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  1. General Season Talk

  2. Todd Gurley's future with the Rams

    yeah, snead put a pick on talib to get rid of him, so much for that theory. trading cooks makes zero sense. this is a non starter. trading gurley is obviously an option, if guys like mike silver ian rap and espn are talking about it.
  3. General Season Talk

    i don't read that at all in that piece. but i read that part: its march 20th, two days after we can trade him.
  4. General Season Talk

    rams are interested in bring in kevin o'connell as oc but we have zero chance he will join the rams, because he will take the oc job in cleveland under josh mcdaniels. i'm not sure but this would be sean's first miss and getting a "no". the wunderkind kinda lost his touch.
  5. General Season Talk

  6. Jrry32 First Mock Off-Season of 2020 (1/5/20)

    the rams 3 round pick #41 is the comp pick for saffold? because the rams will not get a 3rd for him. otc changed that. it's now a 4th.
  7. Rams 'fire' DC Wade Phillips

    it will be barry. because barry is sean's buddy and let him be the "real" dc. sean mcvay think he is hoodie. mcvay will be the hc, oc and dc. maybe he is all over his head or lost his mind but mcvay is all in.
  8. Skip Peete out as Rams RB Coach; Gurley next?

    gurley is done. first a guy like mike silver reports about gurley being a cap casualty and now his coach gets fired. he was banging the table for peete, asking mcvay to keep him. step by step they burn all bridges to gurley.
  9. of course it's barry. he is close with sean. mcvay is running the whole thing now. mcvay wants more power over the d, barry gives him excatly that.
  10. Week 17 - Rams vs Cardinals

    david long. i thought he was supposed to be sooooo much better than guys like...hill. the curse of jrr32. what happened to gerald everett? i thought he was the ANSWER?!
  11. Rams New Coordinators?

    joe barry is a mcvay guy. sean is running the show in la now. bruce allen is also on his way to be part of the fo.
  12. Rams New Coordinators?

    joe barry will replace wade. it's a 90% done deal.
  13. General Season Talk

    peters play-level was not remotley close to earn an extension? according to who? you? and jerry? because according to pff he was a top 10 to top5 cb already with the rams. but i know these pff guys don't know anything. ramsey minus two firsts and a fourt is a horrible deal compared to peters plus two first and a fourth. thank god ramsey is now a ram because he such a better fit for wade's def....oh. can't wait for this time of the year again. the guys on their high horses making up fatasy mocks, with trades and all that nonsense.
  14. Rams New Coordinators?

    according to charles robinson and marvez it's a real possibilty that wade will not be the dc next season. barry is set to replace him. which makes sense because mcvay is very close to him. thats why barry is asst. hc already.
  15. General Season Talk

    they traded two first and peters away for ramsey. awful. just awful.