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  1. Is it Time ??

    Oh I didn’t necessarily mean to imply you were. I was just speaking in general.
  2. Is it Time ??

    The criticism of Mariota is well deserved. He played much better today, but he ain’t out of the woods yet. Let’s see him go a few consecutive weeks without looking like absolute dog s*** before hopping back on his nuts. Or at least that’s what I’m doing.
  3. Is it Time ??

    I think Drew Lock will suck in the NFL. Earlier this season I was pretty high on Jared Stidham out of Auburn, but he's looked like hot garbage as of late. It's a weak year for QB's.
  4. Is it Time ??

    I actually agree with this. Marcus Mariota has not been a franchise caliber QB for us. My question is why not? We all assume he has all the key ingredients: the intelligence, the composure, the accuracy, and the physical skill set. But what is it he lacks? Perhaps he is not as football intelligent as we thought? Maybe his decision making is simply too reckless too often? Personally, I believe his confidence has been shot to absolute s**t, and that is why he has regressed so much. It is extremely rare to see a QB have as promising a first 2 years as Mariota did and then totally fall of the face of the earth. That might happen pretty frequently with 1-year wonders, but not 2. Something happened to him after 2016. Idk if it was the injury or what, but his trajectory hit a damn plane at some point, because it was sky high.
  5. Is it Time ??

    That depends on the next year and a half. If he doesn't show significant improvement, Robinson is not going to drop a long term expensive deal on him, nor should he. I actually think Rage makes a good point. I know I'm getting ahead of myself here, but it may take a change of scenery for Mariota to ever see his full potential. I've largely bit my tongue regarding that particular issue, but it's actually been in the back of my mind ever since we removed Mularkey's interim tag.
  6. Is it Time ??

    Agreed with much of this, although I still believe Mariota has a much higher ceiling than Alex Smith. I'm just not sure what it's going to take for him to reach it at this point.
  7. Is it Time ??

    If it isn't, it's getting pretty close. The entire reason we changed regimes after last season is because we "weren't happy with Mariota's development". So we bring in a guy whose offense is supposedly tailor-made for a player like Marcus, and he still sucks? I think at some point you just have to ask yourself if the guy is actually any good.
  8. Week 6 GDT - Ravens @ Titans

    Did this actually happen? If so, that’s kinda big news. I was legitimately beginning to wonder if Marcus was a robot.
  9. Week 6 GDT - Ravens @ Titans

    And I’m telling you, put a watchable product in the field and wa-la, our attendance issues likely go poof. It would be different if this organization had a couple of super bowl titles to truly tie down commitment and create a legitimate “2nd generation” of fans, but we have none of that, and we haven’t been established long enough to create a “lovable loser” mentality like the Bengals and Lions. This frachise and fans are basically in the epitome of “no mans land”. The only comparable franchise really is Carolina, and they still have a relatively recent super bowl appearance to hang their hats on.
  10. Week 6 GDT - Ravens @ Titans

    I agree, but it would most definitely still support a product worth supporting.
  11. Week 6 GDT - Ravens @ Titans

    Winning 12 of the last 14 home games is not nearly as big of a deal as you’re trying to make it, I’m afraid. The team is still boring, limited, and has yet to do anything of particular note. Im telling you, if this group were to knock off New England and go 11-5 or 12-4, Nashville would be painted in 2-tone blue. Cant believe I’m having to argue this crap considering it already happened in the early 2000s when our stadium was widely considered one of the toughest venues in the league (thanks largely to the crowd).
  12. Week 6 GDT - Ravens @ Titans

    Well, that, or not s*** the bed every other week.
  13. Week 6 GDT - Ravens @ Titans

    Yes. The team being a complete and utter eyesore is the primary reason. Sorry to disappoint.
  14. Week 6 GDT - Ravens @ Titans

    As someone who lives in TN and has his whole life, I’m just giving some perspective on the actual perception people have towards the Titans. We live in the era of fantasy football and offensive fireworks. Beating the Bengals 23-20 and clinching wildcard spots by beating the motherf****** Jacksonville Jaguars 15-10 isn’t going to ignite a city. This discussion is basically a microcosm of Lewan’s now-hilarious “respect” comment. We haven’t done jack s***.
  15. Week 6 GDT - Ravens @ Titans

    I mean, did you happen to catch the product on the field? THAT’S why fans don’t come. Put a winner on the field and they will. They did during the McNair/George years and they currently do for the preds. And I mean a real winner, not a red headed stepchild that limps into the playoffs only to get anally raped in the 2nd round when they face a real team. Take it out on the fans all you want, but it’s still the garbage *** team we trot out year after year that’s the real culprit. There is no excitement. There is nothing flashy. There is nothing fun to watch about this team. Nashville might get a “hick” rap from the national media, but it is not Green Bay or Buffalo or even Pittsburgh. There is actually s*** to do in that town. Nashvillians are not going to flock to a boring *** team that literally no one actually believes is a true winner.