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  1. Sorry Slim, somehow I didn't see this post. To answer your question, the dealership will treat you like a king while the car is under warranty. They will take you to the cleaners after that. For your E350, you'll be a lot better off if you can find an independent mechanic who can work on them. I don't have a problem at all taking my cars into the smaller shops, and as you mentioned, if they specialize in German cars, there shouldn't be much that they can't do just as well as any dealer's mechanic. By the way, did you end up getting it?
  2. While he sure is entertaining, he's actually not all that bad of a player either. This video shows some of the good and the bad with Minshew. Another thing to keep in mind is that this is a guy who is still on his rookie 6th round deal and is only being paid $700K/year. That's a lot of QB for the money.
  3. I love this guy! I don't know if you guys have seen this video. I think it's from last off season, but it's a pretty fun interview. Rich Eisen summed it up perfectly: Gardner Minshew is a national treasure!
  4. I just saw this video of Steve Harvey and Gronk and thought you guys might enjoy it. Gronk is awesome. I bet he would be a fun guy to hang out with.
  5. It has to be Babe Ruth in this one. Brady is in the twilight of his career and he gave you guys almost 20 years of excellence. If I'm remembering correctly, didn't Babe Ruth have a lot of years left to play? Most people think of him as a NY Yankee, so he must have played for them for a long time, which had to hurt the baseball fans in Boston back in the day. The fact that we are still talking about it just shows how eggregious of an error it was. Even if Tom gets one more, nobody outside of Boston is ever going to think you guys made a mistake and "chased him away." These last 2-3 years
  6. Alex is a classy man. We could certainly do a lot worse. My hope is that Minshew accepts the backup role and stays with the team for many years, but if not, Alex would be great. Another guy I'm kind of a fan of (even though he probably isn't a very good player) is Josh Rosen. I just loved the way he handled the situation in Arizona when they shipped him out a year after drafting him high in the first round. It's hard not to cheer for guys like that. When it comes to being an experienced mentor, though, Alex Smith would be awesome.
  7. I agree. The way I see it, he probably has a higher ceiling, but at this point, Gardner's floor is a lot higher.
  8. I hope we get rid of Glennon next year. The guy is terrible.
  9. I was just watching the game against the Chargers over the weekend and was kind of disappointed in Chark. He didn't seem like he was putting out 100% effort on quite a few plays. I know Minshew isn't Trevor Lawrence, but I've sure seen worse QB play than what he was giving us last year. I hope Chark doesn't turn out to be a too much of a diva.
  10. Here's some news that's good to hear about Chaisson.
  11. Hahaha! It took FIVE guys to bring him down. The guy's amazing!
  12. I've been re-watching all of the 2020 season games. Most of them are not all that much fun, but Laviska is one of the good parts. He's exciting to watch when he has the ball in his hands. He just doesn't want to go down!
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