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  1. Giants to pick #2 in 2018 NFL Draft

    jesusssss christ you think that much????
  2. Giants to pick #2 in 2018 NFL Draft

    I agree with your first paragraph. As cool as it would be to take Barkley, it is more of a luxury. If we had a QB id be singing a different tone but I really think we go Darnold if he is there. if not then toss up between chubb and barkley. I think Baker is a darkhorse IF Darnold goes first. I think the Giants QB big board probably looks something like Darnold Baker Rosen Allen Jackson
  3. OBJ will not step foot on the field without new deal

    yeah it was just everyone's imagination that the cowboys offense was stuck in neutral whenever Zeke wasnt playing. Come on now.
  4. OBJ will not step foot on the field without new deal

    Again your lack of being able to read hurts you in your argument. I don't think you taught any kids anything, at least for their sake I hope not. I mentioned David Johnson right between Bell and Gurley. As for the rest of your backs you mentioned, it is VERY clear you don't watch football. Derrick Henry has slowly been taking the ball out of Demarco Murray's hands for over a year now, but good try! He was pretty much phased out of the offense by mid season if not earlier. Freeman is part of a committee with Coleman, Tevin comes in on most passing downs, and sometimes alternates drives with Freeman. But again good try. Christian McCaffrey? what? He wasnt part of a committee? Dude come on lmao. He had 437 yards rushing on 3.7 a carry, thats wildly ineffective. He excelled as a pass catcher first and foremost. In no world is he even remotely close to a true number 1 back. Stewart had more attempts and yards..."committee" And lastly the chiefs revolved their whole running attack around hunt because both spencer ware and akeem hunt got hurt. That was supposed to be a committee but fell apart. Spencer's knee exploded so bad before the season started that they dont even expect him back to start this upcoming season. And Kareem's play started to fall off by mid season last year. Maybe if he was part of a committee and handled a lesser workload that wouldnt of happened...player preservation... But I will just continue debunking your nonsense cause its easy and fun. You said the saints are the only team to use a committee with consistent success (which is laughable in itself but whatever) however you said the patriots only have success rotating back because who their QB is. I guess Drew Brees is chop liver? How could one be true for one team, and not another with a similar situation? My answer would just be maybe both teams do a good job of finding players that they know will flourish within their offense if they have a role that is geared to their strengths....idk maybe thats too obvious.... Quick note here are some other teams that rotate backs: Eagles-just won a super bowl. Blount, Ajayi, Smallwood, Clement. All 4 backs had a role in that offense and all were effective. Falcons-coleman and freeman Ravens-Buck Allen and Alex Collins Bears-jordan howard and tarik cohen Bengals-hill(on pats now), bernard, mixon browns-Crowell and duke johnson...this upcoming year hyde and duke johnson broncos-booker and anderson lions-abdullah, riddick, washington,and green was even getting snaps. Now toss Blount into the mix packers-Montgomery, williams, jones texans-lamar miller and foreman...when foreman got hurt it was blue honestly even the jags did rotate fournette with yeldon. Yeldon pretty much played all passing downs raiders- lynch, washington and richard...now doug martin too fins-last year was drake and williams jets-forte and powell..this upcoming season crowell, powell and rawls skins-perine and thompson..rob kelley too before he got hurt seahawks-davis, carson, prosise giants-whatever crap they tossed back there need i continue...if you told me today the giants had the jets back, I'd be completely okay with that. Dirt cheap and you have 3 different types of backs. Crowell is the grinder, rawls is the early down guy, and powell is your pass catching threat. Could make the same argument for many other combinations i listed. Point being, no you dont need to invest heavily or have a gurley, david johnson or zeke to have a successful ground attack. Committees are more effective, versatile, and preserve the life of your players and lastly...you can kiss OBJ going anywhere good bye after the Rams got Cooks because they said we asked for too much.
  5. OBJ will not step foot on the field without new deal

    ok now I'm done
  6. OBJ will not step foot on the field without new deal

    still waiting for you to point out where I talked about JPP. Or you could just apologize because you clearly made a mistake. And maybe you read past it but I referenced Fournette and Zeke. I also mentioned Gurley, bell, and Johnson. Exception to every rule, those guys are a dime a dozen. Out of the 32 teams, 5 of them dont use a committee, so my point of devaluing RBs remains true. Patriots rotate 15 different running backs and make the super bowl every single year. Get a clue. And I made multiple points, all of which you seem to ignore to continue a personal attack. When you want to talk football, or better yet when you can handle yourself in an argument about football without referencing your personal life or attacking someone for something they didnt even say feel free to let me know.
  7. OBJ will not step foot on the field without new deal

    lmao, please point out where the name "JPP" was used ANYWHERE in my response. Maybe you should click on that link yourself bud. I want to respond to your post, I really do. But the second I read you would prefer Gordon over OBJ I realized it just isnt worth it. One of the biggest knocks out OBJ is his off the field BS. Yes! So lets amplify that issue with Josh Gordon, and just pray he doesnt smoke weed anymore. It is an absolute mortal lock that Gordon tests positive for something at some point in his career. And the last thing I'll respond to is please stop comparing RB to WR. It has been proven over recent years that RB IS NOT worth investing heavily in. Teams rotate backs all year long, they use committees, and the top back in the rotation is barely playing 70% of snaps unless your zeke, bell, johnson, gurley or fournette. And at that point I'd still take OBJ over all those guys just because you know their life span is not long at all. Id much rather have a cheap backfield where everyone has their role and it isnt breaking the bank. Like back when we had earth, wind, and fire. Having a stud RB is a luxury these days. Barkley without question is the number one player in this draft and most likely the best back to come out since AP. Yet, he still might fall to 4 or out of the top 5 simply because teams dont value running backs. Last thing, hypothetically say we draft Darnold at 2 cause thats what it is looking like. Wouldnt it be drastically easier to bring along a rookie QB when you surround him with actual weapons, and not guys that should be on the practice squad like we had last year? And dont give me any of that crap pertaining to Shep's stats from last year. They were inflated cause his volume was through the roof.Its like how Frank Gore still manages 1000 yards on 900 carries. And god no to Maclin. His play has fallen off a cliff. Talk about wear and tear. As much as I love the idea of having Barkley, it isnt needed for this team.If we gett Darnold at 2, and then in the second round get one of the trillion running backs in this draft such as Michel or Guice, our offense looks pretty solid. Or go line in round 2. This is the year you draft your QB because chances are we wont be picking this high again for awhile. You cant say "OBJ may get hurt or start declining" Come on, you are reaching here. The guy is 25 years old. He isn't just going to start declining out of no where. And in some weird world where that happens, you can say that about any player on the roster. Nate Solder is 30, and was just signed to the largest contract for a LT, and his play has statiscally fallen off in recent years. Its football, any player can get hurt or decline at any point. You cant factor that into the equation, especially injuries. We signed Cruz and his career was immediately ended. Could happen to anyone. (this got longer than expected) Please dont use Dak and Dez as an example. Come on. Dak is a 4th round pick whose poor QB play has been vastly over looked because Zeke is a monster. Dak and Dez dont work cause Dak is not a good quarterback, he is very limited as a thrower of the football. And Dez is never on the field. I would hope whoever we draft at 2 is a better QB than Dak.........
  8. OBJ will not step foot on the field without new deal

    a response from someone who has no real response. You know what you are supposed to do with talent like his? YOU PAY HIM!! As i already mentioned, you draft someone that high what are your hopes? We win a super bowl within his rookie deal? or are you just hoping he is really average so we can let him walk or pay him pennies? Your argument legit makes no sense. Go complain about people on the roster that are overpaid and dont deserve their contracts as they currently stand. Marshall, Eli, our new left tackle, jonathan stewart. and please go into our "number 1" receivers over the recent years. Before OBJ it was Nicks and Cruz. Nicks was a first round pick who we never had the chance to pay cause of injuries and Cruz was a once in a blue moon kind of player. Please enlighten me where we are getting a receiver at this point in the off-season. Sterling cant play outside, and this is one of the worst drafts in history in terms of WR depth. Before Cruz and nicks it was plaxico who at that time was being paid the going rate for a number 1 receiver. Times change, cap goes up,players make more money. You dont just leave a once in a lifetime player to walk cause he is going to cost money. OBJ is a future hall of famer if he stays healthy, simple as that. You dont let a hall of famer walk. Period.
  9. OBJ will not step foot on the field without new deal

    all these stupid reports coming out are gonna drive him out of town. There is going to be so much bad blood between him and the giants. Someone needs to figure this out and put this media BS to a hault
  10. Bell + 1st for Beckham?

    i stopped reading after the first sentence.
  11. OBJ will not step foot on the field without new deal

    That’s not a fair argument. He was a one man circus act. Except the year we actually made the playoffs, the team as a whole was terrible and the coaching was worse. And when we won the SB in 2012 we were absolutely stacked at receiver. We had two guys catching 1000 yards, and another that wasn’t so far behind . So don’t ignore the position. If he leaves we have a MASSSSSIVE hole. A lot of points, catches, first downs, yards, etc to replace. Not to mention the effect it will have on match ups. Im not gonna endure a season with sterling shepherd as our number 1 receiver. He can’t even line up outside to begin with.
  12. OBJ will not step foot on the field without new deal

    This couldn’t be faker news. The whole team loves him. Eli Apple is a locker room cancer. No one has a bad word to say about OBJ. Get your facts straight. Just cause other teams don’t like him means nothing
  13. OBJ will not step foot on the field without new deal

    Now you kinda have my attention
  14. OBJ will not step foot on the field without new deal

    Because we have done so well drafting and retaining our picks. I don’t understand this thought process. He is more than we could of ever hoped when we drafted him. We finally hit on a pick. Build a freakin offense around him
  15. OBJ will not step foot on the field without new deal

    And Barkley is the clear cut best player overall and best back to come out since AP. I don’t think moving up one spot is worth OBJ for a player that could still very well be there at 2