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  1. I thought it was noon 8pm?
  2. Ramsturd mookie drew dwight
  3. Where’s my immunity necklace jefe. I worked hard for that
  4. The tribes were eliminated June 21st, just sayin.
  5. Mylilpwny flux ruskie venom
  6. No, luckily not lol that was the last season I watched in full. Leading up to the wedding I didn’t have time to really watch much of the next season except 20 minutes of episode one for a few days in a row as I fell asleep trying to watch lol.
  7. I’ve been watching a lot of survivor lately (most of it for the first time) and I like Ben.
  8. The truth will come whether she’s truly celebrating it but I certainly married up, that’s for sure.
  9. I wanted to squeeze in more of them but I usually only had a few minutes when I was able to get on.