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  1. Cards fire OC Mike McCoy

    Brian Schottenheimer has been pretty good for us even though people thought he was going to be bad.
  2. Tearing It Down to Rebuild

    Most mobile QB's run into sacks you just have to live with it.
  3. Going to probably get hate for this for this but i am just glad we didn't extend him his immaturity was really starting to show last season.
  4. Good to see us win but yeah i am not really convinced we are a good team we just ran into a team that offense plays as poorly as ours.
  5. Tearing It Down to Rebuild

    Agreed although I wouldn't mind getting rid of Earl he is becoming a distraction to the team we don't need someone with his attitude playing for us.
  6. We are screwed wouldn't be surprised if the Cowboys beat us handily our defense gave us all the chances in the world against the Bears and we still lost.
  7. So basically he bought stock information for Eagle tickets?
  8. Can always franchise and trade him next off season i am just glad they didn't give in to his demands.
  9. Earl Thomas Situation (Leg Fracture)

    So basically he would of been traded by now for the right offer i like that they aren't trading him for peanuts now let's see if he is willing to lose game checks.
  10. Seahawks extend WR Tyler Lockett

    Richardson had one good year before that he was hurt all the time.
  11. Packers trade Brett Hudley QB to Seahawks

    There are other factors but i do believe he would have a back up job if it wasn't for his political stances.
  12. Packers trade Brett Hudley QB to Seahawks

    He screwed himself over when he went full political the owners won't ever admit to it though.
  13. Packers trade Brett Hudley QB to Seahawks

    I would have been fine with McGough but they probably wanted someone with experience either one is better than Davis as the backup though.
  14. Yeah he was throwing darts on his lone drive.
  15. Next Super Bowl winning coach to be fired

    I very well could be wrong but unless Caroll has a monumental collapse i really can't see Pete getting fired i could see him leaving on his own though.