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  1. Do the Redskins do the unthinkable?

    Wasn’t Rosen at the Cards draft party when they took Murray?
  2. FFMD II - Redskins War Room - OTC!!!!

    Either one of those is good with me.
  3. FFMD II - Redskins War Room - OTC!!!!

    I like Tyler Biadasz too.
  4. FFMD II - Redskins War Room - OTC!!!!

    TE Hunter Bryant?
  5. FFMD II - Redskins War Room - OTC!!!!

    I would just walk, the guy is trying to nickle and dime you on a player that isn't worth it imo.
  6. FFMD II - Redskins War Room - OTC!!!!

    I know I haven't really been a part of this mock, but why are you trading Tim Settle for Daley at all? How is Daley a noticeable upgrade over Geron Christian or Lucas?
  7. FFMD II - Redskins War Room - OTC!!!!

    Because you're talking about 2 first round picks, and a guy in Ioaniddis who had already proved he was a starter before Settle was ever added to the roster.
  8. FFMD II - Redskins War Room - OTC!!!!

    The fact that he has Daron Payne, Jon Allen and Matt Ioaniddis on the depth chart in front of him. Tim Settle has looked really good when he actually plays.
  9. Reuben Foster running on a treadmill

    In 2004 we landed Sean Taylor and Chris Cooley in the same draft class.
  10. The case is that he’s terrible in coverage and overpaid as a safety.
  11. 2020 Draft thread

    I vote we ban the phrase #facts from the forum. All in favor?
  12. Cowboys sign Aldon Smith

    @Matts4313 is strutting around this thread like it’s 2013.
  13. Tool Albums Ranked

    Well ya. Tool isn’t metal.
  14. I really think Bruce kept Dan in a bubble on how bad the fans had turned on the team. Seems like Snyder is out to right some wrongs this offseason. Or maybe Snyder has finally grown up.