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  1. Teez Tabor--Is His Long-Term Future at Safety

    They don’t have baggers anymore, it wouldn’t be a good fit.
  2. Not really though because it was more about speaking to the scenarios of what could happen. The smarter play right now is to go for the main threat of mafia. If we lynch mafia tonight and the game isn’t over? Then obviously you lied about your win condition and need to be next. Given the context of the situation, I don’t see it as likely that you would have a separate win condition that would cause us to lose should we lynch mafia tonight.
  3. Just being the middle man here but IMO I don’t think that’s a scum slip at all. I think it’s fairly apparent that the hits have come every other day so if anything it reads more as a civ read than anything. He is right tho that it has no bearing on the topic of lynching the other.
  4. Guys we are not going after unCCd claims and current invest results. Get back on track.
  5. I believe he basically stated that his earlier move list was a lie
  6. The only thing that leaves me hesitant on James is that someone played with my stones. Prior to today I was pretty firm on it being the dingo. The question becomes, were my stones redirected to keep me from voting dingo or were they redirected to frame dingo. Being that the final mafia has a lot of ground to make up, I don’t think the final mafia would be dingo. It would be too direct of a path to him.
  7. Fun fact, the message I typed up was actually typed up this morning but I didn’t realize I didn’t hit submit.
  8. Guys, vote James and let’s slam dunk this win.
  9. James set off the same radar Matt’s did d1 earlier today in his conversation with you. I’m positive it’s james.
  10. I don’t think he’d come in like he did as mafia, effort aside.
  11. Look at earlier today and how it comes off.
  12. I think so. If mylilpwny was mafia, he would have came in with a good amount of effort.