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  1. Top 5 most talented Bills.

    Give him time. Dude will be an outstanding yard-gainer for us.
  2. Top 5 most talented Bills.

    No love for Singletary?
  3. Top 5 most talented Bills.

    #1. Tre'Davious White. Easy choice, at least for right now. Probably a top-3 CB in the league. He'll be expensive, but he MUST remain a Bill. #2. Tremaine Edmunds. I expect nothing but greatness in the coming years from him. I cannot think of ANY current ILB that I'd rather have. #3. Josh Allen. All it will take is his putting it all together, which I know he has the capability to do, and he will then rise to the top of this list. #4. Stefon Diggs. Proven, unquestioned talent. Pro-Bowl caliber wide receiver, no doubt. If his attitude stays straight, then the sky's the limit. #5. Devin Singletary. We ain't seen nothing yet. Last year, he was a rookie, he had a hamstring injury, and he was under-utilized. No longer so. Anyways, with apologies to Matt Milano, Mitch Morse, John Brown, Ed Oliver, and Dion Dawkins, these are the top 5 most talented Bills, IMHO. If anybody disagrees with the list, or the order of preference, feedback would be appreciated.

    Dobbins over Dantzler for Bills, and it's something that should be obvious. Heck; actually Josh Jones would be even better. I'd take Curtis Weaver over Dantzler, as well. Plus, I think you forgot about this one guy named Ezra Cleveland. Not to mention Jonathan Taylor.
  5. 3-rounder.

    Got a chance to build your O-line, no question.
  6. 3-rounder.

    Hurry up, draft-day.
  7. 3-rounder.

    Thank you.
  8. Seven Rounds w Trades, post FA and Combine, Mr Fluffles V2

    Dude.... -if you think Taylor falls to us at #54....
  9. 3-rounder.

    Have a chat with FalconFan13.
  10. 3-rounder.

    Other Atlanta fans.
  11. 3-rounder.

  12. 3-rounder.

    FIFY a bit.
  13. 3-rounder.

    Respectfully disagree, and this is obviously coming from a fan of the Bills. We have covered every base in free agency; we have very few needs. A complimentary running back to Singletary is one of them. Dillon would give us a completely different style of back, and with Gore being done, Yeldon merely a backup, yeah.... -it's a need. Love Dillon. Gay would be an awesome special-teamer, at least right away, and an eventual starter.
  14. 3-rounder.

    Because you said you all needed a linebacker or two.
  15. 3-rounder.

    Check it out now.