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  1. Simply Mafia - Civs Win!!!

  2. Simply Mafia - Civs Win!!!

    It's similar to a survivor type of games only you're only out there for yourself. Each round there's a challenge and if you win you can elect to stay safe that round or challenge another in the arena. In the arena you can choose attack, strong attack, defend or counter. It'd probably easier just to look up "Spartacus mafia" from the old board.
  3. Simply Mafia - Civs Win!!!

    Anyone interested in another gladiator style game?
  4. Glover Quin signs 2-year extension

    Definitely. I would say that I think glover is a bit under rated out there. He's not one of the very top guys but he's up there.
  5. Glover Quin signs 2-year extension

    Agreed. I don't think I'd say he's elite by any means but he is better than a lot of the safeties out there.
  6. Simply Mafia - Civs Win!!!

    My hunch is still fret it may be a stretch but cwoods posts seem more genuine than fret and husker. I think we should lynch fret and invest husker. Just my two cents.
  7. Simply Mafia - Civs Win!!!

    fret I'm going on a whim here but I think it's him.
  8. Simply Mafia - Civs Win!!!

    cwood. I'm good with that.
  9. Simply Mafia - Civs Win!!!

    If it is a role, then we need to go RMIB for mafia.
  10. Simply Mafia - Civs Win!!!

    @Hockey5djh hurry up and get to work. Hoping you have some info for us.
  11. Simply Mafia - Civs Win!!!

    Ready to win survivor?
  12. Simply Mafia - Civs Win!!!

    Yea there's only 10 people left and bucs said ratio is 7 1 and 2. Also LOLclear
  13. Simply Mafia - Civs Win!!!

    Isn't there only one mafia left?
  14. Simply Mafia - Civs Win!!!

    Alright I gotta head back into work and I won't be back until right around night time. Vote dome and we got one tonight.
  15. Simply Mafia - Civs Win!!!

    Didn't really have any good reads and didn't have enough time to plan anything else so I threw my vote around to see if anything else popped up. I'm the end I knew if he came back civ I could just revive him.