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  1. Jalen Ramsey's QB Tiers

    And they are still a better team than the Colts.
  2. Training Camp Thread

    I'm really hoping one of these other guys steps up. Don't care if its Jennings, Burnett, Williams or whomever. But hell, if Sharpe actually earns it, more power to him.
  3. Jalen Ramsey's QB Tiers

    The Titans went 9-7 and won a playoff game with Fred Flinstone coaching the team last season. They have Henry, Lewis, Walker, Davis, and one of the better O-lines in the league. Then on D they have a pretty solid core at all three levels with the addition of Butler. Your doubts about Mariota are well taken, but let's not forget that the dude is a year removed from a 26 TD-9 INT season and is only 24 years old. Vrabel has a lot to prove. No doubt there.
  4. Jalen Ramsey's QB Tiers

    Nope. Still ridiculous. They have arguably the worst roster in the league. They also have a "first time head coach" and a QB who hasn't played meaningful football in a year and a half (who was overrated to begin with IMO).
  5. Training Camp Thread

    Hard to say much when we don't even know what's wrong with him. Plus I think the intrigue surrounding our younger receivers has overshadowed his situation a bit.
  6. Jalen Ramsey's QB Tiers

    As a team? You're high.
  7. AFC South Discussion Thread

    I agree with him on Tyrod Taylor as well. I think he would thrive on a team like Jacksonville. I could see the Jags ultimately ending up with either Taylor or Bridgewater if/when Bortles flops this year.
  8. Training Camp Thread

    I know Houston had a bad year defensively last season, but I assumed it was primarily due to being ravaged by injuries. Care to elaborate on the actual scheming issues? I haven't heard anyone delve into that aspect of it. In fact, I thought X's and O's were supposedly a strength of his.
  9. Old Titans Games/Content

    Man watching that 2002 Indianapolis game is surreal. Sometimes I forget just how good those early 2000’s Titans teams were. If you’re yearning for nostalgia, just go and watch the thorough domination of the first half of that game. They had no answer for our offense.
  10. GDT Preseason Week 1 Titans (0-0) @ Packers (0-0)

    Lol that’s my favorite part of the uni. What makes it pop imo
  11. GDT Preseason Week 1 Titans (0-0) @ Packers (0-0)

    God I hate preseason football, but I guess it’s football.
  12. GDT Preseason Week 1 Titans (0-0) @ Packers (0-0)

    They really do look good. Can’t wait to see the home jerseys. But I think white on white will look awesome with the dark helmets.
  13. Training Camp Thread

    What’s crazy about Davis is I’m not sure the guy missed a game in college. I mean wtf gives?
  14. Titans sign Kenny Vaccaro

    Agreed on Cruikshank.