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  1. I don't think so. I think I heard somewhere that the new contract did away with the no-trade clause.
  2. I can see what you are saying, but I can also see the other side of it too. Allowing some 8-8 teams to get into the playoffs makes the season better for more fans. Otherwise, when your team goes 8-8, it's almost worse than going 3-13 because you don't get any playoff action and you also have a mediocre draft pick to look forward to six months down the line. If your team goes 8-8, the chances are they will be bounced in the first round by one of the best teams in the conference, but at least it gives you some hope, and occasionally, you might pull the upset and knock off the great team. (That can be good AND bad for the league though). If you are a team that just went 14-2 and you get to play an 8-8 team in the first round, it SHOULD almost be like a mini-bye because you should be so heavily favored. Another benefit to it would be that it would decrease the big advantage teams are currently getting with the first round bye. They still have an advantage by playing an average team, but at least it's not a week's vacation while the other teams have to play. At the end of the day, there good points and bad points about having 16 teams make the playoffs.
  3. Oh I totally agree with that. I was thinking more of the stadium itself. I will always remember the shots of the fans sitting down next to the field with all the masks and cool Raiders garb. Another thing that I will never forget is the time that Jon Gruden went over to those fans and shook hands with them when it was all coming to an end. Such a cool move. I love Gruden.
  4. What do you think about the move now? I know your old stadium was one of the most iconic locations in the league with an incredible tradition. Now that you are in your new place, are you glad you made the move?
  5. It sure seems strange to see a status that says FANS: NOT ALLOWED.
  6. What a show! Greetings Raiders fans. I just wanted to come in here and compliment you on the game last night. You have one of the most awesome cribs in the league and you certainly christened it with style! Not only did you unveil your new home, but you did it on Monday night against a good New Orleans Saints team, and you spanked them GOOD! Thanks for the great game, and I can't wait to get out to Vegas to see a game in person! Viva Las Vegas.
  7. Yeah, that has always been the biggest problem with Bortles as a QB. (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)
  8. You guys should win this game. I have the Vikings as underdogs in every game on our schedule with the exception of our home game against Detroit, but I could also see us losing that one. The Vikings ARE that bad. Although they could get it turned around, I just don't think they have the personnel to do it this year.
  9. 97. I'd subtract one point for athleticism and one point for the use of Stickum.
  10. Hahaha! I guess you've got me there. BoB can give hope to every opponent.
  11. It would be nice to think so, but the Texans are a LOT better than the Vikings right now, ET. I think you've got this one.
  12. That almost looks like a list of your starting lineup. That's incredible!
  13. Yep. He should be worth even a high second round pick, and we needed a pass rusher anyway. We got a good one. We just need to make sure we can re-sign him or it was a big waste.
  14. I hope they are able to have an auditorium full of people for next year's draft. It would be hilarious to hear the reaction of angry Jets fans if they do have the #1 pick and the team passes on Lawrence. No offense to any of the Jets fans on this board. It has just become somewhat of a tradition to hear Jets fans boo their team's selection.
  15. Thanks for including me in the movie series Deadpulse. We all appreciate the time and effort you put into it. As far as the TV one is concerned, I'll have to bow out of that because I just don't watch a lot of TV. I'll keep an eye out for it though, and see how it all turns out. Take it easy buddy.
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