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  1. 2017 Packers Training Camp General Discussion

    I think a lot of people were quick to neglect the fact that Janis missed a good portion of training camp and preseason last year with a broken hand and he still made the team. Not only did he still make the team, but he missed valuable time, and that clearly hindered his performance last year. He hasn't missed training camp or preseason this year, and he's poised to have his breakout year, and everybody gonna act like they had faith in him all along when everybody secretly or not so secretly wanted him cut in exchange for another 7th round rookie because they expect immediate returns on a draft and develop team. Like... Even after missing all of preseason and training camp, Janis still had his best regular season, and that was when Nelson, Cobb and Adams all stayed pretty healthy. It's coming.
  2. Who is your "Surprise" cut and why?

    You neglect a few things: 1. Longest pass interference penalty (66 yards) of the last 30 years in the NFL, and Davis was responsible for drawing it on a play he got open on. 2. The best threat to return a punt we've had since long before Randall Cobb. 3. The fastest receiver we've had since God knows when. 4. The fact that he had exactly 7 less yards and the exact number of receptions and touchdowns as Donald Driver's rookie year. 5. The fact that we are a draft and DEVELOP team. 6. The fact that Davis was going to take a full year to get an NFL standard physique. 7. And finally, the fact that some of the best receivers playing right now were late round picks who showed nothing to next to nothing their rookie years. I just laugh at everybody who suggests we cut Davis. Or Janis for that matter. We're not cutting them. I don't literally laugh, I literally shake my head in frustration at the lack of consideration. All of you calling for us to cut Davis right now would have been calling for the exact same thing if we had drafted Antonio Brown. Because, after all, Antonio Brown was a sixth round pick who had 16 catches for 167 yards and zero touchdowns as a rookie. Cut him. We drafted Trevor Davis for a very real reason, and we're not cutting him, and if you think we are, I've got a lot of things to sell you, but hopefully buy from you because you seem much more likely to sell something with future value than you are to buy anything.
  3. 2017 Packers Training Camp General Discussion

    This is accurate. Now it's time for people to get back on board the Jeff Janis Jumbo Jet because not even Norm is on that one still, and Janis is about to have 40 receptions and 7 touchdowns this year.
  4. Madden 18

    I'm really craving Madden right now, so I think I'll get it as soon as it's used. The best feature so far is being able to start a franchise mode at any point in the season because I like starting a franchise mode immediately after the NFL season ends, but I hate having to go through and make the standings accurate, and I never get the right statistics. That is, I must say, a huge improvement and one that will make Madden 18 worth buying for me. Definitely not buying it new though. I might get Madden 17 if its used price drops below 20, and then pick up Madden 18 around the end of the regular season.
  5. Who is your "Surprise" cut and why?

    Difference is Troy Williamson was a 7th overall pick and Trevor Davis was a fifth round pick. Vikings/Lions/Bears proving why you don't take receivers in round one over and over and over again.
  6. Game of Thrones - Winter Is Here

    Two facts remain: 1. He hit Viserion. Mission accomplished, one dragon down, good decision. 2. The "explosion" from hitting Viserion may well have been his intention, and that was a shot he could not have made on a dragon that was grounded. No matter what the complaint is, it's a bad complaint to complain about him choosing to hit a dragon that he did, in fact, kill. Otherwise, let's say you're a fan of the Steelers because I don't know who your favorite team is. By the logic you're suggesting, Ben Roethlisberger should never throw to Brown because Bryant is bigger. It's the equivalent of complaining about your QB throwing a TD pass to a lesser receiver when it doesn't fricking matter because your team scored a TD. Complain about other things. Not that. It's a stupid complaint, and I'm officially done defending the Night King's decision because there's no reason it should have to be defended.
  7. 2017 Packers Training Camp General Discussion

    Sending mixed signals here, @JBURGE25
  8. Are You Comfortable with the RB Position?

    Yes, there's plenty of reason they shouldn't look for both. If a veteran running back is cut or available at this point after being on a team last year, chances are they don't have much left. Especially when the whole team loves them. Also, we might not be fantastic at RB now, but the more experience and opportunity guys like Williams, Jones and Mays get this year, the better we'll be at the position in the future. After all, James Starks didn't set the world on fire all throughout his first regular season, Ryan Grant didn't set the world on fire his rookie year with the Giants, and he had a total of 27 rushing yards in his first six games with us. Then what did he do? Oh, he just averaged 93 yards rushing in the final nine regular season games and had a 201 yard, 3 touchdown performance against the Seahawks in the playoffs his first year in Green Bay. Nobody in New York saw that coming, or else they wouldn't have traded him to us. Nobody here saw that coming or else we would have played him since the beginning of the year. My point? You are approximately 10 times more likely to find a spark at a young RB that you didn't expect to get a spark from than a pass rusher. Signing a veteran pass rusher won't stunt the development of Fackrell because Fackrell isn't going to develop, but signing a veteran RB to take snaps away from one of our three rookies might keep them from something they would otherwise be capable of. No offense to you or to anybody else here, but your opinions and outlook of the RB position don't mean a thing. Unless you can point to one single person who predicted Ryan Grant would do what he did or Alfred Morris would do what he did for the Redskins in his first year or Jonathan Franklin tearing up the Bengals for 100 + yards before he got hurt or James Starks being capable of doing what he did for us in the playoffs of 2010, opinions of that position mean nothing right now. It's probably one of if not the most likely position in the NFL to go from nothing to pro bowl out of the blue. When was the last time we had a pass rusher come out of nowhere for the Packers specifically? I think it had to be either Aaron Kampman or Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila or both, but both of them were over a decade ago. We have two examples (three if not for injury) of late round or undrafted running backs taking the spot and running with it. Four if you consider Montgomery started last year as a receiver. And that's not just the Packers. Terrell Davis was a sixth round pick. Arian Foster, Lagarette Blount, Priest Holmes, Fred Jackson, Benjarvis Green-Ellis, Pierre Thomas... I think the reason is that if a running back buys into everything and the offensive line blocks right, any running back could have a 1,000 yard season at any time. That's not the same at receiver or pass rusher or any other position in the NFL.
  9. 2017 Packers Training Camp General Discussion

    I think the list of people who DIDN'T want to cut Davante Adams two years ago was me and Norm and two other people. I think the people who expected Davante Adams to be a legitimate receiver was me and Norm. If I had Twitter, I'd be sure to let Adams know that.
  10. Are You Comfortable with the RB Position?

    If we're bringing in veteran help, it's going to be at pass rusher.
  11. Game of Thrones - Winter Is Here

    Yeah I'm not even going to argue the dragon thing. I gotta pick my battles. If I'm a Night King and I got a choice between three dragons, I'm going to pick the one that's not looking at me.
  12. Game of Thrones - Winter Is Here

    Yeah, because he'd already killed one dragon and the other dragon wasn't in sight. Any way you look at it, it wasn't a stupid decision because he did, in fact, hit the dragon he picked to target.
  13. Game of Thrones - Winter Is Here

    Some of these complaints are just so God awful it makes me wonder if people have the brain function to think. Like saying it was stupid to go after the other dragon instead of Drogon for example. One of them was on the ground. Just try to picture a spear going from above a dragon on a hill into the dragon doing any kind of damage, especially when there are six or so people on the dragon looking in that direction. Can you even think?
  14. Game of Thrones - Winter Is Here

    That doesn't remotely squash that theory. Just because one of Tyrion/Jon won't be riding a dragon doesn't mean Tyrion can't be a Targaryen.