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  1. Trading up for a guy in the first round doesn't guarantee anything though. The Bears traded up for Mitch Trubisky high in the first round and look how that worked out. Nobody knows if Love is going to be good, great, or a total bust.
  2. I like the addition of Pitts a lot. Cool sig, Scar!
  3. He had a good run in Green Bay. If I'm the Pack, I would just trade him for what I could get, wish him luck, and move into the future with Love and some additional assets to help him out.
  4. I'd rather see Jacksonville's world class facilities.
  5. Poor guy. I hope he can have a full recovery. Sending some prayers his way!
  6. The one thing we can hope is that the change in coaching will help. I'm sure Urban will give him more attention than Mike Zimmer did in Minnesota. Zim is a defensive savant, but when it comes to the offense, I get the impression that he would rather not have to worry about it and would prefer if the OC could just handle that side of the ball. Treadwell is a good athlete and has a good work ethic, but I suspect that he's not the sharpest bulb on the tree. If Urban can reach him, maybe Treadwell can provide some return on our investment. We'll see.
  7. I think they will probably win a game or two. I remember last year hoping that the Jets would win a game and everybody kept saying that they were so bad that there was NO way they would win any games. They ended up winning two. It just seems like you have to be really bad AND you have to have the "luck" of everything falling into place to go winless. It could happen, but I think the odds are against it.
  8. NFC South defenders are going to need a bigger boat.
  9. Saying prayers for your family, JaguarCrazy2832!
  10. This is kind of Treadwell's M.O. He will spend the rest of the off season running up and down that "hill" and get into incredible shape. Meanwhile, he will forget to read the playbook and learn the offense. He's a hard worker and means well. He just couldn't figure out how to direct his energies in ways that would make him a better player.
  11. This is one of the things that will probably needed to change the culture in Jacksonville. It sounds like Urban is challenging everybody - including the better players on the team, to play at the top of their game. Urban also sounds like he's quite a fanatic when it comes to getting the guys into the weight room.
  12. I totally agree. I jumped ship from my team last year and even though the Bears are probably my favorite team in the league behind the Jaguars, I would have found it kind of strange going to them as my team. I wanted a totally new environment.
  13. Burrow and Lawrence are both going to be great players for a long time. It's surprising that there wouldn't be the same things available for Trevor. I know the Jags have had a long period of fielding a lot of bad teams, but lets face it, it's not like the Bengals have been anything great either. In addition to that, the Jacksonville jersey is just A LOT better looking than those ugly Bengal's colors. We just need to put up a few great seasons and people will forget about all the lean years.
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