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  1. I would have no confidence in him making the defense better, but if they do hire him it just shows the Bears organization can’t move past the 85 Bears Super Bowl season/team.
  2. Just means it won't happen and he'll go some where else to become a DC.
  3. 30+ years, see you next offseason when the same questions are being asked.
  4. I actually told my wife I should mail all my Bears stuff back to them with the exception of my Walter Payton autographed football. They wouldn't care at all but I thought it would be a little funny and show how I feel about them.
  5. They have had this mind set for 30+ years, and it doesn't look to be changing anytime soon. So much for something big to be brewing behind the scenes in the office.
  6. This is what I was looking the other day, only the one time has more than 5 QBs gone in the first round, some one is going to be there at 20 if the Bears want to take that person.
  7. I'm not getting out, I am just getting less invested. I'll still watch the games, post here, and follow some of the news. But I will not let it consume me like it used to, after all why should the Bears ineptness ruin a day for me since I can't control them.
  8. Ok, that has nothing to with what you said before.
  9. If Jay Rodgers is bad at his job then who cares they will all get fired next year (maybe), and if he is good then maybe he stays with the next coach. Your reasoning is literally why so many coaches get recycled year after year.
  10. I already do most of these as I don't have time to follow the Bears socially and I don't have any social media. But I will keep my ESPN+ account since I use it for a lot of other sports and I now hope GB plays KC in the Super Bowl. I'll even take a GB win so that it can "piss" the McCaskey's like they say losing to GB does.
  11. You have to love being a Packers fan for the last 30 plus years, especially with how the Bears have done business in that time.
  12. Ehh, this season wasn't rock bottom but it feels like the Bears are getting close to that.
  13. Just posted this in another thread. Wonder what DC is going to want to come to the Bears.
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