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  1. Plot twist! We trade for Mattew Stafford and after getting inducted into the HoF, Megatron comes out of retirement to win a SB with the WFT. (Directed by M. Night Shyamalan)
  2. Just saw the Cowboys hired Dan Quinn to be DC. Very unfortunate. He is a hell of a coordinator.
  3. I believe we trade down in the first and pick up an extra 2nd day pick or a future pick of equal value.
  4. Give him an offseason to get his body right. He was prepping for College Exams before getting the call. Not exactly in peak football shape, but he is a gamer.
  5. I'm going to say this and stand by it emphatically: Taylor Heinicke did enough to beat Tom Brady today. He put 23 points on the board and our defense laid an egg. Chase Young for all the hype and talk, did nothing big. Besides DaRon Payne, our defense really didn't play great. You CANNOT allow Tom Brady to sit in the pocket. We were out-schemed by a better coaching staff and better players.
  6. 194-268 since we last won the SB... See how these numbers mean nothing right now.
  7. He at the very least should be brought back and compete for the starting job as a 1a or 1b option. He played phenomenally. That INT definitely wasnt a poorly thrown ball that got intercepted. His scramble for the TD was one of the best plays of our season. He definitely earned a shot at being the next QBotF. Get him healthy and back for camp.
  8. We looked damn good for a 7-9 team. Unfortunately our defense didnt get enough stops and we came up short on offense. It's been a fun ride guys. We were going to be a good team next year if we can plug a few holes and improve in a few areas. HTT(R)WFT
  9. This is your time D. You want to be elite, do it now. Heinicke played better than any QB all year for us. Get your lunch pales out and dig in.
  10. I am losing my $%^&! Who is this guy?!
  11. Heinicke has earned a fan tonight. He has heart. If he leads this team to a win, not a chance Smith should see field next week.
  12. I will say that we were outcoached all around. The gameplan for Tom Brady and their offense was executed well. Our defense didnt blitz or put enough pressure on TB. Our offense performed admirably. Their run defense is really good. Heinicke did a really good job with his scrambles, especially the TD run. We just couldn't finish the job.
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