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  1. L=Badass detective who is likely the only person who can successfully investigate light. Light Yagami= Murderer who has the original death note. I think you are, that way there's a way limit on the deathnote so you can't just write down everyone's name and be done with it. Kira is also japanese for killer. 25-37 depending on your viewpoint. Light Yagami= Main Kira Misa Amane= Light's GF/shinagami eye wielder. Kyosuke Higuchi = Kira #3. Teru Mikami = Kira #4 The last one is just light's ex gf, I don't remember her becoming a Kira. God damn hollywood.
  2. If L dies and we have to rely on near I'm going to be so mad.
  3. I'll be curious to see if the people working with light are town or not. For context they're a group of detectives (aka good guys) who work with Light who is the real bad guy. I would assume there's some kind of limit, probably 1-2 per day like a normal kill.
  4. I assume Dome was death noted given the flavor text. RIP Dome.
  5. Scary demonic entities that are basically spirits of another world. They have the death notes. Technically yes, but they only follow their own interests. Not necessarily evil.
  6. I'm not sure shinagami eyes would be in this game. Cutting your lifespan in half doesn't really have a mafia equivalent. But if so I'd imagine you'd get to see 1 name per use or something. Ahhh. Don't their eyes "change" permanently or can humans not perceive that?
  7. If I'm remembering correctly Shinagami's have 2 deathnotes, 1 they get extra years from and the 2nd one is for humans.
  8. Woz for beating me to it.
  9. You want to use "Que" porque=why
  10. Literally based the fighting styles off of martial arts. If that isn't anime I don't know what is. Woz, why do you want to play the game? That seems scummy to me IMO. Good question.
  11. I'm not doing the whole Anime is a style argument.
  12. It's kind of hard to avoid a movie about Ryan Reynolds voicing what amounts to a realistic plague carrier. Freaking weebs.
  13. If you're innocent, you'll be considered guilty. If you're guilty you'll be innocent.
  14. Dubs vs. Subs. The age old struggle. Pretty much a guarantee tbh, I'd bet the only way he can die is either by L exposing him or getting caught. Ryuk would be pretty OP in this game, probably a jack of all trades mafia. Kansas.