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  1. Titans OC Search

    I definitely wouldn't hire him as a HC again, but I never had that much disdain for Munchak. He went 9-7, 6-10, and 7-9 in 3 seasons. I know that's far from impressive, and I was ready to move on at the time as well, but in hindsight, I think the fans are a bit harsh on his tenure as HC, almost to an irrational level. Not much success was ever going to be had with the likes of Jake Locker, Chris Palmer, and especially Ruston Webster, who pretty much helped us to the biggest void of talent this franchise has seen since coming to Tennessee. Didn't we go like 4 seasons without having a player selected to the pro bowl at one point? All things considered, I think Whisenhunt was far worse.
  2. Titans OC Search

    At this point I'm not even particularly concerned with continuity. Just get the right man for the job. Honestly wouldn't mind simplifying the offense a bit anyway and giving Marcus a little more control, which is probably what should've been done last year to begin with.
  3. Titans OC Search

    Can someone fill me in on the appeal of Todd Monken? I mean I know they put up decent offensive numbers this season, but it doesn't appear as though he did anything special for Winston, and they still finished 5-11. How many of those stats were Fitzmagic and how many were garbage time?
  4. Marcus Mariota: Is it Time ??

    It's funny you put it this way. At the time, I went on record as saying that Mariota's 10 game stretch in the middle of 2016 was the best quarterbacking this franchise had seen since Warren Moon. Unfortunately, the more time passes without him being able to replicate it, the more and more it appears to have been a mirage.
  5. Marcus Mariota: Is it Time ??

    I’m not necessarily disagreeing with you. Just saying there are two very distinct possibilities in play.
  6. Marcus Mariota: Is it Time ??

    I agree that our franchise has really done him no favors, but we also have to wonder if he just simply isn't very good and perhaps never was as good as we all thought. Let's not forget, we literally fired a playoff winning coaching staff for the guy. The fact that LaFleur got virtually nothing more out of him than his predecessors might not be a total indictment on Mariota for various reasons (injuries, new system, etc.), but it's definitely not a positive sign.
  7. Titans OC Search

    We don't know what offense we are going to run here. Regardless, I was speaking in general, not necessarily for us.
  8. Titans OC Search

    I still think it's a very long shot we go that route, but Will Grier is the only QB I'd even consider touching in the 1st round this year.
  9. Titans OC Search

    Hue Jackson is the best name I've seen mentioned ITT so far. He's a proven success at OC, and he's essentially a non-threat to leave for a HC job due to his massive flop in Cleveland. Basically the offensive version of Gus Bradley. If not him, I want someone who will run some variation of the spread and actually utilize Mariota's strengths. I still think he belongs in a system that emphasizes 3 and 4 wide sets and short to intermediate route concepts. He's always been a rhythm passer, and I still think he could thrive in a system like that. EDIT: I will also add that I think a quick-release offense like the one mentioned above would do wonders for his injury issues.
  10. Matt LaFleur To Be Named GB Head Coach

    It is maddening, and has been since the Robiskie hire. Hope hit the nail on the head. I’m not sure an organization has ever mismanaged the formative years of a talented QB more than this one has with Mariota.
  11. Matt LaFleur To Be Named GB Head Coach

    I’m not as disappointed with it as I probably should be lol
  12. Matt LaFleur To Be Named GB Head Coach

    Agreed. I like Vrabel, but I did not like LaFleur, nor do I believe his offense was all that good a fit for Mariota. At this point, I’d like a seasoned playcaller who’s pretty much a “career OC”. That’s honestly what I wanted last year as well. LaFleur was never sticking around longer than 1 or 2 years.
  13. Matt LaFleur To Be Named GB Head Coach

    I honestly agree with the “spread” comment I read earlier in the thread. That is and always has been the system Mariota belongs in.
  14. One idea I liked back when the NBA Grizzlies were in the process of relocating from Vancouver was changing the team name to the Memphis Express as an homage to FedEx's global headquarters being located in the city. It fell through due to some copyright nonsense, but coincidentally, FedEx would go on to be the team's primary sponsor and eventually got the naming rights to the arena that was built a few years later, which it still has to this day. And now the new AAF franchise in Memphis will call itself the Memphis Express. Would've been a much cooler basketball name IMO.
  15. Is this an actual Elvis reference? If so, it should be Memphis. If it’s a nod to the flying Elvis logo used by New England, touché lol