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  1. What movie are you watching?

    The Resident Evil movies could have been so much better than they were. First one holds up pretty well, but the rest just get crappier and crappier.
  2. 1960s Comedy - Official FF BMET (Poll)

    Might be one of like a dozen where an acceptable one wins.
  3. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 3rd try

    I have 5 N95 masks and I’m definitely wearing them anytime I go get groceries. Fortunate to have bought them for some house projects right before this hit.
  4. Raiders sign Damarious Randall

    Dude has all-pro ability if his mind and team fit are both right. Played out of position at boundary corner for three years in Green Bay, had 10 interceptions and two touchdowns, including at least three incredibly clutch interceptions in three separate games that I can recall. McCarthy decided it was time for him to go because he called out coaching and veterans when coaching and veterans deserved to be called out.
  5. What movie are you watching?

    The ending to I Am Legend is stupid AF not because he dies, but because it completely and wholly eliminates the entire point and meaning of the book upon which it is based. In I Am Legend, there's a twist that there's a new strain of the disease and that there are intelligent vampires or whatever they're called. He's been hunting and killing their kind for however long, and then finally they infiltrate his home, capture him and right before he is killed he realizes that HE is the boogieman essentially. HE is now legend. As vampires and monsters were legend to humans, HE (a human) has now become legend to this new evolution that will become the dominant species. It's one of the better horror endings ever and the movie completely destroyed it for no damn reason whatsoever.
  6. What movie are you watching?

    The dogs in The Thing are wholly different from the dog in I Am Legend, @Malfatron. First of all, the dogs in The Thing you're made to distrust from the beginning. You know it's The Thing. They're not given any kind of personality. Also, they don't die because of someone's stupid idiot mistake. The whole mannequin thing in I Am Legend was stupid. The only thing dumber was him questioning his sanity and getting his dog escaped. Additionally, 1. The CGI was terrible even by 2007 standards. The deer and lions... They made the lions look like they were puppy-sized. They looked stupid AF. Then the creatures/infected. You're talking about humans, not aliens. Why even make them CGI in the first place? It's effing dumb as eff. 2. The ending. Why even call it I Am Legend? It's literally got zero similarities with it. It's stupid AF from start to finish.
  7. What movie are you watching?

    Still hate I Am Legend. And this time, only the second time, I noped TF out before anything could have suggested the dog might die. Fast forwarded TF out of any scene that might possibly have hinted at a dog possibly dying. A little confused about what happened with it. Dog was there, 5 minutes seem missing. Dog must have run out of NYC somehow. Crazy. Awesome dog. Still hates it.
  8. 1970s Comedy - Official FF BMET (Poll)

    Everybody vote The Jerk. Holy Grail is funny like 9 times. The Jerk is funny like 27 times.
  9. 1960s Comedy - Official FF BMET (Nominations)

    Everything I think is funny you couldn’t do in the 60’s.
  10. 1960s Comedy - Official FF BMET (Nominations)

    Really the only one I would nominate that won’t get nominated easily would be Cat Ballou. Only real comedy I laughed at from the 60’s other than Strangelove.
  11. 1960s Comedy - Official FF BMET (Nominations)

    Bite your damn tongue, Outpost. Bite it.
  12. 1970s Comedy - Official FF BMET (Poll)

    Voted The Jerk. The funniest scenes are the most underrated scenes. Like that scene where Bernadette Peters counted down like, “One... Two... 3,4,5,6!” She really was an underrated comedic actress.
  13. 2020 Off-season Discussion Thread

    I’m still interested in where Clay will sign. I’m surprised he’s not a Patriot yet. I feel like he would do well with Belichick.