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  1. La Canfora isn't exactly the most reliable guy...and those "sources" don't seem to be too reliable either.
  2. If they can build a solid team and get a good QB...yeah, I think this could be a bad hire for the Cowboys.
  3. I'd run to the podium if he's still there at #24.
  4. Raiders leaning strongly toward McDaniels apparently.
  5. Wow. I loved him as a player, had no idea he was in a front office job.
  6. I thought for sure he was going to end up in Denver. Continuity on the defense is never a bad thing though.
  7. That’s interesting. Thought for sure Quinn would land here.
  8. That was everything we’ve been waiting for from this series…but we got it from Mando. Just makes me want to see more from Din and less from Boba.
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