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  1. BDL Discussion Thread

    What can I say? Outside of Hill your WRs are kinda garbage/role players or stuck in crappy offenses IRL that hold them back. Plus your CB situation is a mess. Jameis Makes up for that by being the 2nd best QB in your division behind Cousins though. Hope Daniels gets healthy soon, Packers could use all the help they can get on defense this week when the bengals tear them to shreds.
  2. Marvel/Netflix: The Punisher trailer

    The future of the Netflix series will be interesting with Disney pulling all of their contracts and putting all their properties on their own streaming services. I wonder if Netflix has the rights to the characters or just has the rights to make the Defenders series and it's supplementary characters for a few years. The Punisher should be up there with Daredevil as the best Netflix "hero" Though it'll be tough for them to top even season 2 of Daredevil in his first outing.
  3. Hello im a new member

    I've never laughed harder at a username....Welcome to the graveyard friend.
  4. BDL Discussion Thread

    It'll all be tweaked up by sunday. Plus how can I overlook the second best team in the Atlantic Division? Hell I'll be a nice guy and tell you who my starting QB is gonna be. Any news on whether or not Randall Cobb is broken beyond repair?
  5. ChargIRs Hairston added

    If only we'd draft some Wisconsin lineman. They produce some damn good ones.
  6. BDL Discussion Thread

    Oh I won't be overlooking you at all. Already have my defensive game plan written out barring injury updates.
  7. BDL Discussion Thread

    I was reading week 4 by mistake. Apologies. I look forward to making lots of crab puns this week.
  8. BDL Discussion Thread

    I read your entire game plan and it was quite the interesting read.
  9. BDL Discussion Thread

    We don't play this week.....But ok.
  10. ChargIRs Hairston added

    I assume he's a martian but other than that I have no idea who he is.
  11. Which 0-2 team will make the playoffs?

    People really get hung up on the details. Potentially being 2-0* I just saw the kitten dies thing. The Chargers are 2 missed FGs from being 1-0-1.
  12. BDL Discussion Thread

    This has been a fun two weeks.
  13. Which 0-2 team will make the playoffs?

    Chargers are the best team on that list, we're two FGs away from being 2-0. But we play in a divison with three playoff contenders and we already lost to IMO the 4th best team in the division. But I don't see us making it, injuries+bad coaching (We kept the kicker who missed two game winning field goals as well) not to mention a ridiculous schedule should screw us over and have us dead in the water by November. Bengals, despite having a horrible start to the year. Have an incredibly talented offense, and a change in coordinators won't fix their line issues but they can still rebound and potentially get a wildcard spot. Dalton needs to straight up play better too. The Giants are the most overrated team on this list, The giants line is garbo, Eli looks done and they have no running game.
  14. All of them. Though Landry should get open quite a bit.
  15. No one in my secondary is hobbled but ok.