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  1. So confused at what happened? @Pickle Rick please explain...
  2. Nacho Lock infinity times Random search lock infinity times No move infinity times lock
  3. I'm signing up to host a mafia game at some point. I have a couple themes stashed away for a rainy day.
  4. I still ultimately only trust Nacho. It appears as though I should trust everyone but, Deranged for the win.
  5. I solemnly swear to kill no more. I commuted last night btw.
  6. Changed to I7 because no one has searched row 7 yet
  7. That's been in since last night. Pow pow.
  8. Because Touch was my #1 sus. My needle is coming out tonight too
  9. I'm disappointed I don't get to know what alignment the dead have. To all the dead people I have killed, if you are town-aligned, to any others,