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  1. 3 Strikes You're Out Survivor Game.

    Week 1: Ravens Week 2: Redskins | 49ers Week 3: Vikings | Patriots | Dolphins
  2. 2018 NFL Pick 'em

    WEEK 3 N.Y. Jets at Cleveland [9] New Orleans at Atlanta [1] Denver at Baltimore [10] Cincinnati at Carolina [2] N.Y. Giants at Houston [6] Tennessee at Jacksonville [14] San Francisco at Kansas City [13] Oakland at Miami [8] Buffalo at Minnesota [16] Indianapolis at Philadelphia [11] Green Bay at Washington [3] L.A. Chargers at L.A. Rams [12] Chicago at Arizona [7] Dallas at Seattle [5] New England at Detroit [15] Pittsburgh at Tampa Bay [4]
  3. Favorite Team: Vikings Week 1 Pick: Ravens Week 2 Pick: 49ers Week 3 Pick: Vikings
  4. RB Frank Gore: 4th all-time rusher

    Being that "just very good" for that long makes you great as far as I'm concerned. I've never been a huge fan of Frank Gore, but I respect the heck out of that accomplishment.
  5. RB Frank Gore: 4th all-time rusher

    It sure should. The Top 5 should all be in the Hall of Fame, IMO.
  6. Bills CB Vontae Davis reportedly retires at halftime of game

    There is a quality that is becoming all too rare these days. It is a quality known as "character". When a man has character, he is able to go out on the field and play at a high level even if he no longer wants to continue. Instead of just following his emotions, character enables him to do what is right. All too often these days we hear phrases like "you have to look out for number one", or "just do what feels good", etc. I believe that deep down, everyone knows right from wrong. Doing the right thing is not always easy, but if you are a man of character, you do the right thing, even when it's hard, or even if it is not in your best interest. Contrary to what some people think, character DOES matter. Quitting on your team at halftime shows a lack of character. There is no getting around that.
  7. PFF top 5 players per position.

    I agree with you on Buckner. He was an absolute beast in Week 1 versus the Vikings.
  8. Bills CB Vontae Davis reportedly retires at halftime of game

    I disagree. If he had played through the second half and then retired I would have no problem with that. Just "not wanting to do it anymore" is no excuse for quitting on your team in the middle of a game.
  9. This goes back a way, but Keith Millard used to wear #75.
  10. Actually, I think most teams embrace this mantra. At least their coaches, players, and fans do. There may be a few owners who don't care all that much about winning as long as the money is flowing in, but there are very few of them. Overall, everybody wants to win. The problem is that there can only be one team that wins it all every year, so it's hard to get to the top of the mountain. You need to do just about everything right and then you have to add in a lot of luck at the same time.
  11. It's a little early to be writing Trubisky off as a bust, or even as a bad quarterback. He is a second-year player who had to learn a new offensive system this year. Not everyone starts out of the gates like Peyton Manning in his prime. He will need a little time to adjust to everything, but I think he does have the potential to be an effective starter.
  12. Best NFC North Receiver?

    Packer fans have spoken highly of Adams and I pretty much wrote it off as homerism because I hadn't heard of a lot of big plays from him during his career, but I will say that he looked very good against our defense on Sunday. I would say he is about on par with Diggs and Thielen.
  13. Best NFC North Receiver?

    I would probably rank the top 3 as follows: Diggs Adams Thielen None of them are what I would consider to be "elite", but they are all very, very good. They are all very close in terms of talent too.
  14. Show me the money!, say 20 Hall of Famers

    The difference is that when you take a job at the post office, you do it with the knowledge that a pension is part of the package. A pension was not part of the package 30-50 years ago in the NFL, yet these players still voluntarily took the job. They weren't drafted into service. They also didn't mind the fame and adulation that came with being a great football player. Furthermore, many of these Hall of Famers have able to take that fame and turn it into other opportunities after they left the game. For example, I don't doubt that Alan Page was a good lawyer, but I also feel very confident in believing that his Hall of Fame NFL career in Minnesota helped to open the door for his becoming a Supreme Court justice in the same State. Did it not keep that door open every time he came up for election as well? I know I have voted for him more than once not because of what I know of his abilities as a judge, but instead because he is one of my favorite Vikings. He is on the other side of the political aisle as I am, but I still voted for him. He is just one example. Another glaring example of this would be OJ Simpson. Does anyone honestly believe he got his movie parts because he was such a good actor? I sure don't. So, my point is that if these players agreed to work a job for a certain compensation package, it is not fair for them to come back years later with their hands out just because the package has changed for people doing the same job today. On the other side of it, could the NFL not also respond by saying that these Hall of Famers profited later in life from the prestige of being associated with the shield. Would it not be out of the question for them to then say "we want part of the profits OJ made in his acting roles, because there is no way he would have gotten them were it not for us?" It would be a lousy thing to do - even to OJ, but in my opinion, it's not much different than what the Hall of Famers are trying to do to their former employer. The point is, You don't get to come back years after the fact and change the deal.
  15. Bills CB Vontae Davis reportedly retires at halftime of game

    The NFL is just another job? Last I heard, they didn't have a minimum salary of $480,000 for burger flippers at McDonald's. I don't know any factory workers or accountants who make that much in their first year either. While being a player in the NFL is technically a job, the financial rewards differentiate it from places like McDonald's. As far as comparing the NFL to the military, I don't think it is completely laughable. While I will give you that no other job is as dangerous as being a soldier in combat, players in the NFL do risk their short term, and as we are finding out more and more, their long-term health to play the game and earn those big paychecks. Finally, when it comes to employees letting their team down when they quit, it is customary in the job world to give your employer two weeks notice. That two weeks gives the employer time to find and train a replacement so the other team members aren't forced to work harder and longer in your absence. Does it surprise me when people quit their job without giving two weeks notice? Yes, it does. It is not something I would do. I would show enough consideration for my coworkers and for the employer who gave me the opportunity to earn a living, to at least give notice. In a job that is much more rewarding financially, and where other coworkers (coaches, trainers, etc.) have their livelihood on the line if the team is not successful, it showed a great deal of selfishness on the part of Vontae Davis to just walk out in the middle of a game like a 16 year old kid who walks off in the middle of a shift at McDonalds. NFL owners, coaches, and even the fans deserve better than that from a guy who was being paid what Vontae Davis was. When Davis signed his contract and accepted those paychecks, he agreed to do his best to produce for his team. To demonstrate such a total lack of consideration for these other people, it tells me there something is lacking in Mr. Davis' character. It was a knucklehead move, pure and simple.