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  1. Until a listing has pics of the PS5 ignore it, it's a PR stunt for the views.
  2. https://www.belltreeforums.com/showthread.php?328843-Animal-Crossing-Rehab
  3. 5/10. Bark all ya want your team's got no bite.
  4. I'll take your next 7 drafts for Mahomes.
  5. ......I won't go into my past with him. Also yes? I'm american lol though I did live in Australia for about 5 years. I'm awake at international hours so it would work.
  6. It's something different, would consider if the right person came along.
  7. Talk to me on draft day. when's the BDL draft btw? ..........Sure.
  8. Wait is he actually dead or is Counselor trying to take over a team again.
  9. I'd only be trading draft picks mate for the draft, not trading anybody else on your roster.
  10. Got it. Trade Block to be updated: I'll get the hammer.
  11. Seconded. But also no one should be subjected to annoying b.s out of pettyness. Have another. https://media.giphy.com/media/Qs1aGsytdmAg854JWN/giphy.gif Night ya'll.
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