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  1. Kirk Cousins to be Mile High...?

    Wouldn't shock me tampering probably happens all the time considering how quickly some FA's sign.
  2. I think there already is a rule against face guarding it just isn't really enforced.
  3. Raiders hire Tom Cable as new OL coach.

    Yes Wilson does run into sacks but that doesn't excuse defenders running free through the line.
  4. Ken Norton Jr. - Seahawks DC

    Yeah i am not really worried about the defense Caroll calls the shots there more worried about the offense.
  5. OPM Seahawks Off-Season (1.6 / First Draft COMPLETE)

    I am confused by this because the NFL doesn't even play games in Canada since Buffalo quit doing it.
  6. Seahawks expected to hire Brian Schottenheimer as OC

    Caroll actually has been to loyal to Bevell and Cable in my opinion especially Cable he had his pick of offensive linemen Duane Brown even regressed under him.
  7. OPM Seahawks Off-Season (1.6 / First Draft COMPLETE)

    I would let Sheldon Richardson walk and see what we could do about upgrading the offensive line.
  8. Seahawks Fire OC Bevell

    I am not sure if Bevell deserved to get fired but Cable's offensive lines have been atrocious.
  9. Team Needs?

    I would let Richardson walk we need to invest our money in offensive line and rb.
  10. No Pete Caroll has roster control Schneider handles the draft and fa.
  11. Even tho he would have more power in GB wouldn't that basically be getting the same job?
  12. Bengals extend HC Marvin Lewis through 2019 season

    The Bengals could do better but Marvis Lewis isn't that terrible of a head coach.
  13. Jack Del Rio Fired moments after game

    I don't get the hype with Gruden either but he is coming into a pretty good situation where the team is built for him to win.
  14. Week 15: Los Angeles Rams @ Seattle Seahawks

    Wagner was running on Friday if K.J. hasn't had his concussion cleared by now i don't think he will play.
  15. Week 15: Los Angeles Rams @ Seattle Seahawks

    I think Wagner will miss at least one game if it is a hamstring i heard Wright might be doing better.