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  1. Brees will most likely be extended before the March 14 "payday". I think a 2-3 year deal would work. And, don't under estimate Brees' ability to guide someone, like a Lamar Jackson, past their 'pitfalls'. I think Brees is a great motivator and teacher. Jackson's measurables with cause his stock to rise though...I mean after the combine and pro days. I do like the turn this discussion went though. Build/add to the trenches via the draft...and keep the youth movement alive. Sure, a bluechip LB would be nice but look at what we did this season w/o an 'elite' LB corps. The Saints, IMO, have o
  2. Sorry Pit! I DO like this pick for the Saints as it also fits a need. Evans would bring much needed atheticism to their LB corps.
  3. For the Saints, TE is a need...however, building the front 7 on D-fence should take priority. Specifically LB. Look for the Saints to target a LB at 27. I believe they can still get a good TE prospect in round 3.
  4. So the Saints trade back out of the first and essentially pick up one 2nd round selection and two 3rd rounders. I DO like your thought process here and am eager to see your choices in the 2nd andd 3rd rounds. Very good scenario if they can continue their success from last year's draft. Nice job overall.
  5. LOL, apparently I did miss the TE in the 5th. I do think TE should and will be addressed earlier. BPA is always good to go with and the CB pick there provides competition in training camp(s). So, I understand your logice there. Thanks for the clarification.
  6. First off, good/solid job overall. Last season, the TE play was horrible to put it nicely. I don't see one here unless you think the Saints sign Jimmy Graham and I am confused as to why you think they take two CBs. Care to elaborate on this?
  7. If Breaux comes back 100%, he just may beat out Crawley for CB2. I may be joshin' here lol. Either way, it'll be excellent competition. And, if Breaux does get the CB2 job... I think that makes the secondary better.
  8. I didn't. Wasn't able to from England.
  9. Usually, I'd say a BIG FAT NO to this pick in rd. 1, but since we p/u a good LB fit in FA... I'll take it. Thumbs up!
  10. Seems like you and me Mid...are on the same page. I much rather continue the youth movement. At this point, I'd be inclined to look at FA for a LB that fits our defensive schemes. I'd also trade out of the first to top of second and stockpile more picks (that you can use to get back into the 2nd if you wanted). But, that's just me. TBH, I am not sure (still) how RFAs work. All I know is that all three of those are worth re-signing for depth purposes.
  11. Rosen goes 27??? Highly, extremely, doubtful but I'd take him in a heartbeat to sit behind Brees for 1-2 years. I'm thinking they go LB in the first though.
  12. Interesting pick. I DO like his play style but I am of the mindset the Saints go with a blue chip defensive player. In this mock, it would seem more logical to go LB like either of the two guys you list after the Saints pick.
  13. everdentally a QB from Western Kentucky. I didn't know they even had a football team.
  14. Heh, ikr. It must be. Glad to serve, though I'm looking forward to retiring later this year.
  15. I think NE depends more on their TE play than NOLA, so yes I agree with you there.
  16. I'd br suprised if NOLA even talked to Jimmy Graham after the way he left. Trades are part of the game (as it IS a business after all) and he was butthrut and spouting on social media. Sean Payton has made it clear that, especially in recent years, he will not tolerate stuff like that in the locker room. Not to mention Jimmy Graham was one-sided as long as you didn't disrupt his route. So, no thank you. I DO believe, however, that NOLA makes a bid for Butler in FA. And, most likely they go defense in round one.
  17. I get it, I do. But, with every simulation, aren't there inputed variables? Perhaps I am reading to much into a comment, but you seem a bit agitated. If so, that was not my intention and please accept my apology.
  18. First off, kudos on the mock. Lots of interesting moves/trades/signings/picks. As requested at the beginning, I'll stick to comments on my team. With that said: I am OK with the Butler signing as we need upgrades in the secondary. I, for one, like the CB2 currently (Ken Crawley). My only beef is he gets way too many DPI calls. Butler would most likely become CB2 in this scenario with Crawley going to CB3/nickel. So, I could live with this. Goedert, to me, is a very interesting choice as I think he would be a reach at number 27 and doesn't fulfill a bigger need. The Saints look to up
  19. I chose that avy on a whim, lol. I've been in Europe for the past 8 years and been privileged enough to drink some very good beer. I'll definitely be on the lookout for that one, though. My fave is Paulaner (German).
  20. Nice! Next time I get back to the states I'll have to look that brand up.
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