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  1. Jaguars trade Calais Campbell to Ravens

    Gotta think I’m about done with this team...CC was the man. A leader that can’t be replaced easily. The one high paid player worth keeping on the roster and they dump him.
  2. JAX to apply franchise tag to EDGE Yannick Ngakoue

    Pretty disappointing to have this go down as a Jaguar fan. What did we do to deserve this misery? Haha
  3. Ngakoue will not sign new deal

    looks like a tag and trade situation at this point. Wonder what the value here is.
  4. General News and Notes

    If we can’t come to an agreement with Ngakoue I wonder if there would be any chance of a tag and trade to Baltimore. Not a huge Hurst fan but wouldn’t be opposed to this if we don’t have the option of keeping Ngakoue long term. Something like Ngakoue for Hurst and a later pick.
  5. MNF Week 4 - Bengals @ Steelers

    That’s awful. Hate the Steelers but that wasn’t even close to pass interference. Referees will and are ruining the nfl.
  6. Nice catch by Chark, what an improvement from last year there.
  7. Missed it. What did he do? Just saw him being forced off the field.
  8. Jaguars Training Camp Thread: It's BDN Time

    As right as you are, there is a difference between not "going off" and having a season like his last season. I'm really pulling for a turn around this season but he didn't look promising last season.
  9. Jaguars draft Washington State QB Gardner Minshew at #178

    Minshew will be on the team this year. Unlike Lee last year he’s someone with potential. A guy who could end up being a great backup for years to come which teams need.
  10. Jaguars draft Temple RB Ryquell Armstead at #140

    Bennie is supposed to be our scat/receiving back according to Dave yesterday.
  11. NFL Draft Day Two GDT

    His main reasoning for the pick was he hit hard on his highlight tape. Not an awful lot of analysis seems to have gone into that.
  12. NFL Draft Day Two GDT

    Caldwell’s press conference on on Williams was pathetic. Had no response as to why they reached so hard here.
  13. NFL Draft Day Two GDT

    Cecil Shorts, Justin Durant, Will Rackley, Rashad Jennings, and Derek Cox were all not terrible picks in the end.
  14. Jaguars draft Murray State LB Quincy Williams at #98

    Brother of Quinnen Williams? Lol no other info. watched his Twitter highlights and they looked good.