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  1. 2018 Free Agency - Prospects for GB

    Patrick Peterson.
  2. 2018 Free Agency - Prospects for GB

    We're trading for a cornerback today.
  3. Would you give Johnny Manziel another shot?

    No. Only because I don't like him at all and I don't think you can radically change as a person. I think he's always going to be an entitled child regardless of whether or not he cuts out or even cuts down on drugs and alcohol.
  4. Will really come in handy when they review whether or not he turns his blinker on while turning into the grocery store. What does this even mean? They didn't have film on him for his four games he played this season?
  5. Random Game Talk

    I feel like there will actually have been a zombie apocalypse by the time this game gets released.
  6. You let me down, LTBF. You let me down.
  7. 2018 Free Agency - Prospects for GB

    Yeah I know, but I didn't know how.
  8. 2018 Free Agency - Prospects for GB

    You really are great at putting words into people's mouths. I'll give you that.
  9. 2018 Free Agency - Prospects for GB

    I did not do that to you, fattlipp. How dare whoever did.
  10. CB Tramon Williams returning to GB - 2yr deal

    It happens. One time I was happy for 37 seconds.
  11. CB Tramon Williams returning to GB - 2yr deal

    I'm only excited about it because I assume Williams is going to be here more for depth than being a starter. If he's our starter, I'll be disapinted. I just didn't want another season of Hawkins or Gunter as our starters at the end of the season.
  12. 2018 Free Agency - Prospects for GB

    Ran a 40 yard dash in 4.46 compared to Davante's 4.56, too. Don't know why people aren't excited about the possibility of signing him. Dude had a great start to his career and didn't exactly do too poorly in his third year, either.
  13. 2018 Free Agency - Prospects for GB

    I'd be happy if we signed him, but let's not act like he'd be a significant free agent acquisition. He would have been if he was a free agent after his second season, but right now the best you can call him is a bargain. A significant bargain. How are you doing on that list of significant free agents who signed with us since free agency started compared to other teams? Because even if we sign Matthews and Gaines, we're still behind every other franchise with the possible exception of the Bills, but sure... Keep trying to get that one up.
  14. 2018 Free Agency - Prospects for GB

    When 10 million from the Packers and 10 million from a Florida/Texas team count the same amount against the salary cap, it's an additional reason to sign in Florida or Texas over Green Bay. That's simple.
  15. 2018 Free Agency - Prospects for GB

    I already admitted I should have gone 28/older to account for players who entered the draft older. Don't you talk about my heart.