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  1. according to schefter chances are high he won't picked at all. if that happens he will end up with the rams, right? i hope not.
  2. hes gone. on to the waivers. come on raiders pick him and his contract up.
  3. thats true but even if the deal doesn't count. we still got fox to carolina. counts for a 6rd too. so it doesn't matter if its a thrird 6rd for ebukam or fox. according to overthecap ebukam nets a 6rd not a 7rd
  4. why 7? it should be 8. i mean even if we don't get a 6rd for ebukam we would get a 6rd for fox.
  5. rams have over 5 million in cap. before the young trade they restructed havensteins contract. maybe we make another move today.
  6. well i guess 40 is retired if they needed the blessing of the hirsch family.
  7. according to adam schefter the rams can't find a trade partner for desean. so they will cut him i guess.
  8. we get 4 comp picks plus the pick for holmes. 8 picks in total
  9. no way. we need to get three guys on our loine back. plus sebasitian day. maybe williams? we won't sign anybody.
  10. ah, ok. so they will get a 5th back.
  11. i know its not listed but nobody ever wore it in decades.
  12. plus the rams will get a 3rd comp pick for von miller. they won't sign anybody from outside. thats pretty sure. so in the end its a second for this year.
  13. the rams should get a 4th and three 6th comp picks.
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