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  1. BDL Discussion Thread 2018

    In the same boat, apologies to whoever likes super long winded reasons why they won/lost.
  2. Bucs fire DC Mike Smith

    Yeah the talent to be the 32nd ranked pass defense. I know Carlton Davis is gonna be a stud but learn to admit when your team needs massive upgrades at positions.
  3. But leaves you with 1 DB for substitutions so your DBs are gonna be gassed by the 4th Q Also Eric Murray was out.
  4. Bucs fire DC Mike Smith

    Firing the DC won't fix the talent issues, it might fix the scheme issues but it still won't fix the fact Tampa's best tackler is the sideline.
  5. Fair enough. I mean Austin Ekeler is a stud and is one injury away from being a top 10 NFL RB. David Johnson's IRL situation sucks because of Rookie QB+No weapons+bad o-line=the god awful cardinals offense he's stuck in. BDL Wise he'd probably be pushing for 200+ scrimmage yards every week.
  6. Dune 2000 Mafia - Night 10pm 10/18

    I would but work has ramped up a lot the past few weeks, don't have the free time. I will keep up with this game though so you can label me as a reserve.
  7. Seahawks owner Paul Allen dies at 65

    Seahawks getting a new owner? Uh oh.... Hopefully if/when they do sell it's to a respectable owner. RIP Paul Allen.
  8. Good for you, sorry to hear about Leary. RIP those trade discussions. Dak Prescott was an amazing Cheerleader as he led his team to a win, for once. Austin Ekeler our backup RB, outrushed our No.1 RB on 7 carries. Vance McDonald was heavily involved and had 7 for not 69 but close enough. Byron Jones broke up 3 passes and was excellent in coverage. Logan Ryan held up well and was covering the targeted WR on the play Byard got his INT. Big Ben continues to play well and was screwed out of multiple TDs because of players not getting past the 1. Ridley+Enunwa would've had bigger days if not for injuries.