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  1. Agreed. You couldn’t overturn that if they called him down either. There were just no clear angles to see anything definitively. We just got lucky it was called a fumble on the field.
  2. In one game BJ Hill has contributed more to the franchise than Billy Price did in 3+ years. 😂
  3. Yep. Now he’s complaining publicly too. Not getting done
  4. I definitely wouldn’t budge. He’s one of if not the top S in the NFL. I’d demand to be paid like one. Bengals have the room with Burrow on a rookie deal.
  5. Billy Price was traded to the NYG. Got a depth DLman in exchange for him.
  6. Anyone know a good site to see how the rookie OL is doing?
  7. I joined in 2006 or 2007. It was when I was deployed to Iraq and I was trying to find a good draft site that I could get on with a government computer. 😂 most of them were blocked by the firewall.
  8. Would love to get Nixon and Dalman this round. Help both the DL and get a good C prospect who can play G too
  9. Do we trade back into the 3rd for someone? With 3 4s it’s certainly a possibility
  10. You were right. Good call Duke
  11. Agreed. Ravens are definitely taking a T too.
  12. Yeah, they wouldn’t be bad picks. But if you are going to go with one of them, move back a few spots and get some more draft equity. If we stay at 5 and take them, I think that’s a pretty big fail IMO.
  13. The only way we lose is if we stay at 5, and take any player other than Chase, Sewell or Pitts. Even the Bungles can’t mess this up... 😳
  14. WR Jamarr Chase OT Eichenberg DT Alim McNeil C Josh Myers DE Malcolm Koonce RB Chuba Hubbard WR Marquez Stevenson S Divine Deablo edited on Wednesday as I didn’t realize it but Duke and I had 5 picks the same. Changed a couple up.
  15. Joe Goodberry said he believes it’s Chase, Trade Down then Sewell if options A or B don’t work out. I know he is just making an educated guess like all of us, but thought it was odd the trade down would be a higher option than Sewell.
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