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  1. Dude is utter trash. Talent means nothing if you're not using it. Doesn't he realize this. AB = DB!
  2. It seems as much as the NFL adores the Saints (absolutely no sarcasm here ) that the NFL leaders stifle this would be move. Yes, AB is both very talented and verbally very stupid. Tough call but SP and company know best. Got to trust them at this point.
  3. Preseason Thread

    nice play! my question is why people bring race to the conversation right off the bat?? Look at the 2nd comment... with attitudes like that... how does racism die?? #pathetic EDIT: Besides, Cam gets no love on calls due to the same type attitude... think about it. It's a viciously stupid cycle. PS: I hate flies!
  4. Saints extend Cam Jordan!

    Ditto! Love this dude.
  5. Surprise Ending w/Drew Brees

    just saw it. LOL, thanks for posting
  6. I agree with your assessment @tyler735. Two major things, IMO, need to happen on offense for Teddy (provided he is resigned) to step in. They are as follows: 1) O-line play -- protection is paramount and minimal to no injuries is key. That way they can gel! 2) Run, Run, Run! -- running game needs to be present a majority of the time. This would allow Teddy to showcase his talents and ease into the position as perhaps the next franchise QB.
  7. GDT - NFCCG Rams (13-3) @ Saints (13-3): Get loud.

    @Dome I really think that the Rams beating the Saints was the best possible scenario for the Patriots.
  8. Taysom Hill

    I just LOLed.
  9. Week 10 GDT: Saints (7-1) @ Bengals (5-3)

    true dat.... lol.... it was a bit excessive
  10. Week 10 GDT: Saints (7-1) @ Bengals (5-3)

    well it was hostile territory and if the Saints had called authorities to get it turned off but no one came... do you still charge someone for a crime in that scenario?
  11. ...just maybe...

    The price for Peterson woulda been too great I think. To clarify here, the word great means huge. My opinion of Apple is that whilst he is not Peterson, he (Eli) offers a different play style that meshes more with the defenses Dennis Allen offers. And, maybe now, Allen can get more creative... especially since the defense is starting to gel.
  12. ...just maybe...

    If I remember @whodatworm23, you were very high on Apple as a potential landing spot to the Saints going into that years draft. If I'm wrong....disregard
  13. Demario Davis - NFC D player of the week

    IIRC, I thought this was a great signing from the start when others disagreed. The season is still young, so I may have to eat my words (hopefully not though).
  14. Taysom Hill

    Taysom Hill farted in the womb. His wind shattered the space/time continuum as WAS the ACTUAL cause of the Big Bang.
  15. Hello Say Hello! Introduction Thread

    Join the club, dude! First one is a test drive for many of us