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  1. So I was wondering what the impact of the new 17 game schedule could do to the salary cap. I did some rough math and tried to make a projection of what it could look like. If anyone has any recommendations on how to improve the math please point it out. Cap Increase 188.2 177.2 6.208% 167 6.108% 155.27 7.555% 143.28 8.368% 133 7.729% 123 8.130% 120.3 2.244% 120 0.250% This has been the salary cap every year since the last CBA negotiation. The past 6 years the cap has generally been increasing anywhere from 6-8%. So a general projection for next year's cap would probably look like this: 0.06 199.492 0.08 203.256 If they just left everything alone it should probably be somewhere around 200-204 million next year. Lets take the more conservative $200 mil figure and apply it to the new 17 game schedule. Adjustd Salary Cap 200 Salary Cap for all 32 Teams 6400 Player's Current Share 0.47 Projected 2019 NFL Revenue 13617.0 Revenue Per Game (16) 851.1 Revenue times 17 Games 14468.1 Player's Share at 48.5% 7017.0 Projected Salary Cap 219.3 I took the 200 mil, multiplied it by 32 NFL teams, then divided by the player's current share of 47% to project current revenue of $13.6ish billion. The article below has the NFL claiming to have made around $15ish billion, so my number is pretty close. https://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/ct-spt-nfl-revenue-super-bowl-20190128-story.html Then I divided total revenue by 16 games to get to revenue per game. Then just multiple that number by the new 17 game structure. Finally, multiply by the new player's share, 48.5%, and you end up around $219-220 mil in cap. Now obviously there are flaws here. The NFL gets revenue from everywhere, including a lot of items like merchandising that might not necessarily increase from an additional game. But I think this is pretty close. Thoughts?
  2. My Franchise Modes Ranked - A Retrospective

    I’ve played my career for about 3 Years now. I don’t think that makes for a thread on the forum. It’s not like you just play a bunch of nba games, you play a lot of multiplayer on the courts.
  3. I was flipping through some of my old franchise modes the other day and got to wondering which one was the best. So I decided to do a deep dive and inspect them more closely. So here they are, my 11 franchise modes ranked from the worst abandoned ones to the super long and entertaining ones. Honorable Mention: http://www.footballsfuture.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=530847&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=1470 Game: NCAA Football 14 Year Played: 2013 Summary: This thread was the start of my interest in doing franchise modes. It wasn't just me, we had a good group of guys doing an online NCAA association mode. I started doing in depth write-ups showing the other users my recruiting classes, which in turn led me to start doing my own solo franchise modes. Rank: 11 http://www.footballsfuture.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=569209 Game: Madden 16 Year Played (real life): 2015 Team: Jaguars Years in Game: 1 FF Thread Pages: 2 Standout Player: None Summary: Everyone hated that I did a Fantasy Draft, so I abandoned the league. Rank: 10 http://www.footballsfuture.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=566464&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0 Game: NCAA Football 14 Year Played (real life): 2015 Team: VCU (user created) Years in Game: 1 FF Thread Pages: 2 Standout Player: OLB Brad Johnson. 6’6” 239 Freshman pass rusher was making waves in my one and only season. Summary: None. I abandoned this franchise soon after it began. I think I was burned out after doing a rather long NCAA franchise mode earlier. Rank: 9 http://www.footballsfuture.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=581796&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0 Game: NBA 2k17 Year Played (real life): 2016 Team: Supersonics (user expansion) Years in Game: 6 FF Thread Pages: 5 Standout Players: SF Jermaine Daniel, C Ifeanyi Enyeama. Daniel was a legit star who could score from anywhere. Enyeama was a super athletic Center with great length and a great defender. Summary: I botched this franchise mode by user selecting the team to concentrate on Rebounding in development, then forgot to go back and change that. So none of my players OVRs ended up progressing. Lesson learned, I never messed with the progression again (I always leave it on default). I’m disappointed that this fell apart because Daniel and Enyeama were interesting players. This is also the first franchise mode that I introduced pictures, which became a staple in all of my future franchises. Rank: 8 Game: NBA 2k18 Year Played (real life): 2017 Team: Grizzlies Years in Game: 6 FF Thread Pages: 10 Standout Players: Jud Stafford. He was a stretch big with a great wingspan. He could play both PF and Center but I played him at PF. The league ended before I got to do much with him. Summary: This was my first franchise mode on the new forum. So it is the first time I introduced my tables and charts which summarized stats, roster, etc. Unfortunately I started the franchise mode the first week the game was launched, and before they sent out some critical patches that fixed errors in the franchise mode. Because of this I had to abandon this franchise. Rank: 7 Game: NBA 2k19 Year Played (real life): 2018 Team: Heat Years in Game: 6 FF Thread Pages: 15 Standout Players: SF Allan Collins, C/PF Stanley Moncrief. Allan Collins is probably the most dominant player I have ever drafted in NBA 2k. He dominated so much that I actually traded him away because it was too easy to win with him lol. Stanley Moncrief was a legit 7 footer who could shoot, but struggled defensively and with rebounds. He was finally becoming a star type player when I abandoned the league. Summary: This was a frustrating league due to glitches in the game. There was a major glitch that didn’t let you re-sign your players before they hit free agency. This doesn’t seem that bad until you realize that this eliminated your Byrd rights for players, which meant you could never go over the soft cap line (forget ever getting up to the luxury tax line). This was a MAJOR problem, which led me to abandon this league early. Rank: 6 Game: NCAA Football 14 Year Played (real life): 2018 Team: VCU (user created) Years in Game: 4 FF Thread Pages: 14 Standout Players: HB Eddie Miller, ROLB Karl Robinson. Eddie Miller ran for a ridiculous amount of yards, almost 3,000 in a single season lol. Karl Robinson racked up a ridiculous 24 sacks against poor competition, but followed up with 11 sacks. Summary: I remember this league fondly, and definitely had fun with it, but it doesn’t beat the original. I never quite figured out how I wanted to format everything I was posting on the new forum, which I think makes it inferior to the original. Also, I had played the game so much at that point, that even on Heisman difficulty I could destroy the CPU in a weak conference. If I were to do another one of these I’d probably do a cupcake roster 1* program to start in a dominant conference like the ACC or SEC, just to make it brutal. Rank: 5 Game: NBA 2k18 Year Played (real life): 2017 Team: Bulls/Pistons Years in Game: 12 FF Thread Pages: 20 Standout Players: PF CJ Ellis Jr, SG Lamar Davidson, Center Carson Meeks, PG Magnus Norberg. CJ Ellis Jr. was a dominant scorer, I could completely take over game with him. He was a great tweener for the 4 spot. His only downside was that I got him from landing the #1 overall pick, so he wasn’t quite as interesting. Lamar Davidson was my first pick in this franchise and developed into an elite 3 & D player, he was the 4th pick in my first draft. I will never forget Carson Meeks, the 7’2” 314 lb monster with a 7’10” wingspan, is the most ridiculous cpu generated Center I’ve ever seen lol. On the opposite end of the spectrum was PG Magnus Norberg, who was 5’9”, who I really struggled to score with despite his high OVR. Summary: This franchise really stands out in my memory as being my first successful long franchise mode on the new forum. The charts allowed me to really expand my thought process during the draft and show not only who was available but why I took the player I did with each pick. I think other posters really liked that development and it was a big step forward from the older franchise modes. Unfortunately this franchise didn’t go longer because I had just run the Grizzlies one for 6 seasons, and this one for 12 seasons, so I started to get burned out on the game. Rank: 4 http://www.footballsfuture.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=572757 Game: NBA 2k16 Year Played (real life): 2015 Team: 76ers/Grizzlies/Kings Years in Game: 19 FF Thread Pages: 25 Standout Players: Center Yuri Postnov, SG Kenyon Martin Jr., SF Kyle Flowers. Postnov is the first star player where I got to see him go throughout his whole career, and track what his final career stats were. That was really interesting to trade. Kenyon Martin was an elite scorer on the wing, and Flowers was arguably better. Summary: This was my first ever NBA franchise and it definitely was a memorable one. However, its before I really figured out how I wanted to format these franchise modes, and I did some stuff early on like sign Lebron in free agency which made things too easy at first. You can see the process evolve if you through the thread, as I started adopting policies like avoiding major free agents and just concentrating on the draft. I also learned that having too many #1 overall picks eventually made the league boring, so I avoided that in future leagues. The changes I made throughout this franchise mode made future franchise modes better. Rank: 3 http://www.footballsfuture.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=560779 Game: NCAA Football 14 Year Played (real life): 2015 Team: VCU (user created) Years in Game: 7 FF Thread Pages: 16 Standout Players: Too many to mention them all. The top standouts were: HB Jermaine Hobbs, WR Herman Johnson, MLB Lance Gordon. Hobbs was a dominant force, winning two Heismans and broke the NCAA record for career rushing yards. Herman Johnson was an elite deep threat who was my first WR that started getting open against elite defenses for big plays. Hobbs was the steady force that always moved the offense, but Johnson is the one that allowed me to compete against the best teams. MLB Gordon was a 4 year starter who seemed to be all over the field. Summary: I put A LOT of time into this franchise. Not only was this before we had the ability to insert charts into the forum (so I had to type everything up in text), but I played every single game in this league (minus season one, which I simmed to start with my own recruits). I was playing on the hardest difficulty, and every victory was hard earned. I still think about this franchise mode, I wish I had taken it longer, I just got burned out on it. The only downside to this franchise is its before I figured out how I wanted to structure these things, and I reserved a bunch of posts in the first page, then kept updating it with end of the year summaries for each years. I thought it would be helpful that people could see a summary on the first page of everything, but I think it just ended up making it confusing for people. Its also before I started inserting photos. Rank: 2 Game: Madden 20 Year Played (real life): 2019-present Team: Bengals/Cardinals Years in Game: starting Year 17 FF Thread Pages: currently 51 Standout Players: DT Derek Tripp, FB Jimmy McCauley. There have been more but these two definitely stand out. Derek Tripp is still plugging along, even though he was my first ever draft pick in this league. His sack numbers have gotten to an insane level for an interior defender and he’s had a HOF career. People loved seeing a FB with Superstar dev, and the legend of Jimmy McCauley was born. He was a swiss army knife player for my offense that played FB, backup RB and backup TE at different times. Summary: This league is still ongoing, but is the longest I’ve gone with a Madden franchise. Its also the first league I’ve done where I’ve simulated all games. That has made it interesting as I’ve been able to fly through seasons much more quickly, and get to the fun part (the drafts). I definitely feel like my draft analysis in this league has been very in depth and adds a layer of intrigue. Rank: 1 http://www.footballsfuture.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=586067 Game: NBA 2k17 Year Played (real life): 2017 Team: Nets/Rockets/Clippers Years in Game: 19 FF Thread Pages: 27 Standout Players: PF Gene Garrett, Center Jerry Swift, SF Alain Dupin. Gene Garrett was the 16th pick in my first draft class and developed into an all around force who could slash and defend multiple positions. He’s probably my favorite player in any NBA franchise mode I’ve ever done. The fact that I got him late in the draft and developed him into such an important player made him special. Jerry Swift was a dominant scorer and good rebounder. He was a top 3 pick, and was the only true elite pre-draft prospect that I landed in this Nets rebuild. Alain Dupin I took as a very raw prospect, and he developed into a league MVP. He became one of the most dominant scorers I ever drafted. Summary: This is the best NBA 2k franchise I ever did. I really enjoyed the predicament the Nets were in, they didn’t have their 1st round picks for 2 seasons due to their stupid IRL trade for Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. So I had to build with a lot of picks outside of the top 5. That situation made for the most interesting rebuild I ever did. The Supersonics franchise I did in 2k17 was the first to introduce pictures, but since that was so short it wasn’t as impactful. But because this one was the first to go really long and include pictures I think it got other posters invested in the players.
  4. My Franchise Modes Ranked - A Retrospective

    Dupin or Garrett?
  5. My Franchise Modes Ranked - A Retrospective

    I'm going to try to get my current Madden franchise to 20 years. Then I think I'm going to do another NCAA dynasty where I sim every game instead of playing them. Should add a new challenge.
  6. My Franchise Modes Ranked - A Retrospective

    Lol, people really loved him but I was always more fond of Gene Garrett.
  7. My Franchise Modes Ranked - A Retrospective

    No feel free to reminisce about old franchise modes. I think its interesting. a 6'10" WR is nuts lol.
  8. My Franchise Modes Ranked - A Retrospective

    Reserved. I'm going to post the top 10 most interesting players I've ever had in any franchise mode.
  9. Redskins Release Jordan Reed

    He needs to walk away.
  10. Quinton Dunbar no OTA's

    We don't need people who don't want to be here. Just trade him.
  11. So I’ve been trying new crockpot recipes. Today I made a honey/ginger chicken that I slow cooked over 5 hours then served with rice and an Asian cabbage salad I made. Turned out pretty good. Anyone have any good recipes?
  12. 2020 Free Agency Thread

    The players union would throw a fit if they did that. If he’s medically cleared to play it’s his decision.
  13. 2020 Draft thread

    The Bengals are weird. They never trade. If Burrow were to refuse to play for them, and they figure they have to take a QB, you're probably right they'd probably just take Tua or Herbert. However, if they took Young that would make our pick instantly the most valuable #2 overall pick since the RG3 selection.
  14. Sigh of relief that we didn’t give him a 1-year $7 mil deal? That is peanuts.
  15. Cardinals Resign LT D.J. Humphries

    That's not a bad contract for a solid player.
  16. 2020 Free Agency Thread

    Hmmm, that's a good point, good catch. We both came to a pretty similar conclusion though. I would give him an extension adding two more seasons to his deal, which could spread out his cap hit a bit. I do think he's worth keeping around.
  17. NFL potentially moving to 17 game season in new CBA

    Why can't they just add some additional bye weeks to the current 16 game schedule, which would spread out the games over a longer period of time. That wouldn't bring in any more ticket sales at the gate, but it should significantly increase their TV deal.
  18. I mean, saying someone is better than Daniel Jones isn't that big of a deal.
  19. 2020 Free Agency Thread

    Well it would depend on the rotation. Let's look at the defensive snap counts from the previous two years: https://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/was/2019-snap-counts.htm Matt Ioannidis - 827 (73.06%) Da'Ron Payne - 758 (66.96%) Montez Sweat - 724 (63.96%) Jon Allen - 722 (63.78%) Ryan Kerrigan - 642 (56.71%) Ryan Anderson - 559 (49.38%) Tim Settle - 314 (27.74%) Treyvon Hester - 132 (11.66%) Nate Orchard - 118 (10.42%) Noah Spence - 85 (7.51%) Others - 43 + 15 + 8 + 3 Total Dline snaps: 4,950 https://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/was/2018-snap-counts.htm Preston Smith - 834 (80.74%) Ryan Kerrigan - 819 (79.28%) Da'Ron Payne - 796 (77.06%) Jon Allen - 779 (75.41%) Matt Ioannidis - 439 (42.50%) Pernell McPhee - 203 (19.65%) Ryan Anderson - 163 (15.78%) Stacy McGee - 137 (13.26%) Tim Settle - 134 (12.97%) Ziggy Hood - 49 (4.74%) Others - 37 + 9 Total Dline snaps: 4,399 So the spread between the two seasons is about 550 snaps. Just to clarify, the defense only played about 1,000 to 1,100 snaps each season, the numbers shown are the snaps amongst all dlineman on the field. So it looks like there are about 4,750 defensive line snaps to go around. Let's make a projection on what could be available for Kerrigan: Snap Count Projection - 2020 Season Total snaps - 4,750 Sweat - 825 Young - 825 Payne - 800 Allen - 775 Ioannidis - 500 Anderson - 200 Others - 100 Remainder - 725 snaps So that leaves 725ish snaps available for Kerrigan, or you could put some more towards Ioannidis (I lowered his snap count from this year because I don't think he will get as much playing time in a 4-3 alignment). Even if you give 200 more snaps to Ioannidis, that still leaves 525 snaps for Kerrigan, which would still be a significant role. Also, these projections do not take into consideration injuries, which could thrust Kerrigan back into the starting lineup. I think its definitely viable to retain Kerrigan and play him if we want to.
  20. Lions fan coming in peace

    I would think we are 95% taking Chase Young. There’s a 5% chance we trade down. Snyder is infatuated with Haskins, imo there’s no chance we take Tua.
  21. Off-Topic: The Washington Wizards Thread

    I know he’s young but Ruis defense has been abysmal. You have to wonder if Scott Brooks needs to go at this point, he can’t seem to develop talent.
  22. Redskins Release Josh Norman

    He looked like he lost a step, or just didn’t care this past season. He’s still a good tackler. He needs to be used in a heavy press system, as thats his best skill. He’s probably done covering #1s but I wouldn’t be surprised if he rebounded this season with renewed focus. He probably has 2-3 years left in him max though.
  23. 2020 Free Agency Thread

    Delpit sucks. Can’t tackle, bad angles. He’s going to bust.