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  1. You could even probably go down to like the 5th best defense and it would still shut down the Bears best offense.
  2. Well where I’m at it is Monday night. And my old age hasn’t hit me yet, I’m still mentally young despite being 40.
  3. Yeah I completely forgot about the guy from the Broncos they picked up. Really hoping Jenkins can play at the level his tape shows.
  4. this is where I saw it first.
  5. Interesting move in my opinion, I thought they would at least keep him for depth if anything. I think they need to bring in some one just for that.
  6. I don’t think the Warner/Manning situation is comparable at all. Warner was an All Pro for two years before he went to the Giants. But the point still stands that letting the rookie earn the starting spot is the best. I just want him to be good for a long time for the Bears.
  7. Correct, I was just giving a reason why the player would prefer the team to do it.
  8. I would say the benefit of them having the team pay them in crypto is that the team then has to pay the transaction fees instead of the player if they were to take their bonuses and then get crypto.
  9. Fisher and Schwartz were cut because they are injured and that’s the reason they haven’t been signed yet. They are plenty good enough if healthy.
  10. Except you can’t solely do that, there’s a line a team has to walk between need and talent.
  11. The Bears didn’t choose Dalton over Trubisky, they settled for Dalton over Trubisky. After what happened one Botha sides of the Trubisky/coaches the last two years he was never coming back and they were never bringing him back. My personal feelings on him is that right now he is a low end start with potential to be an average starter with the right coaching, which the Bills like to be a great spot to develop a QB. I believe that is why he went there, and he even supposedly took less money to go there. Whether that is true is another story.
  12. The is an article I think ESPN that Jones stats for this past season were incredible, Wilson’s were also. I’ll see if I can find it. https://www.espn.com/nfl/draft2021/insider/story/_/id/31113560/2021-nfl-draft-qb-class-do-stats-match-tape-trevor-lawrence-justin-fields-zach-wilson-others Didn’t realize it’s an ESPN+ article, for those that have it can read through it.
  13. Depth or starters at all those position le are need more than a RB. This season there is not need to draft a RB.
  14. As stated above the Bears are getting the scraps at QB.
  15. For this season it is a wasted pick, since RBs have become plug and play next year they can use resources on one. They still need to draft QB, OT, CB, S, WR, and maybe TE or LB before a RB is needed.
  16. Until you look at how many CBs and TEs were on the roster last offseason and those position groups were drafted.
  17. And in you scenario he isn’t going to replace Montgomery, Cohen, or Williams. It would be a wasted pick that could go to depth or other holes that need to be filled.
  18. How much deeper should the Bears go than four players. Unless it’s an UDFA I don’t think they should add anymore.
  19. I like this, let make this a thing just like Pakrey. Might as well throw Nagry in there also.
  20. I like Cosmi and a few others in a tier below the two mentioned.
  21. I like it, my personal choices for the 1st round pick are Slater or Darrisaw.
  22. I was thinking the same, and at worst they can slide into G. Just ask @dll2000about that.
  23. Well I was going to say that the QBs with 3 wins were in alphabetical order but then Goff threw that off. So I would say he is the outlier in the order.
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