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  1. FFMD II Dallas Cowboys Front Office

    We have 5.180 as well
  2. FFMD II Dallas Cowboys Front Office

    5.165 6.1817.232
  3. FFMD II Dallas Cowboys Front Office

    I don't hate Lynch. Solid pick.
  4. FFMD II Dallas Cowboys Front Office

    Not really interested TBH.
  5. Draft watch 2020

    Still think he can be an EDGE. But whatever, he's a damn good player and if he ends up in Dallas I'll be happy.
  6. Yup. There are moves that could have been made to bring back Quinn and Jones in addition to the moves already made and still fit in Dak's contract. The front office opted not to make them.
  7. Most Important Position - #2

    EDGE for me.
  8. Dak's issues stemmed from footwork. Moore and Kitna did a lot to help him there. He debunked the whole "can't throw the deep ball" thing last year. My comparison to Romo was to point out that Tony had issues with turnovers and some poor decision making trying to be too much of a "gunslinger" during the early parts of his career. Those were something he fixed as he matured as a QB. Show me examples of those same people making those statements regarding Zeke and Tank's deal. I know some were against Zeke's deal, but mainly because he's a RB and the position has greatly devalued as the league has changed over the years. A franchise QB is and is always going to be valuable. My point regarding the cap is with it increasing every year, the team will have the funds to keep the players it develops and add a few pieces in FA. Whether they elect to do so is on them, but it won't be because of a lack of space. Wilson is another QB who has gotten better with age. He had a tremendous defense during the early years of his career and now not so much, but he's able to make do without that because his skills have finessed. I honestly don't care if he gets more than Wilson even if he may not be better right now - why? Because 1) he very well could end up being better and 2) that's just the way the market works. QBs in that higher tier are going to make more than the previous guys once their contracts are up.
  9. 1. Dak is a good QB who showed flashes of greatness throughout his career. He seemed to put it together last year and played really well for most of the season. There's promise he's only going to get better with maturity (see Romo). 2. The cap is going to grow tremendously over the next few years. Dak being paid as the top player in the NFL this year is going to look like peanuts in two or three years. Paying him market value now is not going to prohibit us from fielding a competitive team. It only prevents us from doing so if the front office decides to play cheap. 3. Franchise QBs don't grow on trees. Joe Burrow and the rest of the guys from this class may look promising, but one or two or maybe none will end up panning out. You know what you have in Dak, he's led you to the playoffs twice. You pay the guy. Why is this so hard and a continuing argument for multiple pages?
  10. My dad was a **** drunk growing up. Great person sober, but when he drank he turned into a completely different person. He's been sober (supposedly) for the last two years since he got with his new wife. No DUI's, no bad incidents. Still a crap dad, but that's beside the point. Some people just can't handle alcohol. Smith's allegedly been clean since his last incident, so who knows? Maybe the guy can turn it around.
  11. FFMD II Dallas Cowboys Front Office

    Did he punch you back?
  12. FFMD II Dallas Cowboys Front Office

    I added a depth chart + list of picks to the front page.
  13. Social Distancing Mock Draft Thread

    SF takes Troy Dye ILB, Oregon at 210