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  1. And the most recent one, Walker got in the way for a good defensive play more than anything else,
  2. Yup. HE threw it right at Foye. Foye couldn't hold on, but HArmon snatched the tip.
  3. Allen threw it right to Foye Oluokun on the first INT.
  4. Allen's made 4 turnover worthy throws. One was tipped by Falcons LB Oluokun and picked, one was ignored by Deion Jones, one was dropped by Harmon and the last one was picked by Terrell.
  5. That Allen Pick hit Oluokun in the hands tho..
  6. I mean. This should get locked. But I am happy he’s retiring.
  7. Pitts not scoring a ton of TDs is a function of the red zone offense. Smith does have improvements to make there, especially when it comes to featuring his best guys in single match ups. But he’s getting better at it.
  8. Yeah. I’ve watched every snap of his this year. That’s not the issue. People aren’t getting open for him and he has had no trouble pushing it down field when people are getting open downfield. He’s got the leagues best passer rating on passes over 20 yards. And there’s a series of throws I will post later that show why.
  9. I don’t think Ryan is toast. The OL has let him get hit and pressured more than any other QB in the NFL. That will affect a lot of things.
  10. I think Sirianni’s team has a lot more talent than smith’s does.
  11. I don't tuck in my PS5 after it's done... so no.
  12. If I wanted to join a MAFIA, I'd hit up my cousins in Baltimore. No thanks guys.
  13. I think if Ridley was healthy and ready to go, that'd be less of a worry.
  14. People need to quit acting like TD production is something that WRs or TEs can control. When teams get in the red zone, some times, the best way to score is to go to secondary options while the primary guys are covered.
  15. Exactly. He's been keeping this team in the playoff hunt and they have no business being there right now.
  16. Hendrickson, and it isn't really close. He's a better athlete (one of the few guys in the last 10 years to test as well as Demarcus Ware) and has better instincts against the run. He's a damn good pass rusher. I think as pass rushers, they would be close if Davenport was ever healthy, but Hendrickson can carry a pass rush. Davenport is a complementary guy right now.
  17. Based on results coinciding with their roster, I think Arthur Smith and Brandon Staley are doing the best jobs. I think Saleh is doing the worst.
  18. idk about riding high about anything. I just think they made the right coaching choice. Smith has brought this team wins that would have EASILY been losses last year.
  19. faster, ROOKIE Peyton Manning. Down to the missing underneath robbers and everything. Rookie Peyton Manning threw 29 interceptions if I'm not mistaken. He had trouble with underneath guys and tried to force too much. But he was productive, created drives to help his team despite losing and eventually figured it all out. Game film has shown flashes for Lawrence for me. I haven't seen those same flashes with Wilson. Like I said, his ceiling is Baker Mayfield. I just don't get the love that you have for him. Unless you're a Jets fan. I have no dog in this fight though. I don't like either t
  20. Lawrence is making the same caliber throws he made at Clemson. Wilson is making the same caliber throws he made at BYU. Lawrence's throws at Clemson helped his team compete and win a national title. Wilson is still making those YOLO throws that are fun but don't ever actually win games. Wilson looks more like Johnny Manziel in actual game film. Lawrence looks like a faster rookie year Peyton Manning in actual game film. That's the difference between the two guys. Lawrence looks like he can read a defense. Wilson does not. That's another piece of the puzzle.
  21. naw, Ryan hasn't been amazing this year. He's not been his regular self. The defense as bad as it is has saved the day many times this year.
  22. As a rookie, sure. But this is basically Mac Jones' normal level of play we should expect until he makes the jump to basically a Matt Ryan (in his prime) level guy. Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields showed flashes that say when they get the right coach and more complementary weapons for their skills, they're gonna be top 5-6 guys though. Davis Mills may have a Flacco-esque career at best. Zach Wilson looks like who I thought he was. A mediocre QB who ate against terrible mid-major college defenses. He needs a lot of work. I don't see a guy who can process NFL defenses nor do
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