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  1. Gruden hints RB early

    I don’t see Hankins as a DE at all. Also Allen plays LE and Ioannidis plays RE.
  2. Comp picks

    We could have traded down in the 2nd.
  3. 8 GM Mock Draft- 3 more GM's needed!

    @EaglesPeteC give me the AFC East.
  4. Comp picks

    That’s around what Grant signed so probably a 6th.
  5. Best and Worst Drafts of the last 20 years

    Colt Brennan was still a cool name though.
  6. NYJ signing WR Terrelle Pryor, details coming later

    He was banged up last year and just didn’t seem to click with Cousins. A change of scenery will benefit him imo.
  7. Gruden hints RB early

    He’s a RB. No thanks.
  8. Comp picks

    Our previous GM had started a process of trading down each draft to acquire future picks. In Morons first draft he cashed in all of those chips and didn’t acquire any future picks.
  9. The NFC East Thread

  10. Would you give Johnny Manziel another shot?

    Besides him being a complete idiot, I don't think his game translates to the NFL at all. So no.
  11. Remaining Possible Free Agents...

    This is what depresses me about last year. It was probably the best chance we had to make a run with the current core we had. It was also the last chance we had to convince Cousins it was worth it for him to stick around. Instead the team gets super hurt, "Kurt" leaves and a bunch of our core depth players get pilfered in free agency.
  12. Best and Worst Drafts of the last 20 years

    I know, but think how sad it is to be even debating 2014 as a draft success. I mean to even be debating a class where 1 guy remains on the team 4 years later, and that class helped bring in a string of 9-7 to 7-9 seasons while they were here. Lol that's what's a success is for this organization.
  13. Remaining Possible Free Agents...

    Oh I'm sorry I forgot you've blacked out his name. I meant Moron.
  14. Remaining Possible Free Agents...

    I think they reasoning was this, Bruce's ego wasn't going to let him cut McClain outright now, but if camp comes along and he still looks awful it at least lets them get out of it easier at that time. A smart GM would realize the mistake and just move on now.