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  1. UDFAs?

    Hey at least we picked up a safety. Must have been the plan all along!
  2. If it ends Celek time I’m happy. I think a cheaper option from the junk we have in the position with at least a chance to have an impact is a win for us. We know what we have in Celek. And that ceiling isn’t even high enough to really call it a ceiling. It’s like a limbo bar or something, I don’t know.
  3. Originally hated this pick but I just have this weird feeling now that this guys gonna be an absolute star now. Nothing else to say. Just wanted this in writing so I can quote it when he’s giving his speech in Canton.
  4. Anyone starting a UDFA thread? I’m not a thread starting dude but I saw we just signed Speight to be a camp arm.
  5. Lot of his highlights are of him in run support.
  6. Athlete’s the key word here. So maybe 6 months for him.
  7. Can’t say I know anything about him but I’m good with the position. The goal for me is if someone gets hurt on the line, Jimmy doesn’t also get killed as a result.
  8. Have they said at all if Hurd will get snaps at TE? I realize these are two totally different types of players but just curious what the depth chart at TE will look like.
  9. 49ers draft Nick Bosa at 2

    Say what you want about him as a president, but he may be the greatest Twitter troll of all time.
  10. Feel like we should trade all 3 of our 6th rounders for future picks. I think they felt Bosa was such a great pick and the after party was so amazing that the hangover has been hard to overcome. Better luck next year.
  11. Well that’s who I wanted
  12. Two 6th round for 6 spots. Good with that
  13. Some good interior offensive line and safeties on the board. Hoping that’s where we go with this pick. As far as the interview, I don’t think the issues are if someone is polished. I think it’s if they show character flaws in that interview and lack of self awareness which can certainly effect if you’re able to coach up a player. For example Metcalf and Polite both supposedly got defensive and fought what the coaches said. If you display that quality in an interview, certainly logical to think you’re going to be difficult to coach as a player. I really don’t think it was that someone didn’t close hard or rambled in their answers or didn’t have proper posture to show engagement.