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  1. Pick 1 to Breakout

    Austin Siebert 139/140 XP 6/6 FG
  2. What's your word of the day?

  3. Browns sign Kareem hunt

    Dude, you're 50% Rootstownian. Only half as pure as me, but almost nobody's perfect.
  4. Browns sign Kareem hunt

    Fatgerman Von Braun: Confirmed.
  5. Browns sign Kareem hunt

    Your self-loathing is so efficient, though. Kinda admirable.
  6. THE QUEST FOR THE DC/OC Beginneth!

    Rooney Rule.
  7. My Personal Ambien

    Ambien's a helluva drug.
  8. My Personal Ambien

    Lost me at s3 of Full House. Beach Boy Bingo was s2.
  9. Digital Football Algorithm

    Just be more judicious with your balls. Problem solved.
  10. Speculating on Hash Gordon for the Last Time

    It sounds like this. Exactly like this.
  11. Are Kiwi and Hornby for real?

    Look, man. I tried being the defender of New Zealand. But it's hella hard balancing on building spires when there's an end-times earthquake every ten minutes.