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  1. @Dome I need to be replaced. Sorry, but I cannot be active enough, I have had stuff going on all weekend and the next couple days don’t look any better. Good luck guys.
  2. Apparently I thought wrong when I said my partner was the less convincing person. Sorry @squire12 if we burn up on my account. I will do my best to keep finding who I believe to be civs.
  3. I don’t like comments like this. Mainly cause when I’m scum, I use them.
  4. I agree, I am simply stating, I am not sold that they are partners. I am not sold on saving either of them at this point either.
  5. I am not calling you mafia, but I am not voting for you today.
  6. Fin said he is going to burn up in the building to not be saved. MD4L is saying to save him now. If they are partners, their aren’t uniform on their thoughts.
  7. But Fin has disappeared and if MD4L is his partner, he is contradicting what Fin said.
  8. MD4L never confirmed did he? I mean we can infer all we want, I thought the point of claiming was to have both people confirm.
  9. I am basing that off of the couple games I played with him and the fact I never could read what alignment he was.
  10. I am an open book type player. My favorite type roles to get are normal civs. I can play footloose and fancy free. I also was trying to hint at who my partner was.
  11. My reads so far. 1. Alfred - I think this is the perfect type of game for Alfred to lead in, it is also a very scary situation because he is very persuasive. From my interactions I like that he is engaging and trying to strategize, I don’t like that his “hunting” has been minimal. I think he could be white knighting us, but the chances of a mafia wanting to give the civs more information is pretty slim IMO. Civ-lean. 3. ET - He, as he usually is, was “late to the party” with the dancing posts, but he hasn’t been able to get past that. Most of his posts seem to be filler and not on topic. Slight mafia-lean 4. J-Fin - I don’t know if it’s because I was just mafia with him or just a gut feeling, but he is playing completely different than last game. He read the rules and seems to be engaging. It could be WIFOM with the “leave me behind” comment, but I get the feeling mafia J-fin wouldn’t be playing this way. Slight civ-lean 5. Touch - He seems more introverted this game. His posts haven’t given much to read into, he is short and unwilling to “cooperate,” so I could see him hiding out till later. I wouldn’t expect the mafia to jump out Day 1 and say “save me” so he is one I will keep my eye on. Neutral. 6. Venom Sife - New to the forum, lots of spunk. Singled me out, which if he was my partner, I would have understood to gauge reactions, but I am unclear as to his purpose. He said he has played mafia before, but not on a forum, so he understands the concepts. Maybe his excitement couldn’t be contained to the chat room. Neutral/Slight mafia-lean 7. Squire - My partner. At first I thought it was a good idea for one partner to “take the lead“ and the other (knowing the alignment of his partner) could gauge responses. Alfred’s partner claim made sense to me so I put it out there if Squire wanted to claim me. He obviously decided it was the smart move as well. 100% civ. 8. Pickle Rick - He seems to be analyzing posts and content. He came on a lot stronger after Alfred claimed being partners. His behavior seems civ, but the problem I had with people claiming partners is that you tend to allow one person to affect your opinion of the partner. Slight civ-lean. 9. LTBF - He has noticeably been playing devils advocate on ideas which says he is critically thinking to me. He isn’t buddying up to Pickle as much as he would if they are both mafia together IMO, so one or the other is mafia or neither are. Civ-lean 10. Bcb - Not a lot of content to go off of. Voted for his partner and has contributed since. Unsure. 11. James - He has voted for ET, claimed KSJ while calling him notoriously scummy, and questioned whether we can effectively ensure a civ is voted up. Neutral. 12. KSJ - He is more active this game. If I recall correctly, when he is scum, he likes to lay low and coast. It may be the format or he may be civ this game. Civ-lean 13. Shady - He hasn’t posted anything game related that I saw. Unsure 14. MD4L - His posts aren’t convincing me he is civ, but he is willing to get voted out day 1, which is informative. Has not claimed his partner. Neutral. 15. Gopher - He called Alfred on his claim idea and hasn’t claimed his partner. Voting for LTBF, who I think is civ. Could be trying to look good for future days. Slight mafia-lean. 16. Nazgul - He plays by his own rules, doesn’t conform. Claimed Pickle Rick twice and claimed to be part of team red. Has not claimed his real partner (unless Alfred and PR are lying (only scenario I could imagine if all 3 are mafia, not likely imo)) Not behavior a mafia member would make. Civ-lean I am going to vote Nazgul today.
  12. I’m torn. I like the idea of getting two green to safety, but I don’t want to leave the game. If we could come to a consensus on a team that we feel may NOT contribute as much, I think we should save them. Like I said earlier, I feel like civ-hunting is easier than scum-hunting and I can be of use. I will try to get all my feelings up today in case we are the vote today.