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  1. So I make one mistake and you want to hang me for it? If it wasn’t for me we would have lost by now. did I make a mistake? Quite possibly but that doesn’t mean I’m wrong. Based on forges reaction there is absolutely one person left besides him. I will stake everything on it.
  2. You tell me if it makes sense to have two protectors and no restrictions. It doesn’t. I may be wrong on counselor but he definitely has someone left.
  3. That would be a bad bet. I wouldn’t drag it out.
  4. I just couldn’t see how there would be two civ protectors and one of them had 0 restrictions. Forge definitely has someone left tho.
  5. It would be, but I am fresh out my friend.
  6. He definitely has somebody left. If it’s not counselor, I would rank them like this. racks hockey et
  7. Hey man I had to take my shot.
  8. Oh knock it off. If I am wrong, I’ve still nailed this game outside of you.
  9. Sadly, me too but I still feel good about it. There’s no frickin way we had 2 protectors and 0 restrictions, none.
  10. I was with counselor up until he said he had no restrictions to his protection. There’s no way that there was 2 civ protectors and zero restrictions on it. None.
  11. About counselor. What are odds that there would be 2 town protectors and at least one of them have 0 restrictions at all?
  12. I bet ya if counselor gets to 3 forge won’t hammer him