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  1. Madden 2007 Franchise (Yep) - Jets GM

    NFL Draft There's very little information for me to use going into this draft, as this is before Madden developed their scouting system. I know one thing, I refuse to pay pre-rookie payscale #1 money. So I'm trading down from #1 no matter what simply because of the cost. The problem with trading down is that I can't pick up future draft picks (because that doesn't exist in 2007 Madden). The only problem with that theory is there's only one prospect that I think is worthy of the #1 or #2 pick, which I have both. He has a ridiculous name, William Williams. But he's also a 6'5" 290 lb DE that I think can bookend Mathis very well. So I bit the salary bullet and take him #1: With the #1 overall pick in the 2008 NFL Draft the New York Jets select: DE William Williams I can't afford the #1 and #2 picks, so I have to trade down now: *TRADE* Browns Receive #1 overall Jets Receive #6 overall TE Kellen Winslow (85) Winslow is a semi-bust at this point but he's a solid pickup for my offense, plus just dropping from #2 to #6 saves me a ton of money. *TRADE* Bears Receive #6 overall pick 6th round pick Jets Receive #10 overall pick 4th round pick Just cutting more cost with this first round pick signing, also picked up a 4th here. *TRADE* Vikings Receive DT Dewayne Robertson (80) Jets Receive 3rd Round Pick I had to shed some salary, because I'm in a tight spot to sign all my draft picks. Robertson was the most expensive player on my roster this year and had already been assigned the Bust role by the computer.
  2. Madden 2007 Franchise (Yep) - Jets GM

    Free Agency My free agency plan is to look for young affordable long term pieces to add, but I won't shy away from young stars in their prime if I think they are worth it. I'm not looking for anyone over 30 years old for sure. I do have a substantial $33 mil in cap penalties from all the trades I made, so I can't really go crazy in this free agency period. LE Robert Mathis (90), 26 years old - 5 years, $50 mil, $8.0 mil signing bonus - star player in his prime, he can be the cornerstone of my new 4-3 defense. CB Roderick Hood (25), 25 years old - 3 years, $12 mil, $3.50 mil signing bonus - solid CB for my secondary.
  3. Madden 2007 Franchise (Yep) - Jets GM

    Re-Sign Players QB B Gradkowski (75) - 3 years, $3.86 mil, $630k bonus - young cheap option at QB QB P Ramsey (77) - no offer QB B Bollinger (73) - no offer HB J Harrison (75) - no offer FB B Askew (75) - no offer WR D Ridgeway (69) - no offer TE D Jolley (80) - 3 years, $5,17 mil, $780k bonus - he's not amazing but seems solid enough to not let walk. LT A Clement (77) - no offer RG I Snell (68) - no offer RG B Moore (84) - 3 years, $9.64 mil, $2.01 mil bonus - he's a solid starter. LE J Wyche (69) - 1 year, $1.15 mil, $150k bonus - I resigned him because he fits my new 4-3 scheme and he's cheap. LE M Pope (80) - no offer - idk about this one, he's 29 and not a scheme fit. I guess I could resign and move to DT, but I think its just better to let him walk. DT M McChesney (61) - no offer ROLB B Thomas (72) - no offer P B Graham (84) - no offer
  4. Madden 2007 Franchise (Yep) - Jets GM

    Restricted Free Agency: Jets FAs CB D Strait (76) - offered $760k - he's young and cheap LG S Morley (64) - no offer
  5. Madden 2007 Franchise (Yep) - Jets GM

    Roster Cuts: The computer is recomending I cut the following players and I can't really disagree: WR J McCareins (80) - 4 years $31.0 mil deal - $4 mil penalty for cut HB D Blaylock (76) - 3 years $11.1 mil deal - $630k penalty
  6. Madden 2007 Franchise (Yep) - Jets GM

    Notable Players Retiring: FB Lorenzo Neal (95) QB Trent Green (89) WR Joey Galloway (88) WR Joe Horn (88) QB Kurt Warner (88) QB Brett Favre (87) HB Curtis Martin (86)
  7. Madden 2007 Franchise (Yep) - Jets GM

    Staff Hiring/Firing I hate the Jets staff, I'm firing everyone. Fired Coaches: HC Eric Mangini OC Brian Schottenheimer DC Brad Sutton ST Mike Westhoff Staff hired: Head Coach - Ken Whisenhunt, 3 years, $4.25 mil - ya ya, I know what you're thinking. But remember this is when Whisenhunt still had a good reputation and is ranked pretty highly in the game. OC - Cam Cameron - 2 years, $1.55 mil - Ya....see explanation for Whisenhunt. DC - Ron Rivera - 2 years, $1.50 mil - Good D coordinator, I plan on switching to the 4-3 too so he's a good fit. ST - John Harbaugh - 2 years, 300k - yep, before he became a head coach.
  8. Madden 2007 Franchise (Yep) - Jets GM

    Bill Belichick retired from the Patriots.....
  9. Madden 2007 Franchise (Yep) - Jets GM

    The Redskins defeated the Steelers 34-10 in the Super Bowl!
  10. Madden 2007 Franchise (Yep) - Jets GM

    Jets finished 2-14, which is tied with the 49ers for the worst record in the league this year. Since I traded for the 49ers pick, looks like I'll have the #1 & #2 picks in the draft.
  11. Madden 2007 Franchise (Yep) - Jets GM

    End of Year 1 Playoff Teams Patriots (12-4) Chiefs (10-6) Colts (10-6) Dolphins (10-6) Steelers (9-7) Chargers (9-7) Saints (13-3) Redskins (12-4) Eagles (12-4) Seahawks (11-5) Falcons (11-5) Vikings (10-6) League Awards MVP - HB Larry Johnson, Chiefs - 1,936 rushing yards, 17 TDs OPOY - HB Tiki Barber, Giants - 1,728 rushing yards, 16 TDs DPOY - ROLB Julian Peterson, Seahawks - 142 tackles, 8 sacks, 3 INTs, 4 FF OROY - HB Joseph Addai, Colts - 936 rushing yards, 3 TDs DROY - LOLB AJ Hawk, Packers - 65 tackles, 9 sacks, 4 INTs, 1 FF Coach - Sean Payton, Saints (13-3)
  12. Madden 2007 Franchise (Yep) - Jets GM

    Ok so the idea is to tank Year 1, so I'm just going to sim it out and move on to the offseason.
  13. Madden 2007 Franchise (Yep) - Jets GM

    *Free Agent Signing* Jets signed 75 OVR Rookie QB Bruce Gradkowski to a 1-year deal to replace Pennington on the roster.
  14. Madden 2007 Franchise (Yep) - Jets GM

    *TRADE* Chiefs Receive QB Chad Pennington (85) 7th Round Pick Jets Receive 2nd Round Pick One more trade before I sim the season, I wanted to dump Pennington because I'm trying to tank this season. I had to throw in a 7th because you can't have more than 10 draft picks in Madden 2007.
  15. Madden 2007 Franchise (Yep) - Jets GM

    *Free Agent Signings* I signed two players to replace the guys I traded away: HB Jerome Harrison (75), 23 years old - 1 year, $1.20 mil salary, 200k bonus LE James Wyche (72), 24 years old - 1 year, $1.16 mil salary, 150k bonus