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  1. I rarely play Xbox, but when I do, it's Halo with the friends. And I mainly use it as a media box and that's exactly what it's prime directive will be.
  2. Got a Series S. Because honestly, I didn't see the point for a Series X.
  3. Any given sunday. Literally any of the ohter 31 teams could.
  4. I was at the game sunday, and I just want to say, I've never been in a more fun environment for opposing fans. Y'all treated me like a guest in the stadium and not like say, the Eagles fans who come to our own stadium did. Was definitely a good atmosphere to watch the game.
  5. Andre Johnson Torry Holt Reggie Wayne Steve Smith Ocho Boldin Brandon Marshall
  6. Real simple, if you were an NFL head coach, what schemes would you want your offense and defense to run out of? What do you like to run more? FWIW, my offense is basically two different styles of offense meshed into one. Run game is just zone stretch runs, traps, and some ISO work. Pass game is WCO concepts and there's a heavy play-action and draw element to it. Also, I try to run more out of 12 and 13 personnel then anything else and have multiple plays from each formation that I'll run so it's not obvious as to what I'm running. People can pick up on some tendencies I have, but a
  7. If I was the Giants coach, my 3rd and 1/4th and 1 offense would be something out of 13 personnel with Toney, Shepperd, Golladay, Barkley and Rudolph on the field. Engram is terrible and those other two guys (Johnson/Mayrick) are... meh... at best. Have the 4 best playmakers you have + the sure handed TE. Run concepts like these: Targeting Toney in the slot Targeting Rudolph on the TE out with backup of Barkley Or this one: Read the EDGE/LB/C on the right side. Top 2 are the TE and the cut close slot (again Toney), and then if they aren't open, hitting the dee
  8. Jonathan Taylor is playing better than any back in the NFL right now. And it's really not close.
  9. I totally understand that. But it's excellent quality. Kia is so much better than it once was.
  10. Tellurides are very nice. Basically the same thing as a Hyundai Palisade with different badges.
  11. Yup. But to me, that's the only way to truly judge a coach.
  12. Very possible. But who in the division takes it? The Vikings? Because the Bears are hapless and firing their coach. The Lions are trash.
  13. They strongly correlate with QB performance, sure. But if both QBs perform that day, then the rest of the team is what wins or loses. (I say as a fan of the Falcons and have seen the Falcons lose a LOT of games where Matt Ryan had a GREAT game but the rest of the team, specifically defensively, was utter trash.) There are a lot of times where Cousins plays a great game with 1 mistake throw and boom, they lose. That shouldn't happen.
  14. He's amazing. And I know he's amazing because whenever I watch the Packers, he's doing his job and no one talks about him, but he's throwing people around the screen. One of those guys I wish the Falcons would have drafted.
  15. There's a scenario where I have the Falcons somehow beating JAX, DET, SF, CAR and NO on their remaining schedule (which isn't too far fetched) and being 9-8 but the Eagles are also 9-8 and edge the Falcons out for the 7 seed. And that's the best I think the Falcons can do and that's only if Patterson and Ridley come back 100% before the end of the year.
  16. I'm sick of Dallas on it too. I do think tradition for thanksgiving should be both teams can wear a throw back from the same year and not have it count toward their uniform totals for the year and just be a fun game for that as well. Rotate out, just do NFC vs. NFC, AFC vs. AFC and NFC vs. AFC every year
  17. I'm glad thanksgiving isn't flexed and because it's such a hassle for everyone involved, it should never be a flex. Saints getting multiple thanksgiving home games is just annoying at this point, but I'm glad they look like trash.
  18. Between you and me, I'm gonna tell you to go Toyota over Jeep every day of the week because of my absolute disdain for anything chrysler product.
  19. No man. He hasn't been ok for years. He needs to retire.
  20. Matthews, Hennessy and Lindstrom have been solid this year. Mayfield has had some solid moments too. But a new RT would shore up a lot of things.
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