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  1. Mafia Rules and Registration/Discussion Thread

    Everyone, you may or may not have seen the last mafia game I am going to play. I just don’t have the motivation to invest in these games any longer. I’ve enjoyed playing with you all over this last decade or so (holy ****) but I just don’t have it in me anymore. There will likely come a time that I get that itch to play again and I assure you I’ll let you know. until then, shut up. sincerely, Touch
  2. No need to apologize. I’m not upset over it.
  3. I think I had all of about 10 posts throughout. I seriously didn’t want to play.
  4. It’s just paranoia. I never actually signed up for this game and I truly have no desire to play anymore. You were paranoid because I have the exact answers to what you likely would have done and it made you weary.
  5. That’s an oopsy on my part. I kept thinking counselor was still alive until I looked at the OP
  6. Except, the gov couldn’t pardon himself so why would dome be able to?
  7. ksj but it’s not as much fun
  8. Well that’s makes a bit more sense I suppose
  9. The one where he said I was scum
  10. Truthfully, it has more to do with malfs lie than anything you’ve actually done.
  11. I’m thinking swag cause it sounds like fun.