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  1. Unfortunately, I feel that everyone, no matter which generation feels this. I can't articulate how much I have used this team as a crutch in my life for when things aren't going well. Unfortunately (and fortunately), they are the biggest negative in my life right now. Like most abusive relationships and toxic work environments, the fear of what you will do outside of those situations looms large. For some reason, I feel if I abandon this team, my love for football may leave with it. A break for a few weeks may be a good start.
  2. No clue. Doesn't change the fact that when the cameras are on, the image of the franchise must be good, and once the red light goes off, the show is over.
  3. I am also at this crossroads. I no ties to this team other than my unrelenting desire to watch a dumpster fire. I am not from the Maryland/Virginia area. I grew up hearing only stories of when we were good/great. My father and I bonded so much over watching games together. I am in my mid 30s now, I could not ever expect to pass the burden (which it sadly has become) to my children. I have never been fair-weather in my life about anything. It is so hard to get myself motivated to represent anything related to this franchise. I could never identify with another team being my "favorite team,
  4. Because it was never about a tribute. Once their public appearance "showcase" was over, it was back to status quo. Hollow gesture from a pathetic excuse for a franchise. All I want from this franchise is for something to come out that is undeniable and forces Snyder to sell. Until that happens, we will only be as we are currently.
  5. Its time to phone in the season right? Shut down anyone that is hurt and play for draft position. Our remaining schedules doesn't appear to have (any) many W's left. @GB - Guaranteed L @DEN - Probable L BYE TB - Guaranteed L @CAR - Probable L SEA - Primetime, Russell will be back - Guaranteed L @LVRaiders - Probable L DAL - Guaranteed L @PHI - Probable L @DAL - Guaranteed L PHI - Probable L @NYG - Tankathon game, probable W because we can't do anything right.
  6. Hi, My name is Slappy Mc. I am an addict. I have been here too long to remember when I started, but my obsession has never wavered. I have worn a (my) Redskins hat(s) for over 20 years straight. I wear my Sean Taylor Jersey every Sunday and make excuses why I defend the on-goings of this team. I believe the nonsense that is spoonfed about this team improving or progressing. I let the outcome of our games (even though I know we are perpetually losing games we should win) affect my daily life. I have defended Dan Snyder too much in my life. (Sad but true) It's time for a change.
  7. I'm probably done wasting my Sundays on this team this year. With no changes coming, the same lame excuses week in and week out, all the drama going around this franchise. This is truly embarrassing calling this team "my favorite team".
  8. I just can't allow this to go uncontested. Jay Gruden was one of the worst game/time management Head Coaches of all-time. On top of the fact that he refused to make a half time adjustment or take his pet projects off the field. I don't like what is happening right now, but lets not mistake our current frustration with untrue facts.
  9. Didn't I see a picture of Portis on field before the game?
  10. If anyone thought we would be leading at halftime, raise your hand... I'll wait.
  11. Great to see us take the lead. Offense doing their part and capitalizing off of a turnover. Good/Great teams turn takeaways into points and I am glad we finally did it too.
  12. That is the WORST OPI call I have ever seen. The defender stopped and Terry ran into him...
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