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  1. Being single does have its benefits...
  2. Jets WR ArDarius Stewart suspended 2 games

    They cut him some slack since he sucks.
  3. It just bothers me. Really need to kinda distance myself from this person but I seem to have a difficult time doing so for whatever reason.
  4. Y'know...sad thing is, I tend to be...let people walk all over me way more than I should.
  5. Still trying to figure out why I make time for people who won't make time for me...
  6. I mean apparently that's a thing in some countries so...
  7. Assuming said daughter is of legal age I'm okay with this comeback.
  8. Ya bro It's been pretty mild the last few days here...but still a tad too humid for my liking.
  9. If we could manage to land Thomas and pair him up with Woods and Heath in the backfield....
  10. Why is the fence in the backyard leaning inwards?
  11. ^^^ I am in a sense, but those aren't bad numbers from Woods.
  12. Credit to @BobbyBelt for staying on top of this story
  13. Bohemian Rhapsody (Freddy Mercury Movie)

    Can not wait to see this movie.
  14. I mean he's stayed clean since the last time he was suspended. Has been working out constantly and seems to be on the right track. I can see being a bit pessimistic given his past, but he does appear to finally have turned it around. I'm glad his reinstatement was approved and I'm looking forward to hopefully seeing him show that potential he displayed in college.
  15. I probably should have chosen a different number since Witt retired...
  16. You guys know how this works. I'll start. Over/Under: Dallas has a receiver reach at least 1,000 yards