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  1. GDT: Chiefs -3.5 (6-3) @ Titans (4-5)

    I don’t think you understand context. There is a huge difference between us average joes making 20 bucks an hour getting clowned on social media and a multimillionaire celebrity being called out by fans. It’s a world apart, and is only hypocritical for those who don’t get the difference between an actual dictionary and urban dictionary.
  2. GDT: Chiefs -3.5 (6-3) @ Titans (4-5)

    Sometimes it works. Definitely did for us with CJ.
  3. Mike Vrabel

    I still don’t necessarily believe that firing Mike Mularkey was a mistake. I appreciate his stint for what it was, but 2017 was the best he was ever going to do here. I’m honestly not so sure we wouldn’t be following this exact same trajectory had we kept him. In fact, it might’ve happened a year sooner. It’s beginning to appear that our mistake was putting too much faith in Mike Vrabel, and that’s unfortunate, because he was supposed to be the “culture change” that everyone’s still yearning for.
  4. Week 8 GDT: Bucs(2-4) @ Titans(3-4)

    Was trying to run as much time off as he could I think.
  5. Week 8 GDT: Bucs(2-4) @ Titans(3-4)

    That guy is increasingly trollish. His posts rarely even make any sense.
  6. Marcus Mariota: Is it Time ??

    People actually do feed off of energy, especially in emotional situations, and football is a very emotional sport. Followers tend to gravitate toward leaders, and leaders wield great influence over any organizational culture. That’s not a cliche, that’s a fact of socialization. And it’s true in any industry. Now, is that why “I” think he failed here? No. But could it have been perhaps a small contributing factor? Very possible. In fact, whether or not it’s a coincidence, the general blandness of Mariota’s demeanor is an apt simile for this offense lol
  7. Marcus Mariota: Is it Time ??

    Whether he's right or wrong, it's hard to take Matthews seriously after the way everything ended with him. Kind of sad to say, but it seems like other than Walker, Matthews is probably the next closest player Mariota came to ever "jiving" with in the passing game.
  8. Marcus Mariota: Is it Time ??

    He is not without his faults, and I hate for it to come at the expense of the Titans, but I think what he needs more than anything is just a new start. I just said it in another thread, but I wouldn't be surprised in the least if he ends up in a New Orleans or a Chargers type situation and makes something of his career, especially if he can catch on while either Brees or Rivers are still playing and sit behind them for a year or so. As someone else said, he's only 25.
  9. State of the Titans (their place in the league)

    The Titans are in the proverbial wilderness. The Dolphins are a good comparison. I think it goes to show how difficult it is to build a winning franchise, because I truly believe AAS has had the best of intentions. The organization has just ultimately been unable to get out of its own way between poor draft picks (specifically wasting 4-5 years a piece on Young and Locker) and poor coaching/GM hires. Now we have finally put a decent roster together and have matched it with what appears to be a coaching staff that can't find its rear end with both hands. It's frustrating to put it kindly. My lack of confidence in Marcus Mariota has been no secret over the last year and a half, but I still wouldn't be surprised to see him leave and flourish elsewhere, because his talent has never been an issue. We've absolutely butchered any confidence he had along with any chance he had to succeed here. Long term, who tf knows? Maybe we'll finally hit on a QB and coach at the same time or maybe we'll totally bottom out in the coming years.
  10. Marcus Mariota: Is it Time ??

    EDIT: Nvm
  11. Jon Robinson

    My confidence in Jon Robinson has taken a huge hit. No GM is infallible, so I'm willing to give him a pass on some of the personnel misses. I still think he's actually been pretty good for the most part in turning the roster into something decent, but unless the offense drastically gets things turned around, it appears he majorly whiffed on the Vrabel hire, and that is much harder to forgive. After the way the Mularkey fiasco ended, he HAD to get that hire correct. I alluded to it in the game thread, but even without an elite QB, we have invested entirely too much into this offense (especially the O-line) for it to be the late term abortion it currently looks like. Never mind the dreadfully predictable scheme ripped directly from a 1982 playbook and the bad news bears personnel groupings we manage to trot out. Whatever misgivings there are about this coaching staff ultimately fall squarely on the shoulders of "J-Rob". He got his way; this is his baby. If and when Vrabel and company fade into the obscurity of Titans history, Robinson should probably be there right along with them.
  12. GDT: Titans at Broncos

    The offensive line is an abomination and the coaching isn’t much better. The QB situation ain’t pretty, but it’s not as bad as this s*** show makes it seem. With a defense as good as ours, either of these dudes, neither of whom I’m very high on, should be good enough to win with. Vrabel better get it figured out or he will be s*** canned sooner than later. The defense is only gonna hold up fo so long.
  13. A.M- Life After Marcus Watch (options?)

    Jalen Hurts is a project as an NFL QB. He was benched at Alabama for a freshman for a reason. Lincoln Riley is going to become one of those coaches whose QBs everyone will have to take with a grain of salt, because they’re gonna put up big numbers every year, especially in the weak *** Big 12. Anyone here who actually want Hurts should know that we’ll probably be in the same place ~4-5 years from now if we actually take him. He’s the type who’s gonna have to land in the absolute perfect situation to even remotely pan out. Tennessee ain’t it.
  14. Week 3 GDT: Titans @ Jaguars TNF

    Meh. Mediocre team yet again. Possibly terrible. I might check back in when they bench MM for Tanny just to see how he plays. Otherwise I’m probably out for this season boys.
  15. Marcus Mariota: Is it Time ??

    Lots of truth here. I personally think the biggest difference between Mariota now and Mariota in 2016 is that his confidence has been utterly shattered.