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  1. I'm not disagreeing that safety is a need here. But I don't know if the coaching staff views it that way. I don't think they need to use a No. 8 overall pick on a guy for teh position if they can get a starting CB, OG, WR, something that holds more positional value. Dax Hill is not that guy that is so good that he can just usurp more talented players like Ahmad Gardner or Jordan Davis. And I will gladly bet $50 that Dax Hill is a 2nd round pick OR LATER. Gardner makes a helluva lot more sense. So does Stingley. So does Booth. So does Davis. So do any of the 7 guys you had go before
  2. I'd like to know again how a guy with a mid-2 grade is being selected at No. 8 overall in Dax Hill by a team who will take the BPA (per the GM's mouth) and not reach for needs. Dax Hill isn't worth No. 8 overall. No matter how you cut it. S would be fine at 8 if it's Hamilton. Hill, not so much. And that being said, why not just go Sauce Gardner there? The Falcons could look to bring back oliver for nickel, but Darren Hall, while liked, isn't a true starter on the outside yet. And even if he becomes one, a long-term solution for nickel makes sense. Sauce would raise the play of th
  3. Falcons current starters at safety would be Jaylinn Hawkins and Richie Grant. They like them a lot. Corners they like are Darren Hall and AJ Terrell. They do need a nickel, but they could bring back Oliver for pretty cheap and have their starters set well. Jordan Davis is a good fit for the Falcons for sure. Would be a dancing bear for them in the middle of the field.
  4. Dude is like a 3rd or 4th round prospect. Taking him at 8? What? Sauce Gardner, Jordan Davis, hell, even Nakobe Dean would be better picks. And yeah, the Falcons need a Safety to compete with Jaylinn Hawkins, but that's not a bigger need than CB, NT, LB (assuming they lose Oluokun and Jones, it would skyrocket) or EDGE. Sam is solid, but Myjai is a MUCH better fit for the Falcons scheme than he is. Your valuation is all over teh place too. About a round of a reach, but I don't hate it. Fits the long-armed, quicker NT that the Falcons look for. Definitely not a DE in thi
  5. 4/4 on my guarantees 4/6 on my possibles with Sean Payton retiring. The only one I didn't see happening that's currently open is Houston. Holy cow. How about that.
  6. I'm so frustrated with MAdden as a whole. I got the beta this year and they took all of the input and ignored it as a company. I'm done with EA.
  7. Dan Marino is arguably the best passer of all time. Why is he penalized because his GM never actually built a good team around him?
  8. Also, based on what I'm hearing, the thought around the league is that it'll take a 2nd for Ridley. So 2nd + Reagor for Ridley would be fine by me. Ridley would upgrade your WR Corps and has experience with Hurts. Reagor would be a discount cost WR who would fit in well with what Ryan likes at WR. Likely a 4th or 5th option at WR at best to start with.
  9. Considering he'd be a throw-in and would upgrade WR #5. Who really cares if he sucks? Maybe the change in scenery and a QB who can get him the ball helps him out.
  10. You haven't seen what Christian Blake is then. Dude even got benched as a gunner on ST.
  11. It's not that hard to be better than either of those two. Especially Blake who has like 8 catches in his 3 year career despite running over 800 routes.
  12. Reagor has to be better than Taje Sharpe and Christian Blake at least.
  13. Terrell saw the least targets of any starting corner in the NFL in terms of targets per coverage snap. But JC Jackson over Travon Diggs makes sense to me too. To me, Ramsey, Terrell and Jackson are the top 3 in the NFL this year.
  14. Yup. Not like Terrell didn't play the ball either. Had 16 PBUs and 3 INTs as well. (6th in the league, Diggs had 21 to be 2nd in the league.) PBUs include INTs too. So basically, Diggs had 5 more pass deflections OR INTs on almost twice as many targets his way. Basically, it's just that Diggs catches the ball better than Terrell as to why he got the All-Pro nod. Terrell plays corner better. That being said, three guys deserved first team nods this year at CB, and those were Terrell, Diggs and Ramsey. Why they had 3 S and not 3 CBs makes no sense to me.
  15. AJ Terrell should be a first team all-pro at corner. Falcons defense being bad, but he was exceptional.
  16. pf9, are you just a junkie for these kinds of threads?
  17. I like the trade down and selection for the Falcons.
  18. Best - Titans vs. Packers Worst - Bucs vs. Patriots.
  19. And 4/4 on the guaranteeds. 3/6 on the possibles so far. Lions, Saints and Seahawks situations seem to be set for now.
  20. Probably mid 1. Assuming he's good, but conditional 2023 2nd feels right. That feels right If he wants to play, a 2nd makes sense fair so late 2 value LOL, watch Ridley play. His best year was without Julio even here most of the year. That's fair. Agreed. Everyone else already has.
  21. It all depends on what Ridley would want, but I'll review these offers real quick as if I was the Falcons GM. lol
  22. LOL, outside of Pitts, everyone else was a journeyman, low draft pick or completely undrafted player. It doesn't. That's why they won't. More than likely, they restructure him with dummy years to the end of the contract to reduce the hit to around $25M., Yup. He's completely immovable until AFTER the 2022 season. Except what Mort is hearing tracks with everything everyone else in Atlanta has been hearing. Ryan isn't going anywhere.
  23. So far, the guaranteed, I'm 3/4 on. The possible, I'm 3/6 on. I could end up going 4/4 if the Giants do th right thing and fire judge.
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