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  1. Preseason Week 2 Bengals @ Cowboys

    Our DL is pretty nasty and you're right, there are 5 RBs that I could see making the team. Not that I think we will keep 5, I just don't know who you cut at this point.
  2. DEAD 2018 Keeper League - Interest Thread

    I am in, either format but I prefer the keeper format.
  3. Preseason Week 1 Bears @ Bengals

    Or lose someone to injury because the extended playing time.
  4. Eifert already hurt...

    He was medically cleared for FA this year. Guess now that he got paid again, why show up to work. The guys video game skills gotta be on point. Hes only played 24 or a possible 64 regular season games... lol
  5. Eifert already hurt...

    Same old story. Guy is made of glass...
  6. Infamous Bengals

    I hate him, simply because we will never advance any further with him, but he isn't bad enough to move on from today. Our team is stuck in football purgatory with him. It's a different kind of hate than I have for guys like Odell, Henry, Burfict, etc... though
  7. Infamous Bengals

    Exactly like Thurman and Henry.
  8. Infamous Bengals

    I mean if Mike Brown counts, he has to be villain number 1, no? Nevermind... Just re-read the OP. Players... The guys for me were the s*** heads who had all the talent in the world, but couldn't stay out of trouble.
  9. Draft watch

    The kid from Missouri is intriguing. Big arm, and can move around in the pocket some. I'd want to see a big improvement on his 58% completion percentage. But the guy can make any throw.
  10. Draft watch

    If we bomb I am going to be fully on the Baby Bosa train... Although, little Bosa isnt so little anymore.
  11. Round 1 Talk

    Yeah, but DeShaun Watson had knee issues before the NFL (prior torn LCLs and ACL if I'm not mistaken). Will the QB get beat up a little, sure. But just because player A (who has significant injury history) gets hurt, does not mean player B will get hurt. Especially when Jackson has held up for several years in a big time college program.
  12. Round 1 Talk

    Don't worry, Steelers wasted their first round pick. Lol.
  13. Round 1 Talk

    The quickest way to improve a suspect line is to take a mobile QB. Look at Houston last year.
  14. Round 1 Talk

    I was really hoping we'd take Jackson... I'm happy with Price. If hes healthy hes a top 15 pick. Hes my top C, but would have preferred grabbing Wynn or Hernandez there honestly.
  15. Round 1 Talk

    I like Frank Ragnowrok. Maybe someone better at photoshop could do a mash between Ragnow and the Incredible Hulk...