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  1. Netflix or Amazon Prime?

    Fun fact, Netflix's servers are mostly owned by amazon (netflix licenses out servers from them) Amazon for variety/shipping/twitch. Netflix for pure amount of content, though in the philippines unless you use a VPN I doubt you'd get full bang for your buck with either service.
  2. Amazon and Disney vying for rights to NFL Sunday Ticket

    I honestly forget, it was a while ago. Good for you.
  3. Amazon and Disney vying for rights to NFL Sunday Ticket

    I did that once, the card I paid for it with was obviously registered in america and I got a call from my bank.
  4. 11pm EST works since we'll be yapping until you tell us to shut up anyway. Also happy easter bunny died on the cross for your sins day.
  5. I huff the cleaning fumes to get high. 4/20 blaze it.
  6. Why would the arsonist want the player with no moves dead? Clearly they're prioritizing investigators and will probably try and push them tomorrow. Let's look at players who haven't voted mafia and see if that shows a clear pattern.
  7. In my role? I think Bcb said it earlier when he invested me.
  8. Amazon and Disney vying for rights to NFL Sunday Ticket

    We all know the NFL is evil, it's just a matter of how you're willing to ignore it for the only non-rigged sport in america.
  9. I can get behind co-ownership of a slot, backups built right into your role.
  10. Yeah this game is wrapped once Orca flips scum. The floundering pretty much confirms it IMO.
  11. Oh for the love of. Vote orca. He's saying Swag is the bomber to save himself, he's desperate.
  12. ........Oh crap. Is that why the stabber hasn't killed anyone? Maybe plotting a prison escape....
  13. I'm curious to see if the stabber or arsonist is left, the stabber hasn't killed ANYONE that we know of. Which means he died early on or could potentially go on a killing spree.
  14. I mean you're not the shooter SK so it doesn't really matter but still, curious if it's not in your role/job.