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  1. FF Big Brother 7: HOH is underway! (pg 36)

    BCB is essentially out, isn’t he? His two games are the same as Jason’s, and Jason has one win already. I messed the rest of my speculation up, but it basically comes down to... What happens if every player suffers a loss?
  2. Horizon Zero Dawn

    Thanks. That's what I needed. I'll go with Mario.
  3. FF Big Brother 7: HOH is underway! (pg 36)

    Lol. I was joking. I know nothing about basketball. I could probably name 5 players in the entire sport.
  4. FF Big Brother 7: HOH is underway! (pg 36)

    I am not the basketball whisperer.
  5. LuckyIrish Quick Mock

    I'm not saying we need to trade every fifth round pick and 6th and 7th round pick.
  6. FF Big Brother 7: HOH is underway! (pg 36)

    Noooooooo. Spurs and Pelicans both pulling away.
  7. LuckyIrish Quick Mock

    Also, picking at the end of the 2nd round gives you a 50% chance at finding a starter. End of round three gives you a 30% chance at finding a starter. So @Golfman, when you say that having three fifth round picks gives us a good chance at finding a starter, that's actually not true. https://datascopeanalytics.com/blog/the-chance-of-a-bust-in-the-nfl-draft/ So even if I said what you suggested I said, you'd still be wrong.
  8. LuckyIrish Quick Mock

    Ted Thompson is a guy who essentially just got fired (forced to step down). Fifth round picks are fine if you have one of them, they're good if you're rebuilding, but they rarely help a team like the Packers (elite QB play, lack of real talent on team). Think of all the players Thompson has relied on to be not depth, but starters. Walden. Coston. Whitticker. Newhouse. Brad Jones. Regardless of what others have suggested, I never said you can't find good players in the fifth round. Finding good players in the fifth round is few and far between. Some people are quick to bring up players that were drafted well before Thompson's time and going back years and years into Packer history. You yourself brought up 4 alright fifth round picks. Both of you neglected Coston, Hawkins, Moll, Martin, Clowney, Meredith, Quinn Johnson, Newhouse, Quarless, DJ Williams, Terrell Manning and Yancey. More often than not, fifth round picks aren't even providing solid depth. You can't have it two ways as a fan. Calculate how many of our own free agents you want to bring back. Calculate how many free agents you want brought in. Calculate 5 rookies from the 1st to 4th round. Calculate any players currently on our roster. Does that number come to less than 53? If not, what's the point of having 3 5th round draft picks? Do you see my point? I was referring mostly to this mock draft for the sake of entertainment. See what we could get in a trade up. The reality is that this team does not need 12 draft picks. 12 draft picks will not make this team next year. If we're going to continue being an almost exclusively draft and develop team, sure, keep all three of those fifth round picks. Otherwise... Thomson averaged 9.3 draft picks a season. Do you really want this team to average 9.3 draft picks a season in the back half of Aaron's career? The more draft picks we make, the less space we have for free agents, trades, etc.
  9. LuckyIrish Quick Mock

  10. Look for Clinton Dix extension soon!

    Oh, that's definitely conclusive evidence in the last game of a season the Packers were eliminated from playoff contention. Clinton-Dix avoids contact and should be cut. Get out of here with that crap. HaHa Clinton-Dix does not avoid contact. Saying that based off one effing play is the epitome of hyperbole.
  11. LuckyIrish Quick Mock

    What's self-explanatory? Jesus. I told him to trade up in his mock draft. Generally speaking, we don't need a fifth round talent on this team. Did I say literally anywhere that fifth round players can't be good? We're talking about an effing mock draft here. Don't be an *******.
  12. LuckyIrish Quick Mock

    Show me where I said 5th round picks never turn out to be good players and I'll show you a liar. I'm talking about his mock draft.
  13. Look for Clinton Dix extension soon!

    No, you just said he avoided contact. You find the proof of your claim. You made the claim, you provide the proof.
  14. Look for Clinton Dix extension soon!

    When did he ever avoid contact? Show me when he avoided contact. I think you're making it up.
  15. FF Big Brother 7: HOH is underway! (pg 36)

    I'm not winning HoH because the Bucks just gave up a billion point lead.
  16. 2018 Free Agency - Prospects for GB

    Can't sign him because he just won the Super Bowl and Long/Blount just won back-to-back Super Bowls with different teams, so we have to wait at least 3 years before we sign anybody from a Super Bowl winning team.
  17. FF Big Brother 7: HOH is underway! (pg 36)

    Julie told me that my losses don't count and my wins count as triple. No take backs.
  18. FF Big Brother 7: HOH is underway! (pg 36)

    And the Bucks are up by 9!
  19. FF Big Brother 7: HOH is underway! (pg 36)

    I'm winning!
  20. DC Movie Universe

    Yeah, well...
  21. FF Big Brother 7: HOH is underway! (pg 36)

    Lol at anyone who picked the Pistons. Everybody knew the Hornets were going to dominate that game.
  22. LuckyIrish Quick Mock

    Gross. We don't need a fifth round pick added to this roster much less three. Don't give Gute any ideas. Trade up.
  23. FF Big Brother 7: HOH is underway! (pg 36)

    The Bucks are winning by one point. Is that a good lead? Should I be confident?
  24. FF Big Brother 7: HOH is underway! (pg 36)

    I don't know who you're talking about, but somebody is gonna have to drop 35 in half of 13.