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  1. Does throwing a lot help volume stats? Yes, with a disclaimer that you have to actually be able to consistently pick up first downs and move the ball with your arm. Let Mitch Trubisky throw the ball a whole bunch game after game and the offense is going to struggle to pick up first downs and stay on the field. Does throwing a lot when your defense sucks, your running game sucks, the opposing defense knows it doesn't have to worry about your team running the ball effectively, and the QB is the only one who can consistently move the ball up and down the field or else the offense dies, so
  2. It appears you do not understand how DVOA works. A bunch of short touchdowns when the running game is otherwise garbage, would be factored into the DVOA rankings. You don't extra DVOA credit if you score a bunch of easy touchdowns you would be expected to score (like from the 1 yard line for example). DVOA takes into account their low yards per carry and adjusts it for game situation and what would be expected in the situations the Rams ran in. It's not just a total of rushing yards and touchdowns and YPC.
  3. The Rams had the 15th ranked running game by DVOA in 2019. "Garbage" lol. That's would be nearly a record high for Stafford and the Lions - Lions have only been at that point or higher one time, 12th in DVOA in 2012, when they had the 8th best offense in the league.
  4. Matt Ryan has been better most of his career. Stafford is better right now though.
  5. Those things tend to happen more often when you are in a position of constantly having to make the big play if your team wants to have a chance to stay in the game. Like most of Stafford's career in Detroit. And he threw a bad interception, woopty do. He threw an entire 10 interceptions last year and hasn't thrown more than 13 since 2013. This thought that he's some interception machine, constantly throwing terrible interceptions, and making terrible decisions mystifies me He's averaged 11 interceptions per 16 games the last 7 years of his career....give me a break.
  6. That’s great. Still missing the point. The 2016 Falcons were 19th in defensive DVOA and 4th in rushing. Stafford has literally never been on a team with a supporting cast playing that well combined. I should have used DVOA when looking at Stafford’s defenses (and it makes things look a little bit better) and not points per game, but my overall point still stands. The 2011 Giants were 21st in defensive DVOA and 17th in rushing DVOA. Again, a combined supporting cast performance that Stafford has gotten like one total time in his career. Sorry Stafford didn’t win the SB the on
  7. Ok. Then like I said, we should expect the Lions to have a good season record wise next year, despite their poor roster, as Goff has shown he's a "winner."
  8. In those 2 seasons of games by Alex Smith referenced, the Redskins gave up 19.5 points per game. The Redskins rush DVOA those two seasons was 14th and 20th best (average of 17th). The Lions gave up 32.4, 26.4, 22.5, 23.5, 22.6, 25.0, 18.0, 23.5, 27.3, and 25.4 points per game the last 10 seasons. The Lions rush DVOA the last 10 seasons has ranked: 21, 27, 19, 30, 28, 25, 28, 26, 12, and 16. The one season of his career that Stafford's defense was in the ballpark of 19.5 PPG, they went 11-5. In one of the two seasons of his career that Stafford's running game was 17th or bett
  9. And? That's my point. I'm not a QB winz guy. You apparently are. I would expect a bad team to have a poor record, regardless of the QB (outside of a Mahomes, Rodgers, etc). The Lions have a terrible roster, and outside of the Caldwell years (average) have largely had terrible coaching as well. Record is a reflection of the overall team, not the QB. Yes, both teams will likely be different next year just like every team is different (duh). The Lions had arguably the worst defense in franchise history last year though, so it's unlikely they will be worse in that regard which is
  10. Pretty sure we'll see that in Detroit this year when he looks terrible not with McVay and the Lions go 6-10. If we was the reason the Rams were winning games and Stafford was the reason the Lions were losing more often than not (QB WINZZZZ) we should expect the Rams to have a mediocre record next season and the Lions should be like 10-6 right?
  11. That was one of the worst years of Stafford's career. Unfortunately, it coincided with the one season in his career that they actually had a great defense.
  12. You must be new to Detroit football. Stafford's win/loss record against good teams is obviously really bad. That's a byproduct of being on bad teams, some bad play at times, and extraordinary bad luck/Lionsing, As you pointed out, even worse quarterbacks on worse teams are winning these games at higher rate than Stafford has. Unless you think Gardner Minshew is better than Stafford?
  13. Difference is that Goff was always a byproduct of the offense, rather than the driver of the offense.
  14. If the Rams could have gotten a 1st round pick (or a 3rd round pick, or a 6th round pick) from ANY team in the NFL for Goff, they wouldn't have had to essentially toss in a 1st round pick for someone to take him off their hands.
  15. If Goff is just a winner and Stafford isn’t, Shouldn’t we expect Goff to have a 10 win season on a terrible Detroit team this coming year?
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