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  1. Chargers Make Powder Blues Permanent Home Uniform

    My personal favorite of the Charger looks was the dark blue jerseys with the dark blue helmet from the early-mid 2000’s. Always thought those were slick as hell. Still don’t understand why they felt the need to go back to the white helmet, but the powder blues definitely work better with it.
  2. Tennessee Titans 2019 Schedule

    Call it a gut feeling, but I don't think this is gonna be another year of hovering around 500. I'm getting major sink or swim vibes. I'm thinking it either goes awesome and we end up around 11-5, or we bottom out and end up around 5-11.
  3. Offseason Thread

    Agreed. Robinson has been the least of this organization’s problems. In fact, he’s probably the lone reason we’ve reeled off 3 consecutive winning seasons. As for our inability to take the next step and become an actual contender, I’ve always heard that it’s a lot harder to go from good to great than it is to go from bad to good. We haven’t made very good decisions with our coaching staff (keeping Mularkey, hiring Robiskie, and in hindsight, hiring LaFleur) and we’re still not sure what we have in our supposed franchise QB, whose on-field regression can be directly attributed to the former point. Never mind his spotty health. Now, Robinson does deserve some blame for LaFleur. Vrabel is his guy, and so too are his staff by extension. That was not a good fit, and I’m still maddeningly perplexed that we’re apparently keeping the same offense, but whatever, we’re tired of changing schemes. I get it from that angle. But I refuse to complain about what he’s done with the roster. This team didn’t have a single “strength” when he took over. And what weaknesses remain, he has shown he’s willing to fix. Injuries happen, and apparently players “quit”. We can’t have all-pros at every position. It’s on the players we do have to step up at some point.
  4. AAF

    For real. There are high school stadiums in Texas with more seats than that lol
  5. Dude was beloved by the Titans fan base, but I never liked Cortland Finnegan. I think its cool as hell when smaller guys can flat out ball, which he def could, and I usually root for those types, but he just yapped too much for my liking. Reminded me of a little poodle. And if Lewan played for literally anyone else I'd probably loathe him, although I love his interviews, so it's hard for me to say I fully don't like him. He's probably cool as hell in person.
  6. Jets' New Uniforms Leaked

    Agreed. I've always liked the simple, classic looks like those of the Bears, Packers, Cowboys, etc. The Jets had that.
  7. The worst draft hats of all-time?

    So they're pretty much all based on the city flag or state flag/emblem they represent. Some are actually decent IMO.
  8. Obscure/Nostalgic Players

    Yes! It was Furrey. Thanks!
  9. Obscure/Nostalgic Players

    That guy the Lions moved from DB to WR and he ended up catching like 100 passes on the year. One year wonder. Can't even remember his name.
  10. Call Your Shot: Lamar Jackson

    He'll be alright. He ain't gonna light the world on fire, but I think he has the tools to put together a couple of pro bowl caliber years and probably stick around 8-10 seasons. He'll grow into a better NFL passer, and his athleticism will always be a weapon. JMO
  11. Also, am I the only one who cringes at the designed QB runs? I have since the Mularkey days. I'm sorry but it's just plain stupid. I don't care how good of an athlete he is. Scrap it and let him grow from the pocket. If he wants to take off after everything breaks down and use his athleticism to scramble, that's one thing, but actually drawing it up for him to take more hits than necessary is dancing with the devil at this point.
  12. Offseason Thread

    Didn't KT post in the "guy of the guy" thread that we apparently like the Stidham kid from Auburn? I could see us taking a flyer on him if he drops below the 4th round or so. He was really solid in 2017. Some even considered him a dark horse heisman candidate this past year, but that entire offense totally face planted. I never thought he fit Gus Malzahn's system anyway.
  13. I still think he would flourish in the right system. I believe someone like Sean Payton could turn him into a consistent 4000yd/25td/65% caliber quarterback.
  14. Looking At Titans First 20 Years 1999-2018

    I can't disagree. In hindsight, the Locker pick was damn near unforgivable. His well-documented injury problems and accuracy issues should have been enough for any front office worth its salt to write him out of the first round. But the fact that he was taken in the top 10 of literally one of the most loaded, talent-rich drafts in history is near vomit-inducing. I've said it before, but we could have thrown a dart at our draft board that year and it probably would have landed on a future pro bowler. Instead, we went with The Hurt Locker. The only mildly salvageable anecdote from that situation is that the Jags made an arguably even more laughable blunder by taking Blaine Gabbert a couple picks later.