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  1. And furthermore, again mind you, if you have specifically withheld information that implicates orca and by proxy semi clears the current lynch candidate, that is dumb.
  2. And if scum kill you, then what?
  3. This is flimsy, at best, to be honest.
  4. Doing dumb stuff doesn’t always equal being scum. Just how you interpreted my statement about josh leads me to believe you have some form of knowledge over the matter.
  5. If you have knowledge that someone did in fact redirect josh and have not stated so, that’s dumb.
  6. That’s dumb thing #2 from you today.
  7. Orca comes off like he knows josh was actually redirected IMO
  8. What? I’m saying it’s likely he is the roleblock ......
  9. It also seems like josh is telling the truth about not being the one to kill malf. It wouldn’t surprise me if he was a roleblock and they doubled up.
  10. That was my guess for the whole voices under the sea aspect. Doesn’t necessarily mean there wouldn’t be some form of a conversion though.
  11. So are you a siren Mwilly?
  12. I was hoping someone would comment on it, felt like it was perfect lol