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  1. Lol the coach has the Wiki page that isn't even updated. Barely heard of the guy, heck I know his dad more than anything. I am guessing they got him in order to try to get Rodgers yeah.
  2. I will now use this as proof as to why Tom Brady needs to win 16 Super Bowls to truly be the GOAT of all athletes.
  3. No look at the latitude for these cities though. People look at Toronto or Montreal and think "damn that is far north" but no one thinks of Vienna and says "damn this is far north" heck people don't really look at Seattle as being north, but it is north of Quebec City, Caribou, Maine ect. Although people might not see Caribou as far north idk.
  4. In east North America north is 43N sometimes 45N sometimes 47.6N. Out west it is almost always 49N is what is considered north, but then you get to Europe and 48N isn't considered north. So why is that?
  5. Their line certainly will be a problem if they make the Super Bowl. If it ends like the last Super Bowl did I think the Jets will think to add to their line anyways.
  6. One of my friends "from Texas" just said "i'm not sure i'd ever taunt a hockey player that's ******* dumb" But I never seen anyone say that about a football player for some reason, except in movies. I wonder why NFL players don't have that tough rep when I got blasted for suggesting they play 82 games like NHL players.
  7. I will admit my Tampa pick was just me not wanting to bet against Brady again more than anything. The Bills pick was legit me thinking that they would win. I don't think anyone saw the Chiefs doing THAT much on offense tonight.
  8. I do trust him not to turn over the ball at least, and for Kittle and Deebo to go nuts. Plus the 49ers can run the ball pretty well. This isn't some random choice I made.
  9. I am just going to start betting money on the opposite of what I say on here. That way I win either way :V
  10. I personally feel the 49ers most likely make it for sure, I just can't trust Stafford won't have an off game finally in the playoffs. As for the Chiefs and Bengals idk. I feel in a way that the Bengals are prime for revenge against the 49ers though so I feel it was be the Bengals vs 49ers. Just so the Bagels won't be known as "the team Joe Montana beat" anymore.
  11. I guess the Cigarette Smoking Man is still alive...
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