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  1. Why is this game not moved but they’ve moved plenty of others?
  2. Is Armstead just happy with his new deal or am I missing him making a difference. Seems to me like he’s been a non factor this year.
  3. Yeah the math didn’t add up to 3 and a half years as coach unless they’re doing 30 game seasons now.
  4. That will be in the requires improvement section in Shanny’s yearly review.
  5. Why are any starters playing? I know there’s only so many at each position but whys Warner and Kinlaw our there.
  6. When he was walking off the field his foot appeared to be duck footed. Concerned broken ankle based on direction his foot pointed.
  7. Oh that’s not good. Non contact injury for Samuel. Fuuuuuudge
  8. I think he just got hit in the nuts or something. Should be in soon.
  9. Live I thought it was a fake by Jimmy to look like a bad snap.
  10. Anybody who doesn’t like Deebo just doesn’t like football. Just so tough and loves contact.
  11. Allen cannot be on an nfl roster. I don’t know if I’ve seen worse corner play. Good lord.
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