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  1. Nintendo Switch Thread

    Possibly if you get a used one, good luck finding one though. Might be able to get a holiday deal but who knows when that will pop up and if you'll get one. You can get an Xbox one S for 200$ though.
  2. Chargers Regular/Pre Season thread

    FINALLY. We're still gonna lose the divison I know this team too well. But this was a nice win, without two of our most crucial offensive players as well who will probably return next week.
  3. BDL Discussion Thread 2018

    So Mike Williams just had the game of his life. The one god damn week where he wasn't playing in BDL too, I mean I'm happy but like. AAAAHSHDFHHF
  4. Chargers Regular/Pre Season thread

    Hoping Gordon suits up but if he isn't healthy don't rush him back, just role with JJ and let the WRs pick up the slack.
  5. BDL Discussion Thread 2018

    IR guys, probably missing a few but too lazy to check the BDL roster and google like 20 backups. Overall I had some injuries but most of my team's failures were the o-line and offensive weapons not clicking until later in the year, and never at the same time. Sydney Dingos: Matt Kalil, OT - Salary: $850 - Signed to be my RT, didn't even make it out of pre-season before he went on IR. I think he went on IR within 48 hours of being bid on. Sydney Dingos: Mike Iupati, OG - Salary: $4,800 - Hoped he could rebound, nowhere close to it and will more than likely be cut. Would've helped some o-line issues but eh. Sydney Dingos: Malik McDowell, INT - Salary: $1,835 - The worst draft pick in the history of the Charles-Sydney DIngos. Sydney Dingos: Ross Cockrell, CB - Salary: $2,890 - Was 3upped hoping he could be a solid no.3 CB to Peters/Ryan. Byron Jones ended up moving fulltime to CB and that worked out wonderfully, Peters flopped harder than some soccer players. Sydney Dingos: Johnathan Cyprien, S - Salary: $2,500 - Wouldn't have started but was solid depth. Sydney Dingos: Matthias Farley, S - Salary: $500 - I forget who he was. Sydney Dingos: Ricardo Allen, S - Salary: $2,000 - This one hurt the msot out of all the injuries this year and prompted the trade for multiple safeties during the season, not like I didn't have depth but when Reshad Jones was out for a week or two it was the skeleton gang at S.
  6. My Co-owner would probably say Ben would pick you up in a bar and you'd enjoy it. I say this with the heaviest amount of sarcasm possible. But fair.
  7. I think the Smugglers are more prepared here, pass rushes both have excellent days but I trust the Captain to play better in this spot.
  8. Portland could've won this game, Mahomes is that good but with no effort it doesn't matter here. Portland sinks back to the bottom of the standings where they belong.
  9. Goff was terrible this week, Wichita's WR corps has no speed, Fournette is solid but there's no decent backup, Wichita's d-line feasts in this one but Brady is Brady so the refs will of course side with him a bit. Just a slightly spoiled stew for Wichita here.
  10. Seoul adds another piece to the flask, Singapore's gameplan kinda works but I still trust Ryan more than Carr plus playing for the playoffs effort>tanking team effort. Just 3 more and they can make everyone forget about how much they faded later in the season
  11. I see Gotham's caped crusader abandoned ship. Orlando by default.
  12. I meant to vote OKC, not long beach. Long Beach would win this with both of those lineman playing, but they're just that big of a difference against a fierce OKC pass rush and elite offense. Rodgers keeps this one to within a FG but OKC just buries him when they're going for a game winning drive on 4th down.
  13. I don't think McKenzie was too bad (Mack, Cooper, Carr was a hell of a trio) but mismanging FA's and hiring medicore coaches (I forgot who the 1st guy was but he was awful)Jack Del Rio was a medicore re-tread that never worked out for his side of the ball. Gruden gets all of the power whereas McKenzie will likely go back to GB, sucks for McKenzie he more or less got shafted and Gruden blew up the roster but that's his own fault for sucking.
  14. BDL Discussion Thread 2018

    I agree, but it's week 14 and neither of us have playoff hopes. Plus my gameplan was written at 3am so don't expect much, I assume @ny92mike either didn't see it or the forum ate it. Betting on the forum eating it so I'll re-send if he doesn't see it.