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  1. Unpopular culinary opinions

    No I'm not. I understand its a marbled piece of meat, I cook it whole and then cut out the fat afterwards. There is a substantial amount of fat in the ribeye which I do not like to eat, so a lot of it ends up discarded. There are time where I will eat a ribeye, I have a nice steak salad recipe where I cook and carve the ribeye and put it in the salad, but if I'm eating a steak as is in its normal form I'm getting a filet.
  2. Unpopular culinary opinions

    What I'm doing is ordering a superior cut of meat.
  3. Unpopular culinary opinions

    Dude gross.
  4. Unpopular culinary opinions

    No, filet has the same tenderness and flavor of a Ribeye but you don't have to throw away half of it cutting out all of the fat. Its a far superior cut of meat.
  5. The Batman is Robert Pattinson

    I mean they basically stole most of Batman for Arrow if you can get past all the teen whiny drama.
  6. Unpopular culinary opinions

    Ribeye's are for poor people. I only eat filets.
  7. Forget Rookie record, the most in any season by any player is 23, and Jones is on pace for 26.
  8. The Batman is Robert Pattinson

    You could do a lot with a stand alone Batman universe IMO, forget about the rest of DC. If you do a good year 1 batman movie with Pattison, you could eventually bring in **** Grayson and spin that off into a Nightwing movie. Catwoman is a strong enough character to have her own movie (I know they tried this before but that script sucked). Azrael would make a cool stand alone movie. Talia Al Ghul if done right could be a cool stand alone movie. All of these are probably better characters for movies than the Flash or Green Latern.
  9. Who do you want as HC

    If Mike Tomlin was ever legitimately on the hot seat he isn't anymore.
  10. Amazon Prime

    On topic for the OP, Seattle makes the most sense for him. I also read that the NFL wants new ownership in Denver. Both of those would probably happen before the Redskins sell.
  11. Amazon Prime

    Not as many as the ones moving on if Dan and Bruce stay in charge.
  12. 2020 Draft thread

    It would be helpful if the Giants won a few cause they’re going to want the same prospects as us.
  13. would it be hard to pass on Burrow?

    I would easily pass on Burrow. He’s essentially a one year wonder, with barely any more starting experience than Haskins. Also Haskins already beat Burrow out for a job at Ohio State not sure why it wouldn’t happen again.
  14. Black Friday Deals - 2019

    Stay away from Nintendo Switch Black Friday bundles: https://www.forbes.com/sites/paultassi/2019/11/08/a-warning-about-every-nintendo-switch-black-friday-deal-in-2019/#74139436f43a
  15. Redskins want to extend Ryan Kerrigan

    Not in the top 5.