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  1. Organized Team Activities

    ^^the second half of that tweet is likely Omar talking out of his butt, haven't heard/read that anywhere else.
  2. Organized Team Activities

    Ryan Tannehill Raekwon McMillan Tony Lippett All full participants on the first day.
  3. Fortnite

    Double-pump "glitching" is back... they need to fix it.
  4. Chargers Hunter Henry tore ACL

    Wasn't it non-contact, Henry just running a route out in space? At a certain point football bodies are becoming too strong, powerful, and explosive for the ligaments to keep up. Maybe he should try the TB12 method, swap out his squats for some pelvic bowl stretches and whatnot.
  5. What Could Have Been?

    Yeah he definitely had too many touches, but I don't think the difference between a 320 touch season and a 360 touch season was the main motivating factor. Any coach would have used him extensively, it's how it was done then especially with someone of Ricky's caliber. He was a bit off, using a rapper as an agent, wearing his helmet to press conferences to cover his face, etc. The pain on his body was likely the final straw.
  6. What Could Have Been?

    He found success in Miami - he just had that mental.. episode?.. after a few seasons. Perhaps you can lay blame soley at the feet of Wannestedt, but I don't think that's fair.. with Ricky's personality, and with hindsight, he seemed like a ticking time bomb tbh. He came back and did really well too, once he found balance within himself.
  7. Overwatch

    I just finished my placements for this season yesterday - not having a lot of fun this season.
  8. Fortnite

    So far I've bought spent $25 total on v-bucks. I've never bought a glider or skin, but sometimes an emote tickles my fancy.
  9. Andrew Luck’s shoulder

    Neither of these things are objectively true.
  10. Andrew Luck’s shoulder

    ...could you really, though?
  11. Jets trade Christian Hackenberg to the Raiders

    Likely conditional based on either making the final roster or playing time.
  12. What Could Have Been?

    low-key good answer
  13. Who are the best QB guru’s in the league?

    Depends on your definition of "QB guru"? HC who developed a young QB from backup to quality status? Two or more? Are OCs and QB coaches eligible? What about private QB coaches?
  14. Rather lose in the playoffs or Super Bowl?

    him and others
  15. Eagles cut Kendricks

    Per rumors, Miami was in talks to trade for him on an annual basis for like three years.