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  1. It Mafia Signups

    I was told this would start tonight.
  2. My moves are in. Just call me Steph Curry *******.
  3. It Mafia Signups

    Do you ever?
  4. It Mafia Signups

    Isn’t that every game?
  5. It Mafia Signups

    Formerly known as ramsturd
  6. Another HoH posted, another cringe worthy crying session by Outpost.
  7. It Mafia Signups

    Your sign up list is wrong
  8. If I had moved he would have been lynched. I didn’t want to do that tho because all it would have done is pushed my lynch back a day. I had to get the vote to move without my vote being a factor.
  9. I’m not saying come out and say hey I’m scum, just follow the vote. Town would have hit town again lol
  10. If we lynch town, that brings them down to 2. Then with how they were playing they would have hit another town. Swag easily would have worked with us. After a couple nights of him outright refusing to vote me I figured he had to be scum of some sort lmao
  11. Rest of scum shoulda just came out punks