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  1. Seems to be a trade mark of Baers QBs.
  2. Nothing has changed with the Baers and it doesn’t seem like it will.
  3. I’ve been keeping my mouth shut on this but same. A lot needs to change and improve drastically.
  4. Nope no hard feelings or anything I had to go back and look to make sure I didn’t misread it.
  5. Well it wasn’t a safety or defensive TD.
  6. You said playoffs and also winning a playoff game.
  7. Here come a safety or defensive TD.
  8. I wish someone would leak the telegraphs that the team sends out, because we all know they don’t know how to use computers for email leaks.
  9. Well the Cowboys beat the Seahawks in 2018.
  10. Can’t keep those time outs when this team is playing as well as they have. There’s always a chance.
  11. He is, but Mustardman also got thrown into the RB by Suh who is far from what he used to be.
  12. Week 1: Aaron Rodgers (133) Week 2: Dak Prescott (237) Week 3: Patrick Mahomes (260) Week 4: Justin Herbert (222) Week 5: Derek Carr (206) Week 6: Joe Burrow (271) Week 7: Matt Stafford
  13. The only good with the STs is Santos, the rest average at best. But I guess seeing as you think Hambright did good and held his own last year I can see how you think the STs are good. But continue on with the petty insults they suit you well.
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