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  1. Yeah he was throwing darts on his lone drive.
  2. Next Super Bowl winning coach to be fired

    I very well could be wrong but unless Caroll has a monumental collapse i really can't see Pete getting fired i could see him leaving on his own though.
  3. Colin Cowherd's potential 2018 dumpster fires

    I don't know why i used to watch guys like Cowherd,Skip or Stephen A. Smith i knew they were just acting the way they were for views.
  4. Earl Thomas Situation (holding out)

    I used to be of the mind of cutting bait with him but why not hold onto him as long as possible? Unless we get an offer we can't refuse it would be a waste just to dump him.
  5. Earl Thomas Situation (holding out)

    At this point keep him unless we get blown away with a deal and then maybe franchise him i don't know how costly that would be but i would do it if the price was right. I would call him on his bluff to because very rarely will a player hold out of a regular season game.
  6. Sure let him hold out till he starts missing game checks that's when the player usually caves.
  7. Brandon Marshall WR signs with Seahawks

    He may be washed up not sure why people are treating him like he is crazy i get that he has been diagnosed with a mental disorder but it's not like he has acted out recently.
  8. Grade Your Draft

    I know a lot of Seahawk fans hate the Penny pick since our backfield is crowded but none of them ever seem to stay healthy.
  9. Winners & Losers from Day One

    That's the thing though team's don't go by what the draft experts think.
  10. Same although i don't watch the NBA or NHL but it bothers me more in Baseball than any other sport.
  11. Hopefully those two stunts he pulled last year were just that if we do sign him to an extension i thought it was silly to call out Wagner the way he did.
  12. Redskins will be signing Paul Richardson

    If he can stay healthy this is a good signing i am glad we didn't try to bring him back though for that reason.
  13. If we can't get Earl extended i think we should trade him if the price is right don't ask me what that is. Only reason i am saying this is because if both Bennett and Sherman are gone next year is looking like a gap year for a rebuild.
  14. Trading Earl Thomas

    I kinda like the idea of trading Thomas get good value before his career turns south.
  15. Kirk Cousins to be Mile High...?

    Wouldn't shock me tampering probably happens all the time considering how quickly some FA's sign.