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  1. Best Defensiveback of all time, NOT named Deion Sanders...

    I was SOOOO about to use that. You beat me to it though.
  2. Will Tom Brady Become The Greatest...

    Yeah their arguement amounted to "Brady choked today and he lost to a back up QB"
  3. Will Tom Brady Become The Greatest...

    A lot of my friends believe Tom Brady lost his GOAT QB status tonight after losing the Superbowl and it has returned to Joe Montana. Thoughts?
  4. Your picks for next years Hall of Fame?

    Peyton Manning? It is too early for that to happen.
  5. Rams and Chiefs set to play in Mexico this upcoming season

    Just for giggles let's think of some cities that would be interesting to play in. Mexico City: The high elevation, which is even higher than Denver, probably hurts the place. There are also some other issues. London: The time zone difference really hurts any place in Europe so it may not be the best place. Toronto: Not a bad place actually. Time Zone is good, it is a wealthy city, and it has lots of fans. The weather there is also not as bad as expected as it is warmer than say Green Bay in the winter (There is a reason why Toronto is highly populated) Let's try other Canadian cities. Winnipeg: COLD! VERY COLD! Average December High and low temperatures are 16.7F and 0F. If this team manages to have a few home playoff games then the weather takes a turn for the worst at average January high and low temperatures of 11.7F and -6.5F. If they have an outdoor stadium then prepare for trouble as even Green Bay is not that cold. Salt Lake City: Pretty high elevation makes this place less desirable. Denver 2.0 except the culture will make it hard to get people tuned into games on a Sunday. I am too tired to think of other cities.
  6. What was the first Super Bowl you watched?

    This might be telling of my age but it was Super Bowl XXXVIII: Patriots vs Panthers. I remember it because it took place in my hometown and I went to the experience. I do remember watching the start and the end. I remember being bored at the fact that the game was 0-0 for the longest, and I remember wanting the Patriots to win and I was happy that they had won. Though I do not remember the controversial halftime show. I also remember watching the first episode of Survivor: All Stars because I liked the season before which was called Survivor: Pearl Island. I remember liking Rupert Boneham a lot and was happy to see him again.
  7. Bill O'Brien Hot Seat Thread

    -Delete post. I was upset last night.
  8. What QBs are most likely to replace the retiring QB greats?

    LOL. Most of the all-time great QBs are under 6'3" and plus as of today there isn't a single 6'5" QB in the NFL Hall of Fame. Though Peyton will get there and so will Roethlisberger. The guys I see in the future are the Ws and the Gs mostly. Watson, Wentz, Wilson, Goff, and Garoppolo. Only Wilson is somewhat of a given I think as the other 4 need to play longer for me to truly grade them. Outside of the Ws and the Gs I find Carr and Luck. Though Carr is coming off a not so great year, and Luck's situation is just all messed up with the injuries and his team as a whole. I feel so bad for Luck tbh, because I know he is capable of very high level play.
  9. Aaron Rodgers Back to the IR.

    Yeah it seems to me he wasn't fully healthy, but he was healthy enough to at least suit up and play. Though now that they are eliminated, Rodgers has no reason to risk another injury, especially next week when the temperature is forecast to be 14F/-10C and the wind chill forecast of 0.8F/-17.3C.
  10. Where do these QBs play next season?

    Well we will see how Rodgers acts in cold weather next week and see if he still has it. If only they played on Sunday Night instead of Saturday then we would have seen a game in below zero Fahrenheit temps possibly. Edit: Wait he may not even play next week. NVM.
  11. Pittsburgh Steelers vs New England Patriots discussion thread

    If he is putting pressure on his leg then it shouldn't be too serious, but I can't really tell what it is. I hope he is alright.
  12. Week 15 Game Day Thread

    You've got to be kidding me? God I can't believe he is hurt.
  13. MVP leaders at this point.

    Well might as well hand Brady the award at this point. I don't see anyone else winning unless Brady just flat out chokes the rest of this season away, which he won't. It is his award to lose yeah.
  14. Strongest arm of all time

    This is somewhat off-topic, but pretty funny. I remember in Madden 09 Russell only had a 98 rating in arm strength, but Tom Brady had a 99 rating. Like what were they thinking? Also back on topic I take Russell as well.
  15. Rank the best ILB/MLB you've seen

    I saw what you did there. Yeah Lewis is the best I have seen personally.