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  1. It's going to be sad watching the trade deadline pass, seeing the Buccaneers, Seahawks, Chiefs, maybe a couple other competitors making moves to improve their chances, and watching us continue to try to get by with what we've got. Ravens have already done it. Buccaneers have already done it. I totally get being conservative with your future draft capital, but when it comes to a 5th, 6th or 7th round pick for a one year rental in a year where you're a top 10 team bound to have a late pick in those rounds... I just don't understand not making a move for a spot filler. I'm typically against major trades. Minor trades? Especially when you don't do **** for midseason signings? Shame on Gute.
  2. We'll start this on Monday. Doesn't look like there's a ton of interest, so it's quite possible there will be a lot of inactive eliminations. I'm going to trim down the potential movies here in light of the low interest. Maybe after seeing a trial run of it there will be more interest generated in case someone else wants to pick up on it and give it a second go a little later.
  3. You know why those rosters fell apart quick? Because they do things the Packers don't do. In the past 7 years, the Vikings have used a first round pick on: An off-ball LB (9th overall) Two WR (22nd and 23rd overall) A center (18th overall) They paid their QB way too much money. After paying their QB way too much money, they've used way too much of their draft capital and way too much of their cap space on signing/re-signing offensive talent around him and they've completely neglected their defense. Add the fact that they can't figure out how to coach or how to draft or how to sign their OL and you get the Vikings. Same thing with the Cowboys. The Cowboys used a first round pick on a receiver when they just traded a first round pick for Cooper AND paid Cooper a massive contract, but they also had Gallup. In the past 8 years, WR (17th overall) Off ball LB (19th overall) RB (4th overall) G (16th overall C (31st overall) Both those teams put extreme emphasis on the least important positions in football. And those positions still suck. Look at the Packers offensive line. Two modest free agent additions, but then the rest are all 2nd-7th round picks. Bakhtiari is the best pass blocking LT in football. Elgton Jenkins is going to get himself a couple all-pros most likely. Corey Linsley is playing like the best center in football. Even when teams hit on WR like Jefferson and Lamb. Okay, so? The Cowboys had one win even before Dak got hurt and they were putting up crazy amounts of points. The Vikings are still at only one win even with Jefferson playing extremely well. As frustrating as our defense is, we are giving up 5.5 less points per game than the Vikings and a full touchdown less than the Cowboys. They spread their cap space thin each and every year by loading up each and every year and each and every year they get a bunch of players not playing for new contracts and playing for themselves. Once the chips are down, it's tough to get motivated to be a team player when you're making a million dollars per game check. As long as the current power structure remains in place, the Green Bay Packers will never be a tanker type team. They will never fall to that top 5 pick threshold. Even in McCarthy's last year the Packers had 6 wins and a tie, and they were a couple boneheaded plays away from being at that 8 win threshold. Then think back to 2017. Rodgers missed a bunch of games, still 7 wins. Any draft and develop team that knows how to coach its front 7, how to develop their front 7, will not bottom out barring insane amounts of injuries.
  4. Back to 80’s horror movies I haven’t seen. Contamination. It’s bad. There’s a reason I’ve never seen it. It’s really bad. I don’t know how it has a 5.3 on IMDB. I now have a new threshold. No horror movies made before 1990 that are under a 5.5 IMDB rating. I can’t believe I’m going to sit here and finish this.
  5. But other than that it’s just not funny.
  6. Literally right after I posted that they had a dance at that ball and I think I’m still laughing.
  7. Yeah, I’m in the not a fan of Borat 2 boat. I’m about 40 minutes in and I haven’t really laughed.
  8. Buccaneers hold a tiebreaker against us, but they have two losses to our one. Saints, Rams, Chiefs are their toughest games remaining. Packers have the Niners, Colts and Titans as their three toughest games. Basically we just gotta hope the Buccaneers play the Rams or Seahawks in the playoffs. I'm confident there are only two NFC teams we cannot beat in the postseason: San Francisco, Tampa Bay.
  9. Jesus Christ, If the Niners can put up 30 plus points on a Belichick Defense, please help us keep them under 70. Amen.
  10. 20 points is progress. Second lowest of the season, and to a pretty good offense. Also down Savage, King and one other player. Maybe. If we can go back-to-back weeks giving up less than 23 points I'll have faith that the defense can click at some point. Still not a fan of a lot of things Pettine did this game, but loved seeing the blitzes. It's about ****ing time Pettine reminded teams and put out some tape showing he's willing to send a blitz.
  11. Man, I hope Elway sees Fangio is doing a good job with that roster. Was 10-6 against the defending champs before Lock threw a pick six. Lock is not good.
  12. Let’s go Raiders and Patriots.
  13. @Outpost31 4-1 @incognito_man 1-0 More importantly, 27 points allowed under Outpost, 20 under Incognito.
  14. I could swear the kicker kicked it twice, too.
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