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  1. Ndamukong Suh - Hmmmm

    Agreed. Go after Hankins...great DT...nice motor...eats space...wouldn't break the bank...Oh, and he's 25. And, we'd have synonomous DL guys.
  2. Saints bring back Okafor

    same here. I wanted him out of college... so I'm stoked!
  3. Ndamukong Suh - Hmmmm

    Colts release Jonathon Hankins... wonder if we lose out on Suh, the Saints go after Hankins. He played very well last year and word on the street is that the Colts are pursuing Suh.
  4. Free Agency: Rumors, Visits, Signings, etc

    A Jordan, Suh, Rankins, and Oakafor DL would be freakin' insane! How would offenses game plan? Oh, the back end ya got Lattimore, Cawley, P-Rob, Marcus Williams, and Vonn Bell. Holy crap on a cracker! Think about it... and salivate!
  5. RIP Tom Benson!!!

    Wouldn't it be such a greeat tribute if the Saints' players ALL took out umbrelllas and did the Benson Boogie after the first win? I think it would...
  6. RIP Tom Benson!!!

    RIP indeed.. he will be missed for sure... I just hope the turmoil with brat Rita doesn't ruin the seasons to come for us.
  7. Tom Benson Saints owner passes away

    Sad news for sure. May he find the peace he's been missing the past few years... RIP
  8. Free Agency: Rumors, Visits, Signings, etc

    Really, the only TE I'd want in the first is Geseicki (I know I effed the spelling lol).
  9. Free Agency: Rumors, Visits, Signings, etc

    Suh would be a nice get.
  10. We just got P-Rob for the coverage!
  11. Free Agency: Rumors, Visits, Signings, etc

    True dat. So, camp body perhaps? Also, Kelemete signed with Houston. Will we seek OL depth in rounds 4-6 now?
  12. The FO seems to do better with LBs via FA though... food for thought
  13. Zach Strief officially retiring.

    Maybe it's just me, but would annyone else like to see Mr. Streif eventually become an OL coach?
  14. Saints bringing P-Rob home on 4 year deal.

    I'm sure Mickey was sweating your approval