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  1. Ok, now move Goodwin and pettis and I’m happy. Tough to get rid of them in this WR draft.
  2. Don’t know anything about him. Can he play guard?
  3. I’m not one of those guys that likes to examine OL play. Favorite players to watch for me are LBs. But Staley is still one of my favorite niners ever. Really really hope they can keep him around the team in some capacity. Coach, consultant, ball boy, I don’t really care, but I want his personality in that locker room on a daily basis.
  4. I mean they could always trade Bosa for a 3rd or something. I think we’d be pretty disappointed with that!
  5. Charlie Casserly saying his pick of the round was Kinlaw.
  6. I think this means Staley’s coming back.
  7. We’ve had 20 minutes on the clock. Either trash know who they want or not. Gotta be a trade or trying to work a great deal.
  8. Looks like another trade with how long this is taking
  9. I live in San Diego so lots of Charger fans and they were saying all year that Bosa has said he is definitely going to try to go to the Niners to play with his brother. I don’t know quotes, but they were saying it all year. Only problem is Chargers are always stubborn, and I can see them holding on to Bosa just to prove a point rather than get something for him. I think both brothers on the end with Armstead and a combo of others in the middle would be an amazing line. Probably better than last year, especially like you said with Fords injury issues. Now, is there any rule if someone’s brother happens to communicate with our staff about what kind of long term deal his brother would love to sign? Like I said before, have been sworn off football since the super bowl until now, so I have no idea who will be around when we’re drafting. But even trading back for a couple first rounders/early seconds and getting a corner and interior line help, I think this team is better than last year.
  10. And now I just see you posted the same thing in another thread. Ha.
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