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  1. I’d put Atwater over Gradishar
  2. Believe it or not, even I was around lurking and sometimes posting back then. I remember being here even when DW22 died.. hard to believe over 15 years has passed and I’m still here lol
  3. I love the player but hate the trade. Kind of how I feel about both picks ar this point thus far..
  4. Wouldn’t hate a trade up for JOK..
  5. This tells me that not as many teams were trying to trade up as the media made it seem. At least Surtain Jr. is an excellent player but damn, three better have not been good offers on the table for that pick. I do have a feeling that the league in general is a lot more cold on Fields than us fans...
  6. Why do I have a weird feeling Jets might take Fields...
  7. I can't believe this is happening right now 🤣
  8. You're quite verbose for an NFL forum LMAO
  9. Had my second dose of Pfizer yesterday. Slept awful last night and feeling pretty crumby today but absolutely worth it. Good thing I’ve got plenty of hangover experience
  10. Not much you can say about this besides being an excellent move. Elway had proven skeptical of paying his own guys and Paton is reversing course and making it a priority. It's great to see.
  11. I'm always going to err on the side of believing women accusers but something about this smells incredibly fishy... The fact alone that this lawyer tweeted about it before the case was officially filed and is McNair's neighbor.
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