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  1. Ezekiel Elliot remains suspended

    I literally can't keep up.
  2. Side Hustle

    Personally, when I've used Uber as a rider, I never liked chatty drivers. So I keep my mouth shut when I drive unless they start talking to me. Confirm who they are, confirm their destination, and just drive unless they ask you for something or want to chat. Might be why I don't get tipped often, but tbh I never expect tips and consider it going above and beyond when I get them. I think I've tipped an uber driver once before for allowing an extra passenger.
  3. Notable Stats and Observations

    Credit where it's due: The sequence of PAT - commercial - kickoff - commercial happened 208 times through first 6 weeks of last season; so far this year, only 17 times. Per @NFLprguy on twitter.
  4. Side Hustle

    Story? They're legitimately 95% of my rides. Never really had an issue. Some of the conversations I overhear from groups of women are... enlightening.
  5. Week 7: Jets at Dolphins

    One half of good offense does not a new team make. I'm not ready to say that the Fins O has turned a corner. The LB corps being stablizied by the return of Timmons and Mualauga, however, has had a huge impact on the defense.
  6. Romo: best color commentator since Madden?

    I think Cutler will be closer to Rex Ryan.
  7. Side Hustle

    Uber nets me roughly $20/hr on party nights, after accounting for gas. I do maybe 6-8hrs weekly mostly on Fri/Sat nights. Hit the first few hours when everyone still has their money and are in a good mood. 9pm-12am, skip picking up the sloppy drunks at 2am. It almost certainly varies between cities; I'm in a major university town so keep that in mind. I also have a Prius (thaaaaaaaaaaanks) so if you drive an SUV or something it'll probably eat into your bottom line.
  8. Do you get your gas delivered?

    Well I haven't figured out how to lock the handle yet and I've been driving for a decade. I end up just squeezing the handle the entire time. This was pointed out to me for the first time just recently. Also, sometimes the green handle doesn't exactly fit and I really have to force it in there.
  9. Ezekiel Elliot remains suspended

    He's playing this week and next without a shadow of a doubt.
  10. Is the Saints defense legit?

    May as well toss out the game against Miami, tbh.
  11. Rodgers and Hail Marys

    Wikipedia (I know, I know) lists it as "a very long forward pass, made in desperation with only a small chance of success". "Originally meaning any sort of desperation play, a "Hail Mary" gradually came to denote a long, low-probability pass attempted at the end of a half when a team is too far from the end zone to execute a more conventional play, implying that it would take divine intervention for the play to succeed. For more than forty years, use of the term was largely confined to Notre Dame and other Catholic universities."
  12. Rodgers and Hail Marys

    That's a very specific axe to grind.
  13. One way to address the declining TV ratings

    I want to say it was an AFC South team a few years ago (Texans?). Not that it happens often, at all.