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  1. We signed Sanders to replace Brown. Gabriel Davis had an excellent rookie year, and will be our #2. Plus, Isaiah Hodgins had a redshirt rookie year, so we'll see what we have with him. Beasley and McKenzie are both still there. No WR in the 1st. Please.
  2. WR is not a 1st-round need for the Bills. Pass-rusher or CB is far more likely.
  3. Good point, obviously. However: I hesitate to use that word "potential", but Oweh has ALL of it.
  4. I'd prefer Oweh, since I think Phillips won't be there. Brown might be the best OT prospect still remaining at that juncture.
  5. Respectfully disagree. I would go best available pass-rusher in the 1st, whomever they like the most. Brown in the 2nd I wouldn't mind at all. Reason being? We NEED a swing tackle prospect.
  6. Barmore wouldn't be a bad pick, but we need an edge over an interior DL. Rousseau or Oweh.
  7. The editing shall continue
  8. I had another Cincy fan mention that corner was a major need, too.
  9. Hey, guys. By now, most of you have probably heard the news about Caleb Farley, and his medical (back) concerns. Because of this, I have Jaycee Horn now as the #2 corner, and I have dropped Farley to the 2nd round in my mock. In my mock scenario, I have both Surtain and Horn off the board before you guys pick, at #16. I've given you guys Greg Newsome, CB, Northwestern, at that pick. How would you all feel about that selection?
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