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  1. Is there any chance Reed comes back? Or did he close the door on that. We also didn’t pick up a small shifty receiver, which is something I like to have. I know Taylor’s still unsigned, and really did nothing for us to want to sign him with injury after injury. Any word on his recovery and if he’s someone we could possibly bring back for that slot role?
  2. Yeah I heard that and I call BS. If teams had him over Lawrence, I don’t care the situation, teams would have traded up for him. Somebody would have made a crazy offer once he passed us.
  3. Really surprised we didn’t do anything to get more picks next year.
  4. I’m not sure why we didn’t trade up but I’d love to move some of these picks to next year. We don’t need all of them and will need all we can for next years draft.
  5. Meh. Such more pressing needs.
  6. Don’t know the player but OG and CB were my hopes for second and third round. I also don’t think we need to read into his playing style as far as if that means lance is starting or not. They’re not drafting for just year one anyway. And I really don’t think they’ll change up their scheme with Lance. Sure they’ll have designed runs, but Shanny’s not gonna change the RB runs because of the QB. Pretty much the key to his offense.
  7. I was, but I was ok with the everything including the drunk video. Hell, his DUI gave him street cred or something I don’t know. But that limp wristed waive was just so bad.
  8. I wanted him the whole time until that waive he gave right there. That was embarrassing and I’m embarrassed I ever said I thought he was good.
  9. Yeah, I didn’t have fields too far behind Jones. Would have been stoked on either. I just value accuracy so much. I hope there’s some mechanics issue that Shanny thinks will be easy to fix. But half his passes are off the mark. Just scares me.
  10. I’m underwhelmed. Worst of the three in my opinion but I really hope I’m wrong. And I’ll lose my mind if Jones falls to NO or NE and becomes the best QB in this draft.
  11. I always feel bad for guys drafted by the jets. Can they really be happy about joining that franchise?
  12. We’ve all seen plenty of tape on Lawrence. Maybe some tape on his girlfriend?
  13. Remember when they used to just announce the damn picks? Such a production. Just give us the picks and who’s on the board and who’s trading. It’s music videos and bands playing. Maybe I’m the old man. Damn.
  14. I skimmed that so correct me if I’m wrong with the calculation method. But could that be that it’s because Mac throws a very catchable ball or no?
  15. To those saying Jed should step in... 1. We don’t even know the pick yet. Chill out. 2. No. Just no. The minute the owner gets involved in player personnel we’re done. That works for no one. Jed had zero football background. 3. Mac’s gonna be a frickin stud and you all are gonna adamantly deny you were ever against the pick when he’s got 3 big old rings on his fingers a decade from now. 4. Probably not, but I wanted to be able to quote myself in the future and say I told you so just in case. Hey, when you’re one of two or three niner fans rooting for Mac to be the pick,
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