the GDTs. I think Falcons win 31-24.
  12. Do you Vape?

    My fiance quit smoking because of it. She's had just 2 cigarettes since March doing it and smells so much better.
  13. Atlanta Braves Mega Thread

    He looks great. It's amazing.
  14. You mean the philosophy of "use players to their strengths and de-emphasize their weaknesses while always innovating"?