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  1. 1(3). Sam Darnold, QB, Southern California

    There has been something in my mind since Sam Darnald walked onto the stage when he was drafted. Fans of Entourage might remember how Turtle discribed how he knew Vince would be famous. Vincent Chase, big head, Bruce Willis, big head,.......... Sam Darnold, big head. Someone who knows how to make those types of video clips needs to make this happen. It would be awesome.
  2. 3(72). Nathan Shepherd, DE, Fort Hays State

    Hope he works out. I'd love to have a Canadian kid to cheer on.
  3. Week 2: Par for the Course

    I think our dline is getting a little too much criticism. ( I'd love to know the stats. But I am too lazy to look them up). The only two players to have any concern about in the front 7 are Mo and Leo. So if I'm the opposing team I double them every play. Not sure about the need on Mo anymore as he does look like he is dogging it. Not many players can regularly beat double teams. Plus If they also clog the middle as much as possible, There are no consistent speed rushers to go around the out side. With no other help these two will continue to look worse than the are.