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  1. Draft Talk 2020

    I don’t know why everyone says player X should refuse to play for this team because they’re bad. How was Indy before Peyton? How was NE before Brady? How was Denver before Elway? Miami before and since Marino? If a guy can is truly elite, he shouldn’t run from a challenge. He should want to be the reason that team has a history. Sure the Bengals have largely been bad my entire life. But we have won before. We can win again.
  2. Offseason To-Do List: Coaching Staff

    I’m just looking to give Burrow as much stability as we can. He is going to be in his 3rd offense now in 3 years. Who knows what happens. If we struggle on offense for some reason and we bring in another OC next year, you are looking at 4 in 4 years. If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. Brady and Burrow worked magic this past year together. Would have loved to see him continue to grow under him. I don’t think it’s the end of the world we didn’t get him, just a missed opportunity for some instant stability for the kid.
  3. Offseason To-Do List: Coaching Staff

    I think you can get creative. QB coach, with an associate HC title could entice him. He just witnessed the greatest season in football history by a QB firsthand. Hard not to want to hitch your wagon to that, imo.
  4. Offseason To-Do List: Resigning Free Agents

    I’m fine overpaying him in dollars. Not in years. He wants $20M, fine. I’m capping him at 3 years. With the wear and tear on his body and age. I’m not interested in 5 years at that cost. Would be interested in putting in a rolling guarantee clause. He has to play 12 games or hit certain stats for a portion of the next years contract to be guaranteed
  5. Locked on Benglas Mock Draft Mondays

    Etienne in the 3rd is a huge value. I’m ok with the pick. He reminds me a lot of Curtis Samuel. We could start him out as an HBack while learning slot and if he continues growing could be moved outside permanently and give us a Joker type player.
  6. Draft Talk 2020

    I think he’s talking about Fat Baker Mayfield. Have you guys seen a pic of him lately? He looks like Baker Mayfield ate Eddie Lacy... Like how Ben gets when he falls off the diet wagon for a year.
  7. Offseason To-Do List: Coaching Staff

    I’m not in the camp of thinking the coaching staff is bad. But it does seem like an obvious miss for Burrow’s continued growth to not get Brady.
  8. Offseason To-Do List: Coaching Staff

    Well, Schefty is reporting Brady is leaving LSU for the Panthers... guess he isn’t waiting another year.
  9. Offseason To-Do List: Coaching Staff

    I wouldn’t mind trying to find a spot for Joe Brady on the staff somewhere. The growth Burrow had under him in 1 year was remarkable.
  10. Draft Talk 2020

    Even if no one knew he was close to the record, pretty damn sure everyone knew it was his birthday. They decided he’d be a backup and let him know on his birthday. Pretty disrespectful, regardless. 😂
  11. Hypothetical Trade: Redskins & Bengals

    Honestly, it’s not a deal for me with just Williams for the 2nd. I think when you take into account his injury history and contract, closer value is like a 4th or 5th for him. Which Washington would feel slighted for offering, so a deal is not likely.
  12. Drop the orange.

    I agree on the animals they do. But on helmets they will look very similar.
  13. This ain't Bengals Talk

    Man, I thought the Bengals forum was a little slow... Looking at some of the other teams, the FF forums for them are just ghost towns.
  14. Drop the orange.

    What would be the difference in a white Bengal tiger helmet and a zebra helmet? 😂
  15. Draft Talk 2020

    Lol. I gave you several teams that would likely pass on taking a QB. I didn’t say the only option would be the top QB getting hurt. But it’s crazy to expect no injuries. Hell it doesn’t even have to be a QB that gets hurt that causes a team to have a bad season.