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  1. Fantasy football star potential too. Can I get a LMAO? Seriously tho, Dez is not all that. I'd say that Megatron's right leg is a better WR. All jokes aside, Dez wants to get paid...and we all know the teams that have the space/need to throw money at aging WRs. Oh, and the Redskins.
  2. Agreed^^ 5-0 going in to the bye would be outstanding. The thing is...this team could actually do it.
  3. I never liked the KV draft pick... something about him and his play style didn't mesh with NOLA's philosophy IMO. Yes, I know, hindsight...right? I find this debate a tad amusing and here's why:: How much actual play time (snaps) do you think Coleman will get? We actually have some good, young, talented safeties and other DB's that have the ability to do everything KV was asked to do. I think we're fine in the secondary. Sure Coleman will see the field but I think it'll be limited. IMO, he was brought in for 2 reasons and the 1st being the biggest. They are (1) veteran leadership and (2
  4. That's the 3 C's though.... coaching, concentration, and consistancy. All of which requires practice. Despite that, this is a great re-signing. Question is, how many WRs do the Saints roll with for the season.
  5. IMO, if Coleman had Bryant's talent (4-5 year ago Bryant)...this offense would only need a TE. I mean a Shockey-type TE or Hoby Brenner-type TE. They seem to have figured out the defense, which is nice for a change. And, special teams is getting there. Look out! The Saints are growing into a well-rounded football team.
  6. I agree, Dez is a tool. And, I approve this message. Never liked him, never will. HUGE no thanks!
  7. Yea, I jumped the gun there... just got excited when I saw the notification on the phone
  8. So freaking happy! The Saints signed Cameron Meredith. Injury prone? IDK... imo the Bears put him in some very difficult positions. At any rate, I think we resolved the WR need and set ourselves up to have more options (which I'll explain below). With this signing, I think the FO also sent Snead a message with this signing. I, for one, like this move. 1st round options as I view them: 1) stay put and select BPA 2) trade down for more picks due to deep class at skill positions needed 3) trade up... question would be, trade up for who?
  9. Maybe not the best move. Maybe it was. But, they thought it was the Wright move =)
  10. Bad deal for Fleener. Ya hate to hear/see these kind of injuries. If I were very religious, I'd offer prayers to him and his family.
  11. Oh, I agree. I think if the Saints' guy is there...they move up into the 2nd for a steal.
  12. Mid, Thank you for that. And, yes...THAT"S what I am talking about.
  13. Agreed on both accounts. Maybe it's because I am an "old-ish" guy, but I love Ben Watson.
  14. Earlier the Saints singed Ben Watson to aa one year deal. I think it's great for a fewreasons: 1) Leadership 2) Work ethic 3) Fills a need with a familiar face 4) Gives us option to target a TE in later rounds
  15. Agreed. Go after Hankins...great DT...nice motor...eats space...wouldn't break the bank...Oh, and he's 25. And, we'd have synonomous DL guys.
  16. same here. I wanted him out of college... so I'm stoked!
  17. Colts release Jonathon Hankins... wonder if we lose out on Suh, the Saints go after Hankins. He played very well last year and word on the street is that the Colts are pursuing Suh.
  18. A Jordan, Suh, Rankins, and Oakafor DL would be freakin' insane! How would offenses game plan? Oh, the back end ya got Lattimore, Cawley, P-Rob, Marcus Williams, and Vonn Bell. Holy crap on a cracker! Think about it... and salivate!
  19. Wouldn't it be such a greeat tribute if the Saints' players ALL took out umbrelllas and did the Benson Boogie after the first win? I think it would...
  20. RIP indeed.. he will be missed for sure... I just hope the turmoil with brat Rita doesn't ruin the seasons to come for us.
  21. Sad news for sure. May he find the peace he's been missing the past few years... RIP
  22. Really, the only TE I'd want in the first is Geseicki (I know I effed the spelling lol).
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