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  1. Have you talked with their internet customer service? I doubt they do fine.
  2. Went Delanie for #3. Some of the conversation swayed my thinking some. Went Marcus for this one because of it. His games vs Jax and KC showed how much of a baller he can be even if he isn't having a great game statistically. Give me Marcus.
  3. I think so. A lot of their players move on to the NFL, but every player on the other teams have made the NFL. I don't think they'd have the QB to do well in the NFL...that shows with how their QBs have fared recently. They're great in college, but NFL is a whole new monster.
  4. Crushed by about every team they would've played.
  5. I have a weird hunch that he'll be 2 and done. Maybe I'm just optimistic.
  6. EMP/Magnets are the only correct choice. Since it's not there, I will pretend to be robot and start by learning the language. Beep boop boop boo beep
  7. Naw. I know Byard is great. A lot of people see "Oh, he led the league in interceptions" and think that's the whole story and gets him upvoted too. Most of those INTs came from just a couple games. His impact is more than that, but it's those plays that end up being the stand out to make people think he's good except for his actual impact that goes unnoticed. I actually agree with Ruskie after I read that comment in the vote for 3. After reading it, I would change my vote to Byard over Delanie. It's just hard to trust one full year of great production after seeing it from others for a longe
  8. The Incredible Hulk Captain America: Winter Soldier Thor: Ragnorok Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 2 Ant-Man Guardians of the Galaxy Iron Man Spider-Man: Homecoming The Avengers Captain America: Civil War Thor Captain America: The First Avenger Doctor Strange Iron Man 2 Avengers: Age of Ultron Iron Man 3 Thor: The Dark World Man. Mine are waaaaay different than everyone else. Haven't seen- Black Panther Avengers: Infinity War
  9. I'll hold off judgement on Titans until after we get more than set photos and an actual trailer. Is that and YJ going to be on their streaming site only? No netflix for YJ?
  10. While I understand your rationale, Casey plays(ed) a role that isn't as big for the stat type plays. Makes his impact go a little unnoticed sometimes. A lot of Byards work also came in just a couple/few big games. I do think that Byard is going to be in the conversation these next couple spots and would only be lower on the list because of the smaller sample size than others. My guess- Byard lands at either 3 or 4. Next 3 being Walker, Byard, Conklin with Conklin probably landing last of the 3.
  11. I really think that him coming in and being behind Orakpo and Morgan (while also learning from them) is a great situation for Honor. I'm really looking forward to watching him come in on passing downs and doing some work. Him, Orakpo, Morgan, Casey and Evans' pass rushing abilities should make for some creative 3rd down packages. Add the fact that we have 3 capable corners now. Hopefully they live up to the hype.
  12. Vince still has a special place in my heart. <3
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