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  1. Just glad he can't be signed by the Seahawks don't even know why Schneider was considering him Seahawks have enough talent at WR got to get some pass rush help on the defense.
  2. Not sure how i feel about Antonio Brown given his history i am surprised Pete is ignoring the defensive line though Seahawks need a pass rush.
  3. Yeah i wasn't really disappointed that the Seahawks passed just wish it was a play action.
  4. Nah the Seahawks still have to play the Rams and the Cardinals and 49ers are going to be a tough out plus they got the Bills coming up.
  5. I wouldn't mind it Chris Carson usually gets banged up near the end of the season so it would be good insurance. Kinda forgot about Hyde so maybe it wouldn't be a good fit he would probably be the 3rd on the depth chart.
  6. I am surprised they pulled this one off the offense pretty much was non-existent till the final drive lol.
  7. Even though we got a few turn overs the defense still scares me.
  8. Sacks98

    Earl Thomas?

    This was why i wasn't sad to see him go as a Seahawk fan he was starting to act like a jerk for whatever reason his last few years with the team.
  9. The last few years he was a Seahawk i was done with him he threw Wagner under the bus for poor play knowing that he was trying to gut it out with a hamstring injury.
  10. Not really surprised he showed this toxic behavior in his last two seasons with Seattle.
  11. Finished watching AOT it lived up to the hype but i felt like it was dumb how
  12. Chimera Ant Arc is where it fell off for me to i just didn't like the pacing or Gon's personality change seemed out of character.
  13. I would rather use two first round picks on a proven player like Adams then draft players we shouldn't be considering in the 1st like we usually do.
  14. He might be referring to Josh Brown who had a domestic dispute with his wife.
  15. I don't really have a problem with the position because Wagner is getting up there in age and KJ Wright was injured last season i kinda get the vibe from the draft analysts that we reached though.
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