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  1. Because other players could be infected and still test negative. Plus the nfl is not actually testing on gamedays. So unless they are doubly cautious they run the risk of just exacerbating any outbreaks and spiraling out of control
  2. Can you not just go get tested? I live in LA so I think I take for granted how easy it is to get a test around here and difficult elsewhere.
  3. No doubt, but cmon. It’s incredibly unlikely that we’ll be in that position and despite the injuries I still want to see this team compete, win and grow. If that means we miss out on a top 5 talent at QB than I am absolutely fine with that. In fact, I’d prefer it. If the coaching continues to be suspect (play-calling and game mgmt) and the backups and young guys can’t compete and we get that chance, then we can talk. But as a lifelong fan of this team that has been very spoiled with high-priced free agents and mostly very successful teams, I’m ready to actually see a team grow some chemistry and improve together. I’m down for the “process” and would love to see a team of backups overachieve and miss out on that top 5 pick even if some on here think that’s losing value in the draft etc. Not to mention I think Lock is the real deal and with a healthy arsenal and strong defense around him, he can grow into a franchise QB. He’s been dealt a rough hand...
  4. So 1.25 games into his second season and y'all are already dreaming of Fields or Lawrence?? 🤣
  5. Broncos sign linebacker Isaiah Irving to active roster Nice! 🤗
  6. And another example of AAA utter hyperbole 🤣
  7. I feel bad for Gostowski 🥺 But also grateful 😈
  8. Look I get what you’re saying but we have 3 pass rushers on the roster: one of which is on a “pitch count,” and two are unproven, inexperienced guys. No matter how you shake it we need something.
  9. So now we’ve tried and failed to sign Cameron Wake and Clay Matthews. Elway being stingy smh
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