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  1. Tom also just seems more fun and loose with Tampa.
  2. Tampa Tom > New England Tom
  3. Dudes got nothing better to do
  4. Mahomes played bad but that play was a microcosm of the game. The Chiefs, as a whole, crapped the bed...embarrassing performance.
  5. Why? I think most of them were behind him all season long. Belichick might be a little peeved though.
  6. The sadistic side in me wants to see him play until his 47+ for a shot at 10 SB's.
  7. Stupid to compare, two completely different sports. Jordan had to play defense.
  8. Mahomes would have to get like 8 SB's to ever get a shot at the GOAT title now.
  9. I never in a million years would have thought he would look this bad.
  10. Lol at the 28-3 references, Brady is not Matt Ryan.
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