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  1. I honestly know nothing about the players the Seahawks drafted but i am fine with the positions.
  2. I like Lockett he may not be a #1 but he is solid 2900+ yards over the last 3 seasons and he is Wilson's go to guy.
  3. Definitely prefer Dunlap over Reed even with the age gap.
  4. Maybe i am overreacting but i think i agree with you animaltested it looks like Pete wants to rebuild the team the way he is letting players go.
  5. I read around the web that it's to protect themselves from season ticket holders from the small chance he isn't on the team.
  6. He was one of our better offensive lineman when healthy.
  7. It was never confirmed but yeah it seemed like Tate and Wilson were on bad terms when he left.
  8. I understand why Watson wants out but Wilson is definitely acting like a diva. I mean Wilson could of said that Pete wasn't listening to his ideas but instead he proceeds to attack his own team mates on the offensive line.
  9. The offensive line isn't the greatest but it's not like Wilson doesn't contribute to getting himself sacked by not always seeing over the middle of the field or missing targets.
  10. I am happy as well i hope Pete makes a change at defensive coordinator though i like Norton as a LB coach but as a DC he is bad.
  11. I don't get it either when you watch replays it seems like there are throws there he just decides not to take them.
  12. Yeah i don't know what's going on with Wilson his deep throws seem to be off target which he usually hits.
  13. I hope the team keeps him but at the same time he has been kinda average when it comes to the draft for awhile now.
  14. He is signed through the 2021 season. https://komonews.com/sports/seahawks/report-seahawks-gm-schneider-agrees-to-5-year-contract-extension
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