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  1. Dolphins sign Frank Gore

    He signed for a shade over $1m. He'll count less than $1m against the cap.
  2. Would you give Johnny Manziel another shot?

    nah he made a living throwing jump balls to Mike Evans and being slightly more athletic than his college peers
  3. JPP traded to Tampa

    Okay, this one was good.
  4. Dolphins sign Frank Gore

    I'm thinking they needed someone who can pass block from day 1. I still think a RB will be added during the draft.
  5. Overwatch

    I feel like having two melee-based shield characters would be a good way to get rolled.
  6. Dolphins sign Frank Gore

    Hopefully enough to just take 20-ish snaps per game from Drake, who is clearly a superior threat at this point in their respective careers.
  7. Dolphins Forum QB Power Ranking: #2

    I've actually soured a bit on Mayfield recently.. I'll save it for the next thread.. but he won't be my 3rd QB taken.
  8. Dolphins sign Frank Gore

    C'mon bro, signing 30+ year old FAs is how you follow through after a roster purge. Knee-jerk negativity aside, the Dolphins needed to add a RB either in FA or the draft. At least they didn't sign Murray.
  9. Dolphins sign Frank Gore

    Needs to be for less than $1.5M for me to not be angry on the internet tbh
  10. Can the Giants seriously pass on a QB at 2??!!

    Based on my highly-professional YouTube scouting, I tentatively think he may do better long-run than either Mayfield or Allen. Someone will pull the trigger before he gets to the 20s, I think.
  11. Dolphins Forum QB Power Ranking: #2

    I'm going with Sam Darnold here.
  12. Josh Rosen barely edges out the first poll. If he's not an option, who should the Dolphins take in this hypothetical scenario? 1. Josh Rosen, UCLA
  13. Dolphins Forum Non-QB Prospect Power Ranking: #3

    I'm going OG Quenton Nelson here. I think he rounds out the last of the 3 true blue-chip prospects.
  14. Rules are simple. Vote for who you would select if the listed prospects are available. When a winner is apparent I'll move to #4. #1 - RB Saquon Barkley, Penn State #2 - DE Bradley Chubb, NC State
  15. JPP traded to Tampa

    http://www.spotrac.com/nfl/new-york-giants/olivier-vernon-9882/ $8m in dead money for 2019 and $4m in 2020. Cap hits of $19.5m both years.