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  1. Is a London team viable at this stage?

    If they want to expand into Europe, I'd like to see them add 4 more teams. Make it 2 AFC and 2 NFC teams. This would fill out the playoff brackets and do away with the need for wildcards. I don't know what the markets are like in these areas, but it would be interesting to see them add teams in major cities such as London, Rome, Munich, and Madrid. It's doubtful that they would or even could expand that much all at once, but it would be an interesting development if they did.
  2. NFC Championship: GB@SF

    This is a very fair assessment and one that is probably shared by a lot of Packer fans. Most Cheeseheads on this site are very level-headed, and actually very knowledgable when it comes to the game of football. They have a few very vociferous homers in their forum, but we could probably all say that about our own fan base. I can't say I didn't enjoy seeing the Packers taking another savage beating at the hands of the 49ers, but as you said, spilltray, it was still a successful season. The Packers are an ascending team. I'm not confident in saying that about my Vikings.
  3. Playoff Pick 'Em Game!

    Good thinking!
  4. Is Jimmy Garoppolo underrated?

    I don't think Garoppolo is underrated because he hasn't been playing long enough for anybody to have a true idea of how good he can be. He's off to a great start, though!
  5. I'm obviously biased, but I would have loved seeing Jacksonville vs. Minnesota in 2017. After all the heartache the Vikings have put their fans through, it would have been incredible redemption for them to win their first Super Bowl in front of their own fans in U.S. Bank Stadium right in Minneapolis.
  6. I seriously think AB might have brain damage from the NFL

    Exactly! I gained a ton of extra respect for Tomlin after hearing about all the babysitting he must have had to do with some of those guys in Pittsburgh. I wish we had never let him get out of Minnesota, but at that time, who knew?
  7. Raiders Officially known as the "Las Vegas Raiders"

    I know how you feel. I still catch myself talking about the "Baltimore Colts" once in a while.
  8. Vikings promote Gary Kubiak to OC

    It wouldn't surprise me to see Dennison gone - either this offseason or the next. My guess is that we will have most of the same issues on the O-line next season, and if that doesn't change, Spielman and Zimmer will both start feeling a lot of heat. They will need someone for a sacrificial lamb and Dennison would be the obvious choice.
  9. Eli Manning is retiring

    Did Eli ever have a defense like Trent Dilfer or Brad Johnson? I'm sure his Giants defenses were good, but they were nowhere near the level Dilweed and Johnson had. As far as Marino is concerned, I don't penalize him for not winning one. He was still one of the best ever in my book.
  10. Eli Manning is retiring

    Another good time to quote Aaron Rodgers: "As quarterbacks, we earn a paycheck in the regular season, but WE BUILD OUR LEGACY IN THE POSTSEASON." People can talk all they want about the 117-117 as long as they don't forget to talk about his being 2-0 when it really mattered.
  11. I seriously think AB might have brain damage from the NFL

    Brain damage would be a minor issue for Antonio Brown. The guy was a knucklehead before he ever got into the league.
  12. I've been a huge fan of Zim since Day 1, and one of his biggest supporters, but I've actually been thinking the same thing for the last week or so.
  13. Eli Manning is retiring

    He was "pretty good", but he did do some remarkably memorable things in two Super Bowls against the most dominant dynasty in history and that is worth making him a part of the HOF to me. I like the definition I heard from someone (I can't remember who) that said the Hall of Fame should be for people who you can't tell the story of the NFL without talking about them. Eli fits into this category, even though he wasn't necessarily one of the best who ever played the position.
  14. Eli Manning is retiring

    Congratulations to Eli on a great career. If you're a Giants fan you're going to miss Eli, but at least it has to feel good knowing that Kate's team is in good hands with Danny Dimes for the next 10-15 years. Thanks for the memories, Eli.
  15. I have a hard time trying to decide who I think is going to win this game. A good case can be made for both teams pulling out the victory. It seems like it will be one of those games where it will be hard to predict leading all the way up to the kickoff, and then when the game is over I'll be asking myself "why didn't you see that coming?"