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  1. I think we need to start from scratch and get what we can for Wilson especially if he isn't happy playing here.
  2. Never mind i changed my mind after watching this game and agree with you no way this team is making the post season the offense just looks bad.
  3. The trailer actually looks pretty good compared to the teaser but i am still skeptical.
  4. Looks corny although admittedly i never really cared for the anime except for when the Mafia/Vicious were involved.
  5. This team was doomed with or without Wilson the way the defense has been playing.
  6. I think the offense will be fine the defense is going to get tested though going against AJ Brown and Derrick Henry.
  7. Wish him well but it probably is about time to start getting some youth at LB.
  8. I honestly know nothing about the players the Seahawks drafted but i am fine with the positions.
  9. I like Lockett he may not be a #1 but he is solid 2900+ yards over the last 3 seasons and he is Wilson's go to guy.
  10. Definitely prefer Dunlap over Reed even with the age gap.
  11. Maybe i am overreacting but i think i agree with you animaltested it looks like Pete wants to rebuild the team the way he is letting players go.
  12. I read around the web that it's to protect themselves from season ticket holders from the small chance he isn't on the team.
  13. He was one of our better offensive lineman when healthy.
  14. It was never confirmed but yeah it seemed like Tate and Wilson were on bad terms when he left.
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