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  1. Bengals sign LB Josh Bynes

    Love the Idiocracy, reference. Love that movie. With 2 D’s for a double dose of pimping!
  2. FFMD II '20 - Cincinnati Bengals Front Office

    We are taking Tua, right?...
  3. Locked on Benglas Mock Draft Mondays

    I don’t hate this. Depending on what tackles were there in round 4, I like the Moss pick. I think OL and LB are our 2 biggest weaknesses, so like seeing both positions hit heavily in draft since they were both pretty much skipped in FA.
  4. Current State of the Franchise

    Agreed. But I need significant upgrades at OL and LB to get really excited.
  5. Bengals sign CB Mackensie Alexander

    A lot of mocks I have seen, either Queen, Murray or Baun has been there. I’d think any of those 3 would be very close to the top of the BPA list. Would hope we would take one of those then trade back and end up with a lesser player like we did with Zeitler (DeCastro) or Chris Perry (Steven Jackson)
  6. Trading Andy Dalton

    Me thrice
  7. Locked on Benglas Mock Draft Mondays

    I would love this draft! That’s a lot of premium talent at multiple positions
  8. Free Agency Prediction

    To be fair, that was always going to be true. Doesn’t get bigger than a franchise QB. Right?
  9. Non-Bengal Free Agents

    I think everything I read was that we’d be active in the 2nd round of FA spending. Was still hoping we’d get 1 big FA. Guess I was just dreaming. Instead of a pick, now that Thuney is tagged, I’d be all for a Dalton for Thuney trade straight up. I’m hoping Brady goes anywhere else other than NE. Lol
  10. NFLPA votes to approve the CBA

    I think they won’t delay the draft. But may just stop the “big show” portion of the draft. Make it media only and not bring the prospects to the draft live.
  11. Now that players have voted to approve the CBA and the salary cap and franchise / transition tags are set. I would think FA and trades will pick up pretty quickly.
  12. Cordy Glenn Released

    Good riddance. Now we just need to get rid of the other OL from that trade, Billy Price.
  13. New Helmet Concept

    I would love this helmet on the all white (Lack of) color rush uniforms.
  14. Draft Talk 2020

    And at least it’s not 44 more days of the Burrow doesn’t want to play in Cincinnati BS narrative.
  15. 2020 Draft Targets

    Honestly, this draft is shaping up as one of the best overall classes I’ve ever seen. QB, RB, WR, OL, DL, CB all incredibly deep. TE and LB have several difference makers. I’d love it if the Bengals traded every pick in next years class to get more picks in this class.