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  1. And Lou Anoroumo or however you spell it. Would love to bring in a better DC.
  2. I’d call a team like Jacksonville about their OL. They seem to have every player available for trade.
  3. Have we had a “good” OL since Richie Braham retired? Certainly it hasn’t been this bad. But we have had significant holes ever since.
  4. Agreed. Even with his good game yesterday, the long pass from JB, the old AJ would have high pointed and brought in no problem. He just lazily tried catching it at his hip and the defender knocked it away. It’s tough to watch now knowing how good he was.
  5. I think I’d prefer Bienemy just to get an offensive minded coach for Burrow. But it takes a different kind of mind to work for MB. Maybe Zimmer is a better fit because of that
  6. I think we need wholesale coaching changes on this team. I don’t know if it’s Zac, but the shell we went into defensively when we were up 21-0 is inexcusable. We play man coverage at the 2nd highest rate in the NFL and we dropped almost exclusively to a soft zone to end the half. Just let a mediocre, decrepit quarterback pick us a part with a banged up OL. Between this game and the Eagles game, we just don’t know how to close a game out. We should be 3-3 this year at worst with even mediocre coaching.
  7. Offense seems out of sync. Not our best effort out there. Don’t like us leaving this game on Bullocks shoulders.
  8. With Josh Rosen getting cut by Miami, thoughts on signing him to be backup to Joe Burrow and letting Finley go? There was nothing Finley showed me last year that makes me think we could win a game with him at QB.
  9. I just came here to say the same thing. And the fact that he’s only 28 at the end of the contract. I think it’s a nice pretty smart contract for us. I’d imagine a good chunk of his signing bonus is absorbed in this years cap too.
  10. 4 years for $48M. Not a bad # at all.
  11. Odds the Pats end up with the #1 pick and get Trevor Lawrence? Lol. That would be the most 2020 thing ever.
  12. I think 4 hub cities makes the most sense. All the North teams (AFC and NFC) play in 1 city. You have 3 games vs everyone in your division, 2 vs each team in the opposing conference. You could even do cities with multiple fields. I think this is the only way the season happens.
  13. Or a bigger failure, Melvin Gordon.
  14. Would still rather pay guys going into their prime than a guy clearly past his and whose body is breaking down.
  15. I don’t want AJ back after this year, especially if he has a career year. He’s clearly declining, hasn’t stayed healthy in years. No interest in paying him as a top 5 WR. Would much rather lock up guys going into their prime and drafting another WR in the 1/2 round then locking up AJ and drafting another RB.
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