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  1. Who's the worst team in the first round?

    Honestly though, my top 12 was just a reverse jinx. I won't say who my real number 1 team is as they tend to lose when I rate them high. So let's jinx it!
  2. Is this the Pats’ last best shot at a Super Bowl?

    I would rate them as the 3rd best team in the NFL this year, and the 2nd best in the AFC. Better than the Chiefs for sure and slightly better than San Diego. I just think Chicago is the best team right now though.
  3. Wild Card Weekend Predictions

    Colts win 45-17 Chargers win 24-10 Seahawks win 29-7 Bears win 28-24
  4. Who's the worst team in the first round?

    My rankings from best to worst. In the entire playoffs. 1: Bears 2: Colts 3: Patriots 4: Chargers 5: Eagles 6: Saints 7: Seahawks 8: Chiefs 9: Rams 10: Texans 11: Ravens 12: Cowboys Cowboys are the worst.
  5. An Indepth Look At The Playoffs

    Weird how many here have the Colts lowly rated. Most of my friends have them in the Superbowl and some have them winning it. Not sure how things turn out though.
  6. Is Leonard Fournette a bust?

    Not a bust, but I wouldn't say he was quite worth the pick. He is somewhere between the two.
  7. Just how good IS this New England team?

    Well I agree that the Patriots might be a wild card team if Houston keeps it up, and the Pats mess up in the last few weeks of the season. Although, that isn't a guarantee. Furthermore, I think they can win on the road. The thing is, the Pats are usually a top seed in the AFC anyways, so they rarely have to play on the road. There isn't much of a sample size when they have only played two road playoff games since 2007. Against the 2013 Broncos(an obviously better team than the Pats that year) and the 2015 Broncos(Pats had loads of injuries during that game, and the Broncos pass rush would have messed them up no matter where they played.) Also, he is still pretty effective in the cold. Although, if you are using Favre's performance in that 2007 NFC-CG, well that might be because the temperature at that game was -1F/-18C, and the wind chill at -23F/-31C. No one will be useful at those temperatures.
  8. Joey Harrington has 76 career starts somehow. Has a career passer rating below 70, a completion percentage of 56.1, 79 TDs, and 85 INTs.
  9. Week 2 Overreations

    Patrick Mahomes throws for 55 TDs this year, and his team makes the Superbowl. Only to lose to the Rams 8-43.
  10. SURVIVOR POOL 13 is now over! Lurker is our champion!!

    Favorite Team: Houston Texans Week 1: Detroit Lions
  11. Do you root for your players from your College in the NFL?

    To be fair, I don't really follow college football at all. Furthermore, I will go going to a division 2 school so the chances of a player from the school ending up as an NFL player is slim to none. Although, I am probably not allowed to say where I am at, I will hint that there is or was an NFL executive from this school, albeit he wasn't that great and he ended up setting back the franchise he worked for a bit. That is all.
  12. Worst places for visiting teams in the NFL

    Well since we are still in the off season I guess this kind of conversation can be held. People are always talking about the worst places to visit in the NFL, but which places are really the worst? Well I am unsure, but I will talk about a few. Seattle: Known for being LOUD, and when they are good then their fans can be ready to dish out the noise. Stadium is outdoors too, however the climate isn't too horrible as it mostly stays above freezing, albeit having slightly above freezing rain can feel quite cold I guess. Kansas City: Another loud place, and this time the climate is a tad worse. It is more prone to cold than Seattle in the winter but the daytime temperatures still average above freezing in January, albeit only slightly, so some days will be below the mark and there could be snow. Green Bay: Playing against Aaron Rodgers is a nightmare, no question about that. However, in December and January be prepared to play in the coldest temperatures the NFL has to offer for an outdoor stadium. Every single winter month has average highs below freezing. In fact January averages 24.3F/-4.3C as a high and a chilly 9.1F/-12.8C as a low during the month. Ouch, that is pretty cold, in fact a close comparison to this city is actually Montreal(Yes in Canada) which averages 22.3F/-5.4C as a high and 9.7F/-12.4C as a low during January as well, although Montreal has quite a bit more snow at about 89 inches a year compared to drier Green Bay at 51.4 inches a year. Playing in a city with their closest climate comparison being a Canadian city, while having to go against Rodgers? Yuck, not the best thing for players. Buffalo: Not quite as cold as Green Bay, but it receives that nasty lake-effect snow, being one of the snowiest cities in the United States. It averages a massive 94.7 inches of snow a year! Hey, at least it is not as cold as Green Bay, and you don't have to face Rodgers. New England: Facing the all-time great Brady and Belichick makes this visit a treat. Furthermore, the climate is also on the cold side as well. Average winter temperatures are between Buffalo and Kansas City. The snowfall amount is about the same as Green Bay, even without the colder temperatures(prone to nor' easters). Philly: Passionate fans that can make it tough for visiting teams. The climate is not horrible, as it is not exactly extremely cold nor is it extremely snowy.
  13. Best Defensiveback of all time, NOT named Deion Sanders...

    I was SOOOO about to use that. You beat me to it though.
  14. Will Tom Brady Become The Greatest...

    Yeah their arguement amounted to "Brady choked today and he lost to a back up QB"
  15. Will Tom Brady Become The Greatest...

    A lot of my friends believe Tom Brady lost his GOAT QB status tonight after losing the Superbowl and it has returned to Joe Montana. Thoughts?