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  1. Miami will be a tough out. I have confidence that we're the better team, but they seem to make it tough on us every now and then. I think we win this one because we still have the edge over teams with a lot of turnover, and I expect us to start fast out of the gate. I worry about our injuries and I'm hoping Milano and Edmunds practice tomorrow. While we're not necessarily playing the best offense in the world, I always feel better with one or both of them out there for us. Also, I do expect to see a little more action for Moss/Singletary to set up some play action passes. IS IT SUNDAY YET?!?!
  2. I may be in the minority here but I have no problems with Bass. The first missed FG was good, just went over the uprights so we couldn't review the play. The 2nd missed one was a laces out situation. That one is on the holder in my opinion. Bass didn't seem to have an issue with extra points and he's valuable on kickoffs. Of course my opinion could change with time, but give the rookie some time to get it right. If Beane and McD had the confidence in him to cut Hausch early in the competition, so do I.
  3. Haha, yeah I lurk too. I just don't post as much as I used to. I'm still around with y'all. Still love to hear the opinions.
  4. Honestly, I think we're better off having him as the OC for at least another year. I think some of the play calls are horrific, but I think there are more times than not where he has a good play call lined up, but we fail in execution. I think the fact that Allen loves him does him a world of wonders in the organization. Contrary to popular belief, Allen made major strides this season, and he's not even close to his full potential. Daboll should be able to get even more out of him next year. I believe that having Daboll in Allen's ear is the best thing for this offense, as it doesn't stunt his growth. Let's just all collectively hope Gore retires. That way we don't see any more runs up the middle with him on 2nd, 3rd, or 4th & 1. Is it just me or was Ivory 1,000X better than Gore? Why did we cut him?
  5. Hope Singletary's hammy is alright. I actually thought he may have been cramping up based on how he went from unable to walk to walking around on the sideline with his helmet a few minutes afterwards.
  6. Good start to the season. I was optimistic about this team before the season started and obviously had good reason to. I'm excited to see Josh progress through the season. He's looked as advertised so far and I want to see him be consistent. 2 good weeks in a row is a very positive sign for us. Like others mentioned, the Bengals are an inferior team...so we need to take advantage of them but not take them lightly. I think McDermott does a good job not letting the players get too high on themselves, so let's see how that works. The stadium will be ROCKING on Sunday.
  7. This is exactly how I remember him as well. My god he pissed me off with those. Hopefully he's corrected that.
  8. I haven't heard anything, but that's probably a good thing. I know he'll get a lot of work in the preseason so I'm assuming we'll get a good look in TC.
  9. Yeah that was a weird situation. The Texans seemed like they thought they were going to get the guy from the Pats before they fired Gaine and ended up getting no one. Lol. If anything screams dysfunction, there it is! I thought Gaine actually did a good job there. Hope we can bring him back, but wouldn't be surprised if he ends up on another team's radar for GM.
  10. It's a good thing. I've hated him on and off the field from day one. Good riddance!
  11. That’s the way I see it as well. Can’t keep them all. Im not really on board with the Bell stuff. Definitely seems like a guy counter opposite to what McBeane desires. This guy put quit on his teammates last year but I do understand that Beane likes to make a splash so it’s whatever. I’d rather beef up the O-line than anything right now.
  12. Trust me I don't want that headache. Plus, he is too patient of a runner to run behind our O-line. Think about that...you wait more than half a second to hit the hole and he's gonna get crushed. There's a reason Connor did just as well as Bell did and that's because they were both running behind a good O-line. And if we threw enough money at him, he'd come to Buffalo.
  13. I don't hate that we're not too active in FA yet. Everyone is freaking out, but I don't see the issue. How many times have we seen other teams go out and spend big and all they get is a bunch of divas who end up having bad contracts, which sets the team back? I can think of at least 3 times that's happened to other teams (mainly the Jets coincidentally). Let it play out. Btw, Bell is still out there and I could definitely see us sniffing around him...even though I hope that is not the case. Plus, you know Beane will make a trade or 2 and need to save some cap space for that. Relax lol
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