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  1. ^ I’m leaning Sanders Is it to bold to play Jalen Hurts over Lamar Jackson?
  2. Both definitely seem to have there downfalls. Edwards passion and work ethic giving off Wiggins 2.0 vibes to some. What's interesting to me is most, if not all of these draft experts seem to have LaMelo as there #1 guy now. Hopefully they see or know something that alot of fans don't. Based off what I've read, there will be a lot of unhappy fans if Melo is the pick and kept. I've rescinded my NBA scouting takes after being sure Culver was the right pick last year. Regarding the wanting out, It doesnt seem like we have heard much from Lavar since Lonzo left LA. LaMelo seems like a chill du
  3. Lots of steam for LaMelo Ball at 1 lately. Wolves apparently had another interview with him as well as a private workout.
  4. Interesting. Would suck to see Thielen traded. Would make sense that they are trying for him though with the Stefanaki connection. Gotta think it would take a bit of an overpay
  5. That's true. I definitely wouldn't be opposed to it if need be.
  6. It would be pretty nice to get one without having to give up a future 1st though
  7. Justin Fields looking nice! give me any of Lawrence, Fields or Lance please. Zach Wilson plays tonight on ESPN as well
  8. Not Trey Lances best game. To bad it’s his only one. 15-30 149 yards 2 TDs 1 Int (1st career) 15 rushes 143 yards 2 TDs also had a perfectly thrown 50 yard bomb for a TD that was dropped.
  9. Fixed. I'm fine with Fields or Lance if we don't get #1 for Lawrence.
  10. Week 2: Saints late but I’ll take Seattle as the 2nd team if allowable since they are down 7-14 right now
  11. Came away with Terry McLaurin in 3 leagues so I guess he's my guy
  12. Standard scoring. Pick 1. I've got Boyd in right now Tyler Boyd Vs LAC Diontae Johnson @NYG Marlon Mack @Jax Full PPR. Pick 1. Just switched it and put Johnson in for now. Amari Cooper @Rams Diontae Johnson @NYG
  13. Went extremely young here but I like it. 10 teams, .5 PPR, 2 keepers (Dalvin Cook & Josh Jacobs). They dumped the kicker spot this year for a flex in this league. QB: Lamar Jackson RB: Dalvin Cook RB: Josh Jacobs WR: Terry McLauren WR: DK Metcalf WR/TE: Hollywood Brown Flex: Miles Sanders D/ST: Ravens Bench Brandon Cooks WR Jordan Howard RB Antonio Gibson RB Preston Williams WR Bryan Edwards WR Chase Edmunds RB Carson Wentz QB Hayden Hurst TE Paris Campbell WR
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