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  1. Jaguars Training Camp News and Notes

    Smh...read they were going at it all practice. Gotta wonder why.
  2. Mickens just got a hair closer to a roster spot. Haha
  3. Jaguars Training Camp News and Notes

    Yeah I’d agree in this thread he has, but he’s gotten none in the media. That’s more what I was referring to.
  4. Jaguars Training Camp News and Notes

    Honestly all this hype over the defense and WRs is great, but I feel like Bortles is t getting enough love. I know it’s just camp, and there have been some mistakes, but his balls look vastly improved and I’ve seen a lot of throws he defiantly wasn’t making in previous years.
  5. Jaguars Training Camp News and Notes

    😳😳😳 Really hope he lives up to all of the raw potential he has!
  6. Jaguars Training Camp News and Notes

    Yeah TBH I don’t know why people were talking about that with him though, had a solid half of a season last year once he was activated. I think we start the season like this: WR1:Lee WR2:Moncrief WR3/Slot: Cole WR4: Westbrook WR5: Chark WR6/PR: Mickens But by the end of the season may see this: WR1: Cole WR2: Lee WR3/Slot: Westbrook WR4: Moncrief WR5: Chark WR6/PR: Mickens Im personally not buying all of the hype on Moncrief yet but we will see as the offseason progresses.
  7. Jaguars Training Camp News and Notes

    Without a doubt, most excited about Westbrook. Defiantly think he may be the surprise of the offseason.
  8. Jaguars Training Camp News and Notes

    It’s just nice to see him consistently throwing a spiral this year.

    Ordered my first Jersey in Years last week(ngakoue). Pretty excited to rock it at the Minnesota preseason game in August. Personally I love the back to basics look we went with!
  10. Dante Fowler suspended 1 game

    Shame it took so long to deal the punishment, but can’t say he doesn’t deserve it.
  11. Ranking the roster - #11

    Have to go Dareus here, the impact he made after the trade was great.
  12. Man people love hating on the Jags don’t they? Would think fans would be rooting for something different then the normal.
  13. Just have to chime in and say what a game! Anytime a team hangs 31 unanswered in a half is impressive!
  14. The Playoff Chase

    A win in any game will secure a playoff spot right?