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  1. He and the team will just get better. But, YES, for the love of all that is holy... kick those lackluster kicker to the curb... pun fully intended.
  2. We need a real motivator in the locker room. Sure, losing coaches is rough but can be overcome IMO.
  3. Me too, didn't like the kid because of the stories surrounding him his last year of college. He seems to be changing his life around though. Dear Jameis: Please be good. That is all! Your pal voodoo
  4. Yes, we need life in here. I'm in England so time difference plays a role in my lack of posting. Sorry
  5. Hopefully the Ohio State connection helps to shrink MT's knoggin' 😄
  6. Get picks and solid youngish depth in key spots for MT. Hope when he does come back, he plays lights out so we can buy the bank when we trade him 😄
  7. I'm curious to see Tre'Quan in the WR corps.
  8. 18 weeks, 17 games = no way to get .500 😄
  9. I'd be happy with a wild card spot and absolutely trilled with a division title.
  10. I'm with Dome on this one... build the surrounding cast a bit more on both sides of the ball. Just bloody give JW the chance, I think he'll pleasantly surprise a lot of folks. Jones is good? Yes. Is he worth both a 1st and 3rd for each of the next 2 years? IMO, no.
  11. Step in the right direction #Loodoo
  12. the Big Goo Guy is back in black and gold, well played 😀
  13. I am glad to get away from those two unreliable TEs, TBH. Think we have something special in "trout-man'".
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