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  1. Hopefully the addition of Kendricks can help with those short yardage plays that turn into huge gains.
  2. Selection Sunday Thread

    Hopefully Jake Browning can come to play against Ohio St. i know our defense will.
  3. Does Jarran Reed suck?

    Yeah he has been a very good player for us as everyone else has said him and Clark.
  4. Chiefs release Kareem Hunt

    I thought they had seen the video from the reports earlier i guess not they still should have done a better job investigating it instead of taking a players word for it.
  5. Chiefs release Kareem Hunt

    Yeah I think so to especially since they already saw the video.
  6. Actually it usually ends up blowing up in our face lol.
  7. This is a tough 3 games we got coming up hopefully we can take two.
  8. Ravens Trade for Packers RB/WR Ty Montgomery

    Yeah he should of secured the ball better but he fielded it at the two yard line can't really fault him for wanting to bring it out it's not like he was deep in the end zone.
  9. Golden Tate traded to Eagles

    Yeah at his age at most it will be a 3 year deal with an option to get out of it after 2 years.
  10. Seattle Seahawks (3-3) @ Detroit Lions (3-3)

    Our pass defense is really going to be tested this Sunday hopefully we can pull off a win.
  11. Cards fire OC Mike McCoy

    Brian Schottenheimer has been pretty good for us even though people thought he was going to be bad.
  12. Tearing It Down to Rebuild

    Most mobile QB's run into sacks you just have to live with it.
  13. Going to probably get hate for this for this but i am just glad we didn't extend him his immaturity was really starting to show last season.
  14. Good to see us win but yeah i am not really convinced we are a good team we just ran into a team that offense plays as poorly as ours.
  15. Tearing It Down to Rebuild

    Agreed although I wouldn't mind getting rid of Earl he is becoming a distraction to the team we don't need someone with his attitude playing for us.