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  1. yeah sure. they still learn the defense. for how long will this be the excuse?
  2. move on from wade for this vic fangio trash. laughable bad idea.
  3. mcvay gets destroyed once again by kyle.
  4. too bad that horrible defense can't play washington and the iants every week.
  5. i'm not a goff fan, but he looks great this season. keep the pressure off of him and that offense is awesome. the defense still sucks. and this defense doesn't stand a chance with a guy like reeder at mike.
  6. washington's dl can pressure goff. if he gets under pressure it's over. and our defense is bad. this will be an ugly game. the only chance the rams have is a dominant ol.
  7. the rams are just not a good team. the most overrated hc in the nfl. a bad fo, and at best above average qb. payed a mediocre cb elite money.
  8. giants gonna win that game. rams will hand over a top 15 pick, maybe top 10 to the jaguars for ramsey. lol.
  9. lol. no way this team makes the playoffs.
  10. jalen ramsey is so horrible bad. just another great snead/demoff contract.
  11. look at all these adjustments. awesome. can't wait to hear mcvay blaming himself again.
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