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  1. First off, kudos on the mock. Lots of interesting moves/trades/signings/picks. As requested at the beginning, I'll stick to comments on my team. With that said: I am OK with the Butler signing as we need upgrades in the secondary. I, for one, like the CB2 currently (Ken Crawley). My only beef is he gets way too many DPI calls. Butler would most likely become CB2 in this scenario with Crawley going to CB3/nickel. So, I could live with this. Goedert, to me, is a very interesting choice as I think he would be a reach at number 27 and doesn't fulfill a bigger need. The Saints look to up
  2. I chose that avy on a whim, lol. I've been in Europe for the past 8 years and been privileged enough to drink some very good beer. I'll definitely be on the lookout for that one, though. My fave is Paulaner (German).
  3. Nice! Next time I get back to the states I'll have to look that brand up.
  4. Fairley most definitely had a promising career with New Orleans. He will be missed both on and off the field. And, for the love of Buddha, cut Fleener already!
  5. Interesting scenario to say the least. Brees has roughly a month to ink an extension...I say hold tight and be patient. Besides if Taysom Hill is what Sean Payton thinks he is...we have our next franchise QB already. Foles came out of the same high school as Brees and he obviously is talented enough to deserve a starting QB gig. He is no Brees though.
  6. I agree here. So, basically you're swapping TEs (Fleener/Eifert) and saving some cap space. No real value here considering Eifert is a walking IR guy. Losing Okafor is a blow (see @JMG5's comment). Reid is/would be solid but not needed at all. I actually LOLd at the 11st and 3rd round choices here. Yes, lol IS a verb here. Not only can these positions be addressed in FA/later rounds but they arguably are not needed either. Props to the effort and time used to creat this and presentation is visually pleasing.... grade B+. As for the draft... grade F+.
  7. Dude had a promisiing future that's for sure. He will be missed and all the best in his future endeavors.
  8. If this holds true... I love the Saints pick/fit here. Good job.
  9. If Mayfield falls that far, it's possible. I just don't buy it though. But, the thought of Mayfield sitting behind Brees and learning does have a certain ring to it.
  10. I understand your thinking and it's possible, yes. I still think they go defense, if they stay in round 1. In your scenario the LBs worth 1st round grades are all gone. So, if that were to pan out... I'd trade back to top of 2nd, draft Frank Ragnow to shore up the OL and grab another pick. But, odds are they stick with the 27th pick and given Payton's war room prowess I can see drafting a slot guy.
  11. I lol at other mocks where the Saints get a WR or RB in the first.
  12. How do you figure the Saints go WR? Curious on your thoughts there. Pretty sure they hit on defense in round 1 and if none of their guys are available, they may trade down and try to pick up a 2nd and another 3rd. Oh, and higly doubtful Denver trades out of the 5 spot.
  13. Not sure what this means or infers, as I am not clarovoyant. However, it seems since Mr. Brees has shown willingness to play ball (pun fully intended), I hope he signs a deal that's a win for all involved. p.s. Tom Condon is a money hungry you know what.
  14. ahh, ok. Thank you for the answer/clarification.
  15. Do you think resigning KV works if you know you have deal in place to trade him for a 2nd? Or am I just being unrealistic?
  16. Agreed, they need to redo the rule. However, I think making it the discretion of the individual ref would invite even more controversy.
  17. They didn't. It's just Atlanta and Philly both have bird logos and the woes which accompany that.
  18. Time will tell. Hope it's not a similar situation mch like with the Saints and Sean Payton. It took 3 straight 7-9 seasons to realize sometimes ya gotta fire your "friends". I like the Ravens and wish the franchise the best.
  19. Key? When Edmunds/Evans are still available?? Saints need the LB more and would mmost likely pull the trigger on either mentioned before they take a chance on Key.
  20. As a Saints fan...I approve this message
  21. I just want the NFC to win. My supervisor is a big Pats fan, so rousing him would be an added bonus. I'd love to buy him an Eagles helmet to display proudly on his desk, muhahah!!
  22. @whodatworm23, How did you come up with the percentages?
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