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  1. Chiefs trade for Seahawks Frank Clark

    I thought at most we would get is a 2nd round pick and maybe something else but then people did bring up the point that he is only 25 years old.
  2. Frank Clark Situation

    Clark is a good player but i wouldn't throw the boat at somebody like him he is just very good he isn't a game changer like Mack is.
  3. Nah it isn't off the field issues it's about money not sure we can afford Clark if he wants what Lawrence got from the Cowboys.
  4. Seahawks extend Russell Wilson QB with a new Contract

    Yeah just the cost of the QB position Mahomes and Goff will surpass Wilson's contract anyways.
  5. The whole trading Clark makes sense if we can't afford him because we might have to franchise Wilson the next few years.
  6. Yeah that's nothing compared to Giseles networth which is reportedly 320-400M.
  7. The only reason i can't get to upset is they do beat up there bodys in football and injuries that can even be chronic.
  8. When did you fall in love with football?

    Playing NFL 2k with my brother got me interested so i started tuning in.
  9. Your team relocates, are you still a fan?

    Depends on how the Seahawks left if it was like the Sonics then i would quit watching all together.
  10. I think the balance of the run and pass is fine i might change how predictable we are when we are going to pass though.
  11. Yeah i am not buying the whole Giants rumor in my opinion it was started by someone in his camp for leverage of a new contract.
  12. Earl Thomas close to signing with Browns

    Have to be some other team then the Seahawks that bridge is burned.
  13. Earl Thomas close to signing with Browns

    He is a good player but i am glad he is not a Seahawk anymore to be honest.
  14. He is a great talent but i don't think he would be content in Seattles offense.
  15. Antonio Brown

    Unless his attitude completely changes i don't see how this could work in our offense.