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  1. I kept waiting for Strange or someone to show up there toward the end, but ultimately I liked the way they finished this series off. I can't wait to see what direction they take Wanda's story and I'm interested to see how this all plays out moving forward. They've got to me waiting to introduce mutants and the F4 at some point...I just wonder when/how.
  2. Guess what? At some point $40MM is gonna look cheap for a top notch QB. $50MM eventually. And so on. It’s what happens when the cap keeps increasing. They had a chance to lock him up at a lower rate. What did they do instead? Spent $90MM on a RB and a LB. Two of the positions in the league where starters can be found with relative ease. And guess what happened? They had to let their top CB go as a result. And to make matters worse, both those players have seen a drastic decline in production. Meanwhile their QB was on pace for an MVP-type season.
  3. I really don’t even care anymore. I hope we let Dak walk or trade him, spend a 1st round pick on a QB that turns out to be another Paxton Lynch or trade away picks for Russell Wilson and he make the same mistakes Dak does and the team continues to suck while this franchise continues to wallow in mediocrity because this franchise loves to keep and pay bad players at unimportant positions while Dak wins multiple championships elsewhere. I’m so tired of investing my time into a team that can’t realize when they have a good player and make the investment to keep him, I’m tired of fans wh
  4. There are good teams out there without a ****** as their QB.
  5. Yeah...let those guys come here and have them make the same mistakes Dak does, and fail to win with a below average defense...and let's see how much y'all like them. Cowboys fans are ridiculous.
  6. I mean...sure. Maybe he isn't. But you can include injury clauses. Adding Wilson and giving up 3 1st round picks or whatever isn't helping anybody. This team isn't a slightly better QB away from reaching the playoffs.
  7. An injury that from everything I've read he's healed from.
  8. Not gonna lie, I thought it'd be David. And was gonna laugh.
  9. Passed my test to get my CDL permit today.. 2 more weeks and I can go take the road test to get the actual CDL.
  10. I'd rather re-sign Dak...QB isn't our issue.
  11. Pretty thin at CB then I'd imagine.
  12. Passed my CDL permit test today. Had I failed, I would have had to start all over again. Big weight off my shoulders.
  13. So what’s the roster look like?
  14. They haven't exactly drafted OL well either...
  15. I have no interest in that tbh
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