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  1. shellfish, as a protein, would be an acceptable pick. Alcohol is too broad.
  2. I think the one way we can do this is to have broad categories for proteins, but very specific picks for everything else.
  3. Actually forget what I said on the previous page. I forgot that proteins are the one thing we aren't doing specifics on. But I think seafood would be too broad, so something like fish, shellfish, etc would be the accurate way to make the pick. If someone picks fish no one else can use fish.
  4. Idk, we have to draw the line somewhere. Someone having white rice vs brown rice is very similar. The whole point is to have very different dishes.
  5. First round pick, CTC. Second round pick, milk. Draft completed.
  6. I'll trade you #7 & my 3rd round pick for #1 and your 12th round pick.
  7. I think different fish would be fine. Its hard to nail down the rules well in writing. I will probably have to make judgements as we go along.
  8. Trades are fine, have at it. @SwAg is right though you need to maintain 12 picks.
  9. Guys keep the general discussion in the other thread. This thread is for draft picks only.
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