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  1. Did Tyreek Hill just push his coach? Get him out of there!
  2. Very uneducated college fan here, with an opinion. I watched the second half of last nights game and that’s pretty much all I’ve seen of these two QBs. I’m certainly aware there was a large disparity in talent or at least level of play from the surrounding casts, specifically the ability of the offensive lines to slow the pass rush. Fields- one read QB. Slow delivery and slow decision making. Could see by his body language when his read wasn’t there and he just seemed like he didn’t know where to go from there. Great arm but sometimes seemed like he just wanted to put some touch unde
  3. And then he rifles one in the end zone when he doesn’t need to....
  4. Not understanding why they didn’t kick the FG with 45 seconds left.
  5. My god how many things are they gonna get wrong? Dion Jones, Duke Greenlaw, Justin Skule is used to playing right guard.... what’s next? Coach Kevin shanahan?
  6. Sarcasm. Our returners call fair catch if the coverage team is anywhere remotely close.
  7. That was weird. Reed didn’t call a fair catch when the coverage team was inside 15 yards. Is that legal?
  8. Interesting. Eventually everything’s gonna be streaming I guess.
  9. And I’m so confused on this. Has there been other games on prime?
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