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  1. Because it’s not in order.
  2. Dean Lowry extended

    There’s an average DL who will sign a fair extension that will stay healthy most of his early years and be a good teammate every year?
  3. Dean Lowry extended

    We’re gonna have nobody that we need to re-sign next offseason if we get Blake extended next.
  4. In spite of my disbelief of Super Bowl chances, I'm surprised at how low the expectation is for the regular season. If there's one thing I'm sure of heading into this season, it's that a healthy Packers team is easily winning the division. You don't add Smith, Smith, Gary, Savage, Amos, Turner, Jenkins to last year's roster and win only 5-6 more games. Anything less than 12 wins on the regular season will be seriously surprising to me.
  5. Because my mom made me watch Indian in the Cupboard instead of Aliens or Predator or Terminator 2 or even Jurassic Park during an epic thunderstorm when I was a kid. Also, I started off like that because it's a discussion I've had thousands of times before and it gets old for me to repeat the same things. Defense has been, is and always will be the most important aspect in winning Super Bowls. Get over the lol and read the rest. It was an lol, not a, "Yer an idiot." If someone can't start their post with an LOL to suggest their extreme disdain for the opinion, well, then, I'm out of touch with this planet.
  6. Movies & TV News/Buzz Thread

    Also, I am sick of this recent trend of movie trailers showing a preview for the movie preview you're about to watch. WTF is that? Like, "Hey, here's a trailer to the trailer you're about to watch. Now here's the trailer." Also also, I hated Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. The TV show, not the person. It was so lame and boring and it put me right to sleep as a kid. I always considered it to be the movie version of The Indian In The Cupboard. One time all I wanted was to watch Aliens and Predator and Terminator 2 during a really bad impending thunderstorm and I told my mom any one of those, or worst case scenario Jurassic Park, would do. I told my dad, too, and he was like, "Okay, I'll see which ones they have." Anticipation all day as I wait for him to get home and see which movies he rented for me only to find out that my mom had gotten to him and decided that night was the night to return to the PG or lower rating rule and stick to it and I got stuck with the ****ing Indian in the ****ing Cupboard because God forbid I see a dinosaur eat a man off the ****ing toilet. I will never forget that night and the disappointment in having this G-rated movie to watch and nothing else during an epic thunderstorm. I don't know how I got on this rant, but I am keeping it and posting it.
  7. And the great Tom Brady threw 2 touchdowns and 3 interceptions in the entire postseason this past year. They don't even get out of the divisional round without an elite postseason defense. The highest points per game in Super Bowl history was this past year at 20.6 points per game allowed. If you watched the Patriots first half performances against the Chiefs and Chargers and you honestly believe that an elite defense isn't tantamount to Super Bowl success, you have been fooled by an NFL that is trying desperately to make quarterbacks more important than defense and has been failing every single year. Defense was, is and always will be the most important factor to winning Super Bowls. Why? Because every rule break the offense gets bridges the gap between what it takes to be a great QB and have success in the post season. And that's good news for us because Gute clearly sees that defense, not offense, is key to winning Super Bowls. It's why we invested everything into fixing our defense since he took over. Now maybe our defense makes that leap this year. It won't matter because, as the Bears proved, it takes experience in the playoffs regardless of how good your defense is. We don't have it, and Rodgers isn't good enough in the playoffs to overcome it.
  8. Lol, yes it has. Below are the defensive points per game allowed by all 52 Super Bowl winners in their post seasons. The average defensive points allowed over 52 years of Super Bowl history is 13.3 points per playoff game. Only 4 quarterbacks (Montana, Warner, Brees, Roethlisberger) have won a Super Bowl when their team has allowed over 19 points per playoff game. The highest average defensive points allowed to win a Super Bowl was Joe Montana at 24 points per game. In his other two Super Bowl games, he only needed to score an average of 8 points and 7 points in order to win. The 85 Bears had the best average. They allowed a whopping 3.3 points per game in their three playoff games. I was going to factor in defensive points scored by Super Bowl winning teams, and I might do that at some point, but I think what I've got is enough to prove my point. This entire QB thing has got to go. You need a good QB to win a Super Bowl. As this list proves, you don't need a great one. Most of the years the greatest ones won, the QB didn't even have all that great a postseason. Peyton won one while throwing 2 total touchdowns and an interception (including 0 Super Bowl touchdowns) throughout the postseason. He won his other one while throwing 3 touchdowns and 7 interceptions in the postseason. Aaron Rodgers had his worst game in the NFC Championship game. Tom Brady was carried to his first Super Bowl win that kicked off a dynasty and helped make Brady who he is. Keep in mind the Patriots held the Chargers to 7 points in the first half and gave up a TD in garbage time up 41-22 against the Chargers. They also held the Chiefs to 0 points for the entire first half. If you think the Patriots beat the Chiefs in Kansas City without shutting down the Chiefs offense for an entire half you're out of your mind. Patriots - 20.6 Eagles - 16.6 Patriots - 18.0 Broncos - 14.6 Patriots - 18.3 Seahawks - 13.3 Ravens - 18.0 Giants - 14.0 Packers - 19.0 Saints - 19.6 Steelers - 19.6 Giants - 16.3 Colts - 12.8 (You think any QB is winning a Super Bowl throwing 3 TD/7INT in 4 games without that defense?) Steelers - 15.5 Patriots - 17.0 Patriots - 19.0 Buccaneers - 12.3 Patriots - 15.6 Ravens - 5.7 Rams - 19.6 Broncos - 10.6 Broncos 16.3 Packers - 16.0 Cowboys - 18.3 Niners - 18.3 Cowboys - 17.0 Cowboys - 15.7 Redskins - 13.7 Giants - 11.7 Niners - 15 Niners - 7 (Joe Montana was so fantastic only having to score an average of 8 points) Redskins - 12.3 Giants - 7.7 Bears - 3.3 Niners - 6.3 (Montana was so fantastic only having to score an average of a touchdown) Raiders - 11.0 Redskins - 10.3 Niners - 24 (This one was the most impressive Super Bowl win from a QB from a points against perspective, but Montana threw 6 touchdowns to 4 interceptions in 3 games). Raiders - 12.5 Steelers - 13.0 Steelers - 12.3 Cowboys - 7.7 Raiders - 14.0 Steelers - 12.3 Steelers - 9.0 Dolphins - 8.7 Dolphins - 10.3 Cowboys - 5.3 Colts - 10.0 Chiefs - 4.3 Jets - 12.3 Packers - 10.3 Packers - 18.5 (two games)
  9. Movies & TV News/Buzz Thread

    People who love Tom Hanks and consider him the best are probably people who love Nickleback and think 5 Finger Death Punch is the best metal band ever and that only Volbeat comes close and that Breaking Benjamin is an incredible, inventive rock band whose songs don't sound exactly the same.
  10. I’m not saying I’m not gonna watch them, just that I’m going to wait five years to watch them. I hate watching things like this out of sequence, so with so many movies coming out in an order other than chronological, I am going to wait until I can watch them in chronological order.
  11. Packers aren't winning the Super Bowl after two years without playoff experience and in a head coach's first year. LaFleur - 0 playoff experience. Hell, I just looked. Rodgers, Adams, Allison, Davis, Graham, Lewis, Bulaga, Linsley, Taylor, Spriggs are the only offensive players with any playoff experience. Tramon, Kyler, Blake, Za'Darius, Adrian, Kenny and Mike are t he only defensive players on our roster with any playoff experience. There are three things that matter when it comes to winning the Super Bowl: 1. Experience. 2. Experience. 3. Defense.
  12. Most Satisfying Villain Deaths? ***Spoilers***

    Todd's death wasn't all that satisfying to me since he was too weird to even hate. Most satisfying GoT death was Ramsey Bolton. I can't believe I can't think of some good ones from film.
  13. Movies & TV News/Buzz Thread

    Tom Hanks really is the most boring actor to ever get universal praise. I have never been impressed by him. He's the most normal actor in the history of acting.
  14. Man, the timeline is gonna be all messed up. Thor 4 takes place before Guardians 3 apparently, and I'm more and more convinced that stepping away from this series for 5 years is the best idea.