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  1. Cole Holcomb here's your chance.
  2. Diablo 3

    So I leveled my necro using minions, skeletons and mages. Then once I hit 70 I flipped my skills to match my free set. I’m running a bone storm necro for now. Seems pretty powerful I cleared a level 25 GR easily and don’t even have my recommended gear outside of my set pieces.
  3. General Final Fantasy Thread

    Chrono Trigger came out in 1995. Vegeta debuted in the comics in 1988 and then in the tv show around 1990.
  4. Diablo 3

  5. Diablo 3

    So I cubed a level 70 weapon into a unique, but I can’t equip it. I tried to roll level reduction on it but couldn’t hit it.
  6. Diablo 3

    I got dragged to a party instead. Way behind:
  7. Diablo 3

    @showtime I did the challenge rift and got the reward, and the guide says to roll for a weapon but I don't start with a cube. Do I have to run for one or am I missing something?
  8. The Batman is Robert Pattinson

    I just don't like Ben Affleck in anything.
  9. Diablo 3

    Ya once you hit 70 getting the free season set pieces is pretty easy.
  10. Diablo 3

    I just watched this video. Definitely think I'm going necro this season.
  11. Diablo 3

    @showtime can you remind be about the challenge rift perks and why to do that at the start of a new season?
  12. The Batman is Robert Pattinson

    Anyone is better than Ben Affleck.