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  1. Bengals Twitter

    Unfortunately I think this just makes him more valuable to Jim Turner. Lol
  2. Bengals Twitter

    Yeah. Posted some homophobic comments and pictures I believe. Maybe we will cut him now?
  3. NFL Draft 2020 Discussion Thread

    Agreed. I don’t think it’s a big loss or anything. I was just answering the question as to why he didn’t sign with us.
  4. NFL Draft 2020 Discussion Thread

    According to the reports. Thad had offers from Cincy, New England and Wash. He said he chose Washington over Cincy and NE, because they expressed interest in him first. As a thank you to them for offering him a deal first, he chose Washington.
  5. Is the first 9 picks of the 2017 NFL Draft one of the worst ever or what? 4 of the top 5 picks had their teams turn down the 5th year option. Bengals and Chargers also declined 5th year options on Mike Williams and John Ross. You have 4 studs in the top 10 and 6 complete duds (including 4 of the top 5). I know the draft will always be remembered as Mahomes draft, but man... those first 9 picks are brutal outside of CMac, Garrett and Jamal Adams.
  6. Goodbye Andy

    I think NE only has like $1.5M (Lowest in the league) in cap room before draft picks sign (it’s also why they HAD to trade Gronk once he announced he wanted to come back). Also why an Andy to NE trade was never really considered. I’d be shocked if he ended up in NE as they’d have to clear $15-20M to sign him and draft picks. Even on a team friendly deal. I think Jacksonville or KC as a backup makes a lot of sense.
  7. NFL Draft 2020 Discussion Thread

    Also, I think there’s still a good shot at an Andy trade. Bengals asking price is high, offers are low. What’s the perfect compromise? A trade for a 2021 conditional pick. Why would a team consider trading for him when he will likely be released in the next week or 2 without a trade? They won’t have to negotiate against other teams. They have exclusive rights to negotiate an extension or restructure without bidding against other potential suitors. While I think the overall odds are more likely he is cut, still a pretty decent shot we can trade him and recoup something from him.
  8. NFL Draft 2020 Discussion Thread

    Anyone know how many of our draft picks and UDFA signings were guys we coached at the Senior Bowl. Just curious how much of an advantage that really is.
  9. NFL Draft 2020 Discussion Thread

    It’s funny reading all of the national media gushing over our draft this year after talking about how terrible of an organization we were all the way up to the draft.
  10. NFL Draft 2020 Discussion Thread

    Overall, I love this draft. Wish we hit OL a little harder. But apparently Tobin wasn’t lying when he said they really like the line the way it’s currently constructed. Hopefully Michael Jordan continues to improve and Price gets his head out of his #^\
  11. NFL Draft 2020 Discussion Thread

    Lol. I pulled weeds out of the beds, planted some flowers and laid mulch all day.
  12. NFL Draft 2020 Discussion Thread

    He has too. With him on the roster we don’t have enough money to sign our draft picks. Let alone extend Mixon or WJ3.
  13. NFL Draft 2020 Discussion Thread

    Good point. Most of the people in this chat could rise to that bar... 😂
  14. NFL Draft 2020 Discussion Thread

    So did Becton. Didn’t cause him to slide like this. Crazy he’s still available.
  15. NFL Draft 2020 Discussion Thread

    Move Andy and a 5th to Jacksonville for a 3rd and grab Jones. We can all just sit back and smoke stogies with Joe Burrow the rest of the draft.