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  1. I think I'd still start Jimmy G. for now. The win/loss rate of the Niners when he plays is amazing. About the only reason I wouldn't go with Jimmy is if I felt that he was holding the team back when he was in the game. Chances are, if you start the year with him, he probably won't finish the year anyway, based on past performance. If he can stay healthy and win games, awesome. Let him play. If he gets a hangnail, it's Lance time!
  2. I've been thinking that I may start up my own car dealership when I move down south after I "retire." If it's OK, I'd love to pick your brain about the business. My background is in mortgage financing, so I'm hoping I have a little head start, but it's always great to learn from the pros.
  3. That probably makes sense. Cam is going to be (or should be) motivated to play well since he is playing on the franchise tag. If he plays like a scrub this year, sure he will get his money, but he could end up losing a lot on his next contract. Play well this year and it would be worth a lot of cash to him. Also, if Taylor is just a dud, he may not have much choice on how he plays.
  4. I have to admit, Kwity Paye would have looked pretty good in purple on opening day, but not as good as Darrisaw. It has to be nice to have that LT situation locked up long term once and for all.
  5. I'd guess that Trevor would absolutely crush Tim. I'm going to get a Tebow jersey, mainly because he won't be on team as long as Trevor will be, but it would be nice to have both of them.
  6. I couldn't believe it either. I was hopeful that he might actually fall to #25 because you guys traded down when he was available at 14. Kind of figured maybe Zim was thinking defense, but then you took him at 23. Being cool and collected enough to wait all the way until #23 is some of Rick Spielman's best work as the Vikings' GM. Then he gets Kellen Mond (basically for free, thanks to the trade down), and follows that up a couple of picks later with Wyatt Davis. I have a feeling Darrisaw is going to be your LT for a long time. He'll be a good one!
  7. Yep. Schefty doesn't drop the ball very often, but it sure looks like he jumped the gun on this one.
  8. You could be right. Getting married for the first time is a big transition in life. If they have kids right away, that would be another big distraction. Life always makes it's changes.
  9. So many Tebow/Jaguars haters out there are saying it's impossible. That's why I want to see him do it. It doesn't look like this dog has used stairs too much before, but he's a winner and finding a way to do it!
  10. I'm not a very good Jaguars historian, but I don't remember them having an offense that could have stood up to that 2017 defense. Going back to the Vikings, it would have to be the '98 offense vs. one of the Purple People Eater defenses. I think I'd probably go with Bud's defense.
  11. I'm putting my money on that 2000 defense. That group was incredible against the run.
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