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  1. Wow this is one of the most lopsided polls I have seen. I guess the people on Twitter/Reddit were mostly just the really vocal minorities of the situation that I payed way too much attention to (like always).
  2. Kerry Collins on the same level as Peyton Manning and Aaron Rodgers. Yes very valid stuff. Time to make a new thread about whether Kerry Collins would have won more rings in Peyton's situation than Peyton. Mostly joking since I think the 1s are a bit broad. No issues with Stafford or Newton being that high, but Collins yeah. As for the rookies, it is hard to say.
  3. Yeah you be right about that. I have seen bad comparisons on this forum before tbh, like Boldin > Moss from some dude, still closer than Edelman and Calvin though. Also if I were choosing a career, I would go with the player that has the best mix of who I feel the hottest I would personally look, plus the most money of that list.
  4. Twitter, and heavily is yeah an exaggeration. Also on those media channels and such. A guy in the media made the comment that Julian Edelman wouldn't trade his career for Calvin's while Calvin would rather have Edelman's career. Yeah and many are agreeing it seems. Not that I agree. I wonder if anyone would make the same argument for Deion Branch in comparison to say? I dunno, TO?
  5. This situation is just ugh, this entire off season is just one huge cluster of a mess. Out of all the teams I could cheer for, this is the team that gets locked into such a situation.
  6. Yeah that is likely it, lots of bad takes on social media :V
  7. I'm not trolling tho. I agree it's Calvin all the way through V: but the debate is going on in the media and on social media. I just want to see the general opinion of people that actually know about the game yeah.
  8. This is a debate that is happening heavily rn. But which career would you say was better. There is an argument that many would rather have Edelman's career yeah instead of Calvin yeah. Which career was better?
  9. 2014 Seahawks 2012 49ers 2013 Broncos 2019 49ers 2020 Chiefs 2015 Panthers 2011 Patriots 2017 Patriots 2018 Rams 2016 Falcons I mostly went with the well-balanced teams, Denver being an exception due to how potent their offense was, giving them the upper hand against other bad defenses with potent offenses. 2015 Panthers rank a bit low due to having the worst strength of schedule of the teams, but they are better than the last four for sure. 2014 Seahawaks and 2012 49ers have an overwhelming defense that should do pretty well.
  10. I never really hated Schaub, but I did make fun of him a lot in 2013 yeah. I do look back fondly on those days comparing it to now....
  11. Attempts and such would be easiest I think along with yards. 2013 Manning had 342 yards a game. In order to equal that in 17 games, that is 322 yards a game, which has happened a few times before yeah. Scoring records are tough either way though. Rushing TDs, and Receiving TDs might not get broken for awhile. 55 TDs is still gonna need a pass happy QB with lots of weapons and an obvious passing attack to work. Rushing yards should be pretty easy I think, as an extra game might give Henry a chance to break it last year (2027 vs 2105 yeah an extra game might have done it)
  12. I think with the coaching the 49ers have, it would be best to go with Trey Lance. That could really end up being a Favre/Mahomes like move from them if they get it right. I was watching some highlights from him on TV since I am pretty close to where he goes to college yeah. He has the physical tools and with the coaching the 9ers have, I think it would be the best bet.
  13. 1928-1945: Silent era where nothing happened 1946-1964: NFL Boom I guess 1965-1980: Pre-Joe Montana days and the deadball days. The X-Factor of the game was defense 1981-1996: Joe Montana days and the Millennial period in which people born during these years remember an NFL without Tom brady being a starting QB(late 2001). The peak of NFL play, but the low point of the AFC. 1997-sometime in the early 2010s: (AFC finally wins again) The Zooming of Tom Brady's Hall of Fame career. 2010ish to now: The "ALPHA GO" days of Tom Brady
  14. Now serious post time, I have no real way to really rank Elway at all. He is likely the one player I just wouldn't know where to rank. I did make this thread to spark discussion in a way, and I always see some people be like "He is BEAST QB of All-Time" and "He ain't even a Hall of Famer dude, he like original Eli Manning!". I am guessing it is likely between the two extremes. His numbers look crappy, especially at the start of his career, but he did make a bunch of Super Bowls, but those AFC teams in the late 80s weren't exactly juggernauts yeah. Meanwhile his two victories did come from a st
  15. Jack Easterby easily........ Hmmmm so close to bandwagoning another team or something.
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