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  1. I am happy as well i hope Pete makes a change at defensive coordinator though i like Norton as a LB coach but as a DC he is bad.
  2. I don't get it either when you watch replays it seems like there are throws there he just decides not to take them.
  3. Yeah i don't know what's going on with Wilson his deep throws seem to be off target which he usually hits.
  4. I hope the team keeps him but at the same time he has been kinda average when it comes to the draft for awhile now.
  5. He is signed through the 2021 season. https://komonews.com/sports/seahawks/report-seahawks-gm-schneider-agrees-to-5-year-contract-extension
  6. Wouldn't surprise me either lol. I thought the Seahawks would struggle but yeesh i thought Wilson would be able to at least pull out a slim victory over Colt McCoy.
  7. Meh it's just Marijuana players have done far worse and are allowed to still play.
  8. Is it just me or is Pete playing a safe type of offense only opening it up a few times a game? I noticed this trend against Arizona to where the deep shots have suddenly shrunk.
  9. Carson is returning on Monday and Hyde came back for the Cardinals game.
  10. I think Shaquill might be back next game he has been out with a hamstring injury the last two games.
  11. It's a miracle the Bills are only leading by 14 at half they have been moving it at will against the defense.
  12. Yeah i hate to say it but i don't think it's just lack of talent on defense these guys just aren't well coached you will see a receiver just get wide open. Would be one thing if it happened from time to time but it seems to happen throughout drives.
  13. True but even when the defense had Adams the defense was bad hopefully Dunlap can add something to the pass rush the defense badly needs it.
  14. Congratz on the win i know it's kinda late but i have to mellow out when the Seahawks lose lol.
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