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  1. That movie never got made because Channing Tatum is a terrible choice for that character.
  2. Random Packer News & Notes

    Kinda crazy how we're tied for 5th in sacks when our starting pass rushers have a single sack between them.
  3. This Is Rival Talk v1.0

    Yeah, almost as frustrating to me as the idea of a guard that high was the suggestions of a "can't miss" prospect. Why is it that every time you hear that, the ratio is like 90% bust? How many of the all-time great players were ever called a "can't miss" prospect, and how many busts were called a can't miss? If you're picking a player in the draft solely because they're a can't miss prospect, you're gonna have a bad time.
  4. I just hope Marvel starts making smaller scoped movies with all the X-Men. Not every movie has to be about saving the world or huge budgets. I feel like once they get X-Men for sure, they should have 4 movies a year, an X-Men ensemble movie every three years and an Avengers movie every 5 years. Part of me just wishes they would start everything all over now that they've got X-Men. I want to see Captain America interacting with Wolverine and such.
  5. This Is Rival Talk v1.0

    It's really not too early when so many people here constantly shouted that Nelson was a guaranteed instant upgrade bionic superhuman can't miss can't possibly ever be anything less than all-pro quality prospect. Only 8 rookies have a worse grade right now than Nelson.
  6. Three reasons: 1. I don't want to invest more hours every time I watch the entire movie series from start to finish. 2. I hate prequels and I don't expect these shows to be set after the events of the next Avengers movie. 3. I don't think Scarlet Witch is remotely interesting.
  7. Best movie trilogy of all time?

    The Matrix shouldn't even be on the list because of those second two movies. The Godfather shouldn't even be on the list because of that third one. If I had to rank them, I'd rank them as follows: 1. Star Wars Original Trilogy. Nothing will ever top this trilogy. 2. Lord of the Rings. Not even a Lord of the Rings guy, but these movies were an incredible achievement. 3. The Dark Knight trilogy.
  8. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    I just watched thirty minutes worth of K9s taking down suspects and it was worth every minute.
  9. I have no interest in any series connected to the MCU. A mini-series though... Yeah, I'm down.
  10. What TV Show Are You Watching?

    The Sopranos wasn't all that great.
  11. Just keep King out for the next two weeks. If we can't beat Buffalo without him, the season doesn't even matter.
  12. Rookie Watch

    I just wonder if our anonymous friend is going to pat himself on the back with this information about James while neglecting the obvious counter response of Edmunds.
  13. Rookie Watch

    I know PFF isn't the best, I know it has serious issues, but I feel like the issues even themselves out across the board. Secondary and receiver play especially sucks by them, but they remain the only legitimate option for overall ratings of players for the sake of comparison. That said, let's look at the grades of each first round rookie over the first X amount of games. I will try to continue updating this as the season goes on. I will bold some of the players featured in discussions here. PFF ratings: Elite High Quality Good Above Average Average Below Average Poor Rookie First 32 Rookies: Baker Mayfield - N/A Saquon Barkley - 61.2 (above average rating) Sam Darnold - 62.4 (above average rating) Denzel Ward - 69.7 (above average rating) Bradley Chubb - 76.6 (good rating) Quenton Nelson - 61.0 (above average rating... McCray rated higher) Roquan Smith - 61.6 (above average rating) Mike McGlinchey - 67.1 (above average rating) Josh Rosen - N/A Minkah Fitzpatrick - 71.7 (good rating) Vita Vea - N/A Daron Payne - 65.7 (above average rating) Marcus Davenport - 81.1 (high quality rating) Kolton Miller - 59.8 (average rating) Tremaine Edmunds - 33.0 (below average rating) Derwin James - 82.8 (high quality rating) Jaire Alexander - 73.7 (good rating) Leighton Vander Esch - 76.5 (good rating) Frank Ragnow - 43.1 (below average rating) Billy Price - 57.7 (average rating) Rashan Evans - N/A Isaiah Wynn - N/A DJ Moore - 78.6 (good rating) Hayden Hurst - N/A Calvin Ridley - 58.7 (average rating) Rashaad Penny - 48.3 (average rating) Terrel Edmunds - 52.2 (average rating) Taven Bryan - 68.6 (above average rating) Mike Hughes - 65.8 (above average rating) Sony Michel - 57.6 (average rating) Lamar Jackson - N/A Also, just for the lol, Will Hernandez - 74.9 (good rating). Taken 28 picks after the can't miss best OG prospect in forever. One thing I've learned... Even though I love Jaire Alexander, Packers should stop passing on pass rushers for corners. Although I will say that Watt, in spite of his 27 touchdowns in week one against the Browns, only has a 67.0 rating on PFF.
  14. Maroon 5 to perform at Super Bowl halftime show

    Let's make sure we get the minority gender of NFL fandom up while losing the majority gender fandom during the halftime show. I wish the NFL would actually pretend to care about what their fans want. There are dozens of musician/artists that would appeal to everybody, and yet they continue picking bands/artists like this. I just wish they'd end the whole concert crap, too. Just have a comedian entertainer for halftime. Who even likes watching concerts on TV anyway?