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  1. It is with a heavy heart and a schedule that keeps getting fuller by the week that I must give up on being a BDL owner. Long story short, my work takes up way too much time during football season and it was a struggle last year to keep up now with even more hours being stacked on top of that I don't think I'd manage to keep it up for an entire season. Obviously I'll stick around until we can find a replacement, I offered the team to my co-owner @Shady Slim but he's busy as well. I'll also stick around as a co-owner after that gets settled, this was a fun (year and a half?) experiment.
  2. Tempting but life has me busy.
  3. Schedule for the people who want such a thing. https://aaf.com/schedule/ GO San Diego, if you fold within a year I'll cry.
  4. Random Game Talk

    I haven't played FFVII yet so the longer they put it off the more time I have to play the original and join the haters when the new one comes out.
  5. I have been informed by the peanut gallery that it involves a sacrifice to Tom Brady along with some blackmail.
  6. Come get a great one in Reshad Jones, available for 3up and over. Someone clearly needs to get tackled.
  7. Reshad Jones is available for 3up & over, along with anyone else you might fancy.
  8. Sydney Trades: 2.1 CB Logan Ryan 2020 4th Long Beach Trades: OT Charles leno Jr. OC Max Unger OC J.C Tretter @Counselor to confirm.
  9. Sure I'd be fine with either or.
  10. Out of curiosity how did we ever decide whose on the trade council/contract committee? I assume it was just whoever was the longest tenured/who was available.
  11. As someone in the midst of an o-line rebuild after that collapsed my season, I wouldn't pay that for multiple pro-bowl caliber starters let alone for one. But Mike has the captial to burn so why not spend it on a blue chip player on a good contract for 4 years.
  12. I'll keep that in mind, I assume google switched something at some point so eh. But thanks.
  13. BDL Madden 19 Sim

    Playing with a running QB in madden is basically a cheat code.
  14. I found out Brandon Brooks tore his achillies. If you have a functional starter at LT/RT/OG you know who to mark up the price on. Also like, can we at least allow the copy/paste function on the spreadsheet?