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  1. You're quite verbose for an NFL forum LMAO
  2. Had my second dose of Pfizer yesterday. Slept awful last night and feeling pretty crumby today but absolutely worth it. Good thing I’ve got plenty of hangover experience
  3. Not much you can say about this besides being an excellent move. Elway had proven skeptical of paying his own guys and Paton is reversing course and making it a priority. It's great to see.
  4. I'm always going to err on the side of believing women accusers but something about this smells incredibly fishy... The fact alone that this lawyer tweeted about it before the case was officially filed and is McNair's neighbor.
  5. I'm actually pretty surprised we haven't heard any rumors of JAX trying to trade for Watson, unless I've been missing something. Wouldn't #1 overall/Lawrence be as good as you can get for Houston? They still have a solid D and a good amount of talent across the board plus boatloads of future cap space - does this just not appeal to Watson?
  6. How debatable? Can you name five QBs that are better than Watson?
  7. At least it can't get any worse than what they've been rocking the last few years... It's funny how Nike is suddenly embracing this boring, minimalist approach.
  8. Do we even know what the investigation was about?
  9. I have a feeling it's going to be Dalton.
  10. I just want to know why we're so streaky and lackadaisical at times. This road trip was obviously encouraging and I'm hoping that now that our "Big Three" is clicking we'll finish the season strong going into the playoffs. I also understand that we've had tons of injuries and it's encouraging that Malone has embraced playing the young guys. But as Lomax already mentioned, having Hartenstein, Dozier, Cancar and Nnaji with Jamal just makes no sense. I love the young talent on the team but I think some of that talent could be condensed to get a better defensive wing and some size. Do I
  11. You’re kidding right? This has been discussed by multiple posters in the last three pages.
  12. Yeah, and you know who is going to be getting rid of most of those jobs? Huge chains like Walmart, Home Depot, grocery stores, other retail, etc...
  13. I'm so discouraged by Malone but would be really sad to see him go. It's just crazy to see a coach of his stature just throwing things at the wall in hopes it sticks. Is it really that hard to get effective lineups, even with the injuries? I'm hoping we make some bold moves by the deadline, it's time for this team to be in aggressive in improving.
  14. I would also take it to mean that we're going to play a wait-and-see approach and not go for any big splashes. Look for younger, budget guys that have showed promise but aren't lauded among the media. I have a feeling the plan is to get younger and cheaper in hopes we compete this year and towards the goal of having extra picks and cash for 2022.. Obviously, landing Watson somehow would throw this plan out the window.
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