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  1. I'll assume somewhere somehow someone read something wrong, probably me. I'll make a note of it to make it noon for the last 3 weeks.
  2. You might need to go to that gentleman's club. Just don't be the dude who brings dimes....Never again...
  3. Rome in a close one they have the better overall gameplan and they were ready for London's pistol based offense.
  4. It's ridiculous Orlando lost two of it's best weapons and didn't lose a beat on offense... In the best game of the week I'll give the nod to Orlando at home. Gotham is a massive threat with Wentz playing at an MVP level and their damn good defense but they can't run the ball here at all and going pass happy against a solid pass D is questionable. Plus Orlando has the overall better offense and I trust Wilson more to pull out a close one than Wentz right now plus they have the edge at RB. 27-24 Orlando.
  5. It's a real shame Jameis got hurt and is probably going to get suspended next year. This would've been a fun game but Alas I cannot vote for a backup QB.
  6. Rivers best game of the season came when he was concussed go figure.
  7. Wichita's issues at C and the fact Louisiana is in FU mode lead to a spectacular smackdown in a 35-14 blowout. Talent difference is too great here more or less.
  8. Gimme the Oklahoma City Roadkill, I just can't vote for Josh McCcown going against that defense...Even if OKC's o-line is swiss cheese.
  9. I have no faith in case keenum to pull out a win against portland's defense. Plus compton gameplanning for the wrong opponent doesn't help, annnd I forgot to give Whicker credit for Compton's gameplan. Fixed that and I'm going Portland in a 27-13 win.
  10. These gameplans were spectacular, hope the IRL stuff works out okay for ya'll.
  11. Almost did Oklahoma City Roadkill but even roadkill is better than the state of your o-line.
  12. Offense We are going to run the ball a lot to protect McCarron. We will use our two TE set to control the LOS. If we can run every down and be successful, we will. This includes some designed runs to Tyreek. If we have to throw, we will target our TEs the most to give AJ safe throws. But we will throw a couple deep shots if the match up is right. Defense Two deep shell with Bouye and Darby outside(Rowe if Darby doesn’t play) and Hilton in the slot. Our LBs take the TE and RB in man coverage. We want to force them to beat us on the ground. Our DL should have a field day against this OL. Offense Not much has changed with injuries. Anthony Castanzo is now at his third week meaning we can expand most of the offense play calling. We will keep the theme of unique formations and a full house of running options including Kirk Cousins. Cousins running ability is not Lamar Jackson or Cam Newton but it is rather effective. Most importantly it's another mechanism of this offense to deal with. Rex Burkhead came on strong last week so we will add a little more to his plate. We think he's a OW who poses a threat in how a defense matches up with him. He can lineup across the field and that trait will be important. When we replace him with Tavon Austin the offense is more interested in hitting a big play. The OW is a legitimate position and couped with the Kirk Cousins read option our offense has a reasonable chance to keep a strong rushing attack. This is important because we have game wreckers at receiver. Julio Jones has been effective all year to be considered matchup proof. Thus without safety help we are going to target him frequently. Kelvin Benjamin has been with three different QBs in as many games so excuse his recent performance. Those two guys are talented to make plays but more importantly big enough to win iso matchups. Jack Doyle is the intermediate threat and Kirk Cousins personal favorite check down option. TLDR: Begin the game with the OW offense. Establish iso matchups by moving Julio into the slot. Run the ball to the edges with Anthony Sherman leading the way. Defense We emphasized Tyreek Hill the last time we played this defense. Jameis Winston will not play, yet we see no reason to deviate from this plan. There should be a strong emphasis against the run, and Chris Baker fills the size need we have lacked. Calais Campbell and Fletcher Cox still lineup next to each other often, so we expect to wreck some havoc if we can stop the run. Jordan Jenkins will define the concept of a role player as he's SLB and on the field for run defense. Kyle Van Noy will help the combination of Brandon Marshall and Derrick Johnson. Johnson will serve mostly for pass defense purposes and should slow this running game down. Anthony Brown worked well against Tyreek Hill a couple weeks ago and with that in mind we don't think it's imperative Trufant has to cover one player. We will keep a LB on Hills side while the other LB spot and Cyprien cover TEs. Relatively simple gameplan for a team without an actual starter. Gameplan: Watch Tyreek Hill as runner. Play regular base 4-3 defense with sub packages when situation arises. Quote
  13. Berlin Blitzkrieg Offense QB - AJ McCarron RB - Lamar Miller WR - Tyreek Hill WR - DeSean Jackson TE - Kyle Rudolph TE - Hunter Henry LT - Trent Williams LG - Richie Incognito C - Corey Linsley RG - Gabe Jackson RT - Justin Pugh OL - Taylor Moton OL - Mike Pouncey RB - Mike Gillislee RB - D’Onta Foreman WR - Will Fuller WR - Taylor Gabriel WR - Chris Godwin FB - Jalston Fowler Defense DE - Justin Houston DT - Brandon Williams DT - Mike Daniels DE - Demarcus Lawrence LB - Alec Ogletree LB - Kiko Alonso CB - AJ Bouye CB - Ronald Darby NB - Mike Hilton S - Tashaun Gipson S - Haha Clinton-Dix DE - Deatrich Wise Jr DE - Trey Hendrickson DI - Adolphus Washington DI - Carlos Watkins LB - Vince Williams CB - Eric Rowe CB - Cre’Von Leblanc S - Kentrell Brice QB: Kirk Cousins RB: Tevin Coleman WR: Julio Jones WR: Kelvin Benjamin OW: Rex Burkhead TE: Jack Doyle LT: Anthony Castanzo LG: Joe Berger C: John Sullivan RG: David DeCastro RT: Rob Havenstien OW: Tavon Austin RB: Frank Gore TE: Jermaine Gresham WR: DeMarcus Robinson OL: Joe Haeg FB: Anthony Sherman TE: Ed Dickson WR: Michael Floyd Edge: Terrell Suggs NT: Chris Baker DT: Fletcher Cox LE: Calais Campbell WLB: Kyle Van Noy MLB: Derrick Johnson SLB: Jordan Jenkins RCB: Anthony Brown FS: LaMarcus Joyner SS: Johnathan Cyprien LCB: Desmond Trufant DT: Derek Wolfe MLB: Brandon Marshall SS: TJ McDonald DB: Lardarius Webb NCB: Johnson Bademosi Edge: Julius Peppers Edge: Dwight Freeney Edge: Carl Nassib
  14. BDL 2017 Week 11: Vote for who you think would win the game. Rules: One vote per person, duplicate accounts will be banned and action taken against those attempting to rig the results. One vote per team involved in the match. Co-owners may vote in every match up except their own. For people who have been following along and wish to vote: please join the conversation and maybe give a reason you voted as you did. This will alleviate any suspicions of unusual voting and will promote discussion. Players that have a (D) next to their name indicate that they are doubtful or unlikely to play. Players with (GTD) are game-time decisions.