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  1. The Technology Thread

    I angrily skipped through everything and expected it to work well. Was that a mistake?
  2. Cardinals suspend GM Steve Keim 5 games

    so, a dream job
  3. Fortnite

    I'm experience peaks and valleys that seem to be a direct reflection of how much Overwatch I play, haha. It's more fun to play casually than OW, that's for sure.
  4. Overwatch

    Yeah it's kind of a masochistic game in some aspects. Especially ZvZ...
  5. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    I liked it a lot because the whole time the audience was empathizing so much with the protagonist, then you get that nugget of knowledge. Also makes his interaction in the restaurant to open the episode feel much different.
  6. Overwatch

    but it's the sweatiest I ever get playing video games, is with RTS I get turned-based boredom, but RTS?
  7. Who Will Be The Worst Team in the NFL?

    lol here is each division's win % against non-division teams since 2001: (you can basically throw out 2001, as that was before the divisional re-alignment)
  8. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    like that episode of black mirror, he can live stream it on a drone. winner absorbs all the loser's reputation points, in the end there will only be The One
  9. Madden 19

    people who buy the physical copy of a game with the cash their mom gave them
  10. Overwatch

    Someone else who plays SCII on this site? Nice. I randomly start and stop playing for months at a time. SC2 is for people who like video games that take both technical skill and strategic prowess, sorry bud :^)
  11. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

    If I enjoyed Jurassic World (moderately), should I see this one? Just re-watched the original and it's sequel the past couple days, I'm in a dinosaur kind of mood.
  12. CB Darrelle Revis announces retirement

    Revis should/will make the HoF
  13. Fortnite

    I've played like a handful of games and I'd say no except in super close quarters. It feels like a slight nerf to the "pump shot - switch to tac smg" tactic.
  14. Random Game Talk

    Thought I was the only one.. I'm up to 1,050 hours now haha.
  15. The Technology Thread

    Look, nobody sane is turning away Rihanna... but TayTay is like the modern Aphrodite.