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  1. 2018 NFL Draft Thread

    I would be happy with either. I like freeman a little more but I’d be fine with Chubb.
  2. 2018 NFL Draft Thread

    I don’t think there’s any arguable to it. Riddick is better.
  3. Home Improvement/Remodel Thread

    I love him and you won’t stop me.
  4. Home Improvement/Remodel Thread

    Id give you 8 every night .... its started to get nicer and nicer here. Still a bit chilly 40/50s but after the winter that’s shorts and T-shirt weather.
  5. Home Improvement/Remodel Thread

    Just bought my first house in December of last year. Started doing some renovations and have plans for much much more. We started with the main floor bathroom which was just going to be painting until we decided what we wanted to do with the kitchen as well. Then we went to menards and she found the vanity she absolutely adored. So a quick roughly 30/40$ paint job turned into new vanity, new mirror, new floor and new trim. We just recently did my man cave which is a Star Wars/Lions theme. It’s not finished yet but the walls are painted and carpet is put in. Right now we’re working on her woman cave in the other room of the finished part of the basement. Then we will be finishing most of the other half for the kids playroom. Plan on doing the kitchen/living room next year with our bedroom. Then we move upstairs. I’m also thinking of building a fort structure in the side yard but i havent determined if I want to tackle that in the next few weeks or not.
  6. Who was the worst draft pick by your team in your lifetime?

    BIg Mike Williams at #10 overall after he took a year of football. Lazy player, not a lot of his skills in his quiver and wasn’t necessary. Horrible pick.
  7. Do backup QBs ever actually help young QBs?

    Charlie Batch was actually the first person I thought of when reading the OP. He wasn’t particularly a bad QB either, I think a very poor OL held him back IMO. He was never going to be an all time great but he was definitely serviceable and a smart player.
  8. I don’t like it either brother.
  9. Me and sax answered the same for every question?
  10. Totally misread the tiebreaker
  11. Players refusing to play in Preseason

    To add to that it would cut down their chance to get in reps in full pads to prepare for future play time should anyone go down with injury.
  12. If Miami cuts Suh

    Avril wasn’t starting his first year or two tho I believe. Granted he did have nicks and bumps here and there.
  13. Lions Use Franchise Tag On Ezekiel Ansah

    His first couple years were pretty good. He was still a bit streaky but I feel like he generated a lot more pressure. Once he hurt his back though it’s been downhill and VERY streaky. Could be remembering wrong but I’m pretty sure he got his sack total with a few 3 sack games this year and literally almost nothing else.
  14. Players refusing to play in Preseason

    And we normally had anywhere from 2 to 4 scrimmages as well.
  15. So if everybody no voted TLO would go home?