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  1. I agree, Boomer Hurley definitely looked like the BPA, but I doubt you would've been around once he came over to the US. I think you need immediate impact.
  2. Following. Gotta compete this year or I think you're gone. Not sure how that roster will do. If you had two years I think that's when you'd see substantial growth.
  3. NHL 18

    Played a little more of the free trial. The expansion mode is really cool for franchise. Continued my online dominance. In two games I outscored my opponents 11-1, all my goals were consecutive after allowing a snipe from Kopitar on the first shot in the first game. At least Brian Elliott seems to be somewhat of an upgrade over Mason in this game. I only play with the Flyers in versus.
  4. Rocket League

    I haven't played since Madden came out, but I'd like to get back into it if we can get a doubles/triples team going. GT: iTz Too EaZY x
  5. NCAA football

    Before Madden came out I played this game everyday. Built dynasties with New Mexico State and Florida Atlantic. Eventually moved NMSU to the Pac-12 and went on to win the National Championship in year 7 or 8. Only in year 3 of FAU so I haven't moved them into a different conference, but once I start to win more will probably move them to the AAC. This game is always fun and I would do some dirty things for a new one.
  6. Who Impressed You This Week (Week 3 9/16/2017)

    As I said with Burnett, that was my first exposure to him. He definitely flashed some potential and I will evaluate him further this season. With that being said, there are a good number of WRs I'd prefer in this class, just based off initial viewing. The Texas defense as a whole was outstanding. I crush on Day 3 DL prospects. Last year it was Godchaux, this year it could be Ford. I'm just not sold on Jefferson as a blue chip prospect. With LBs, the trait I judge the most is ability to read and react (mental processing), and he just doesn't show that consistently. He'll give you that flash play every so often, but I need more consistency from an LB if I go that route in the 1st round. He wasn't involved too much in the 1st half, but clearly stepped up it after halftime. Wheeler looked rock solid and Omenihu was really good too, someone I failed to mention in my review. I didn't pay too close attention to Nwosu, just noticed him make play after play. Looking at his side, he's probably best served as a speed rusher, I agree. May not have the strength to take on blocks and win at the point of attack at the next level. Let him use his speed to bend the edge.
  7. Who Impressed You This Week (Week 3 9/16/2017)

    Went back and watched the Texas-USC game. Very unclean, sloppy game, but exciting as hell. So many false starts, you could tell those OLs are both inexperienced and crowd noise was a factor. I was really excited for my first 'real' exposure of Connor Williams. Devastating knee injury. Hope to see him recover well. I wonder if he decides to declare or come back for another year. The Texas defense was dominant throughout. I studied Malik Jefferson last week and came away unimpressed. Didn't looked like he had any mental processing and was slow to react on plays. He looked a lot better against USC, particularly in the 2nd half. He had a really nice play where he darted through the gap and snatched Stephen Carr for a TFL. Even after that performance, I'm not sold on him as a first round prospect. Roquan Smith = LB1. Anthony Wheeler also flashed a lot from MLB. I came away impressed with DL Poona Ford. Really undersized at 5'11'', but he moves really well and has tremendous foot quickness in pursuit. His size sometimes poses as a positive. He plays really low and typically wins the leverage battle. Really strong and can crash the pocket. Likely a day 3 guy if he tests well, but I like him a lot. S DeShon Elliott came away with both INTs on Darnold, one a pick 6 off a batted pass. He made some good plays in coverage and flashed. Not sure if he'll declare, but definitely a name to store away for 2019. Speaking of Sam Darnold, he was good. Both teams struggled with field position, and that obviously hampered him, along with the Longhorns tough defense. Darnold displayed exactly what he's touted to be. A little bit of a flamethrower, he missed some throws he should've made, but flashed his traits as well. Darnold was good in the pocket, for the most part, and showed his ability to move and create. Really good arm talent as he showed on the game-tying drive at the end of the 4th quarter. That jump pass was phenomenal. His release remains a concern, but I noticed him shorten it up towards the end of the game. Haven't seen this before. Maybe the equivalent to a hitter choking up on his bat? Darnold still hoovers as my QB1. He's a gunslinger and a playmaker under center, and has the charisma of a franchise QB. Certainly has some things to clean up, but tell me a QB in this class who doesn't? Plus Darnold is only 20-21 years old. Looking at the rest of the offense, Ronald Jones struggled and answered the big question I had with him: vision. Jones continuously struggled to find holes against a tough run defense and was playing the "outside shuffle" most of the game. He gained a lot of hype after the first few weeks, but he should come back down to earth a bit as Pac-12 play kicks off. I still like him a lot. He has deadly quicks and speed in the open field, but he's mostly a one-trick pony. I don't think he's a premier prospect in this deep RB class. Deontay Burnett was solid and made some big catches during the game. I don't know if I see him as a next level player, but that was my first exposure to him so I'm nowhere near to writing him off. Plus, my eye was more focused on Darnold. On defense I was honing in on Porter Gustin and Cameron Smith. You have to admire Gustin playing with a broken foot, although he didn't return for the 2nd half. By far his best trait is his first step which he showcased throughout his time on the field. However, he showed no pass rush repertoire and was often stood up on the rush. He did, however, record consecutive sacks late in the 1st half. You have to love his passion and willingness to play through two injuries. He's a draftable player who can bring fight off your bench. Smith was alright. He doesn't look too athletic. Definitely a liability in coverage but a decent run defender. EDGE Uchenna Nwosu was the best player on that defense. A name I added to my Watch List. Oh yea, and WR Collin Johnson was phenomenal for Texas. Straight freak. If he runs .1 second faster he's getting Megatron comps. Looks like the headline of 2019's WR class.
  8. Why do people preorder games?

    How so? I never spend an extra penny on MUT, but allow myself to splurge for the Deluxe Edition.
  9. Why do people preorder games?

    I've been preordering since before I was a teenager. Back then, just the excitement as a kid to get a new game, wanted to secure it beforehand. Plus, that's all I would spend birthday money on. Nowadays, Madden is the only game I buy annually. I'm in it for the preorder bonuses, big MUT guy.
  10. Madden 18

    Yea, I've found a groove with it. Finished all 16 base challenges for Eagles, Raiders and Pats. Up to 2 team leaders for the formers. Didn't realize you need all 5 Team Leaders to unlock the last elite challenges. Ughhh you need so many gold players to unlock all the gold tokens you'll need. What overall do you guys have your MUT up to?
  11. Madden 18

    I beat all 16 challenges for the Eagles. 12/16 for Raiders and Pats. As far as acquiring more Team Leaders goes, what's the best way to approach that? You need 3 total to be able to play the elite team challenges.
  12. Madden 18

    Have you grinded any of the Team Leaders challenges? Need two more Leaders for the Eagles so I can play elite. Not sure the best way to get them. Don't see any on the auction block. Guess I'm just going to do the 10 gold players for gold token. (x2) Any suggestions?
  13. Who to Start/Sit Thread

    When Rawls returns I think he'll dominate carries. Maybe not at first, but after 2-3 games I think he'll be considered the lead man out of that backfield. If not for injury last season, Seattle's backfield probably isn't even up for debate right now. Rawls was absolutely dominant down the stretch in 2015 while filling in for Lynch. While I think Chris Carson is worth a stash in dynasty or deeper leagues, he'll become an afterthought once Rawls gets back on his feet.
  14. Who to Start/Sit Thread

    Murray has a tough matchup, but Tennessee has a good offensive line to counter. I can't help but think he finds the end zone at least once this week. Williams has more potential to meet those bonuses and a good matchup, but I'm not sure how many targets he gets; I also think Mike Williams is due to debut this week as well which doesn't help his cause in a crowded WR corps. I'd go with Murray. Dependable producer who can hit big.
  15. Who to Start/Sit Thread

    That's another tough one. Cobb's target share last week is encouraging. I'd probably go with him.