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  1. Who is the first player that comes to mind...

    Arizona Cardinals - Larry Fitzgerald Atlanta Falcons - Matt Ryan Baltimore Ravens - Ray Lewis Buffalo Bills - Jim Kelly Carolina Panthers - Cam Newton Chicago Bears - **** Butkus Cincinnati Bengals - Carson Palmer Cleveland Browns - Otto Graham Dallas Cowboys - Tony Romo Denver Broncos - John Elway Detroit Lions - Matthew Stafford Green Bay Packers - Aaron Rodgers Houston Texans - Deshaun Watson Indianapolis Colts - Peyton Manning Jacksonville Jaguars - David Garrard Kansas City Chiefs - Patrick Mahomes Las Vegas Raiders - Jamarcus Russell Los Angeles Chargers - Philip Rivers Los Angeles Rams - Kurt Warner Miami Dolphins. - Dan Marino Minnesota Vikings. - Randy Moss New England Patriots - Tom Brady New Orleans Saints - Drew Brees New York Giants - Odell Beckham Jr New York Jets - Joe Namath Philadelphia Eagles - Terrell Owens Pittsburgh Steelers - Jerome Bettis San Francisco 49ers - Joe Montana Seattle Seahawks - Russell Wilson Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Warren Sapp Tennessee Titans - Steve McNair Washington Redskins - RGIII
  2. I hear a lot of talk about Aaron Rodgers being the most talent and greatest statistical QB ever and for Manning the same other than the talent. Yet Marini had better stats than both. He put up 48 TDs in 1984 and 5000 yards. If he would to play today he would put up over 60 TDs and 6000 yards pretty easily I think as he was like Peyton Manning but with an actual arm rather than beliw average arm strength(2013 Manning had below average arm strength.) He would outdo any QB today I think.
  3. Notable Stats and Observations

    Drew Brees is like a man born in Hawaii that is Neo. He is not liked and he is one that is involved in a lot of things. He also isn't known to be a good looking man and he has a rough accent. Tom Brady is like a man born in Ottawa that is Neo. He is liked and he is very polite. Way too polite, but good. He is known to be the prettiest person that people know and everyone loves his accent. He is nice even when he is caught in trouble. Patrick Mahomes is like a guy born in New York. He has a HUGE ego, and only half of the fans love him while the other half loathe him. He is rude and he talks like a mob boss. He is known to be old and angry and bitter. You see what I mean know?
  4. Notable Stats and Observations

    I am not a hater. I think Brees is better than Elway, Moon, Aikman, and Kelly. All Hall of Famers.
  5. Notable Stats and Observations

    Drew Brees is barely in the Hall of Fame. He isn't even in the top 20 QBs of all-time. He has had more talent than any QB on offense in NFL history other than maybe Peyton Manning, but Peyton Manning was actually a truly elite QB. Right now Tom Brady has the same record as Drew Brees with the worst receiving core of the decade in this league. Aaron Rodgers has the same record as Brees with the 3rd worst offensive talent in the league this year. Brees is benefitting from domes while Brady plays in a climate that averages 41F and 28F as an average high and low in December while Rodgers plays in a climate that averages 28.5F and 14.4F in December (Montreal in that month averages 29.5F and 15.3F that same month, so he plays in a place that is literally colder than Montreal, even if it is only during one month).
  6. Who are the top ten QBs right now?

    All the experts agree that Tom Brady is still the top QB in the NFL with one of the worst receiving groups in NFL history and a terrible set of running backs. Aaron Rodgers also has the 3rd worst receiving group this year as well. If you adjust their passing stats Tom Brady is 2nd and Aaron Rodgers is 3rd if you ignore their drops and their lack of talent on their teams. Guys like Mahomes and Brees are playing worst as their talent levels are the highest in the league, not because either are actually good.
  7. Is the Patriots defense for real?

    I think this is a good defense. The Patriots still have the best team in football with the best defense and the best player in the league. The Patriots this year are JUST like the 1997 1998 Bulls. Tom Brady is old, but like Michael Jordan he is still the top player in the league when it comes to talent.
  8. Who are the top ten QBs right now?

    1. Tom Brady 2. Aaron Rodgers 3. Lamar Jackson 4. Russell Wilson 5. Patrick Mahomes 6. Deshaun Watson 7. Ryan Tannehill 8. Drew Brees 9. Kirk Cousins 10. Jimmy Garoppolo Based on their overall levels of talent and not their stats.
  9. 1981 Joe Montana vs 1997 Peyton Manning

    millennials are 23 and up they are the true 90's people, the ones who actually did grow up in the 90's and remember it gen z were raised in the 2000's and 10's 22 and below is zoomers. So Millennials loved Joe Montana while Zoomers loved Peyton Manning. When polled people aged 38 to 23 said Joe Montana was their favorite NFL player ever. When people 22 to 18 was polled, they said Peyton Manning.
  10. These are the beginning of the new generations of the NFL. 1981 was the start of real football rather than old people football. 1981 was when tech started to be used in the NFL and when players started to want to make more money and care more about the well-being of players. 1997 was the start of weird football where people care about how they look rather than how they play. The start of internet in football and the point in which people don't remember the 1990s anymore. Peyton Manning had been so injured and hit throughout his life he doesn't remember anything before the year 2002. So who wins?
  11. 05 Seahawks and 13 Seahawks vs 04 Eagles and 17 Eagles

    Most people are picking the Seahawks in the comments, but they are losing in the voting? Huh, odd. I can't see how the Seahawks don't win here. That 2013 defense is amazing, and now you have to add an elite O-Line and Shaun Alexander to that team? That team would be tough to beat.
  12. Chiefs Without Mahomes

    I mean this is an important game for Mahomes. He is no longer a top 3 QB after being pretty bad for a few weeks and Rodgers is once again the best in football after last week. This will be the most important game over his career this week if he plays and he shouldn't miss this one. He wants to prove he is the best QB in the NFL and outplaying Rodgers this week would prove that in his mind, which is why I think he plays. If this was any other team in the NFL aside fron New England, then I can see why he rests, but against Rodgers? No he won't and shouldn't rest.
  13. Raiders/Packers to play in Winnipeg, Canada week 3 of preseason

    Lol true. I actually looked up Green Bay's climate and Winnipeg's climate. Both cities (this is just a big coincidence) average a high temperature of 77.7F/25.4C in August. Although, Winnipeg is slightly colder at night by a degree or so. Even San Francisco is cooler during August. Furthermore, during the coldest month. Green Bay's average high and low during January is 24.3F/-4.3C and 9.0F/-12.8C. Winnipeg during January is at 11.7F/-11.3C and -6.5F/-21.4C. Winnipeg being at the center of the continent is just very wild. Green Bay is pretty impressive in it's own right though as it is colder than Toronto, Buffalo, and Hamilton while being only ever so slightly warmer than Montreal. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Winnipeg#Climate https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Green_Bay,_Wisconsin#Climate I wonder how NFL teams would handle December and January games if they were played in Winnipeg? Because in the CFL, the Grey Cup is played in late November and November in Winnipeg is still warmer than a January in Green Bay. Yeah there might be a few canceled games if they played there.
  14. Who's the worst team in the first round?

    Honestly though, my top 12 was just a reverse jinx. I won't say who my real number 1 team is as they tend to lose when I rate them high. So let's jinx it!
  15. Is this the Pats’ last best shot at a Super Bowl?

    I would rate them as the 3rd best team in the NFL this year, and the 2nd best in the AFC. Better than the Chiefs for sure and slightly better than San Diego. I just think Chicago is the best team right now though.