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  1. 5 minutes ago, Canadian Saint said:

    Davis is also a really good blitzer from the LB position. He got 5 sacks last year.It's not the same as adding Suh, but I think it'll help get more pressure on the QB.

    WLB: Anzalone/Robertson

    MLB: Davis/Te'o

    SLB: Klein/Stupar

    Not a whole lot of coverage ability there, but I think that's a pretty solid group. Good against the run and possibly average in coverage.

    We just got P-Rob for the coverage! 

  2. 1 minute ago, Bianconero said:

    Haha no one so far has made an accurate statement about Davis

    Hes coming off a career year as a thumper and great in the locker room 

    Great get for NOR

    LOL, thanks for the info!  Did ya see my post, haha... thanks for helping me understand a bit more :)


  3. Didn't see the video and really don't care to. Here's my take... depending on the law, is it illegal to posess drugs in the state in which he was filmed? (2) Not a good way to start an actting career. (3) Why are people defending this behavior? He's a professional athlete...b/c of that he is held in a higher reqard than Joe Schmo. I'm not saying he should get burned for this. Maybe fined??? Not sure, but something should be done to get the message across that this will not be tolerated.

  4. So, I have the NFL mobile app... just got notification that said Saints could be likely landing spot for Richard Sherman. Personally, I'd entertain the idea only for the right pricetag though. What do you guys think?

  5. How would you feel if Sean Payton pulled a Mike Ditka and traded all this years picks and some of next years to nab one of those top tier QBs? Highly doubtful the FO allows a scenario like this to happen, but think about it for a second. Who would be your choice and why? Is now the time? 

    My choice would be Josh Allen and not just because we share tthe same first name. Big QB, good arm, very acurate, and smart. With the running game NOLA has... hell yeah...I'd pull the trigger.


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