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  1. Bills sign TE Lee Smith 3 year deal.

    This is exactly how I remember him as well. My god he pissed me off with those. Hopefully he's corrected that.
  2. Bills OTA's and TC Thread.

    I haven't heard anything, but that's probably a good thing. I know he'll get a lot of work in the preseason so I'm assuming we'll get a good look in TC.
  3. This Ain't Bills Talk 2.0 OT1

    Yeah that was a weird situation. The Texans seemed like they thought they were going to get the guy from the Pats before they fired Gaine and ended up getting no one. Lol. If anything screams dysfunction, there it is! I thought Gaine actually did a good job there. Hope we can bring him back, but wouldn't be surprised if he ends up on another team's radar for GM.
  4. Free Agency Thread

    It's a good thing. I've hated him on and off the field from day one. Good riddance!
  5. Free Agency Thread

    That’s the way I see it as well. Can’t keep them all. Im not really on board with the Bell stuff. Definitely seems like a guy counter opposite to what McBeane desires. This guy put quit on his teammates last year but I do understand that Beane likes to make a splash so it’s whatever. I’d rather beef up the O-line than anything right now.
  6. Free Agency Thread

    Ahem. Bills in on Bell.
  7. Free Agency Thread

    Trust me I don't want that headache. Plus, he is too patient of a runner to run behind our O-line. Think about that...you wait more than half a second to hit the hole and he's gonna get crushed. There's a reason Connor did just as well as Bell did and that's because they were both running behind a good O-line. And if we threw enough money at him, he'd come to Buffalo.
  8. Free Agency Thread

    I don't hate that we're not too active in FA yet. Everyone is freaking out, but I don't see the issue. How many times have we seen other teams go out and spend big and all they get is a bunch of divas who end up having bad contracts, which sets the team back? I can think of at least 3 times that's happened to other teams (mainly the Jets coincidentally). Let it play out. Btw, Bell is still out there and I could definitely see us sniffing around him...even though I hope that is not the case. Plus, you know Beane will make a trade or 2 and need to save some cap space for that. Relax lol
  9. Bills Sign C Spencer Long

    This is the definition of low risk, high reward. Career starter that had a nagging injury last year which impacted performance. If he heals up and returns to form, we got a cheap starter..if not, we didn't really pay that much for him. Certainly passes the eye test IMO.
  10. Bills Release Charles Clay

    I think anyone with half a brain saw this coming. Best wishes to him moving forward, but it just didn't work out here. Nice cap savings as well. This year's TE class is pretty deep so I can see us getting a couple via the draft. Oh, speaking of the draft, I honestly wouldn't mind going all OL the first 3 rounds. After seeing the success the Colts had after beefing their OL, I'm all in on that idea. WR and other needs can be addressed via FA and later rounds...maybe even trades? We know Beane likes those.
  11. The 2018-2019 Buffalo Sabres Thread

    Man I wish I read this before watching the game! That's awesome, you saw a good game too. I went up north to catch the Sabres-Red Wings game last weekend. Got my brother and dad tickets as well, it was their first Sabres game. We had a great time and got the win.
  12. The 2018-2019 Buffalo Sabres Thread

    BUMP! We're going to have to back up a loomis truck to pay Skinner after this start. Man this is incredible. But this is they type of player the Sabres need to keep moving forward. If he weren't scoring, the Sabres definitely wouldn't have as much wins. So far, this season has been fun!
  13. Week 10 The battle of the Ages

    Soo...how about Barkley as a legit backup option to Allen from here on? I know he had a pretty good preseason in Cinci before the knee injury. Maybe we could get him locked up and keep some continuity behind Allen for the foreseeable future. Maybe overreacting a little after just one game but he came in and did his job pretty good.
  14. This Ain't Bills Talk 2.0 OT1

    Congrats brother!
  15. Week 9 NO NO Peterman

    Man I just had to laugh at some of the comments in here. McDermott and Beane probably have some of the best job security in league and they aren't going anywhere. Making the playoffs last year bought them a few years to truly rebuild the team the way they wanted to. Have there been bumps? Of course. They are both rookies in their respective positions. Trading away McCarron was stupid, but I'm thinking that they probably learned from that. Listen...no one thought they would make the playoffs this year. Vegas literally had the over/under at 3 total wins this year. Lol point being, this is a rebuilding year through and through. We gave away a starting QB that literally took us to the playoffs and replaced him with a rookie with not ONE bonafide starter on the offensive line. And what receivers do we have to throw it to? None. The Bills have over $80 million in cap space for FA next year, and will obviously have a good draft position. Give it time people, and like it or not, McBeane is here to stay. And hate to burst y'all's bubble, but they had no choice but to start Peterman this week if Anderson (officially questionable) cannot go. Barkley came in on Tuesday off the street, so he's obviously not going to start. The way our O-line protects though, I wouldn't be surprised to see Petey get killed.