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  1. Give me 1 million dollars and a month and you’ll have a DCU better than the MCU.
  2. I did it in 7 minutes and 37 seconds at work paid zero dollars without reading a single comic book in my life. What’s WB’s excuse?
  3. Yeah, pretty much just that they couldn’t change it because of how it was called. That play would have stood however it was called.
  4. I actually watched some of the defense playing in this game. Caught the drive where Kenny had two sacks. Also caught the drive where Amos was a technicality away from an INT. Was pretty fun. Can’t really get too excited about the offense with Davante likely leaving and MVS out.
  5. That Washington QB is going to throw for 400 yards and rush for 60 most likely. It's been too long since the defense has had a meltdown, so this is where it's likely to happen. It'll be like that one terrible game the Packers had against Washington a few years back where they score 40 on us, but struggle to score 20 on everyone else. Will be lucky if their QB completes under 80% of his attempts.
  6. Well I think you're wrong.
  7. I’ve lost faith in being able to enjoy Batman, so all of DC is dead to me right now. My last and final hope is The Flash resetting everything. A final send off to all the solid to great DC movies with hopefully surprise cameos by all the Batmans, Supermans, Wonder Women, etc, only for it to end The Butterfly Effect alternate ending style with Barry sacrificing his own miscast self in order for a new DC Universe to be born. Batman needs to be the heart of DC the way Tony Stark was the heart of the MCU, so it should start with Batman. Grounded mostly in reality. Some news blips of
  8. Looks terrible, actually. Legitimatey terrible.
  9. Never underestimate the power of referees making Tampa's secondary better. At this point in his career, if you were to aggregate all of Brady's Super Bowl wins, one full ring needs to be attributed to referees.
  10. Eagles new head coach is a keeper. IF YOU ARE DOWN 14 POINTS WITH UNDER 8 MINUTES REMAINING IN THE FOURTH QUARTER AND YOU SCORE A TD YOU GO FOR TWO! Anybody who disagrees knows nothing. Nothing.
  11. Anything good come out of the update? I’m 6 years deep into my franchise and I don’t want to start a new one. I found a superstar DB who currently has 40 career interceptions.
  12. Yeah, All Madden pass defense is impossible. I literally edited every single player in my secondary to 99 overall and 99 in literally every single - EVERY SINGLE - attribute a DB needs. Quarterbacks still completed 80% of their passes for roughly 10 yards per attempt. Then I started dropping a DL into coverage on every single passing play and suddenly those quarterbacks started going roughly 50% and 3 yards per attempt with an insane amount of interceptions and sacks. I controlled the DL and took away slants and drag routes and I broke all the quarterbacks. All-pro is somewhat a
  13. Coming out party for Justin Fields. Bears will score 30 or more points. Good news is that it will keep Nagy in Chicago for at least another year, making Love’s first season easier by two games.
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