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  1. Takk was potentially gonna be traded before the deadline with Dimitroff, but his groin won’t pass a physical. No idea why anyone would want Janitor Harris. He’s good at cleaning up. That’s about it.
  2. Yup. Atlanta fans warned y’all about this.
  3. 1) They aren't. 2) They aren't trading either of those guys. 3) if they did, your first is the minimm they would want. 4) Neither one of them will play in Washington, put down the crack pipe. 5) McKay has already said he's not trading anyone at the deadline. 6) Also, if you're doing "anything and everything", multiple firsts is the only way anything would get done.
  4. I still don't see how you had Quinn that high.
  5. I'll agree with that. This JJ is in a much worst situation, though. Would love to see what JJ would look like in Pittsburgh.
  6. tbf, this isn't prime Campbell anymore either.
  7. I like In Living Color more. Both exceptional shows though.
  8. I like BBT. Scrubs was fun, but I've found BBT to be more re-watchable. (and yes, I know that makes me kinda sus in y'all's eyes.)
  9. Im down to join in on this as part of a team. Who would like to team up?
  10. Completely agree. They never needed a season 5.
  11. The final season kind of killed it for me. I watched through the penultimate season and thought it ended there. Then I rewatched it and saw the final season and was super disappointed in how it ended.
  12. The type of loan doesn't really matter. As long as you're pre-approved, you're good. FHA loans vs. Conventional vs. VA doesn't really change anything from the bank or seller's side of things. The difference you might be dealing with is cash vs. Mortgage. That can change things for a lot of people.
  13. RBs popping off randomly each week is more of a Shanahan thing. As in Mike Shanahan.
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