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  1. On 2/1/2021 at 3:17 AM, whodatworm23 said:

    Well we will know soon enough... Payton's saying all the right things about Hill and Winston but one of these days he'll have his poker face on and take a QB in the draft. Is it this year? Is all the talk about Hill and Winston just a smoke screen so that teams aren't wise to the Saints wanting a QB?


    I'll admit it... if I was Mickey Loomis (not Sean Payton) I would be trying to get into position for a QB I like this draft, not resigning Winston. Even if Winston  returns and has a solid season, he'll want a significant pay raise next off-season. The Saints could fix a ton of their cap issues now and in the future with a 1st round QB. Draft the QB, allow Winston to leave and start Hill in 2021 until you feel the young buck is ready. Hill has proven he can win games so he's a solid stepping stone to the next guy.


    Sadly I doubt this is how the Saints are thinking.

    Good point Worm, what would it cost to "fix" things in your scenario though? Is their such a QB in mid-rounds to fit the mold the Saints hold dear? 

    I still say talk to Drew Brees about becoming a QBs coach, roll with Winston... I believe you're allowing Winston's bad tape under a "less than mediocre" coaching staff dictate how you view this kid. I say give Winston the chance because if you put Hill starting under center that's what he'll demand even though his upside is much higher as a gadget player.

  2. On 2/4/2021 at 10:58 PM, whodatworm23 said:

    I don't know man... I feel as if Payton has very little interest in developing a highly drafted quarterback. Yes he wanted Mahomes but Mahomes was different, Payton has said that Mahomes was the highest graded QB he's ever scouted. I don't feel the Saints will draft a QB just for the sake of drafting one. With Jameis back I would look more so at a mid-tier guy that he can develop behind Winston and Hill who has zero pressure to start anytime soon. 

    So, basically you're talking about another possible Garrett Grayson scenario with mid-tier back-up?

  3. I actually doubt the Saints even consider drafting a QB and look to FA. For some funny reason, I think Wentz get let go and SP salivates at the prospect of resurrecting the young-ish QB's career. That's best case scenario as far as I see it though.

    As previously mentioned, we will have too many holes to fill. I think of all the personnel due to leave at the end of this season, Hendrickson is the front runner to stay.

    With that said, my second most likely scenario is Winston comes back and competes for the QB position on an equal playing field with Taysom Hill. And, I would be willing to bet if this scenario played out, Winston would get the well deserved nod over Hill. I think Winston's abilities at the QB position and his maturity beat out Hill for the job. 

    Hill is way too valuable as a gadget player to be in the full-time QB role.

    My prediction: Winston gets a chance to shine and we draft a speedy WR in round one.

  4. On 8/19/2019 at 2:34 PM, Mid Iowa said:

    This is my favorite play of the game. And Hill's stiff arm on LB#52 is priceless!


    nice play! my question is why people bring race to the conversation right off the bat?? Look at the 2nd comment... with attitudes like that... how does racism die?? #pathetic


    EDIT:  Besides, Cam gets no love on calls due to the same type attitude... think about it. It's a viciously stupid cycle.


    PS: I hate flies!

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  5. On 3/9/2019 at 6:11 AM, tyler735 said:

    While both of these statements may be true, it still may not be in his best interest long term. What types of teams will he throwing money at him? Are these teams that are dumpster fires on offense? Will these teams make it difficult for him to showcase his ability? 

    As much as I love Drew Brees, I won't be shocked if this next season is his last year in the NFL, I also won't be shocked if he starts to rapidly decline this year. In many ways he was great last season for us (obviously), but even as one of the "biggest Saints homers" on this site, I can recognize that his physical abilities have deteriorated quite a bit.

    I legitimately don't recall one quality deep ball (over 40 yards in the air) thrown by Brees last season. Brees had excellent stats last year, but there was a noticeable decline towards the end of the season. This in theory could be caused by several different things, but my gut is telling me it is most likely a sign of things to come with Brees. This isn't to say Brees will be a trainwreck this upcoming season, but it wouldn't shock me to see him out up a middle of the road type season this year for us. If he has a Payton Manning type dropoff or 2010 Favre dropoff in play, it sure would be nice to have a guy like Teddy ready to go with our current roster, which in my opinion can still make a deep playoff run with solid QB play, which I think Teddy can provide.

    I agree with your assessment @tyler735. Two major things, IMO, need to happen on offense for Teddy (provided he is resigned) to step in. They are as follows:

    1)  O-line play -- protection is paramount and minimal to no injuries is key. That way they can gel!

    2)  Run, Run, Run! -- running game needs to be present a majority of the time. This would allow Teddy to showcase his talents and ease into the position as perhaps the next franchise QB.

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  6. On 10/25/2018 at 8:18 PM, Mid Iowa said:

    I want to talk, once again, about how good our scouting department is in pulling up note on Apple and moving with him over Peterson.
    I want to talk about how Loomis didn't have to try to stretch out our draft to pick up Patrick Peterson, but instead got a great deal with a 4th and 7th in two separate drafts.

    The price for Peterson woulda been too great I think. To clarify here, the word great means huge. 

    My opinion of Apple is that whilst he is not Peterson, he (Eli) offers a different play style that meshes more with the defenses Dennis Allen offers. And, maybe now, Allen can get more creative... especially since the defense is starting to gel.

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  7. 14 hours ago, whodatworm23 said:

    Apple has talent and ability and is only 23 years old with 2 years on his rookie deal with a 5th year option... Id have to imagine hed be a natural fit with Lattimore and Bell, 2 of his former college teammates. This move also allows the Saints to play Crawley in the slot with P-Rob on IR.


    I think its smart... Saints bought low and hope to hit a home run but by the numbers it appears they got better in the secondary today.

    If I remember @whodatworm23, you were very high on Apple as a potential landing spot to the Saints going into that years draft. If I'm wrong....disregard:D


  8. On 9/18/2018 at 11:01 PM, Saint_Anger13 said:


     I don’t plan on it. Lots of experiences ensued. Divorce, having my 2 yr old son live with my while I went back to college, finished and worked two jobs to get where I’m at now. It’s been a ride, but I’ve always watched and thought I should get back on here lol

    Join the club, dude! First one is a test drive for many of us :D

  9. 47 minutes ago, Mid Iowa said:

    Fair points, and I'll also point out the bold portions above. How often have we complained about injury prone player being signed? We even complained about Armstead last year. He's soooo good, and injured soooo often.

    I'm sure he could be a serviceable backup, but he's not right now, he's the starter right now. This is not the time to pick up a guy like that. They should have thought about this (and likely did, way more than you and I have) when he was available coming out of the Vikings org.

    You'll have to wait a year or 2 until Sam Darnold makes the starting role, then Teddy may be available. And if he is available, then my point will be even stronger.

    My prediction is Darnold either starts from day 1 or gets the starting nod after their bye week.

  10. On 7/23/2018 at 8:15 PM, Saint_Anger13 said:

    Hometown: Lake Charles, LA
    Currently living: Cedar Rapids, IA 
    High School: Prairie High School 
    College: Kirkwood
    Occupation: Manufacturing
    Major: Criminal Justice
    Age: 30
    Sports Interests: New Orleans Saints, Padres, 76ers/Cavaliers
    Hobbies: Video games, firearms, reading, sports 
    Favorite Current Saint: Brees
    Favorite All-Time Saint: McAllister/Fujita /Shockey


    What can I say, I'm back by popular demand.

    Don't go away again!! I was starting to miss ya...you always have good things to say and I like the the fact you're direct. Keep truckin' and welcome back!

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