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  1. Pros: 8 Consecutive playoff appearances. 1 Super Bowl win. 3 Championship game appearances. Cons: Seahawks Championship game meltdown (one good call/decision from him might have changed it). Stubbornness. He may be getting ahead in this league by having Aaron Rodgers. He has won two meaningful games without Aaron Rodgers. 0-3 when Rodgers left game or didn't play game in Super Bowl year. 5-2-1 in 2013. Cardinals, 49ers, Giants, Falcons playoff games in which our defense never stood a chance. I'm not sold on the idea of firing him. I was livid with him after today because he definitely screwed us with his playcalling today, but I'm still not sold on getting rid of him, but I don't think it's absurd to talk about it. He's had some very bad lapses, and he doesn't seem very open to changing things or adapting. Would love to hear some counter opinions on him mostly just to help me have faith in him again.
  2. Defense plays well against a crap offense, our offense plays like crap. Hundley is crap? Hundley is crap. Callahanmania. TTT (Time to Tank). Confirmed 7th loss coming next week.
  3. Wide Receiver Outlook

    Jordy Nelson Career: 530 receptions, 7,700 yards, 14.6 yards per catch and 69 touchdowns in nine years. Age and condition: Turns 33 in May. Had a surgery two years ago, but otherwise has been healthy. Doesn't have the speed he used to. Contract: Becomes a free agent in 2019. 11.5 million this year, 12.5 million next year. Projection: Jordy is still a wildly talented NFL receiver that brings a LOT to this team. He's no longer a deep threat, but he's still capable of 100 catch, 100 yard or 12 TD seasons primarily due to his knowledge of the system, trust with Rodgers, veteran experience and NFL best ability in the red zone. I think you can look at Larry Fitzgerald's last two years as a realistic expectation for Jordy Nelson's next two years. Randall Cobb Career: 402 receptions, 4,800 yards, 12.6 yards per catch, 36 touchdowns in 7 years. Age and condition: Turns 28 in August. Has remained mostly healthy throughout his career apart from a few nagging injury seasons and a rib injury a couple years back. Contract: Becomes a free agent in 2019. 12.6 million this year, 12.75 million next year with 3.25 million dead money if we cut him. Projection: Cobb's game does not fit this team I don't think. He's a weapon and a mismatch if used properly, but he's not used properly I don't think, and his game is not worth 12.75 million next year. He's still capable of big, even huge games as proven by his three touchdown and 100 yard game in the playoffs against the Giants just last year. He might be worth his experience alone if we don't have a plan to replace his production, but he has not lived up to his contract. He has virtually no value other than a slot/gimmick receiver, and if Jordy Nelson becomes a permanent slot option, that makes Cobb even less valuable. Cobb isn't a trade option because of the size of that contract. My opinion is that if McCarthy is back next year, Cobb shouldn't be. If we get a new head coach (unlikely), I'd be very interested to see how he'd use Cobb. Davante Adams Career: 205 receptions, 11.8 yards per catch, 2400 yards and 22 touchdowns in 4 years. Age and condition: Turns 25 a day before Christmas, so he has terrible luck. Consider all the cheap people in his life who try to combine his birthday with Christmas. Contract: Becomes a free agent after this year. The better he does this year, the less likely he is to come back, but I think he's pretty likely to come back barring a major display of Jenningsitis. Can probably assume 10 million a year minimum for him. Projection: Davante Adams is an all-pro in this league if the only thing that's measured is quickness. He's got elite route running ability and quickness with some incredible leaping ability, but he lacks in other areas. Has performance lapses, doesn't have top end speed and is an average receiver outside of those aforementioned skillsets. Even with Hundley in, he's still performing at a high level. Others Career: Not even a season's worth to talk about if you combined all their games and production. Age and Condition: Young. Contract: Janis is up this year, Davis has probably two more years, Allison I don't know. Projection: Jeff Janis is not a receiver, he's a special teams specialist that gets on offense sometimes. Allison, though a fan favorite, has minimal potential. He's long, slender with a knack for coming up big, but he's not a starter level talent. Trevor Davis is still little. Might become something in year three, but it won't be much since if he had what else it takes he'd get on the field in spite of his littleness. Positional Outlook: There are three ways the future of this position can go in my opinion. First, we can re-sign Davante Adams. That, I think, is the preferred option. Although I dislike his limitations, I think it's important we bring him back so that we don't get into a situation where receiver is a crippling area of weakness. If we re-sign Davante, I think it's a perfect time to use a second or third round pick on our future #2, eventual #1 receiver. This option would have us looking at Adams, Nelson, Cobb, rookie as our depth chart heading into 2018. Second, we don't re-sign Adams. This is the high alert option. If Adams leaves, signing a receiver becomes a legitimate need in free agency, not the draft. In this scenario, cutting Cobb becomes a necessity in order to sign somebody else. Jeffery and Watkins are the primary options of this scenario. Second tier options include Jordan Matthews, Jarvis Landry, Jeremy Kerley, Paul Richardson, Marqise Lee. Third, we don't re-sign Adams, but we don't cut Cobb. This would result in a low key signing of somebody like Decker, Ammendola, Wright, Quick, Moncrief... Prediction: Davante Adams, Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb, third round rookie.
  4. Wide Receiver Outlook

    The paranoid in me thinks it's possible he gets away, but this is probably true.
  5. 2018 NFL Draft Discussion

    If the season ended today, we'd have the 17th or 18th pick in the draft (don't know tie breaker scenario for Bills). We better make the damn playoffs or lose the rest of our games because this season ain't gonna be worth no damn 17th overall pick, and that's not gonna help us much.
  6. Justice League

    Yeah, I think WB knew this movie was going to be a failure either way. I think they just wanted to make it as little a failure as it could be, so they sunk more money into it and hoped for the best. The movie will definitely make money, but it is absolutely a failure as far as WB is concerned. At 94 million its first week, it's probably a bigger failure than even they anticipated based on strong opening numbers for BvS and Suicide Squad. Now they have to decide what they're going to do about it. They're not really in a tricky situation here at all though. They have an EXTREMELY easy out. Wonder Woman was good and well-received by everyone. Everything else... Wasn't. The Flash got more praise than any other aspect of Justice League that I've seen. Aquaman has already been made. How do they keep Wonder Woman and The Flash and change everything else (possibly Aquaman if his movie isn't a hit)? Extremely simply, they do a Flashpoint. Wonder Woman = not effected. Aquaman = not effected. Everything else changes, and you have MoS, BvS, Suicide Squad and Justice League as an alternate reality bonus set of movies.
  7. Are You Comfortable with the RB Position?

    Oh. Weird. Why did it take so long for me to find out?
  8. Are You Comfortable with the RB Position?

    Aaron Jones just got arrested. Looks marijuana related.
  9. Brett Hundley depreciation thread

    I think best case scenario now is the Browns want an extra seventh, so we send them Hundley and our seventh round pick. It might take a 5th to get rid of him after Sunday though.
  10. Board Games (Reviews, Rules, Regulations, Random)

    Has anybody played The Thing: Infection at Outpost 31? I don't really have a group of people I know that likes board games, but I'm really curious about the game anyway for obvious reasons.
  11. Post Game Thread: AKA how high can our draft pick be?

    Holy ****. This just made me realize that there is a legitimate Steelers curse for us. Rodgers hasn't played the Steelers since he beat them in the Super Bowl. Steelers game was the last game he missed in 2013. Four years later, he gets hurt again. Son of a
  12. Justice League

    It's not the case. No movie loses money, but when you're talking about hundreds of millions of dollars, less than hundreds of millions of dollars is not a success. Domestic box office absolutely is the end all most important aspect for studios to measure a film's success. Studios make somewhere between 50% of what the domestic box office makes. 40% international. 25% from China. It's even less when you consider what the theaters make and advertisement costs. He's right only in the sense that ancillary markets are more important. Justice League will make back its 300 million from ancillary markets. Eventually. Five-ten years down the road. This includes merchandise (toys, shirts, etc) and blu ray sales as well as television rights. No movie loses money these days, especially not blockbusters with mass merchandise appeal like Justice League. Except... These are studios that deal with hundreds of millions of dollars. Breaking even or recouping your budget five years down the road isn't why they make movies. They make movies for those ancillary sales AND box office returns. The budget for Justice League is estimated at 300 million dollars. Now you've got to consider that a movie usually spends half its budget on advertising. So you're looking at 450 million dollars for Justice League. Studios measure the success of a movie by how much the domestic box office returns do to recover their budget. In that way, Justice League VERY MUCH, NO ARGUMENTS TO BE MADE, ABSOLUTELY will be a failure for them. A very large failure. It's like a day trader. You think they're going to be content with something that makes them money 5 years down the road? No. That's not their job, that's not their goal. So when people say a year from now that Justice League made back its budget by adding up international and domestic returns, they're lying. Yes, it will make its money back. But according to studios, it's a failure. Suicide Squad was very much considered a failure because it was. 175 million budget. Add 50% of that and you've got 263 million. 325 domestic returns. Half of that is 162.5 million. 420 internationally and if we're being fair they got 40% of that even though they probably got somewhere around 35% of that. 168 million. 162.5 plus 168 equals 330.5 million and you're looking at less than 100 million in profit for a movie from box office returns. That sounds like a lot of money, and if you're asking how that could be a failure, consider Age of Ultron, considered the biggest Marvel underperformer. 250 + advertising = 375. 459 domestic in half = 229.5 domestic returns. 946 million internationally 40% = 378 million international returns. That's 607 million in profits for a 375 million budget. So yes, domestic absolutely is important as a measure of success. They make more money domestically than they do internationally, and money is money. If it fails domestically, it's a failure to studios. Flat out, no question. If anybody thinks otherwise, they should go up to a studio exec and ask if they'd rather make their money back domestically or not.
  13. Bitcoin

    Yeah, I've made quite a damn good bit of money off this. I'm still making money off this and at this point I'm 100% playing with house money. Anybody who was on the fence about it, I was on the fence about it 5 years ago and 100 dollars five years ago would have literally been 80,000 dollars right now.
  14. Brett Hundley: A win here puts us at 6-4 with Aaron's earliest prediction being week 15. We need to get to 8 wins before week 16 to give Aaron a shot to get us to 10 wins. Ravens offense has been putrid. Ravens defense has been above average. This is the game where our defense has to put on their big boy pants and come together as a unit. A game like this is the type of game that can convince a bad defense they're good enough to be good, and we need to capitalize on that. Interceptions, sacks, fumbles.
  15. Post Game Thread: AKA how high can our draft pick be?

    Lol, I was pretty much the only one there who thought we could make the playoffs. Didn't spend too much time in the thread, but pretty sure I got some pretty significant heat for thinking we could make it to the playoffs. We ended up in the Championship game. That 4-6 low point had Aaron Rodgers at QB. This 5-5 low point we have somebody who won't be a backup on 32 teams two years from now.
  16. Management Firing Poll (Results on Page 10)

    I just don't think it's remotely realistic that we fire McCarthy. I think the only way that happens is if Thompson gets canned, and I don't think that happens, either. It's kinda why it makes more sense for us to lose in a blowout if we are going to lose to the Buccaneers. To me, the only way we fire McCarthy is if we lose our next three games. Nobody expects us to beat the Steelers. A lot of people expect the Buccaneers and Browns to be games we should win. If we play poorly against a winless Browns team and lose, I think that might be the only thing that could get McCarthy fired at the end of the year.
  17. Management Firing Poll (Results on Page 10)

    I'm seriously curious about Patricia. The Patriots defense has had a lot more talent in years he wasn't there and performed a lot worse than they have with him. They had virtually no talent on that defense heading into this year other than their corners and one safety and they went from literally the worst scoring defense in the NFL to literally 15th. And the season isn't over yet.
  18. Marvel/Netflix: The Punisher- November 17

    Seriously with this Taxi Driver crap?
  19. Management Firing Poll (Results on Page 10)

    And I want McCarthy fired more for his stubborn attitude than anything else. If a player sucks, bench them. If a coordinator sucks, fire them. Quit giving them a vote of confidence because that's not helping anybody.
  20. You build around Rodgers with the help of a defensive building block. We don't have that defensive building block. We gotta get one, and he's gotsta be a pass rusher.
  21. Management Firing Poll (Results on Page 10)

    I want all of them fired honestly. I think McCarthy still has it as a coach, I think Thompson is a top 5 GM in this league. The only problem is that if we get rid of only one of them, they're going to be a scapegoat and all the blame for this year will be attributed to that one player. There are problems with this team that each of those three are responsible for. The only reason I want Thompson gone is because I want my new GM bringing in his own coach, and I think Thompson should retire and not have his hands in a new head coach. I want them all fired not because I think they all deserve to be fired, but all of them have flaws that I'd like to move on from.
  22. Brett Hundley depreciation thread

    He had a 69.1 QB rating coming into this game and added 3 interceptions and no touchdowns. McCarthy has to realize that his job has at least some type of heat on it if he sticks with such crap performance from his QB. Ravens are a good defense, but Hundley is a third year pro that should play better than that. What's Matt Flynn doing?
  23. Week 11 GDT: Ravens at Packers, AKA Ride the Wave Game One

    Fuuuuuuuuuu I don't know how I'm gonna be able to watch it. It's one thing to have the game on and watch it while keeping up on other games, but having it the only game going? Fuuuuuuu