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  1. Was Brandon Scherff Worth the #5 Overall Pick?

    Only an 85 OVR in Madden though.
  2. 2018 Draft to be Held in Dallas

    Surprising considering Goodell and Jerry aren't exacting getting along these days.
  3. Kirk Cousins Stuff

    How does he have Aaron Rodgers, a player that is out for the season, listed as #2? Matt Ryan has been pretty meh this year, how is he ahead of Cousins? Tyrod Taylor is 29th in the league in passing yards, yet he's somehow 13th?
  4. What happened to 3-4 weeks?
  5. Quinton Dunbar

    Ya but Breelands on the last year of his deal and we've got two 3rd round picks waiting in the wings to take his place. Dunbar will likely be open to signing a reasonable contact for a 4h cb.
  6. Was Brandon Scherff Worth the #5 Overall Pick?

    Well I mean I'm already looking at that draft and seeing all the land mines we avoided. But at the time with the information we had im pretty sure that wasn't the right pick.
  7. Was Brandon Scherff Worth the #5 Overall Pick?

    You can't ever know if that guy is going to be a HOFer though. The positional value plus the unknown means you never take a guard at 5.
  8. Dustin Hopkins to short term IR, out 8 weeks

    Probably Bruce Allen's cousins son.
  9. Doctson to get more reps

    The problem is who do you take the snaps from. Crowder's not giving up his slot position and Ryan Grant has been the most reliable target so far. Pryors struggles are likely why Doctson isn't seeing the field. If Pryor was killing it you'd see Doctson taking Grants snaps.
  10. Dustin Hopkins to short term IR, out 8 weeks

    Gonna miss his kickoffs more than anything.
  11. Depends. Will they be playing for the Washington Wizhauls?
  12. What about: PG: Jamison Crowder SG: Mack Hollins SF: Nick Foles PF: Taco Charlton C: Ty Nsekhe
  13. Apparently Taco Charlton used to practice with the Michigan basketball team.