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  1. Goldfish's Way Too Early Draft Rankings 2019 - Cardinals at 1

    Interesting. I had the Cardinals at #1, as well. Redskins I had at #3. Pretty close, pretty close. Nice job as always, GFW.
  2. My top 3 best and worst drafts.

    Have to agree with this. The Chargers looked like middle-of-the-road to me. Certainly not bad, yet also not spectacular. Bit above average, honestly.
  3. Honestly rate YOUR team's draft.

    Very well-written and thought out. So what would be your overall grade for the entire draft for the Niners? To me, it's somewhere between a C-plus and a B-minus.
  4. Honestly rate YOUR team's draft.

    Agree. The Browns are a tough one to call. The one thing for SURE, though, is that nobody available at #17 would be anywhere NEAR as good as OBJ. Great trade.
  5. Honestly rate YOUR team's draft.

    That seems to be pretty fair. Does kind of come down to Howard.
  6. Honestly rate YOUR team's draft.

    Yes, I know.... -it's almost impossible to NOT be a homer for what your team did in the draft, especially since we haven't seen the performance on the NFL field yet. However, be realistic. Much as humanly possible, in any case. Okay; I'll start this off with my team, the Bills. Oh, and let's do this by letter grade. I'll give our draft haul a solid B-plus. Couldn't have asked for anything better from our first two selections. Oliver was exactly what we needed to replace Kyle Williams, provided great value at his slot, and should be a difference-maker for years to come. Cody Ford was possibly even BETTER value, and should be a 10-12 year effective starter on the O-line. I'm just not entirely sure if he's a tackle in the league, though. I think he'd be a monster right guard, and that's just fine for the 38th pick. Singletary to me was merely okay-ish in the 3rd. I personally would have selected Hakeem Butler. Trading up for Dawson Knox was a gamble on potential, but we had a need at the TE position, so we'll just have to see how it works out. The picks of Joseph and Johnson in the 5th and 6th rounds, respectively, were pretty good depth selections. Even our two 7th-rounders, Johnson and Sweeney, have at least a decent chance to make the practice squad. Looks like an easy top-ten draft to me. K. Let's see how you guys honestly and realistically grade your team's draft.
  7. My top 3 best and worst drafts.

    Actually, the Cardinals can, but they added more like 6 starters than four.
  8. My top 3 best and worst drafts.

    Hey, if I am, I am. My take on things; my right to think so.
  9. My top 3 best and worst drafts.

    Okay. Give it three years, then get back to me.
  10. My top 3 best and worst drafts.

    I appreciate your pity, but it's not needed. Thank you anyways, sub-genius.
  11. My top 3 best and worst drafts.

    Explain why the Cardinals.
  12. My top 3 best and worst drafts.

    Well, at least you agree on 2 out of the 3. Titans having a top-5 draft?? Can't see it.
  13. My top 3 best and worst drafts.

    Let the fireworks begin.
  14. My top 3 best and worst drafts.

    Well, nobody can get everything, right? O-line needs gave way to BPA picks. If you're picking first in the draft, there's obviously a LOT of holes, so you have to start somewhere. I'll elaborate on only one other pick for the Cards: Hakeem Butler. Potential steal of the entire draft.
  15. Who had the best draft?

    Have to go with Arizona. Easily.