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  1. Fiancé and I start our training classes next month. One step closer to fostering/adopting kids.
  2. I'm just glad he's not a member of the Cowboys while having this meltdown.
  3. Short would be more of a 1T, not that I'd be against giving him a look. I'd definitely take a look at Atkins, but I think the team is set with what it has now, barring injury.
  4. Yeah, I definitely don’t see them messing with what’s already been established in the MCU. We agree there.
  5. But we know they're bringing in mutants/the X-Men and the Fantastic Four at some point. They have to merge at some point.
  6. As far as the list that appears on the computer showing all the various dates that Lady Loki (or whoever she is) set the time reset charges back to... I wonder which ones will have an effect on the timeline moving forward. Some big changes could be coming if they're left as is.
  7. I don't want to give away too much...but did anyone else notice the lingering shot on a certain Timekeeper? Can't help but think he shows up at some point.
  8. Did not expect for things to kick off so soon. Next week's episode is going to be very interesting.
  9. WV finally introduced Wanda as the Scarlet Witch, let us know she has always had powers and the Mind Stone only enhanced them, introduced us to Agatha who I have a feeling may play a part in DS2, showed us Wanda using the Darkhold which may very well play a part in opening up the multiple universes. It gave us a lot more than TFAWS did.
  10. So how would the QBs rank according to this chart?
  11. They're in the top right though...so isn't that a good thing? Or, is being closer to the middle a bad thing?
  12. They're advising people to set their thermostats to 78º to conserve energy. This after saying they were set to handle the heat, but not the cold during those winter storms that they saw coming.
  13. We saw Martin play at a high level at RT. We have Biadasz at center. You could figure out who between Williams or Collins would fit better at G or T. Have McGovern play the other guard spot. We've got options. Now, are they as good as Tyron at full strength? Probably not, aside from maybe Martin. But, they are options. Also, can't forget Josh Ball. Maybe we can get him to creepily stalk and beat opposing defensive lineman.
  14. Hotter than a witch's *** out there right now. And ERCOT is on some **** if it thinks we're turning the thermostat up to 78º.
  15. His cap hit in 2022 is $17.5MM and $17.6MM in 2023. I feel like unless he shows he can play a full year this season, I'd move on from him.
  16. Watson and Dak are fairly similar players. Someone did a comparison before if I remember correctly and Watson's numbers were basically right inline with Dak's, or at least not far apart. But, y'know...Dak is likely to be in the league and not out of it for much longer than Watson at this point. I don't know that I'd say we're awful at drafting defense...I'd just say they did a bad job identifying players under the previous regime and developing them, and the DC's and probably to a point HC should be held culpable in that. It's still early to say how the the guys we took this year, but out
  17. I mean, we saw have a lot of versatility on our offensive line. I don't really have a problem moving on from Tyron after this season depending on how his injury concerns play out.
  18. Gotcha. So I'd say there's a chance we could get a glimpse of him as Kang at some point in this series. I really hope we do.
  19. Well, he was cast in late 2020...so that's still 2 years out. When did Loki finish wrapping up?
  20. That doesn't surprise me. Think we all knew we were plagued with the injury bug last year.
  21. I mean the guy who wrote DS2 wrote this. And it is a bit odd that they already cast Kang for a movie that doesn’t come out for two more years…so I’d think he at least makes a small cameo in this at some point.
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