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  1. I'm a Titans fan, but I always liked the Oilers' uniforms/logo as well. I don't want us to bring it back or anything. It belongs to Houston IMO, which is why I wish we'd have done what the Ravens/Browns did and left all of that in Houston when the franchise relocated.
  2. F it. At this point the Jags are better off just rolling with Minshew. He's either gonna work out for them or they're immediately eligible for the Trevor Lawrence sweepstakes.
  3. Give every team 1 neutral site game. Could really kill 2 birds with 1 stone by reserving those for all the international games.
  4. Noticed that on the total wins list we are the winningest franchise during that time period that hasn’t won a super bowl (tied with Vikings).
  5. It wouldn't be popular with a large portion of the fanbase, but letting Henry walk and investing whatever money he was gonna eat up into further beefing up the defense is not a bad idea. It's reasonable to expect Tannehill to take a step back next season, but he'll still be a decent player, and I still think you can win big with him + an elite defense (similar vein of the 49ers). You'd have to find a formidable tailback in either the draft or FA that won't break the bank, but doing that + adding a couple more pieces to an already-talented defense is probably the most feasible pursuit available for the immediate future. And that's coming from a huge Derrick Henry fan. JMO
  6. Rock and a hard place for our front office. I don't envy them. Basically have to decide which good-but-not-great player you want to overpay for at the risk of pissing off the other. I love em both, but neither of these dudes is gonna single-handedly win us a super bowl.
  7. I feel the same about lacking excitement for next season. Not so much because of the Fisher-ball stuff, but more because it’s hard not to expect a step back. What we saw down the stretch in 2019 was likely the best we’ll ever get from this group of guys (mainly Tannehill and Henry), and it still wasn’t good enough for a SB. Throw in Pees retiring and all the uncertainty surrounding our core guys and I’m almost expecting a post-2016-Jags type of collapse. Hoping I’m wrong obviously, but it’s an ominous feeling for sure.
  8. There is no magical force that prohibits MVP's from winning the super bowl. It is a trend, but it's also fairy dust. Winning the super bowl is hard. Winning the MVP is hard. Winning both in the same season is very, very, very hard. However, it will eventually happen again.
  9. It's just a wacky coincidence. Kinda like the Madden curse or the super bowl loser missing the playoffs the following year curse. It's not really a thing, sports fans are just superstitious by nature.
  10. This should probably be reduced to a list of 5. Maybe 8 if you want to make it a clean 1/4 of the league. Once you get past the bottom 6 or 7 there's just not much separating the entries. In a league designed for parity the middle ground is huge. Probably not much variance in the teams that would make that 8-15 range.
  11. I think the Titans have a stronger case than the Giants, Bengals, or Chargers. We've had 5 losing seasons including finishes of 2-14, 3-13, and twice at 6-10. And although we've had 5 winning seasons, they've all been 9-7. 2 playoff appearances with a 2-1 record, but we're obviously still playing. Even with as bad as they currently are, it's still hard for me to include the Giants or Bengals in this discussion. One won a super bowl and the other was in the playoffs for half the decade.
  12. I wasn’t a fan when he did it and still am not.
  13. The Henry situation is tough. On one hand, he’s definitely earned his payday. On the other, paying RBs top dollar doesn’t tend to be a wise investment. I think we will pay him largely for the reasons already mentioned (fan favorite, face of the franchise, special talent, etc,), and if we continue drafting well it could ultimately work out, but only time will tell if it ends up being a good move.
  14. I had no idea until now that Arthur Smith is the son of FedEx founder Fred Smith.
  15. Understandable. We WERE worse than that for a fat chunk of it lol. The first 9-7 came way back in 2011 and was followed immediately by a 4-year mountain of crap. We were 18-46 from 2012-2015 lol
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