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  1. Gronk suspended 1 game for elbow drop

    So you are saying, definitively, you have no issue with that block? You want to establish your position? That's too easy and there's no sport in it. I'm bemoaning inconsistent officiating when it comes to "play safety" and figured this would be the thread to post in. Should have been fined only in this case, but it was never even addressed.
  2. Gronk suspended 1 game for elbow drop

    Here's the link, I thought it would embed: https://www.instagram.com/p/BcnRVtKHW81/?taken-by=bigj9797
  3. Gronk suspended 1 game for elbow drop

    No flag, no fine, no suspension, no consistency. Just one of a what seems like a dozen blatant examples of disproportionate punishment (or lack thereof) this season.
  4. JuJu Smith-Schuster, George Illoka Suspended 1 game

    Yeah, the lower part, barely.. the majority of the force went to his upper chest. Not sure what you guys are looking at tbh.
  5. Whatever happened to loyalty?
  6. RIP AIM

    26 / M / USA but I moonlight as a 16 / F / coincidentallywhereeveryoulive
  7. Time to Blow It Up!

    He's been okay, he's also losing passing-down snaps to Stephone Anthony recently, and his cap charge is $8.2m next year. That's simply too much for a LB who seems to be at the age where he slows down halfway through the season.
  8. Time to Blow It Up!

    This is the problem with the Miami fanbase. We live in the shadow of Marino, Shula, Brady, and Belichick. If the QB isn't equivalent to those two HoFers, he's garbage. If the HC is going through a learning curve in his second year (in his early thirties) he should be discarded because he clearly isn't the GOAT. It's silliness. And to be more accurate, we lost our starting QB (a top 15 guy, and when you look at the Jaguars / Ravens this year that's clearly sufficient), our starting MLB (McMillan), our starting SLB (projected as Misi), starting CB (Lippett), our OL coach, our bye week... it goes on. YES every team has hardships throughout the season. But Miami got the short stick this year along with a handful of other clubs. Gase has shown he isn't perfect. He has also shown willingness and more importantly the ability to adjust within the season, and the result as of today is this: in a season many declared as lost before it even began, the Dolphins are a Bills sweep and KC win away from a playoff berth. For the record, I don't think it happens. The Bills play Miami too well, too consistently, and Tyrod for some reason has Miami's number. I think they close the season 8-8, which most of us on this forum predicted (within a game) after Tannehill went down. The big problem for Miami isn't Gase, or Tannehill, or Stephen Ross.. it's the cap situation which is going to be tricky to manage over the next couple seasons. Lay that at the feet of Tannenbaum if you'd like, but much of it has to do with Cutler's contract. Miami currently has only $300k in cap space and the cap ceiling is projected to go up by roughly $7m during the offseason.
  9. Time to Blow It Up!

    It did indeed. Timmons has NO guarantees in 2018 and his recent dip in performance likely means he won't be on the squad next season. McMillan should be back healthy.
  10. Miami won it's annual Superbowl. Tommy now falls to 7-9 in Miami, the only city he has a losing record in. Raise your hand if you still dislike the Ajayi trade? Flipping a 5th for a 4th plus one season of great production should be considered a win now that we see how Drake is performing in the same offense behind arguably a worse line (no James). Howard has now turned in three back-to-back games of great play. Good to see the young corners on this team continue to develop, including Bobby McCain. If Miami sweeps the Bills (a very tall order, the Tyrod-Taylor led Bills have been a constant thorn in Miami's side) and beats the Chiefs... they actually make the playoffs.
  11. Please. Comparing the NBA to the NFL? Where you can buy a team in the offseason and one significant addition accounts for 20% of your team's performance? There have been 8 instances in the NFL of repeat champions. No team has ever won it thrice in a row. In the NBA, that's happened 14 times even if you don't count any of the Celtics' championships. Four times a team has accomplished a three-peat, again without the Celtics. It's clearly much easier to achieve a "dynasty".
  12. A one statment sentence, doesn't look awesome.
  13. Relationship Advice Thread

    Yo, she can't be bothered to maintain communication when you guys aren't even going to see each other for a couple weeks. 9am texts? Depending on her age and attitude that may be more annoying than sweet. Just an idea, you obviously know her better. I'd slow down on chatting with her until you guys are actually in person again. My $0.02
  14. Roger Goodell Signs Contract Extension

    Most of the science out there suggests that once you crest around $75,000 annually the added utility in terms of removing stress is negligible.
  15. Sashi Brown out in Cleveland