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  1. darious williams is cb 2. he was last season and they put a 1rd tender on him. jackson would be a nice/ok move to replace hill.
  2. comparing floyd to guys like clowney or yannick is like comparing kupp with gollady and fuller. nonsense. floyd is a perfect scheme fit. the edge class is garbage and we need two.
  3. they will keep john johnson and williams. keep blythe. pick up clowney and draft a wr in round 2. havenstein could be a cut to let noteboom play rt.
  4. IF the rams keep blythe they will not draft an iol anyway. they are set with shelton and maybe blythe back.
  5. breer didn't say anything about havenstein. and the only source about a hvenstein trade is very questinable. and we will not get anything for brockers. according to mike silver the rams are not into zach ertz.
  6. the guy who blames all offensive issues on the ol is now scared because the ol coach leaves. funny. but this feels like something might be up with kromers health.
  7. lefleur is just copying mcvay. last year staley was obviously plan a. leonard plan b and barry plan c.
  8. jesus christ. so we move the better lt to the right side or even to g because we want brown? we trade away a pretty good rt plus stuff for that nonsense?! the ol is just fine. we may uprade at c but i wouldn't be surprised if we resign blythe, but sure, maybe an upgrade at c or move corbett at c and get some inside guy for g. or t-situatiaion is just fine. three good guys. move on.
  9. according to adam schefter marvin jones wants to play for the rams now. he already texted stafford right after the trade happened. actually a couple of players did.
  10. you mean the third best oline according to pff?
  11. great trade. love it. plus, watson and rodgers are now stuck in green bay and houston. they will ask for three third pluss three seconds. lol. thank god, the offense is fixed.
  12. if jerry hates that. i love it even more. after the sam bradford and jared goff saga, i'll take any qb jerry hates over "his" guys.
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