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  1. I thought Lamar Jackson was supposed to suck?
  2. Part of me is getting 2013 vibes from this. That was a rough season......
  3. Texans are world beaters Saints make the Super Bowl Rodgers gets benched Trevor Lawrence is average at best Kyler Murray MVP Steelers are the 2015 Broncos part II
  4. Packers make the NFCCG again only to lose to the Saints. That's my call.
  5. Joe Buck "humid day in Jacksonville" Lol can't be that humid >>sees dew point of 69F Okay that is pretty humid, good luck Green Bay.
  6. Always was gonna happen like this.
  7. If the Vikings game ends in a tie I'm just gonna sit here thinking "dang I'm such a fool for picking them this week"
  8. Come on Vikings. I picked you all for Survivor. Let's get this win
  9. Everyone everywhere said Houston is the bottom team altogether in the NFL. Then again no playoff hopes still, but they should finish better than 32 I think.
  10. Favorite Team: Texans Week 1 pick: Vikings I have read all of the rules and agree to them.
  11. But FC Austin is already hogging most of the sports fans, this would be a terrible move.
  12. Feels weird that the Rams were in the same group as these teams.
  13. 2013 had the top 5 receivers from 2012 not start week one. Only one even came back.
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