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  1. Good point. He may have been some teams number one for all we know, but like the Denver example and some other teams who could have either traded up or gone a different route, I have to believe they didn’t have him as high as the 3 who went to start the draft. Certainly possible, but you’re right, some Atlanta could have had it Lance at 1, Fields at 2 and Wilson and Lawrence as second rounders for all we know. Just seemed like some teams could have gone to get him before 11 based on all the tools we see if there wasn’t something else wrong with him, from a scouting standpoint. At this
  2. There’s always misses in the draft, but if fields is as good as this guy says (and some of the stats he shows), then I just can’t figure out why so many teams had him as their 4th best QB.
  3. Sad to see. Sounds like he had some CTE issues that led to his early passing based on his family’s statement. Can’t say I remember that far back if he had excessive concussion issues during his playing days.
  4. I think that’s BS. If someone is a better QB you adjust your offense, not vice versa. Fields slipped because of something that the normal fan or beat writer can’t assess. Shanny and other coaches/GMs throughout the league aren’t going to roast Fields, but there is something they really didn’t like. Many guess it’s off the field or character issues or something in the interview. I think I’m a genius and it’s what I’ve been saying the last 7 or 8 months which is pocket presence and ability to read a defense. I think Shanny and others saw tremendous arm talent but not a lot of natural instinct in
  5. Maybe they did. Falcons wanted him out of NFC so who’s to say Titans didn’t get last right of refusal over us.
  6. Cohn’s an idiot. Practice 1 and he’s saying Shanny was the big loser because he didn’t do roll outs and expand the offense for Lance. It’s like day 1 fundamentals. Throwing and catching, footwork, timing, etc. Did he expect a practice to show him off for the media?
  7. Wow, almost unforgivable. I remember when Smith started wearing a giants hat in his post game press conferences and suddenly I realized I really felt like he was our QB of the future..... despite his picks and inability to throw TDs at that time.
  8. Correct me if I’m wrong but weren’t those games typically at 1 because they were western conference games. I may be misremembering that but thought they were all 1 PST games.
  9. Is there any chance Reed comes back? Or did he close the door on that. We also didn’t pick up a small shifty receiver, which is something I like to have. I know Taylor’s still unsigned, and really did nothing for us to want to sign him with injury after injury. Any word on his recovery and if he’s someone we could possibly bring back for that slot role?
  10. Yeah I heard that and I call BS. If teams had him over Lawrence, I don’t care the situation, teams would have traded up for him. Somebody would have made a crazy offer once he passed us.
  11. Really surprised we didn’t do anything to get more picks next year.
  12. I’m not sure why we didn’t trade up but I’d love to move some of these picks to next year. We don’t need all of them and will need all we can for next years draft.
  13. Meh. Such more pressing needs.
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