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  1. Good point Worm, what would it cost to "fix" things in your scenario though? Is their such a QB in mid-rounds to fit the mold the Saints hold dear? I still say talk to Drew Brees about becoming a QBs coach, roll with Winston... I believe you're allowing Winston's bad tape under a "less than mediocre" coaching staff dictate how you view this kid. I say give Winston the chance because if you put Hill starting under center that's what he'll demand even though his upside is much higher as a gadget player.
  2. So, basically you're talking about another possible Garrett Grayson scenario with mid-tier back-up?
  3. @whodatworm23 I'm leaning more with @Mid Iowa on this one. I think JW will impress all of us. I'd seriously explore the possibility of Drew Brees as QB coach if Lombardi leaves.
  4. I haven't read every post but I think if Lombardi leaves, here's a question : Can Drew Brees become the new QB coach?
  5. I actually doubt the Saints even consider drafting a QB and look to FA. For some funny reason, I think Wentz get let go and SP salivates at the prospect of resurrecting the young-ish QB's career. That's best case scenario as far as I see it though. As previously mentioned, we will have too many holes to fill. I think of all the personnel due to leave at the end of this season, Hendrickson is the front runner to stay. With that said, my second most likely scenario is Winston comes back and competes for the QB position on an equal playing field with Taysom Hill. And, I would be willing
  6. Think its kind of a smokes and mirrors move to be honest. Think about it... game planning for Taysom Hill is tedious and frankly defenses still don't know how to plan against us when he's in. Will be interesting for sure. I expect to see both used to be fair.
  7. Is now the time to sign Kap?? Seriously though, dude is probably unfit and past his prime in regards to competing. I was looking at the Saints roster (unofficial) and holy hello batman! We be stacked! Hopefully, it doesn't take long for this team to gel and win some rings!
  8. Dude is utter trash. Talent means nothing if you're not using it. Doesn't he realize this. AB = DB!
  9. It seems as much as the NFL adores the Saints (absolutely no sarcasm here ) that the NFL leaders stifle this would be move. Yes, AB is both very talented and verbally very stupid. Tough call but SP and company know best. Got to trust them at this point.
  10. nice play! my question is why people bring race to the conversation right off the bat?? Look at the 2nd comment... with attitudes like that... how does racism die?? #pathetic EDIT: Besides, Cam gets no love on calls due to the same type attitude... think about it. It's a viciously stupid cycle. PS: I hate flies!
  11. just saw it. LOL, thanks for posting
  12. I agree with your assessment @tyler735. Two major things, IMO, need to happen on offense for Teddy (provided he is resigned) to step in. They are as follows: 1) O-line play -- protection is paramount and minimal to no injuries is key. That way they can gel! 2) Run, Run, Run! -- running game needs to be present a majority of the time. This would allow Teddy to showcase his talents and ease into the position as perhaps the next franchise QB.
  13. @Dome I really think that the Rams beating the Saints was the best possible scenario for the Patriots.
  14. well it was hostile territory and if the Saints had called authorities to get it turned off but no one came... do you still charge someone for a crime in that scenario?
  15. The price for Peterson woulda been too great I think. To clarify here, the word great means huge. My opinion of Apple is that whilst he is not Peterson, he (Eli) offers a different play style that meshes more with the defenses Dennis Allen offers. And, maybe now, Allen can get more creative... especially since the defense is starting to gel.
  16. If I remember @whodatworm23, you were very high on Apple as a potential landing spot to the Saints going into that years draft. If I'm wrong....disregard
  17. IIRC, I thought this was a great signing from the start when others disagreed. The season is still young, so I may have to eat my words (hopefully not though).
  18. Taysom Hill farted in the womb. His wind shattered the space/time continuum as WAS the ACTUAL cause of the Big Bang.
  19. Join the club, dude! First one is a test drive for many of us
  20. Buckle up...buckle down?!?!? The defense just needs to find the dang belt
  21. My prediction is Darnold either starts from day 1 or gets the starting nod after their bye week.
  22. Don't go away again!! I was starting to miss ya...you always have good things to say and I like the the fact you're direct. Keep truckin' and welcome back!
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