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  1. Adrian Peterson?

    we shored up the OL in FA and the draft. Plus added another weapon or two for Brees. AP might be decent option....maybe...before his 2nd ACL injury. Not now.
  2. Adrian Peterson?

  3. 2018 Schedule announced

    Ingram appealed. From what I've read...things are back in his favor. Hopefull that I'm reading this right but I think this might be a moot point now. My notification reads: "This just in: Saints RB Mark Ingram's suspension upheld by arbitrator; agents say positive test not for PEDs or illegal substance" --courtesy ESPN iPhone App. Question is, positive for what though? My answer is: If he plays then IDC.
  4. 2018 Schedule announced

    Well, this means any win is a bonus...right? add one column by 12 and subtract it from the other...see simple math made easy.
  5. 2018 Schedule announced

    12-4... payments to jcvoodoo when you guys look back and are like....DAYUM!
  6. Saints trade up for Marcus Davenport

    I see what you did there Mid. I didn't think Iowans were that punny...I was wrong
  7. To be cognito or in-cognito... that is the question. Make up your friggin' mind man!
  8. Giants cut Brandon Marshall

    Fantasy football star potential too. Can I get a LMAO? Seriously tho, Dez is not all that. I'd say that Megatron's right leg is a better WR. All jokes aside, Dez wants to get paid...and we all know the teams that have the space/need to throw money at aging WRs. Oh, and the Redskins.
  9. 2018 Schedule announced

    Agreed^^ 5-0 going in to the bye would be outstanding. The thing is...this team could actually do it.
  10. Saints sign S Kurt Coleman

    I never liked the KV draft pick... something about him and his play style didn't mesh with NOLA's philosophy IMO. Yes, I know, hindsight...right? I find this debate a tad amusing and here's why:: How much actual play time (snaps) do you think Coleman will get? We actually have some good, young, talented safeties and other DB's that have the ability to do everything KV was asked to do. I think we're fine in the secondary. Sure Coleman will see the field but I think it'll be limited. IMO, he was brought in for 2 reasons and the 1st being the biggest. They are (1) veteran leadership and (2) send a message to and about KV.
  11. Saints resign WR Brandon Coleman

    That's the 3 C's though.... coaching, concentration, and consistancy. All of which requires practice. Despite that, this is a great re-signing. Question is, how many WRs do the Saints roll with for the season.
  12. Dez Bryant released

    IMO, if Coleman had Bryant's talent (4-5 year ago Bryant)...this offense would only need a TE. I mean a Shockey-type TE or Hoby Brenner-type TE. They seem to have figured out the defense, which is nice for a change. And, special teams is getting there. Look out! The Saints are growing into a well-rounded football team.
  13. Dez Bryant released

    I agree, Dez is a tool. And, I approve this message. Never liked him, never will. HUGE no thanks!
  14. Free Agency: Rumors, Visits, Signings, etc

    Yea, I jumped the gun there... just got excited when I saw the notification on the phone
  15. Free Agency: Rumors, Visits, Signings, etc

    So freaking happy! The Saints signed Cameron Meredith. Injury prone? IDK... imo the Bears put him in some very difficult positions. At any rate, I think we resolved the WR need and set ourselves up to have more options (which I'll explain below). With this signing, I think the FO also sent Snead a message with this signing. I, for one, like this move. 1st round options as I view them: 1) stay put and select BPA 2) trade down for more picks due to deep class at skill positions needed 3) trade up... question would be, trade up for who?