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  1. So we moved to a bar and my wife said I could check my phone, how bad is it?
  2. I don’t see John Wall agreeing to walk away from any of that money.
  3. I will not be online or able to watch this game fellas. Wedding anniversary.
  4. https://www.espn.com/nfl/playbyplay/_/gameId/401326312 Final drive of the game Chargers had 3 & 16 and converted with a 17 yard pass.
  5. Unfortunately I think it’s going to continue to be a long rebuild for the giants. I don’t think they have the right QB, the right head coach or right GM.
  6. The Rockets will have to pay to get rid of that contract.
  7. Is there any point in me buying this for current gen? Seems like they just abandoned current gen players.
  8. Seriously doubt that. Heinicke seems to be really popular. If he sucks the fan base will be ready to move on. No one cares about Allen and Fitz was a bandaid no one cares about either.
  9. That same poster predicted WFT would go 17-0 and win the SB with Ryan Fitzpatrick at QB.
  10. The only thing I've seen them talk about is a supposed concentration on improved defense.
  11. 5 Ups #1 - Lack of 3 & Outs - We had two 3 & outs, the very first drive of the game and then the drive where Fitzpatrick got hurt. Once Heinicke started the following drive we didn't have any 3 & outs the rest of the game. This is obviously important because theoretically it should help your defense out by letting them rest, and I actually think this helped keep us in the game instead of getting completely blown out. #2 - The Defense Didn't Allow Many Points - There are some bad defensive stats from this game but there are also some good ones. Mainly, the defense only
  12. There’s a difference between a guy popping up from a small school and becoming a star QB in the NFL vs there being a long history of failures from a particular school. I mean pointing back decades is pointless but if there is recent history of many failures there could be something going on about the system they learn not translating well or something of that nature that has merit imo.
  13. This is a bummer for him obviously but honestly we should have just started Heinicke all year anyways.
  14. I mean a simple google search says Giseles net worth is $400 mil and Brady’s is $250. So…..yes.
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