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  1. Nintendo Switch Thread

    Get a switch, if you ever don't use the dock it's always nice to have the option. Plus the battery is better in the updated switch compared to the lite. Number 1, trusting information from a company who is trying to do damage control is a bad idea. Number 2 trusting people who get paid by nintendo is a bad idea. Likely the switch lite will not have the issue (being re-designed and nintendo was aware of the draft issue etc.) but it hasn't been released yet so we don't know.
  2. Random Game Talk

    Bethesda is the one game company that screws up it's bigger titles (FO, ES) hard but somehow manages to own some of the premier game studios (Arkane, Wolfenstein, Doom developers etc.) and refuses to use those good game engines for their own higher profile games.
  3. Rams extend Snead and McVay to 2023

    I don't care how well you do your 1st 2 years, teams get lucky and you want to see consistency from a coach. McVay could easily crash and burn since teams have 2 years worth of tape on him, is it likely? no. But the rams should've waited a year to see how McVay handled coming off the disappointment that was last season (not the whole season, just how it ended) lol what? This would've been during the off-season before his final deal (he signed a 4 year deal with the rams according to reports) I don't see how McVay is suddenly so annoyed he didn't get a contract that he just bolts and says no to the rams for just waiting until the final year of his deal.
  4. I am so confused about whether I was actually in this game or not. But oh no I'm dead. see ya'll in the dead chat.
  5. Rams extend Snead and McVay to 2023

    This is a decision that should be met with a lot of skepticism, I mean what has McVay done for the rams? Should've waited until the final year of his deal to decide.
  6. Zombieland 2

  7. Zombieland 2

    Won't be better than Zombieland Saga (the real continuation)
  8. What Does Everyone Do For a Side Hustle?

    Drugs. I have a partial ownership stake in one of my cousin's pharmacies and help run it on weekends.
  9. Titans make Kevin Byard highest-paid S

    I see you're drunk. Lol all you want safeties don't impact a play enough to warrant this kind of money.
  10. Titans make Kevin Byard highest-paid S

    Terrible decision by the titans, safeties aren't worth that kind of capital.
  11. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

    I get that but for some people, 100+ Hours is a commitment and we all know how people feel about commitments. Also 100+hours for some JRPGs isn't anywhere close to beating them, some take 200+. Oh god completionists... the bane of my existence.
  12. Gotta give the people what they don't want, traveling for a business trip for what feels like the 70th time this year. Won't have access to consistent internet so I won't be able to play.
  13. Random Game Talk

    https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tresebrothers.games.cyberknightselite&hl=en_US Anything by the trese brothers tbh, they make really good RPGs on mobile. I know it says in app-purchases but if I remember correctly it's like just two .99 cent characters. Edit: Saw the iphone 8. I have no idea if their games are on IOS but if they are they're well worth it but I can't say the quality of those versions.
  14. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

    100+ Hour RPGs= too much.
  15. You might wanna see a doctor about that, could be a sign your brain is rotting from syphilis.