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  1. I haven't seen anything from Tua that makes me think he's better than Heinicke.
  2. I actually like what Rivera's doing so this comparison doesn't fit for me.
  3. I look at this the other way. I prefer Rivera in charge of everything over any meddling from Snyder.
  4. No I've been taking these exams to get my designation and its been eating into my time. I haven't brewed in a few months. What did you use to flavor the pumpkin beer?
  5. Where is a good destination for Marvin Bagley to go to salvage his career?
  6. I would take both Darnold and Teddy over Fields, so I’m going to say no. It also allowed those teams to use their 1st on another position.
  7. *TRADE* Bengals Receive RE R Okwara (81) Lions Receive 2024 Bengals 2nd Round Pick He gives the Bengals a new starter on their Dline.
  8. CUTS I have to make 13 cuts. If they have PS eligibility they will head there. HB T Homer (67) HB J Jefferson (67) - heading to PS WR J Reed (70) RG H Vaitai (70) - saves $9 mil in cap RE J Beard (65) - heading to PS RE M Sharpton (63) - heading to PS LOLB J Okwara (69) LOLB D Barnes (69) - heading to PS ROLB C Harris (67) ROLB M Marshall (66) - heading to PS FS M Webb (65) - heading to PS K M Wright (71)
  9. *TRADE* Jaguars Receive CB Amani Oruwariye (78) Lions Receive 2025 Jaguars 4th Round Pick I'm taking all future picks cause I have a crapload of picks in upcoming draft already.
  10. *TRADE* Vikings Receive ROLB Alex Anzalone (77) Lions Receive 2025 Vikings 3rd Round Pick 2025 Vikings 7th Round Pick Two future picks for Anazlone. He's a superstar dev at this point, I just want to start James who I drafted.
  11. *TRADE* Colts Receive LG Jonah Jackson (75) Lions Receive 2025 Colts 2nd Round Pick This is the only offer I got for Jackson and its a pretty good one. Might be strong but this is a future pick. Jackson's a solid starting LG, only 26 years old and has Star Dev. I've just landed a lot of Oline talent in the draft so he's expendable.
  12. I have a bunch of player I need to trade to give snaps to my drafted player but I don't know what all of these guys are worth. So I've added a bunch to the trade block and I'll see what offers come in during the preseason.
  13. STAFF UDPATE Head Coach Head Coach Zac Taylor retained his job. Traits: Decrease multi-week injury, +20% XP for FS/SS, +20% XP for LE/DT/RE, +20% XP for LOLB/MLB/ROLB, +20% XP for CBs, Schemes don't matter for XP gains, Personnel upgrades cost 20% less, OC talents cost 20% less, 10% talent refund when replacing OC, Increase in hiring bonus hiring OC. Offensive Playbook - Going to stick with New Orleans. Defensive Playbook - Washington. I like how its a good mix of 4-3 and 3-4 looks. Offensive Coordinator Erik Aguilar - 6 traits
  14. HALL OF FAME INDUCTIONS QB Ben Roethlisberger CB Darrelle Revis
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