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  1. Woow a dropped TD that leads to an INT in the endzone
  2. They did play the Bills and they were robbed of a win because of bogus call.
  3. Not enough 4 o'clock games today, this sucks.
  4. The Packers dont belong on that list, they'll flame out as the season goes.
  5. Tampa Bay sports team looking great!
  6. Plat2

    Brady is God

    This thread is ****....that is all.
  7. This Packers team is so mentally weak, once you put the pressure on they'll fold, nothing's changed from last year. Look good because their soft schedule then get blown out in the playoffs again.
  8. Stats wise he might not be but would you really take 2 other QBs ahead of Mahomes? One of then is Russell Wilson obviously.
  9. Rams or Packers, which team do you think will go further in the playoffs?
  10. Yup that is true it's Tampa and Seattle just behind them for me. It's still early and the Rams look pretty good too. The Niners could start pulling it together soon too...the Packers don't impress me at all.
  11. Yup and Rodgers playing like Mahomes/Wilson was never gonna be sustainable...he aint THAT good anymore.
  12. That defense doesn't look too good.
  13. The Key and Peele TD celebration did him in.
  14. Bucs look like the early favorites to come out of the NFC?
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