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  1. I'm a Ravens fan too... they're my AFC team. I believe it was Ian Rapoport prior to the draft of course. I'd have to find the actual article.
  2. Ok. Since you put it that way... I see your point and still emphatically say no. Here's why... IMO, Davenport will progress at a rate faster than many think. I say that based on his demeanor and attitude in interviews. The kid is a freakishly good athlete with a very humble attitude with something to prove. I get it that Mack is that quality type player now whereas Davenport is unproven. There's a reason why the Saints jumped for D'port. After all, he was slotted to go to the Ravens, a team known for it's defensive mindset. Now, the Drew Brees/Ken Crawley thing... from a talented yo
  3. I always wanted a subdued black #26 jersey but can't seem to find one #thedeuceisloose
  4. @Raves I get your reasoning, great work up btw I am with @navysaintsfan here though. I think the Saints have something special now and will have for the next 3-7 years (barring contract issues and such). Although this proposed trade might seem tantalizing... I think Brees (despite the big money) brings much more to the table than folks may think. For that reason alone, I say no way. Just my two pence
  5. I like this kid's demeanor... his head is on straight... he seems extremely mature for his age. I do think that he will impress, maybe not game 1 or 2, but he'll impress and be a beast.
  6. Almost every country in the U.K. and mainland Europe require you to render aid if you can. Not sure how this is actually proven but, nonetheless, it's an excellent law and promotes the concept of humanity...unlike the ramshackle society we live in today. Hats off to ya @SWATcha! We definitely should all follow your example sir.
  7. Why are so many players getting popped/suspended for PEDs this offseason? That should be the bigger question. Oh and if they do this...that's really sad. So what if you dime someone out. Why are you 'praised' for it? Think about it....that's what it is. You do PEDs, you get 4 game suspension but... that's BS. If you do something not allowed... ya need to be prepared to pay the consequences.
  8. Thanks for this @LETSGOBROWNIES. Don't know why most people tend to blame the doctor when the entire story is not known. At any rate, it's sad to hear about stuff like then. Especially given that his wife found him and attempted to at least get him breathing again. Gotta be hard on her right now. RIP Mr. S. Prayers to the family.
  9. I just got an ESPN notification. Apparently, it's a slow news day in the world of football Regardless, thanks for sharing and it is a nice story. Just goes to show that not all news has to be dreary.
  10. Again, being a professional is not ENTIRELY about stats. I agree that stats play a major role in contract negotiations, the draft, HoF balloting, etc. YES, T.O. was very good at producing on the field. But, it takes more to be a true "professional." Enough said...
  11. TO is/was very talented....period. But, when most people hear "professional", TO's name is or should not be in the conversation. Sure, he can do what he wants...as it is his perogative. I'll leave it at that.
  12. Who even wrote this? It is well written and sincere... TO appears to be neither.
  13. LOL, I got a notification on the ESPN app that he did...reporters are extremely fallable but many jump the gun to be first to report a 'story'.
  14. Look, I've been an Ingram supporter since day 1 but enough is enough. If I remember right, he's been on the radar for this type thing in the past. Insert HUGE question here... Mr. Ingram, why can't you learn from past mistakes? But in all reality, what's done is done. With this suspension, you forfeited your "leverage."
  15. hindsight? Cant predict the future... but, yeah, I get it. Was Worrilow better the Kendricks though? I'd say no...but I am an armchair coach
  16. NOLA plays alot of prime time games this year...just sayin'. Nudge, nudge Mickey
  17. This. Wonder why they released him? I'd be curious and barring any wrongdoings on his part... Saints should go after Kendricks. #Dezisbad..mmkay
  18. we shored up the OL in FA and the draft. Plus added another weapon or two for Brees. AP might be decent option....maybe...before his 2nd ACL injury. Not now.
  19. Ingram appealed. From what I've read...things are back in his favor. Hopefull that I'm reading this right but I think this might be a moot point now. My notification reads: "This just in: Saints RB Mark Ingram's suspension upheld by arbitrator; agents say positive test not for PEDs or illegal substance" --courtesy ESPN iPhone App. Question is, positive for what though? My answer is: If he plays then IDC.
  20. Well, this means any win is a bonus...right? add one column by 12 and subtract it from the other...see simple math made easy.
  21. 12-4... payments to jcvoodoo when you guys look back and are like....DAYUM!
  22. I see what you did there Mid. I didn't think Iowans were that punny...I was wrong
  23. To be cognito or in-cognito... that is the question. Make up your friggin' mind man!
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