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  1. For now for sure. They don't know what Curtis Samuel and Adam Humphries will look like in OTAs and camp. Heck any one of our WRs could get injured thrusting someone into action. He will be a camp body for sure. No reason to cut him, yet. You can get upset at people having different opinions all you want, but I haven't taken anything away from you. I'm not telling you you can't have your opinion. I'm not stopping you from being a fan. I am however telling you that I disagree with your opinion and I am exercising my right as a fan with an opinion to tell you I believe Steven Sims, the undrafted
  2. Terry, Curtis, Adam, Cam and Kelvin. Literally 0 chance he is ahead of any of them. He might be below Isaiah Wright... He probably has the upper hand on AGG unless AGG progresses mightily in camp. (Remember this staff did not sign Steven Sims, they did draft AGG however). Bro, you have to get over your fascination of Sims. He is a JAG. That's all he will ever be. He regressed mightily in what he said was his year of big improvement in the offseason. I imagine they will keep at least 6 WR. I would definitely give Wright the advantage over Sims for a spot since this staff si
  3. I can list 5 WRs ahead of him on the depth chart. Those are the locks ahead of him... Yea, there are lots of reasons to cut him.
  4. We signed TE Sammis Reyes. Former basketball player turned NFL hopeful. Pro day results: "According to NFL Network analyst and long-time NFL football executive, Scott Pioli, Reyes ran a 4.64 in the 40 yard dash and reached 31 bench press reps while producing a 40″ vertical and 10’5″ leap in the broad jump"
  5. WR and developmental OL left? Maybe a long snapper?
  6. I think O-Line depth and secondary depth should be next priority. Overall good mock offseason/draft.
  7. Jamin Davis in the 6th is BANANAS.
  8. Now that is something I give That would 100% make us better. Penn St TE is a very good player and would instantly give us an option in two TE sets. JOK is fast, versatile and is definitely at a position of need.
  9. Robert Kraft needs to keep up his spending spree and dole out the picks and players. Haha. Better for the purposes of this that we keep him. Any takers on any of our other QBs? Solid depth to be had.
  10. Always still time to trade his rights to the highest bidder.
  11. I get your opinion. Considering he will be at WORST the #2 to start the season, I have to believe the current management disagrees with your opinion. This is a scenario where you are the GM and the majority of the people have spoken about the direction to go (trading up for a QB) I completely understand why you feel that way. You have listened to the forum well about things from what I can tell reading back. I think if I looked at it from the perspective that the intended goal wast to trade up for one of the top 4 QBs, we did just that so I would say success. You got a replacement fo
  12. Might be a little pricey, but isnt really relevant since we have 4 QBs on the roster now
  13. Considering the GM has Fitz as the 3rd QB on the depth chart before we drafted Lance, we should just outright cut Fitzpatrick and keep Allen and Heinicke
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