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  1. Nelson and carter for me. Protect Mitch first hit the other QB second
  2. Eli Manning is 37 years old. You don’t build around a QB that old who sucked so bad he was benched for geno smith.
  3. Not buying it. Giants won’t be back at #2 next year it’s now or who knows when you’ll get another chance to draft a QB. Eli is not a franchise guy anymore and the Golden rule is if you don’t have a franchise QB and one is available then that trumps everything else.
  4. there are lots of fish in the sea. If not Meredith than Hurns or a 2nd rounder or you bring back Inman or Mike Wallace and you still have Kevin White.
  5. I am not buying all the draft experts pairing Chubb with the colts. If Barkley is there the colts take him over Chubb. They need to protect Luck more than getting sacks right now.
  6. I know this is total overkill but I have always like Eric Ebron. Won’t happen but Maybe I sign him on madden for fun
  7. looking at the Bucs. They signed unrein and Vinny Curry. They have beefed up the front 7 meanwhile one of their starting safeties is chris conte. It’s almost looking like Chubb is going to fall to us
  8. Wow I’m in the minority here but Vea has about zero bust factor and he is plug and play. Guys that effect the trenches are always worth it in the end. Vea won’t be a sexy pick but Vea will shut down the run and force teams into predictable one dimensional offenses.
  9. I think all four of the big QBs have very similar grades. Its going to depend on scheme and preference as to who is drafted where.
  10. QBs go 1 2 3 trade Bills QB Broncos: Nelson colts: Barkley ~ still think best way to protect luck is with barkely Bucs: Chubb bears: Davenport or Edmunds
  11. QBs go 1 2 3 barkely at 4 (I would love to see a trade with the bills here. It would completely screw john Elway out of a QB) broncos QB colts: Nelson or Chubb. bucs: chubb or Davenport bears: Nelson, Edmunds or Davenport
  12. We can move Goldman to RE and he can be a dominate run stuffer at NT. I don't think its out of the question and he fills a big need.
  13. We need some serious beef up front on both sides of the ball. We need a DE and a LG 1 Nelson 2 Hand
  14. I read the bears were interested in Morgan burnett. I think this is kinda fake news. But would the bears run 3 safeties on defense and one of them covers the slot. It’s would be interesting
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