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  1. Ravens sign Willie Snead to offer sheet

    Dez is about 3 times the receiver Snead is so they could find the cap somewhere and it would've been well worth it.
  2. I'll trade you Dak for a 1st and 3rd.
  3. Ravens sign Willie Snead to offer sheet

    Ravens can't afford Dez now, would've been smarter to throw a 1 year 10 million dollar deal at Dez than a 2 year10 million prove it deal at Snead. Ravens have one solid WR, One with speed but sickle cell trait and now one with two pretty good seasons under his belt and one dreadful one. Anything is better than last year's group.
  4. The steel best edge rusher and he's only entering his 3rd season and he starts so I'd say yes.
  5. Fair enough but you're going to have a hard time replacing all of those starters in FA/shark tank.
  6. Still you have to admit it looks sketchy you're trading away most of your good to great starters for draft picks. I was shocked when you had Dupree for such a low price. Especially considering you had a top 3 team last year IMO.
  7. Predict The Pick v.2 - 17 - Chargers

    Evans,Payne,McGrinchey in that order
  8. Who is the (second) best coach in the NFL?

    Zimmer went up against the best team in the NFC in their home stadium and lost, Zimmer was playing with his backup QB and RB as well I fail to see how losing to the best team in the NFL is a bad thing, there's only so much you can do as a HC some games just get away from you. Sean Payton has fielded literally some of the worst defenses in NFL history so yes that should be more concerning than Mike Zimmer's number one defense having a bad game against a great opponent. I've made my points there's nothing more to discuss here.
  9. Who is the (second) best coach in the NFL?

    I'd rather have an elite defensive coach (Zimmer) than an elite offensive coach, I won't deny Payton is very good at what he does but he clearly has deficiencies as a HC.
  10. Who is the (second) best coach in the NFL?

    Compared to Pederson he''s had a lot more coaching experience. Sean Payton hasn't been a top 5 HC for a long time... He had a nice rebound year bur the fact he's fielded such horrible defenses for nearly half a decade leave a massive black mark on him IMO plus the Bountygate thing, top 5 offensive mind? Sure but he's not a top 5 coach anymore. Gun to my head I'd say Carroll overall considering he's the only coach to make it to multiple super bowls (this decade) that isn't bellicheck,
  11. Who is the (second) best coach in the NFL?

    Personal bias plus the rule of "everything comes crashing back down to earth" I want to see if Pederson can repeat the success of last year before I crown him above veteran coaches like Zimmer, Carroll etc. I'll fully admit he out coached the vikings but one games does not dictate an entire coaching career.
  12. Browns re-sign WR Josh Gordon

    But why.....Gordon hasn't earned the right to a big payday at all, let him earn it.
  13. I expected Hockey to announce he didn't like bagels.
  14. Besides Bill Bellicheck because he is obviously the best but that's the boring answer. Whose the second best? You can make the case for several coaches (Pederson, Zimmer, Lewis, Reid, Tomlin etc.) Personally I'd say it's a tossup between four coaches Pederson, Zimmer, Carroll and Hue Jackson if only because no one else in the NFL has gone 0-16 and that is truly a remarkable feat that should be celebrated. With Zimmer being the person I'd say deserves the honor since Perderson has only two coaching seasons under his belt so far.
  15. Longest streak without a top-3 pick

    Weird that the vikings are the only team since the 60's....That's a damn long streak. RIP the giants streak.