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    Yeah i think Sherman would of been upset rightfully so if he called Tails. It did really sound like he called tails on the radio though.
  2. Biggest steals of the NFL Draft?

    He has looked better then i expected i thought it would take a few years like it did for Tate to develop but he has been producing right away.
  3. This game is going to come down to the offensive line and if they can play against the Niners like they did against the Bucs if not then i think the Niners will win.
  4. The sack numbers aren't there but he has been a pretty disruptive force.
  5. Yeah might as well just play Blair over Tedric can't be worse then Tedric.
  6. Seattle Seahawks @ Cleveland Browns - Week 6

    Gotta be honest i felt like the Refs were bad especially towards the Browns.
  7. Cardinals release WR Michael Crabtree

    I don't think we will ever see that Sherman again he was alot more cocky before his name was known then he settled down.
  8. Los Angeles Rams @ Seattle Seahawks - Week 5

    Iupati had a bad game against the Rams but yeah Ifedi has been our worst offensive linemen this season.
  9. Seahawks trading TE Nick Vannett to the Steelers

    I don't know how he is blocking wise but he never seemed to connect with Wilson in the receiving game.
  10. This is how we have always won though even when we had Sherman,Thomas and Chancellor.
  11. Seahawks trading TE Nick Vannett to the Steelers

    It was pretty much over after the fumble by Carson because i think it put up by 3 scores i do like Dissly though.
  12. Week 1: Bengals (0-0) @ Seahawks (0-0)

    It was ugly for sure but Metcalf looking like a veteran out there is a positive.
  13. Trent Williams vs Duane Brown

    I was a bit skeptical of the Duane Brown trade at the time just because of his age but i gotta say he has made a huge impact on the offensive line and it's probably our strongest unit heading into this season.
  14. Charlie Whitehurst was pretty bad when we traded for him you could tell at training camp that he wasn't very good.
  15. Anime and Manga Thread.

    I wanted to watch One Punch Man but the concept seemed pretty bad if they were going to take it past a season and not introduce a villain for him.