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  1. Hello Say Hello! Introduction Thread

    Join the club, dude! First one is a test drive for many of us
  2. Week 2 GDT - Browns @ Saints

    Buckle up...buckle down?!?!? The defense just needs to find the dang belt
  3. Preseason Week 2

    My prediction is Darnold either starts from day 1 or gets the starting nod after their bye week.
  4. Hello Say Hello! Introduction Thread

    Don't go away again!! I was starting to miss ya...you always have good things to say and I like the the fact you're direct. Keep truckin' and welcome back!
  5. Harris - finally gone!

    About time lol
  6. Preseason Game 1

    I didn't watch it
  7. Saints release WR Brandon Coleman

    Oh man, I liked this kid... not my fave but... good, decent player. Hope he gets on okay.
  8. I'm a Ravens fan too... they're my AFC team. I believe it was Ian Rapoport prior to the draft of course. I'd have to find the actual article.
  9. Ok. Since you put it that way... I see your point and still emphatically say no. Here's why... IMO, Davenport will progress at a rate faster than many think. I say that based on his demeanor and attitude in interviews. The kid is a freakishly good athlete with a very humble attitude with something to prove. I get it that Mack is that quality type player now whereas Davenport is unproven. There's a reason why the Saints jumped for D'port. After all, he was slotted to go to the Ravens, a team known for it's defensive mindset. Now, the Drew Brees/Ken Crawley thing... from a talented youth perspective I'd strongly consider pulling that trigger. Would never happen in reaal life, but you know that. To me that's a good trade... I might even ask for a 5, 6, or 7th rounder too in that scenario. I agree with your thought process on that one despite it possibly being considered as 'a little homerish' (b/c of the OSU connection
  10. I always wanted a subdued black #26 jersey but can't seem to find one #thedeuceisloose
  11. @Raves I get your reasoning, great work up btw I am with @navysaintsfan here though. I think the Saints have something special now and will have for the next 3-7 years (barring contract issues and such). Although this proposed trade might seem tantalizing... I think Brees (despite the big money) brings much more to the table than folks may think. For that reason alone, I say no way. Just my two pence
  12. Marcus Davenport - Training Camp News

    I like this kid's demeanor... his head is on straight... he seems extremely mature for his age. I do think that he will impress, maybe not game 1 or 2, but he'll impress and be a beast.
  13. Saints DE saves man trapped in a car

    Almost every country in the U.K. and mainland Europe require you to render aid if you can. Not sure how this is actually proven but, nonetheless, it's an excellent law and promotes the concept of humanity...unlike the ramshackle society we live in today. Hats off to ya @SWATcha! We definitely should all follow your example sir.
  14. Jets WR ArDarius Stewart suspended 2 games

    Why are so many players getting popped/suspended for PEDs this offseason? That should be the bigger question. Oh and if they do this...that's really sad. So what if you dime someone out. Why are you 'praised' for it? Think about it....that's what it is. You do PEDs, you get 4 game suspension but... that's BS. If you do something not allowed... ya need to be prepared to pay the consequences.