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  1. A LB in the 2nd wouldn't be bad...just think we can find the talent in the later rounds. Now if LB is BPA, sure - go for it. I just view LB and RB as easily replaceable and not something I'd spend a 1st or 2nd round on unless it's a can't-miss prospect.
  2. Just not in the 1st or 2nd rounds, preferably.
  3. I mean, every once in a while you can luck out and find a good player at any point in the draft. Kam Chancellor was a 5th round pick. So I certainly wouldn't avoid the position entirely if they didn't address it early...but my hope is they've learned from past mistakes and look to address it sooner rather than later. Especially since they don't have a legitimate starter opposite Wilson as of right now - Kazee is apparently going to miss some time possibly coming back from injury.
  4. That's a shame. Guy was talented. Should have left school in 2017.
  5. I mean, from what I've gathered from Raider fans, it's something along the latter. Hurst hasn't exactly been an All-Pro, but he's been decent in pass rush situations, but Collins got playing time over him even though it wasn't deserved - because Collins was Marinelli's "guy". Much like Witten getting more snaps over Fabian Moreau even though we all know Witten was washed up.
  6. Felt this episode was better. Still leaves me wanting more though. Hoping next week is better.
  7. Ah...the infamous Jack Mehoff. There's no beating around the bush with that guy.
  8. I'd honestly forgotten all about him. I take it the ACL injury was something he never fully recovered from?
  9. I mean, I wouldn't be opposed to bringing him in but I wouldn't expect anything great out of him either.
  10. I think whoever drafts him in the 1st is going to be severely disappointed.
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