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  1. And Seattle. Unless he somehow thought MVS’s feet were his hands.
  2. I toad a so to everyone. Aaron sabotaged the 2018 season.
  3. Touché. At the same time, Scarlet signed a contract. What’s Disney going to do, hold off on releasing Black Widow for 5 years until theaters have the life they did before the pandemic? If they ever do again?
  4. Poor Scarlet with a net worth of 165 million being impacted by a global pandemic that has taken 2 million lives. Just… Really feel for her. Imagine having to choose an inferior private jet.
  5. Hopefully she wasn’t one of the people telling everyone to stay home when Covid first hit or she’ll look really silly for suing Disney when there’s a pandemic on and people wanted to watch her movie.
  6. Aaron, make them bring back Clay Matthews for the playoffs. If Clay starts training now, he could be fresh enough for ten rushes per game and he could have another moment in him.
  7. Bring back Charles Woodson. Of all Aaron’s complaints and grievances he aired, Woodson is the only one I agreed with. Everyone else was not worth the money based on who we had coaching at the time (scheme fit) or their level of production.
  8. I already hate this new Predator movie. As soon as Trachtenberg said it was going to be as good as the original, I lost all faith in it. This PG-13 nonsense, too. It's going straight to Hulu. There's no conceivable reason to make it PG-13. I have a strong distaste for movie producers right now.
  9. As a receiver here Rodgers might as well have demanded the Packers roll the whole year at 52 players on the roster. Doing what Austin and Ervin were expected to do? Cobb becomes a legit asset.
  10. I’m just loling at all of this. Everyone saying Cobb is done. He’s not. He had more yards per reception in his two years away from Rodgers than he did in all but three years with Rodgers. If Aaron would have used Cobb’s strengths Cobb wouldn’t have left in the first place. He had the highest catch rate since his rookie year last year. Yards per target? 10 in Dallas, 9.2 in Houston. Last four years in Green Bay? 6.3, 7.1, 7.3, 6.4. Rodgers literally wouldn’t throw the routes Cobb thrived at running. And Cobb is the one Rodgers “demanded” they bring back? It’s pla
  11. Adams, MVS, Lazard, Cobb, Rodgers, Jones, Dillon, Tonyan, Deguara… Offense is there. If the defense is even a moderate improvement and not so soft this year, Rodgers could be the first to break the 13% cap barrier. Will be very interested to see what his actual cap percentage will be after he reworks his deal.
  12. I could see it. That team is super hungry. If Flores doesn’t think Tua has it, they’re not going to go down with that ship. They’re super stacked with talent, too. I could also see Belichick getting restless, but they won’t have the assets. The Raiders could do it too. I just don’t see Denver in the mix for some reason.
  13. So which team will Rodgers get traded to after he gets curb stomped in another NFC Championship game? Or which team will Love get traded to if this defense is as good as I think it could be?
  14. Now watch Randall Cobb do one of his 70 yard touchdowns in a key moment in the playoffs that gets us a Super Bowl win and someone bumps this to laugh at all of us complaining. I can 100% see it. I’ve always loved Cobb. Always. Excited to see him play in LaFleur’s system. Hopeful he’s not an actual receiver and that this is the end of Austin. Rodgers never had Cobb before LaFleur made him see the value in throwing to running backs.
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