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  1. Bears interested in Kareem Hunt?

    You underestimate the NFL. Look how long the Elliot investigation took.
  2. 2019 Draft: Targets

    Lol there is to many Mikes here. Both IronMikes were always good for an argument too.
  3. 2019 Draft: Targets

    Pretty sure it was one of the IronMike's that said that about Jones, and then they left shortly after that hot take.
  4. Cody Parkey on the Today Show

    About Pakrey... He wasn’t the reason the Bears lost the game but he was the reason they didn’t win.
  5. 2019 Opponents

    Haha I live in Ft Worth and wouldn’t have gone to the game. Cowboys stadium is too expensive and the party pass tickets are garbage.
  6. GDT Birds at Bears Sun. 3:40

    You are right, and I don’t agree with booing him. I cursed him at the time and am pissed he missed another kick, but for me it’s all business now he needs to be gone.
  7. GDT Birds at Bears Sun. 3:40

    Who cares he missed 10 other kicks, a few that would have won a game and the Bears would have been in a different situation. If this was one one of his few misses than it is what it is, but he missed way to many this season.
  8. GDT Birds at Bears Sun. 3:40

    Nice one mods you let stuff go on in here all the time but when it’s not one of your boys you delete. @Superman(DH23) hope you like that kicker you defend to no end.
  9. GDT Birds at Bears Sun. 3:40

    If the Bears don't get any points here sadly I think the game is over. Not a good game by either side of the ball.
  10. GDT Birds at Bears Sun. 3:40

    Defense is playing poorly so far, well the offense is also. Going to be a long game.
  11. GDT Birds at Bears Sun. 3:40

    What is with that play call, Trubisky is Jackson.
  12. GDT Birds at Bears Sun. 3:40

    He might have gotten the first but not by that much.
  13. GDT Birds at Bears Sun. 3:40

    Have to get better on both sides of the ball.
  14. Random Bears THOTs

    I don't think he'll be there when the Bears pick though.
  15. GDT Birds at Bears Sun. 3:40

    I just have a feeling this is going to be a growing pains type of game for the Bears.