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  1. Richard Sherman ruptures Achilles

    I wouldn't mind seeing them do away with Thursday night games i think it hurts the product to turn around 4 days later after just playing to play again.
  2. The offense was bad as usual and we lost a lot of players on defense to injuries hopefully most of them are ok.
  3. Duane Brown?

    We have him for the rest of this year and next i would just play out his contract even if he doesn't want to because he is at the age where the decline starts.
  4. It's an upgrade over Reese Odihambo.
  5. Seahawks / Rams: Who Has Upper Hand in NFC West?

    Might as well put it in Wilson's hand if Lacey is the starter he is very slow and easy to take down.
  6. GDT: Week 8

    I think the Seahawk running backs only had 5 yards and the Texans kept falling for the play action pass.
  7. GDT: Week 7

    Looked good to me except a couple of misses on deep balls. I have never cared if he put up Fantasy Football numbers though i just want my QB to be a point guard.
  8. Why do people preorder games?

    I only do it when there is a preorder bonus i know will never be put on the PSN.
  9. M's Acquire Mike Leake from Cardinals

    To be honest i don't know my baseball statistics i just like watching so i don't know how good this trade is but at least Diopoto isn't throwing away good prospects to win now.
  10. I might be in the minority then because i realize he just does what the owners want him to do.