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  1. Week 11 GDT

    Announcers want Pittsburgh to win this. If that’s a penalty I’m just dropping 11 into coverage.
  2. Honestly speechless..don’t even know how to explain my feelings about this season.
  3. ASJ and grant to IR

    Why did we cut Lewis again??
  4. Naw ours is theirs. To little to late though with the offense not putting points on the board.
  5. I feel like I should turn this off before it ruins my weekend.
  6. Knowing you’re going for it on 4th I think you have to give it to Yeldon up the middle on 3rd. Smh
  7. Weird play calling sequence there.
  8. Used to like this guy, not anymore. The reality is he shouldn’t of signed a four year extension if he didn’t want to play it out.
  9. I take it the fake punt we ran on Baltimore last season up big was as well?
  10. Never thought I’d be rooting for the Eagles...
  11. I really wish I would’ve started Yeldon over Ajayi today.
  12. We will probably get pretty close to 50 with after the game chat.
  13. Lol, Jeff Fisher doesn’t even make sense.