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  1. Yeah, besides as I was screaming at my TV, haven’t watched a replay of it so I’m curious. As for Mitchell, the guy was looking like he was out on the play. Players waived to sidelines immediately. Just makes me wonder how they didn’t know he was concussed at the time, but I’m no doctor. Have they said anything about Cannon?
  2. I feel like I’m still angry and need a cooling off period before discussing the next game. Let me see some breakdowns, believe that we’ll lose out the rest of the year because we’re that bad, maybe respond to Shanny’s ex girlfriend’s thread about firing Shanny right away….. you know, the healing process. Then I’ll be back to discuss our secondary, Hasty’s pending start, and Burrow’s grapefruit sized pinky.
  3. How is Mitchell in concussion protocol but came back in the game after the hit? That makes no sense. On the Kittle pick, everyone’s taking it as a given that Sherfield was open on the play and Jimmy predetermined the pass. I don’t have a breakdown of it, maybe someone else does. Wasn’t the safety following Sherfield until the ball was in the air? Yes it looked bad when looking at just defense, but as Jimmy is releasing the ball, where was the safety going? Regardless it was a bad pick, but I just don’t know if Sherfield truly was open like everyone is saying.
  4. Two roughing the passers and Norman not tackling his man in bounds cost us that drive. That was pathetic.
  5. Good to see Seattle out of time outs. 6 here would be HUGE
  6. Jimmy throwing deep. We need that to be a completion. But love that they’re going over the top at least.
  7. Mosley down is bad. Both teams need to just take a deep breath. This is ridiculous
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