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  1. The Running Game (or lack thereof)

    Does Andy have no audible ability at the line? I know some OCs don't want their QB to audible, but I would assume with 5+ years in the league, Andy would have some freedom at the line. When a play is called and relayed to the QB, the defense hasn't shown their hand in terms of formation, blitz look, etc... is the problem that the coaching staff doesn't allow him to audible at the line or is the problem in Andy's pre-snap reads?
  2. The state of AFC North QB'ing

    I am one who doesn't like Dalton and I do down play his good games. Because after watching him his entire career, a good game doesn't mean he's improved mechanics, his reads, his pocket management or time management. He is just as likely to go out next Sunday and throw 3-4 picks. He is entirely too inconsistent for me and even when he is good, it's usually due to the players around him than his talents. IMO he is past the growth time of his career and he isn't getting any better. He is what he is at this point and he isn't good enough to get us to the AFC Championship let alone a SB. If the teams goal isn't to win in the playoffs and ultimately a SB, why invest time or money into the team.
  3. The state of AFC North QB'ing

    Best QB in the worst QB division in football this year? Sounds like a participation trophy. "We aren't saying your a good QB, just the best of a terrible bunch."
  4. After high expectations (or at least cautiously optimistic) coming in to the season, to our fall from grace at 0-3, what will this team have to do or show you for this season to be a success?
  5. Week 3 Bengals @ Packers

    I think the ceiling of this team is a 6 win season... most likely 4-12 Or 5-11. I'd rather them just lose them all to get a better pick and force some organizational change.
  6. So a ref question

    You have any examples that I am blind to? Or just want to use a blanket statement... The Pats and Steelers have gotten hit with big penalties recently, Zeke has been suspended for 6 games... Who are these "Golden Boys" and what have they covered for them that other teams are getting hammered for? If NE, Pitt and Dallas isn't the Golden Boys I don't know who would be. Fact is Burfict is if not THE dirtiest player in the NFL, he is certainly top 3. Therefore he loses any sort of benefit of doubt (similar to Harrison and Suh earlier in their careers). I don't think his most recent hit was anything close to being worthy of a suspension, but for f**** sake play smarter. He knows he has a target on him and he still toes the line of playing hard and playing dirty. The difference in Harrison and Burfict, is Harrison has learned to alter his play and Burfict is still dumber than a box of rocks.
  7. Week 3 Bengals @ Packers

    I agree with this 100%. Why root for another 6-10 season in which no big changes are made next year. I want this team so damn bad that they have no choice but guy the team and rebuild. This is NOT a contending team. Not with this level of talent on the field and certainly not with this coaching staff on the sidelines.
  8. So a ref question

    I just think we are an unfortunate fan base of a team with a clueless owner who hires bad coaches and team management personnel which make terrible decisions regarding talent and is loyal to a fault. Further, said owner is content with 6-10 or 7-9 season because it's better than we were in the 90's.
  9. So a ref question

    You think the league has it in for us? Got any more of those stylish tin foil hats?
  10. Daltons Leash

    Well, he said that Daltons job is not on the line RIGHT NOW. I think that could easily change if we hit 0-4, 1-5 and he continues his terrible play.
  11. Front office changes

    I think we need to change coaching staff entirely. I'm hoping for a 1-15 or 2-14 season at this point so they have no options other than large scale change.
  12. Daltons Leash

    I'd be all for the signing of Kaep. Not to replace Andy immediately, but because he would give us a better chance at winning over AJ if Andy were to get injured or continues to play like a turd wrapped in burnt hair. Mobile QBsare generally much better behind bad OLines than statues back there. As for Kaep being a terrible human being, it's funny guys are all for rooting for real life pieces of **** like Pac Man and Mixon, but a guy like Kaep with his protest is just TOO MUCH for them...
  13. Week 2 Texans @ Bengals

    I bag on him because he's a terrible QB. I started believing in him 2 years ago, he took a step back last year and has fallen off the wagon this year.
  14. Week 2 Texans @ Bengals

    Well he threw semi-accurate passes. It isn't hard when you have a great WR and you can throw a catchable ball. But when you're 3-5 yards off target on 10-15 yard throws, it's hard to get players the ball.
  15. Ken Zampese fired

    The most out of Dalton? Hopefully via trade... . Play wise the most to expect is an early exit from the playoffs. We need to move on and try to get a difference maker at QB. Dalton has underperformed with some incredible talent on the roster. I'm ready to see what other options we have.