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  1. This is nuts: https://www.cnn.com/2021/01/25/investing/gamestop-stock-reddit-wsb/index.html
  2. @e16bball if you throw Sweat into the deal you try to bring back Kerrigan.
  3. I don't disagree. I would probably offer 19, 2021 first, 2022 first, 2021 second and DE Montez Sweat and I think the Jets will say here's #2, #23, 2021 first, 2021 second and QB Sam Darnold and I think the Texans take that over ours.
  4. FYI I'm a Washington fan. It would take pick 19 and even that might not be enough. I've never been a big fan I wouldn't do 19 for him straight up so I would just pass. I don't see any way Washington can outbid the Jets or Dolphins. I guess I would offer 19, 2021 first, 2022 first, 2021 second and DE Montez Sweat. I don't think Rodgers fits our timeline. Plus we have some of the worst offensive weapons in the league outside of McLaurin so I think he'd refuse to come here.
  5. Idk, I don't think the football people are in charge in Texas. They have the same problem we have with a meddling owner. That owner is going to want a new QB to sell tickets and jerseys.
  6. Go this is kind of my go to meal, my son loves it so I probably make it once a week (he's only 18 months but he devours this). Its basically Rigatoni with spicy sausage. Ingredients: White onion (use about 3/4ths) 4 garlic cloves Spicy italian sausage (if you buy them in links remove the casings and use like 2.5 to 3 of them) Rigatoni Tomato sauce Spinach Fresh Basil leaves Steps: Chop up the White onion and put on low heat with some olive oil. Let the onions cook for a few minutes. Add salt and pepper. Boil Rigato
  7. What is love? Baby don't hurt me....
  8. Who is that veteran OT that's already played for like 2 teams in the playoffs this year? Go for a 3rd.
  9. So when I was taught how to type they had people double spacing to start a new sentence. I know that the new standard is a single space, but no matter how much I try I just instinctively double space every new sentence. This bothers me, because I actually think a single space looks better. But alas, I can't seem to do it. Anyone else have this problem or am I just crazy?
  10. I don't see any possible way we could outbid the Dolphins or Jets for Watson, and we know they are both interested. The Texans are going to want a replacement at QB if they trade him, and the Jets and Dolphins can give both their current QBs on rookie contracts plus the #2 or #3 overall pick which could bring a rookie QB. We can't offer anything like that. With that in mind I don't expect us to be players in this.
  11. Those guys had teams calling them for interviews. How many interviews has Kyle Smith done?
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