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  1. Isn't it just gonna be 30F or so? Tom Brady did well against Kansas City in that 19F AFC Championship game a few years back :V
  2. Super Bowl XXXVIII Didn't mean to do that, but it looks awesome so I am keeping it. Yeah it was the Panthers vs Patriots superbowl. Mean reason I remember is that it took place in Houston and I went to the Superbowl experience like some period of time before the game was played. I then watched the Superbowl and I remember being mad that they weren't scoring a lot early on. I don't remember when the halftime show had that famous moment though, I think I was away for a bit but was listening to the music or something. I was going for the Pats btw.
  3. Eh gonna get rid of all of that. Basically I predict a Chiefs victory.
  4. It looks like another 25 to 30 degree game. Slightly above the average high of 24F and low of 9F for GB this time of year. Not too crazy.
  5. The last time the intro to a game was this epic, it ended up 43-8........
  6. I was the only one that was correct about this game and Mahomes. I said this would happen.
  7. The Chiefs not playing Mahomes, that is a bad look for Mahomes.
  8. I guess so far the end of the regular season for Kansas City was a fluke....
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