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  1. Charleston/Sydney RFA tenders. CB Steven Nelson RFA - 5th. RB Javorius Allen RFA - 7th. OG John Miller RFA - 7th. OC Mitch Morse RFA - 2nd.
  2. You say that now but you'll definitely love the awful bids I place on your RFAs that give massive discounts.
  3. The same reason we all accept bad trades, I was tired and thought I was getting a decent deal. I'm now not tired and realize I'm an idiot for thinking that was a semi decent deal at all.
  4. Charleston Trades: CB Marcus Peters (2,500/yr) 1.6 TE Jimmy Graham(4,000/yr) Edge Shane Ray(3,050/yr) Portland Trades: 3.13 2019 Portland 4th Edge Robert Quinn(12,115/yr) LB Bruce Irvin (5,738/yr) Edge Randy Gregory (1,410/yr) Should all fit under the cap.
  5. I don't see why we should have to match RL contract lengths except for franchise tags or deals 3 years or under but whatever. Sydney 3up #1: Brandon Brooks RL Contract :http://www.spotrac.com/nfl/philadelphia-eagles/brandon-brooks-9886/ Proposed BDL contract 20,403/3 (6,801yr)
  6. Texans to release Brian Cushing

    He'll latch on with the titans. Texans are going to regret paying Clowney whatever ridiculous contract they end up giving him....
  7. I love how a rookie RB was the best receiver drafted in the BDL 1st round. Excellent choice counselor.
  8. Chargers Offseason thread

    Fair enough but I've seen a few older CBs move to safety and it's worked out well enough. But yes we should re-sign Heyward and Jenkins will surprise a lot of people next year.
  9. I'll trade you Phillip Rivers for the 1st overall pick. Some scrub I found next mock I'll mock you actual players.
  10. 2018 Dingo Mock draft: Minimum effort edition. 1.1 Compton Black Panthers - Bradley Chubb, DE, NC State. Compton's pass rush outside of Clowney is seriously lacking and Chubb helps sparks that pass rush, I can totally see Compton trading this pick or taking a QB here though. 1.2 Orlando Ospreys - Trade down because that's what Footsy always does, If not Josh Rosen, QB, UCLA for obvious reasons. 1.3 Oklahoma City Rogues - Darrel Williams, RB, LSU. - 1 vote for scrub. 1.4 Wichita Woodpeckers - Insert CB Here. - Whatever CB is at the top of the board when Wichita is on the clock will be the pick. 1.5 Camden Hood Rats - Saquon Barkley, RB, Penn St. - Camden's best RB is Eddie Lacey while Devonta Freeman is an expensive injury prone FA, Barkley fills a massive need. 1.6 Sydney Dingos - Derwin james, S, FSU - I could use another safety. 1.7 Berlin Blitzkrieg - Quenten Nelson, OG, Notre Dame. - I can see Rags doing a lot of things with this pick but his o-line was the main reason his team fell apart this past season and Nelson would provide an elite talent to help fix that. 1.8 Long Beach Leprechauns - Courtland Sutton, WR, Southern Methodist. - Long Beach could use another weapon opposite DeAndre Hopskins. 1.9 Orlando Ospreys - Maurice Hurst, Michigan, DT - Orlando could use a DT next to the aging Suh and dissapointing Shelton. 1.10 Gotham Gashslayers - Orlando brown, OT, Oklahoma - Gotham's only good OT is Jake Matthews and even he's kinda meh. They could use another one. 1.11 Compton Black Panthers - Derrius Gruce, RB, LSU - Taking Gruce fixes RB problem it's had for years at this point and instantly improves their offense for whichever QB they end up getting. 1.12 Orlando Ospreys - James Washington, WR, Oklahoma St. - Orlando's WR corps is a bit shaky with Byrant being suspended and Robinson coming off a torn ACL they could use a surefire prospect to help boost their WR corps. 1.13 Cuba Smugglers - Teven Bryan, Florida, DT, - Cuba could stand to upgrade their defensive trenches and a Florida player always seems to be their target. 1.14 Oklahoma City Rogues - Scott Quessenbery, C, UCLA - Another scrub. 1.15 Seoul Dragons - Minkah Fitzpatrick, FS/CB, Alabama. - Seoul's secondary fell apart in the championship game and was their ultimate downfall I'd imagine they'll address it here. 1.16 Rome Eternals - Lamar Jackson, QB, Louisville. - Brees isn't getting any younger and while Rome won it's first title they have to be looking towards the future at the QB position.
  11. Calvin Johnson vs Antonio Brown vs Julio Jones

    I think you're forgetting the best receiver out of that group, A.J green.
  12. Sydney 3up #1: Brandon Brooks RL Contract :http://www.spotrac.com/nfl/philadelphia-eagles/brandon-brooks-9886/ Proposed BDL contract 34,005/5 (6,801yr)
  13. My self loathing is a great motivator. I'd make a joke about the offing myself but I'm pretty sure I'd get the banhammer for touching that subject.
  14. I hate myself more. Mostly because of an awful pun I've heard for years on end. Waffles>Bagels.