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  1. Colts vs Texans TNF

    Nice run by Hines
  2. Around the NFL: Week 12

    I haven't seen anything new regarding his status. NFL really sucks.
  3. Around the NFL: Week 12

    Yeah it's really sad he never panned out. I'd give him a shot as well.
  4. I feel like this game is going to be similar to the Saints game...i.e. we play conservative on offense and end up losing a game we should have won.
  5. Redskins release Noah Spence

    Thought that Spence would have been a good one in the NFL. Shame.
  6. Just posted it as an interesting tidbit, that’s it. Pollard gives us an elusive weapon to use in the passing game and out of the backfield. I’d like to see him and Zeke line-up in more two back sets.
  7. I mean what else is there to do in South Dakota?
  8. SNF Week 11: Rams v. Bears

    Ok, that's game
  9. SNF Week 11: Rams v. Bears

    Well, that's probably game
  10. SNF Week 11: Rams v. Bears

    This is painful...
  11. SNF Week 11: Rams v. Bears

    If only the Bears could get a touchdown...