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  1. Offense seems out of sync. Not our best effort out there. Don’t like us leaving this game on Bullocks shoulders.
  2. With Josh Rosen getting cut by Miami, thoughts on signing him to be backup to Joe Burrow and letting Finley go? There was nothing Finley showed me last year that makes me think we could win a game with him at QB.
  3. I just came here to say the same thing. And the fact that he’s only 28 at the end of the contract. I think it’s a nice pretty smart contract for us. I’d imagine a good chunk of his signing bonus is absorbed in this years cap too.
  4. 4 years for $48M. Not a bad # at all.
  5. Odds the Pats end up with the #1 pick and get Trevor Lawrence? Lol. That would be the most 2020 thing ever.
  6. I think 4 hub cities makes the most sense. All the North teams (AFC and NFC) play in 1 city. You have 3 games vs everyone in your division, 2 vs each team in the opposing conference. You could even do cities with multiple fields. I think this is the only way the season happens.
  7. Or a bigger failure, Melvin Gordon.
  8. Would still rather pay guys going into their prime than a guy clearly past his and whose body is breaking down.
  9. I don’t want AJ back after this year, especially if he has a career year. He’s clearly declining, hasn’t stayed healthy in years. No interest in paying him as a top 5 WR. Would much rather lock up guys going into their prime and drafting another WR in the 1/2 round then locking up AJ and drafting another RB.
  10. Mixon is only 23. I certainly wouldn’t look to reset the position, but if I could lock him up for 3-5 years at 8-10M per I would. Especially with Burrow on his rookie deal.
  11. Yeah. I read there were 2 or 3 teams doing this. The Bengals was the only one named. Probably because everyone knows Mikey is cheap
  12. What do you guys think of the Bengals refusing to allow players to take their physicals at private facilities as most of the league has? Pretty much preventing all FA signings and draft picks. Could backfire big time if Burrow decides to sit out a year if the season is cancelled and reenter the draft. I know that possibility is very remote. Just seems like a big Scrooge McDuck move from Mikey Brown.
  13. Unfortunately I think this just makes him more valuable to Jim Turner. Lol
  14. Yeah. Posted some homophobic comments and pictures I believe. Maybe we will cut him now?
  15. Agreed. I don’t think it’s a big loss or anything. I was just answering the question as to why he didn’t sign with us.
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