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  1. Around the NFL II - Even NFLier

    All I really want is O line at this point. And I don’t really ever want guys with Ramsey’s issues. As a rookie he was making demands and hasn’t shut up since. The Jags defense went backwards last year. Lots of reasons, but I just don’t think some of the egos, like Ramsey, are a help for a team mentality.
  2. I think Witherspoon has probably been the most consistent. Buckner hasn’t done much but I’ll admit I haven’t watched close enough to know if he’s just drawing double teams nonstop or if he’s been struggling. Bosa is making a huge difference but wouldn’t say he’s making biggest difference. Even when he’s not in the pass rush has been fairly consistent with Blair and Armstead. I’ll say I felt like Alexander was a big difference maker today. Flies around and makes things happen (but sometimes not good things) but I felt like the run game shut down this week was partially due to him being back. And I feel like Williams has been the worst, and the biggest surprise has been Tartt hasn’t even been mentioned, pretty much at all. Is that because the front 7 stuffed the run so much he isn’t needing to make tackles in run support and our corners are playing so good he hasn’t had to be too involved in the pass defense? I don’t know.... just surprised how little he’s been around the ball.
  3. I don’t get why Bosa and other starters playing. He’s already nursing an injury. Get him out of there.
  4. In good news we play what looks like a terrible team next week then have a bye. Hopefully Staley can be back in 3 weeks.
  5. Wish we had Hurd right now
  6. Another stupid penalty. How many of those dumb penalties we gonna have. Look to your left Bosa
  7. Our pass rush kind of died down.
  8. As angry as that play makes me, Witherspoon just looks like he’s really becoming a solid corner. With what Sherman said about him last week, let’s see how he bounces back. And wow, Williams getting torn apart today.
  9. Let’s just hope that was our brain fart drive there. Everything was bad. Everything.
  10. Our defensive line looks amazing or their offensive line looks horrible. Still trying to decide.
  11. I hate the NFLs penalties.
  12. Really rough start for Williams