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  1. I I mean, his value is worth more to the a packers regardless. I doubt he ever gets traded unless he’s just not good, but that would be the Packers just admitting they successor candidate isn’t good enough to be a successor. by the time,e Rodgers contract ends, I think he’s going to be 39/40. Which will be worse in GB if his arm strength deteriorates in the same way as Brees and Brady’s compared to their situations this year(in a dome/warm weather) IF Love shows any potential, he’s likely starting in GB his 5th year after Rodgers contract expires. Otherwise you end up like the Patri
  2. I did see a lot of comparisons to Alex Smith when he came out. Honestly, think he could have a similar career to Smith. Where he’s a lot better later in his career than earlier. Surprisingly, I think Washington is a team that he would fit well on. Use Trubisky the same way they used Alex Smith, Theother being Carolina, if the Panthers move on from Teddy, they have the offensive talent to carry him by using McCaffery in the short passing game and Anderson and Moore as effective deep threats.
  3. The Cowboys defensive players who were complaining about Mike Nolan earlier this year cant say ****. Their entire secondary defense was in position to make a play and just allowed a Hail Mary to happen. In a contested catch situation. Unreal.
  4. Saw he won Big 10 Defensive Players of the year, had a great year overall, was wondering, how good was this guy since I haven’t seen him. What are his strengths weaknesses, how high in the draft if he potentially going to go?
  5. Depends on how he looks for the predraft process, Zaven Collins is the type of ILB that I feel we’d consider taking round 1. Guys got all the tools, big enough to not get dominated at the POA, good in coverage at the college level in zone. Could possibly function as a 3rd edge if he becomes a better pass rusher. But long term, could see him being a 3 down SILB/edge rusher. I’ve seen him compared to Kyle Van Noy who I lived as a prospect, think he’s a similar player to him when he gets to the NFL, and I think that could do a lot for our interior run defense at the 2nd level.
  6. In terms of QBs that Kyle Shannahan has worked with, and if the 49ers miss the playoffs, I feel the 49ers could be the perfect fit for him if they keep Garrapolo. He did design the Robert Griffin rookie year offense which shows he can tailor an offense to a mobile QB, and has shown he can tailor an offense around pocket passers like Matt Ryan and Garrapolo, so if they moved up to get him, they actually have an option to keep him on the bench till he learns the offense, etc
  7. Isn’t the downside that unlike a backwards handoff, there cannot be a forward pass afterwards? As in, they’re giving that up? We’re seeing about more of the double reverse pitches. But this is the key thing. There can’t be a forward pass if the receiver throws a toss to another in motion. I mean, it’s a small thing, but we’re seeing super athletic QBs come out more and more frequently, that could eventually become a bigger and bigger distinction in the future
  8. I replied to this a bit in the 2020 QB topic, but Tua might not have the physical skillset to overcome this, Like, this is a major injury. And he never really showed the ability to run because he didnt need to, but now he literally can't and shouldn't because of this current injury because he should protect his hip. In terms of playing QB, long term, you have to think he's going to take a sack and fall down before he gets hit rather than become handicapped. Which affects if you think he's going to be a franchise QB. You have to evaluate if he's ever over this severe injury. Even if he comes b
  9. I don't see why people see Herbert as so overrated. Like, He has made Oregon a better team when he's on the field vs off, he's improved year to year, and most importantly, he has the tools. I feel were seeing with Burrow now, if with the right coach, you can overcome your inconsistencies. But Herbert has been playing pretty well this year IMO overall considering he doesn't have a dominant skill position player. I will say he has a good line, so he could be a dominant prospect. But at the same time, he's been playing well as he has his entire college career, which is a big plus in terms of co
  10. So, I get that a streaker means that the clock stops, but stopping the clock when Cal was short of the first on a 4th down with 4 seconds left and no TO? I mean, idk, I feel there should have been a 10 second runoff or something. Like, a streaker just gave Cal, who had no timeouts, a chance for what was basically a TO to call an important play. And they basically got a TD out of it. Which could determine the game.
  11. Exactly. I mean, Auburn is one of the top teams in the country and Clemson beat them. Louisvilles schedule isn't that great the rest of the way and with Lamar Jackson, they'll get ranked higher simply because of them if they finish with 9 or 10 wins. Virginia Tech is ranked. N.C. State is ranked. Clemson actually has had one of the hardest schedules to start the season. Two of their out of conference games are against Power 5 teams, which that alone makes their out of conference schedule much better than most Power 5 schools.
  12. I feel a team like New Orleans or Pittsburgh would need to draft him if he's going to go early. He's got the tools, yes, but his play has been absolutely awful. A team like them, there's an established, elite QB ahead of him and he gets the time with the coaches to fine tune his game. if he goes to a team like the Giants or the Chargers though, teams with QBs that are clearly showing regression with age, he'd be forced into a starting role too early. It's got to be with a veteran where he sits on the bench for at least 2 years type guy. Hackenberg was the same type of guy, but he got dra
  13. At the same time, he's surrounded by NFL talent. I mean, if he doesn't put up numbers because every other lineman it taking up the TFL/Sack numbers, doesn't look great for his pro prospects, right? Especially since you have guys like Hubbard, Jones, and Lewis who could all be 1st Round Picks. He stays a year and puts up numbers as the main guy, he could easily be a top half of the first round pick with his tools. But yea, wow. OSU's D-line might all play in the NFL this year. Thats ridiculous.........
  14. He honestly reminds me a lot of Joe Flacco right now. Somewhat inaccurate, but can play in a run heavy, deep play action based offense. His aggressiveness gets him in trouble, but with that type of offense, you usually either are going deep, or if the safeties stay back and cover it, you can check it down to the RB or TE, which naturally is a high percentage pass. Flake made it work extremely well with Torrey Smith. And the Ravens invested in TEs and had an amazing receiving back in Ray Rice, so you can see how Flacco checks down to those two a lot while having a field stretcher to tak
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