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  1. I understand it now. Thanks for the clarification. I read the original post at work (not my normal shift I might add). Just a bit tired...:D
  2. You Vikings fans are a classy bunch! Best of luck agains Philly
  3. Ahhh, I was a bit confused lol. Please excuse the old age Just in a previous comment, you said, "...him, Williams, and Lattimore..." <--- that confused me
  4. Kudos on this Doubt the Saints take Key, even if he is there at 27. He's somewhat of a problem child and Payton got rid of the problem children. Also, while a WR in the 3rd is tantalizing...TE is bigger need and I see them making the pick Troy Fuma-stuff in the 3rd..
  5. This year they seemed to get it together. Enter Mike Nolan. Let's see, who else::::: Anzalone, Te'o, AJ...yup, I like the positive direction we went. Just sad that SP didn't take advise to fire Joe Vitt 6 or 7 seasons ago.
  6. Land a big name DL in FA and we got a special defense...even more special than this year. Oh, and remember all the IR guys should be 100% by then. I like the potential LBs we can draft, so not worried in the least.
  7. Don't get me wrong, KV is good in-the-box but we can survive and even thrive w/o him. Keep the money he'd demand (according to the rumormill) and throw it elsewhere... like Dontario Poe
  8. Tough schedule on paper but the future is not set and I doubt anyone on here is clairvoyant. My prediction:: 13-3... I believe!!
  9. Potential to be diamond in the ruff! I'd venture to say that if we brought him and AND if he panned out (personal issues), he'd probably beat out Crawley and Breaux for number 2 corner. Loads of potential here.
  10. Hi guys, I've been on here religiously (just not huge at posting/typing due to semi-arthritic hands). I love reading the opinions and debates on this forum. Upon retirement, I just may have more time to research/post on here. Hometown: New Orleans, LACurrently living: EnglandHigh School: Columbus HS, MississippiCollege: UMUCOccupation: RAWS tech in USAF (retiring later 2018)Major: Web TechnologyAge: 42Sports Interests: Saints, Jaguars, Niners (Jimmy G fan), LSU, Bama, Iowa, Duke, Carloine WozniackiHobbies: chess and other games, presentation designFavorite Current Saint: Marcus Wi
  11. We have our ballhawk already. Say hello to Marcus Williams! Like many elluded to already...he'll be the tackling machine we need him to be as well. That's the difference an offseason can make. Oh, and Marcus is a class act to boot... and he's still maturing. Nothing but win-win in regards to him. To answer the thread topic question...not much to this defense.
  12. specifically SAM and OT that has potential to play all OL positions.
  13. I see us trading back out of the first and compiling a few more draft picks. I am confident (that Ireland) can and will find 2 gems in the draft.
  14. think they'll try harder to develop Taysom Hill? I'll go out on a limb here, but I think that New Orleans will be a force to be reckoned with for the foreseeable future. And, don't sleep on Hill.
  15. The more I think about it, I like the Pryor idea even better. A scenario I'd like to see would be...go after Pryor and Poe in FA. If Jackson were there at pick 27...for the love of all that is holy, draft him! If not, trade down to beginning of 2nd and pick up another pick or two (stranger things have happened).
  16. I like this idea. This might solve the redzone options issue. @whodatworm23 Excellent write-up, as usual. I'm not to keen on the Malcolm Butler thing and keeping Kenny V and I highly doubt Key falls that far.
  17. Pull a Deuce and sign him for day! Win SB and rest. Hey, a guy can dream, yeah?
  18. IMO.... LB, DL, CB, TE, LT or QB
  19. I argree with ya navyman. Kamara's concussion was unfortunate, but Payton jumped the gun by abandoning the run game completely. And, the extremely questionable playcalling is the final 4 minutes of the game. First and goal...can escape Atlanta with a win (in their house!) and improve to 10-3...let's run 3 straight pass plays and have Brees force things...yep, that's good coaching.
  20. The comment in a different thread about Jones being a dirty player... that was me. I'll own it and I stand by it. He single-handedly took out two Saints players (both helmet-to-helmet hits resulting in concussions). I realize that the game in general is violent and injuries happen. Here's my question/concern? With 3 former DC's on Atlanta, why doesn't Jones tackle safer? Both, for himself and others. Yes, Jones is athletic...no question. He hits with a purpose... no question. If the NFL is truly about reducing TBI, Jones needs to be fined so the message can be sent. Bottom line! The
  21. Didn't they find their QB of the future? Taysom Hill. I'd say MLB/OLB or talented DE to pair with Cam.
  22. I do wish a speedy and full recovery to all the injured players. We need yous back!
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