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  1. Cardinals vs Redskins thread 😒

    I’m not even watching how bad is it?
  2. The Jay Gruden Thread

    But James is a SS.
  3. Cornerbacks

    He’s dropping from 20 to 17 Mil next year, then around 15 mil the next two.
  4. The Pit of Misery!!!! Dilly Dilly

    The game is so offensive oriented now though. Especially if we have to groom another QB.
  5. NFLMock Offseason Prediction

    I watch the games and think they are mediocre players. I think you’re seriusly overstating their play.
  6. Hopkins is back and Rose is cut

    Hopkins has better height on his FGs. Every one of Rose kicks were at risk of being blocked.
  7. The Jay Gruden Thread

    Nicholson has looked great at FS. Derwin James is a SS not a FS. He gets compared to Kam Chancellor.
  8. A Thought Experiment On Changes To Make

    The problem is he was supposed to be nfl ready. He was a low ceiling high floor prospect who was supposed to be able to contribute right away. I think that’s a pretty bad job by the coaching staff. Anderson is a guy that played 3-4 LBer in college so it’s not like he’s leaning a new position. The staff must be putting too much stuff in his head. Just let the kid get out there and play.
  9. NFLMock Offseason Prediction

    I don’t agree. Smith is mediocre and Galette isn’t good.
  10. Does your employer let you decide if your fellow employees get to keep their jobs? I’m betting no.
  11. Round 1 Eastern Conference Playoffs – Year 7 Round 1 - Eastern Conference Playoffs Bulls VS. Hawks Position Player Name OVR Position Player Name OVR PG Alexi Gornev 85 PG Dennis Schroder 77 SG Lamar Davidson 92 SG Demar Derozan 75 SF Al Grace 80 SF Gordon Hayward 86 PF CJ Ellis Jr. 91 PF Patrick Mcinnis 84 C Carson Meeks 83 C Willie Elliot 81 Final Score 154-82 Bulls Win Players Stats 3 Most Impactful Players From Each Team Hawks Position Player Name Points Rebounds Assists Steals Blocks Field Goals PG Dennis Schroder 24 2 8 0 0 8-26 SF Gordon Hayward 18 4 8 0 0 8-20 PF Patrick Mcinnis 12 4 0 0 0 6-10 Bulls Position Player Name Points Rebounds Assists Steals Blocks Field Goals PF CJ Ellis Jr. 46 20 6 2 2 20-24 PF Donnie Carlisle 24 2 0 0 2 8-20 C Carson Meeks 18 22 6 0 10 8-10 Team Stats Team Game Statistics Stat Bulls Hawks Points 154 82 Field Goal % 62% 32% 3 Point % 45% 28% Free Throws 20/24 4/6 Fast Break Pts 30 4 Points in Paint 76 36 Bench Points 50 22 Assists 34 26 O Rebounds 16 16 D Rebounds 58 24 Steals 10 8 Blocks 18 0 Summary LOL. This game was a joke. These guys can’t compete with my team at all. I’m not going to even bother playing this series, I’m going to sim the rest of it out. But lets talk about some of the new guys. SG Brent Saunders and SF Felipe Alvarado both move well, enough that they could be starters. I didn’t really need them to do much cause everyone else was going off, but Alvarado scored 4 points and picked up 4 rebounds, while Saunders didn’t even take a shot but had 6 rebounds and 4 assists. Seemingly back from the dead was PF Donnie Carlisle. He hit EIGHT 3 pointers in the game, which completely blew the game wide open. He added a whole new element to my 2nd unit. I also need to point out that C Carson Meeks got a triple double the old fashioned way, with 18 points, 22 rebounds, and 10 blocks. Lol he completely owned them all game. Like I said I’m going to sim this series out and move on to the next opponent.