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  1. Random Game Talk

    In my opinion, there are three games I compare all RPGs to: Mass Effect series. The Witcher 3. Knights of the Old Republic. There are not enough games like those three. And I’m frankly sick of it.
  2. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 3rd try

    All I know is that report of antibodies only lasting up to a couple months sent me right back into panic mode. I don’t go anywhere or do anything anyway, but now I’m going to AGGRESSIVELY not go anywhere or do anything.
  3. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 3rd try

    You’re a delight.
  4. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 3rd try

    The anti-mask groups I can understand. I don't agree with them, but I can understand them. It's the people who make fun of/chastise/berate people who wear masks that I don't understand. If you somehow think a mask is harmful because you've chosen to believe bad science, fine, I get that, you're making a decision for yourself. Kinda like someone trusting a Nigerian prince who picked you instead of 7 billion other people, but whatever. That's the crux of why this whole thing is so difficult right now. Just the pure hot rage everywhere. It's sickening. Not only this, but other things going on, there's no middle ground. There's no you do you I'll do me. It's either with or against, friend or enemy. And I get that mask people have every right to be upset at anti-mask people. I do, I get it, but... I don't know. You're right to hate, but... I don't even know what I'm getting at. There's just no discussion at all. It's inflammatory accusations and insults instead of discussion. That's not good. Historically, well, it's frightening. It all adds up to things worse than a pandemic coming to the country or the world, and I want no part of that and if I win the lottery I'm getting TFO and going to the isolated woods of Maine.
  5. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 3rd try

    Is there any data anywhere on how people who have it are getting it? I’d like to feel safer if the vast majority are getting it after going to packed places. I know there’s not concrete data on where they get it, but has there been any data such as, “X percent claim to have been to large social gathering” before getting infected?
  6. Official FF BMET - Comedy Bracket Round 1 Part 2

    Yeah. It's got no chance in hell. Unless... No, no chance in hell. But it will have at least one vote.
  7. Official FF BMET - Comedy Bracket Round 1 Part 2

    Let’s be honest, The Thing is not beating any other movie and it is just happy to be here. You can’t scare me.
  8. Official FF BMET - Comedy Bracket Round 1 Part 2

    Same way I came back after the third quarter of last year’s NFC Championship game, yeah.
  9. Official FF BMET - Comedy Bracket Round 1 Part 2

    If Animal House beats Lebowski I’m boycotting the rest of this.
  10. I believe there must now be a challenge, @Shady Slim Australian Jeff. I say Australian in my best Australian accent. Awe Straw Lee En.
  11. Random Game Talk

    I started playing Mass Effect: Andromeda again and I still maintain that if you can get by the funky facial animations it is a good game that got treated too harshly. I hope there’s another Mass Effect game, and I hope it’s soon. Will definitely be playing the original trilogy remastered.
  12. @FinneasGage Potter and the Deathly Tummies, it’s your pick.
  13. I bet Finn thought he could pick Josh and that’s why he tagged him. He’s got a deathly stomach and no brain.
  14. Also, @FinneasGage, your turn to pick. If you can figure out how.