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  1. I don't know medicine, but I went to school for engineering. There's a lot of interesting things they can do with helmet designs as well as neck support that could help with concussions due to the biomechanics of the body. The biggest two things they need to do though are enforce mouth pieces and make sure everyone wears one because a lot of CTE-causing sub-concussive blows would be negated with a proper mouthguard (biomechanics are cool), and they need to create more of a shock-absorbing helmet instead of a shock-creating helmet with a little give in spots so that it's not just one shell (Rev
  2. The Falcons filling holes in free agency would help, but they try to draft best players while also having some focus on positional value. I can't see them taking a RB or QB higher than their talent level suggests in this draft when there are say, WRs and defensive front 7 players they actually do need. If anything, backup QB gets filled this offseason with a small contract and they try to re-sign Patterson. They can focus on other RB needs with players later in the draft and work on fixing up actually vital parts of the defense with a talent infusion it sorely needs.
  3. Stingley would be great. Love it. The Falcons going RB and QB in the 2nd would be a massive waste. Especially since RBs aren't worth that kind of value and they could just re-sign Patterson and go with someone later and no QB in this draft is worth taking. Falcons should go WR or EDGE or S or something there. Ideally in my head, they go Myjai Sanders and then Lewis Cine to pair with Stingley. Can never go wrong with defensive front 7.
  4. The Bears say hi. I'm just saying. Any given Sunday. They showed for a half that they had a shot at stopping the Packers. No team is unstoppable in today's NFL. And if we're being honest, I think the Buccs or the Cardinals or even some random 6/7 seed that pops off against the 2/3 seeded packers can do it.
  5. Makes my complaint about officiating not look like an overreaction by comparison.
  6. Refs should be fined at least 1/2 of the check for that game if they miss calls that could have lead to injuries like hits to the head and facemask calls. Matt Ryan was face-masked egregiously on a two-point conversion and it wasn't called at all. The rule is literally about player safety and if I was Matt AND the Falcons, I'd file a grievance against the ref crew for that.
  7. they have only really kept NFL OL stats for the last 15 years... and it has only been PFF. Not really facts in that regard.
  8. Mayfield just opened a massive hole on a crucial 4th down AND on a TD play on the same drive as a run blocker. Again, give him some time.
  9. I think Kyle Pitts has the ability to change that eventually. But I agree for now, Kelce could end up being the GOAT receiving TE ever.
  10. Tony Gonzalez is the GOAT. He literally changed the position from a primary blocking position to a primary receiving position. Gronk is the No. 2. Gates to me is the No. 3. Then Kellen Winslow Sr. Then HUGE drop off.
  11. This is why the Falcons and Saints rivalry DOESN'T feel manufactured. Two expansion teams in southern markets owned by guys who have literally ZERO interest in moving their teams and have been locals to their areas and fans of their teams before owning them.
  12. I compared him to Matt Ryan in the pre-draft process. But his true Ceiling is Tom Brady. I think his likely is Matt Ryan (top 25 QB all time who people underrate despite him putting up #s because he doesn't win the big one), unless he gets a Super Bowl win, then people will consider him in the same tier as Brees or Brady (both non-mobile guys who made their living off anticipation, great football IQ and exceptional accuracy. Brady, Brees and Ryan all win the same way. But different levels of team success have made Brady seem better than Brees who seems better than Ryan when they all are basica
  13. I'm sad because I will always dream what the Falcons could have done had they given Ryan a running game and defense his whole career.
  14. Give them the Xbox One for free? Keep the Series X?
  15. Matt Corral isn't Pat Mahomes. He's closer to Baker Mayfield as a purgatory QB. None of the QBs in this draft are WORTH a top 10 pick, so why waste the pick on a guy HOPING that he pans out? Especially since the Falcons try to draft BPA (which in this case is CB Derek Stingley - a position they also need)
  16. He's a rookie. But making stuff like this personal is just trolling at this point. knock it off.
  17. The NFC South is basically this: Falcons - oldest brother Saints - middle brother Panthers - younger brother from Dad's 2nd marriage Buccaneers - weird cousin that hung out with people from the midwest before finally coming back to the family. doesn't really fit in, but stuck with us because of location. Falcons-Saints is a heated rivalry Falcons-Panthers is not so heated, but still a rivalry of sorts Falcons-Buccs isn't really a rivalry at all Saints-Panthers is not as heated as Falcons-Saints, but still a rivalry of sorts Saints-Buccs isn't
  18. I rarely play Xbox, but when I do, it's Halo with the friends. And I mainly use it as a media box and that's exactly what it's prime directive will be.
  19. Got a Series S. Because honestly, I didn't see the point for a Series X.
  20. Any given sunday. Literally any of the ohter 31 teams could.
  21. I was at the game sunday, and I just want to say, I've never been in a more fun environment for opposing fans. Y'all treated me like a guest in the stadium and not like say, the Eagles fans who come to our own stadium did. Was definitely a good atmosphere to watch the game.
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