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  1. The sad stat of that: 754 yards after contact. Out of 1,042 yards. He was contacted prior to all but 288 yards. We could only muster clean openings for 288 yards gents. Your Redskins Offense.
  2. https://www.nbcsports.com/washington/redskins/redskins-otas-recap-notes-where-haskins-can-grow-cam-sims-play-and-more
  3. The Leader We Need

    https://www.redskins.com/news/offensive-personnel-shuffle-signals-more-game-planning-for-kevin-o-connell-expan Doesn’t say he is calling plays, but I remember hearing it somewhere too.
  4. Ranking the (B)East - DC

    Please don’t say anything positive about Manusky. I’m a big Schwartz fan. That being said, I agree with @MKnight82, this is a terrible list. For me it’s Jim Schwartz or Rob Marinelli. I went Schwartz.
  5. No. Guice seems to be a pretty stand up guy.
  6. And drafted Derrius Guice
  7. Who is out there still? Manti Te'o? Will Compton? Josh Bynes?
  8. Ranking the (B)East - DL Group

    I love the homerism we have amongst the NFC East Fans. I have always been a fan of Fletcher Cox. Ryan Kerrigan is Mr. Consistent. Lawrence has potential, but now that he got paid, we'll see how he does. For me, Giants aren't in the conversation. But the Eagles (total) have the most talent on their roster. So I vote them.
  9. https://www.redskins.com/news/redskins-training-staff-earns-ed-block-training-staff-of-the-year-award I still have to laugh at this...
  10. Draft Pick Siggies

    You effin’ rock.
  11. Ranking the (B)East - EDGE

    I'm a bit bias, but Ryan Kerrigan and Lawrence are 1A 1B for me.
  12. Eagles sign LB Zach Brown to 1 year, $3M deal

    Good pickup. Brown didn’t always show his best effort, but even when he wasn’t giving 100% he was good, but not great. He is a liability in coverage though. His run stopping ability is top notch.
  13. Ranking the (B)East - WR (Overall) - Back-up

    Alshon Jeffery. Hands down.
  14. Draft Pick Siggies

    This is the only image I found. Take your time.