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  1. Survivor: Six Islands Survivor Season One - Mookie won. Game Mechanics: 1. Jeff is gonna make mistakes. Try to overcome them, and have fun. Players: Shady, Pickle, Touch, Malf, Mission, Orca, Ted, Flux, Hockey Eliminated Players: iPwn Cwood Stallyns SirA Dwight Bucsfan Swoosh Sanchez (got an ouchie and left) Jfin Utley Dome Whicker Gopher Mookie Ragnarok TyTy BCB Nazgul Mission Jury: TedLavie Shady Pickle Flux Orca ET Remaining Players: 1. Malfatron 2. Touch 3. Hockey
  2. FF Survivor: Challenge Due Noon 1PM.

    @TedLavie, @Shady Slim, @Pickle Rick, @Adrenaline_Flux, @The Orca, @ET80, @theuntouchable, It is time to vote. You are voting for a WINNER. The name you send me is for a player to WIN. Vote for either Malf or Hockey to WIN. You may ask whichever questions of the two you want. The finale will start once all votes are in.
  3. Madden 19

    We are six months away from Madden 19. I read that the Madden director has promised huge updates to Franchise mode. If he delivers, I'll be buying it. If he doesn't deliver, I'll buy madden 18 used when it's under 20. Cover player is probably going to be Nick Foles. Probably.
  4. Wide Receiver Outlook

    Jordy Nelson Career: 530 receptions, 7,700 yards, 14.6 yards per catch and 69 touchdowns in nine years. Age and condition: Turns 33 in May. Had a surgery two years ago, but otherwise has been healthy. Doesn't have the speed he used to. Contract: Becomes a free agent in 2019. 11.5 million this year, 12.5 million next year. Projection: Jordy is still a wildly talented NFL receiver that brings a LOT to this team. He's no longer a deep threat, but he's still capable of 100 catch, 100 yard or 12 TD seasons primarily due to his knowledge of the system, trust with Rodgers, veteran experience and NFL best ability in the red zone. I think you can look at Larry Fitzgerald's last two years as a realistic expectation for Jordy Nelson's next two years. Randall Cobb Career: 402 receptions, 4,800 yards, 12.6 yards per catch, 36 touchdowns in 7 years. Age and condition: Turns 28 in August. Has remained mostly healthy throughout his career apart from a few nagging injury seasons and a rib injury a couple years back. Contract: Becomes a free agent in 2019. 12.6 million this year, 12.75 million next year with 3.25 million dead money if we cut him. Projection: Cobb's game does not fit this team I don't think. He's a weapon and a mismatch if used properly, but he's not used properly I don't think, and his game is not worth 12.75 million next year. He's still capable of big, even huge games as proven by his three touchdown and 100 yard game in the playoffs against the Giants just last year. He might be worth his experience alone if we don't have a plan to replace his production, but he has not lived up to his contract. He has virtually no value other than a slot/gimmick receiver, and if Jordy Nelson becomes a permanent slot option, that makes Cobb even less valuable. Cobb isn't a trade option because of the size of that contract. My opinion is that if McCarthy is back next year, Cobb shouldn't be. If we get a new head coach (unlikely), I'd be very interested to see how he'd use Cobb. Davante Adams Career: 205 receptions, 11.8 yards per catch, 2400 yards and 22 touchdowns in 4 years. Age and condition: Turns 25 a day before Christmas, so he has terrible luck. Consider all the cheap people in his life who try to combine his birthday with Christmas. Contract: Becomes a free agent after this year. The better he does this year, the less likely he is to come back, but I think he's pretty likely to come back barring a major display of Jenningsitis. Can probably assume 10 million a year minimum for him. Projection: Davante Adams is an all-pro in this league if the only thing that's measured is quickness. He's got elite route running ability and quickness with some incredible leaping ability, but he lacks in other areas. Has performance lapses, doesn't have top end speed and is an average receiver outside of those aforementioned skillsets. Even with Hundley in, he's still performing at a high level. Others Career: Not even a season's worth to talk about if you combined all their games and production. Age and Condition: Young. Contract: Janis is up this year, Davis has probably two more years, Allison I don't know. Projection: Jeff Janis is not a receiver, he's a special teams specialist that gets on offense sometimes. Allison, though a fan favorite, has minimal potential. He's long, slender with a knack for coming up big, but he's not a starter level talent. Trevor Davis is still little. Might become something in year three, but it won't be much since if he had what else it takes he'd get on the field in spite of his littleness. Positional Outlook: There are three ways the future of this position can go in my opinion. First, we can re-sign Davante Adams. That, I think, is the preferred option. Although I dislike his limitations, I think it's important we bring him back so that we don't get into a situation where receiver is a crippling area of weakness. If we re-sign Davante, I think it's a perfect time to use a second or third round pick on our future #2, eventual #1 receiver. This option would have us looking at Adams, Nelson, Cobb, rookie as our depth chart heading into 2018. Second, we don't re-sign Adams. This is the high alert option. If Adams leaves, signing a receiver becomes a legitimate need in free agency, not the draft. In this scenario, cutting Cobb becomes a necessity in order to sign somebody else. Jeffery and Watkins are the primary options of this scenario. Second tier options include Jordan Matthews, Jarvis Landry, Jeremy Kerley, Paul Richardson, Marqise Lee. Third, we don't re-sign Adams, but we don't cut Cobb. This would result in a low key signing of somebody like Decker, Ammendola, Wright, Quick, Moncrief... Prediction: Davante Adams, Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb, third round rookie.
  5. FF Survivor: Challenge Due Noon 1PM.

    @theuntouchable, the tribe has spoken. Thank you for playing. @Hockey5djh, @Malfatron, congratulations on Outwitting, Outlasting and Outplaying 26 other players. I will wait until tomorrow to tag the members of our jury. It is up to the members of the jury as to whether or not they want to wait for Malf to finish with his cruise. How long do cruises last anyway? A week? Two weeks? Either way, I will read the votes once all jury members vote. Jury members can communicate publicly, ask questions, etc. Hockey and Malf cannot communicate privately with members of the jury. They will have to do their campaigning IN THREAD.
  6. Perry hasnt been practicing because we're packaging him with our first round pick plus a third and a fourth to get Mack.
  7. For what it's worth, betting sites have the Packers at the best odds of landing Mack in a trade. Probably solely based on our two first round picks, but still.
  8. That's fair, but do you think that assessment was available at the time Rollins was DRAFTED, or do you think that's something that we had to see in the NFL to assess? Essentially, do you agree that Rollins was a terrible draft pick? That's all I'm arguing here.
  9. @TheOnlyThing either believes that Thompson was making coaching decisions or he's a troll. Sure. We relied on Rollins the same way you rely on leaves if you're out of toilet paper in the woods. It's also impossible that Fackrell knew what was expected of him more than Gilbert did. No coach ever would put football IQ over physical ability. That's why Jeff Janis was our primary target all those years.
  10. Okay, but are you saying he doesn't have the legs to play corner in any scheme, or specifically our scheme? Because if you want to say he wasn't fast enough for Capers I won't disagree with you, but I don't think he would have been drafted if he didn't have the requisite speed to play in the NFL. Casey and Micah weren't exactly speedsters either. And we obviously thought he'd potentially become good enough to not have to have that speed. My main issue with who I was responding to was him acting like it was always a terrible draft pick as if the draft is easy.
  11. Corners with worse legs than Rollins have had good seasons. It wasn't a mistake to draft him because of his "legs." Yeah. I've never said otherwise. I take issue with you acting like we relied on him because of his draft status. We didn't. We went into the season with Shields and Randall ahead of him, with Hyde also ahead of him in the slot. We never relied on him. Saying we relied on him would be like saying we relied on Fackrell if Matthews and Perry got hurt. It proved the point I wasn't arguing against? Bravo. We didn't rely on Rollins. Ever. He wasn't put on the field because of his draft status. Ever. In fact, he was behind lower-drafted players on the depth chart, and we never relied on him. What does this have to do with the price of tea in China? And who did we have healthy ahead of him? Tell me the next 32 good second round picks before they happen please.
  12. Bitcoin

    It's not so much the gambling aspect of it that bothered me. What bothered me about it is that they did it while it was at extreme highs. It's just so frustrating. I'm not by any means some master investor or anything, but to go against the basic principles of things like this just bother me so bad. It's like going all in with 7 and 2 offsuit in Texas Hold Em.
  13. FF Survivor: Challenge Due Noon 1PM.

    I was decidedly not threatening. I was suggesting an impending threat at some point. Like I said, I want to give you enough time, just don't take this to Thursday or something like that. I'm cool with waiting, especially if it means Malf can get back for the Final Tribal Council.
  14. FF Survivor: Challenge Due Noon 1PM.

    If @Hockey5djh doesn't make his choice by 11:00 PM CST... I will make a new deadline with a very dangerous penalty for missing it. Won't force such a major decision, and I won't let such a major decision be decided by Chatty, but if Hockey starts going like 48 hours, I'll have to up the ante a bit.
  15. Bitcoin

    I ain't buying anymore unless Bitcoin goes below 4,000 or Litecoin goes below 40, but I certainly won't be selling and I'm certainly not panicking. Does no good to panic at this point. Definitely laughing at people who were taking out mortgages on their house to buy when Bitcoin was up to like 16,000.
  16. Yeah, I'm not defending Rollins here by any means and I think he probably doesn't have a spot here unless he looks good at safety. I just hate this drama from TOT. He acts like we made Rollins go out as literally the only cornerback on the field covering five receivers because he was a second round draft pick.
  17. Oh my God, get over yourself. So many years? So much faith? First year, 4 starts. Second year, 10 starts. That's AFTER Shields was out for the year. We started GUNTER ahead of Rollins. Third year, 6 games, 1 start before his injury. He never had the legs? 40 yard dash, 3 cone drill, 20 yard shuttle: 4.57 7.10 4.28 4.55 7.06 4.04 4.66 7.09 4.23 Tell me which one was Rollins, Norman and Bouye. You're insufferable.
  18. FF Survivor: Challenge Due Noon 1PM.

    @Hockey5djh wins the FINAL IMMUNITY CHALLENGE! Hockey, cast your vote in the thread. You must vote one of Touch or Malf out of the game and onto the Jury. You have until 11 PM CST Tomorrow night to do so.
  19. FF Survivor: Challenge Due Noon 1PM.

    People who go on Survivor get paid like 800 dollars a week or something.
  20. FF Survivor: Challenge Due Noon 1PM.

    Do we have a winner yet?
  21. FF Survivor: Challenge Due Noon 1PM.

    @theuntouchable, @Hockey5djh, have fun. I'll be playing Jurassic World: Evolution for the next five hours. @TedLavie, @Shady Slim, @Pickle Rick, @The Orca, @Adrenaline_Flux, @ET80, The time is near. Two of Touch, Hockey or Malf will be vying for your vote to WIN Survivor: Six Islands.
  22. FF Survivor: Challenge Due Noon 1PM.

    Malf is three minutes from being OUT of the final Immunity Challenge. @Malfatron, sorry the timing worked out this way. I blame @mission27. If not for him, we probably would have been finished by now. I also blame @Nazgul
  23. Whose offense?

    Heavenly post. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
  24. Does Rivers make the HoF?

    Nope. Not with an 11/9 TD/INT postseason ratio and a 4-5 postseason record and five playoff appearances in 12 years.
  25. FF Survivor: Challenge Due Noon 1PM.

    The answers are available if you read. You are good until 5 PM. It's all very clearly outlined. Touch and Malf have until 5 PM to post. If neither of them do, you win Immunity. At 5 PM, you have to post once before 5:30, then after 5:30, you have to post once before 6 and so on. The requirement should get more and more strenuous.