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  1. Grief is a funny thing. The anger she had toward Thanos could very well have kept her "intact" mentally. After they beat him, she may have started processing things and just lost it.
  2. It really is, especially with them releasing one episode a week. Still not sure if Wanda is 100% in control or if something/someone else is interfering...
  3. It's kinda like when we put Byron at safety when he was a much better player at CB. You want to put your players in position to succeed.
  4. I mean, at least it wasn't Mike Singletary
  5. I mean...maybe? But like...Jesus, and I thought we had it bad with Jerry. @ET80 if you're ever in Galveston and want to drown your sorrows together let me know.
  6. Thanks for the clarification, WH.
  7. Yeah, there's really nothing to learn from that situation if you're trying to say paying your QB is a bad idea.
  8. I think he's a keeper. I also think we have a player in Wilson, which is why I'd be disappointed in seeing us add a SS. Don't think he'd really fit as that FS type.
  9. Yup, looking into all that. But if ya wanna help
  10. So I apologize if this has already been answered, but how many contract extensions/restructures are we allowed to do? Can we franchise a player, get some potential trade offers and if none are tempting enough offer an extension? Or do we have to do one or the other?
  11. We're sitting at $41.35MM right now. Have to take a look at how many restructures we can do.
  12. I didn't know you were into that sort of thing
  13. I figured that's why I have my minions. You guys figure this **** out, I just sit back and take all the credit.
  14. At least they didn't hire Moore. And I have to wonder why Bieniemy still doesn't have a HC gig?
  15. Apparently he's someone that's been around the team before. He's familiar with Gregory and Lawrence, and most of the beat guys seem pretty enthused about this. So we'll see. Hopefully it works out for us. Now we just need to get him some more ammo on that interior to work with.
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