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  1. 2018 Free Agency Discussion Thread

    I mean I def think he would do better than he has with us but that isn’t saying much. And not to mention he simply isn’t near as talented as Dak. So if they aren’t sold on Dak why would they toss him for cheap and replace him with a lesser talent. Paxton deserves a shot to at least hang on in the league but I’m pretty certain the league views him as a bust.
  2. 2018 Free Agency Discussion Thread

    LMAO at the idea of anyone thinking Paxton Lynch is a qbotf
  3. As we enter possibly our franchise’s most pivotal QB search ever, I thought it might be interesting to look at Elway’s career trajectory and stats. I vaguely recall previous posts like this from my decade or so on this site, but as pertinent as ever to revisit. 1) Elways career passer rating is 79.9. He ranks 72nd, tied with Ryan Fitzpatrick. Now obviously this statistic more and more favors contemporary QBs but this is quite average. Some have argued that there is a clear correlation between wins and passer rating, but I would argue against that. 2) His career TD:INT ratio was 300-226, ratio being 1.377. That’s not great!! In fact, Elways turned the ball over a ton. He is 5th all-time in fumbles lost. Can you guess who is number one? 3) With a career record of 148-82-1 and a winning percentage of .640, he ranks 4th all time in wins and 10th all time in win percentage for QBs with at least 100 games started. (For example Russell Wilson ranks 4th with a .681% and Peyton Manning 3rd with a .685%) But what we all remember (I’d hope) is that Elway was the true “comeback kid,” which by the time he retired a two-time Super Bowl champ he was the king of. Currently he is 5th in 4QC, behind, in ascending order: Johnny Unitas and Dan Marino (36), Tom Brady (41) and Peyton Manning (45). 4) Elway is second in the career sacked list, second to only Favre (of course). The only two active QBs in the top 10 are Ben Roethlisberger (477) and Tom Brady (452). 5) Seventh in career passing yards, with 51,475. Active players he trails are Eli Manning, Drew Brees and Tom Brady. By the end of 2018 it almost certain he will be surpassed by Roethlisberger and Rivers as well. 6) This one was striking to me.. 56.9 completion percentage. This ranks 92nd all-time. Elway was very inaccurate! For every pinpoint rocket of a throw in the end zone he had a dozen flops and terrible overthrows.. Elway’s career defines the “gunslinger” mentality. He constantly took risks and paid for them. But I’m the end there was no other leader you’d want for your football team. He was a natural born leader and took the Broncos to five Super Bowls as a player. And this is a guy with mediocre completion percentage, TD-INT ratio and passer rating. All three stats most commonly used to argue for or against young signal callers today Do these stats have any bearing on our QB search? I’m not sure. It’s interesting to me that a guy who had so much fire as a competitor and a knack for winning against all odds would be so awful st scouting quarterbacks. But maybe he saw something in Paxton or Brock, and even maybe Siemian, that he thought would transcend on paper statistics or pure passing ability? The only thing certain is that he has never had the potential value of a #5 pick. And let’s say he decides it worth it to trade up for one of Darnold or Rosen, are either of these guys going to illicit the same feelings? Not sure I have a conclusion here but I imagine that he’s salivating at the prospect of Darnold, Mayfield, Rosen and Allen. All 4 players are also gunslinger types. And in the case of Allen and Darnold especially, do not always exhibit the best passer ratings, or completion percentages. Both turn the ball over than you’d like. But maybe Elway does have a feel for the intangibles and up until now just hadn’t hit on the right prospect. People keep saying that no way Elway will chance another 1st round prospect but I am beginning to expect it.
  4. Why does Hue Jackson still have his job?

    I’m serious when I say the Browns should be sold, and then completely rebranded. Fire everybody and start 100% completely fresh. I understand the history—as a Broncos fan especially —but that is the only way to save this franchise IMO.
  5. Predict the Pick: 5, Broncos

    My brain tells me Nelson, he’s just that good. But it gut and heart tell me Mayfield... Size issue aside I think elway will see himself in Baker and nab him, for better or for worse.
  6. 2018 College Prospect Thread

    Who are some day 2-3 WRs that we should be looking at? I’m a big fan of Christian Kirk..
  7. Possible trades this offseason?

    Is is it possible for him to restructure his deal this year?
  8. 2017 Team Rookie Grades

    Reading this thread is depressing, realizing how little talent we have at depth and on offense overall.
  9. Possible trades this offseason?

    Exactly, I don’t really want to advocate for trades. Just want to know which ones are realistic and what they might look like. Seems like if anything certain players (VJ, Watson) might be cap casualties while with Talib and Saunders it’s just a question of can they still contribute at a high enough level to justify their price tag, and if not is there trade value there.
  10. Broncos to coach the North team in the Senior Bowl

    I have a sneaky suspicion this might be our QB next season. It’s that or Cousins I really can’t imagine otherwise. And Im just as stoked at the promise this might give our day 2-3 picks. Maybe VJ and Kubiak having more input could give us a solid draft for once
  11. Possible trades this offseason?

    I agree we should keep DT, I hope he retires a Bronco.. so let’s say we trade Saunders for a 4th—I think it’s reasonable, maybe include one of our later round or a future pick—would we need to spend money to fill the gap? Or do we look for playmakers in the draft? Either way it seems He has one foot out the door already, might as well get some value for him.
  12. Possible trades this offseason?

    I think you’re right. I could see some surprising departures *ahem* D.T.
  13. Possible trades this offseason?

    What are some realistic trades you guys think might happen between now and draft day? Do we trade guys like CJ, Talib, Saunders..? I guess I’m less interested in whether or not we should trade any of these guys, but I am curious what their respective trade values would be, if any.
  14. Broncos Vs. Chiefs GDT week 17

    Wish we had Mahomes lol