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  1. Survivor III: Winners Versus Losers

    I'm here tallying the votes like:
  2. Survivor III: Winners Versus Losers

    Deadline to vote is 12:30 PM CST Wednesday.
  3. Survivor III: Winners Versus Losers

    You have to vote on which challenge we will play. You CANNOT vote for your own submission. You can still vote if you did not submit. Rank them as follows: First - What you think is the best challenge Second - Second best challenge Third - Third best challenge Worst - The worst challenge The player with the highest score on their challenge wins Immunity and the right to vote. The 5 worst will have to vote and be susceptible to being voted out (Nazgul, Finn and Dwight are already in this group) The rest are safe. I realize this is changed from the challenge description, where I initially asked for 5 ranked challenges. Oops. Scoring will go: First-ranked - 50 Points Second-ranked - 40 Points Third-ranked - 30 points Worst-ranked - Negative 10 points 1. Survivor Gladiators!!!! 15 players, 1 survivor. The ultimate test in strength and combat!!!! Players are randomly matched up against another player, with one person given a bye. 7 battles, 7 winners and 7 losers. Each player has base attributes of 25 health and 5 strength. You can submit one of four moves per round. Attack, Strong attack, block or counter. Attack vs Block = No attack strong attack vs block = half attack (5 strength points means 2.5 HP removed from blocking player) counter vs block = half attack on player who blocked (refer to above) attack vs strong attack = player “attacked” loses 5 HP, player strong attacked loses 10. Attack vs counter = 5 hp lost to the attacker strong attack vs block = normal strength attack (-5 hp) strong attack vs counter = 10 hp lost to attacker and dizzy for next round (can’t make move) submit 10 rounds of moves, player with lowest hp after 10 rounds loses. If players are tied at the end of 10 rounds, the player with the most attack moves wins. If still tied, 5 more rounds. Tiebreakers for deciding placement, if they KOd someone and what round they KOd them in. Number of attack moves used. 2. Prisoner's Dilemma: Since there are 15 players left, players will be randomly divided into 5 groups of three. Each player has the option to "confess" or "not confess" If all 3 players confess, they get 8 months in jail. If all 3 players refuse to confess, each player gets 4 months in jail. If only 1 player confesses, they go free and the other two get 12 months jail. If 2 players confess, they get 6 months each and the third player gets 12 months. Whoever serves the least amount of time in jail wins immunity. Tiebreaker: Fastest submission. The 7 players who serve the most time in jail are sent to the losers group. Tiebreaker: Fastest submission 3. Survivor Survival Survey Winner: Most Points, Safe: 2nd-8th, Loser: 9th-15th Sorry if this copies an old challenge, I don’t remember. I took a bit of time on it so I hope it doesn’t. *There is NO teamwork allowed. Do not coordinate your answers with any other player. Do not pretend or fake coordination of answers for any purpose. Just fill out the survey. *Do your best to remain anonymous in the final two questions, don’t try to reveal your identity with your answer. *[Scoring may be kept hidden at the hosts discretion] On questions 1-8 you’ll get 1 point for picking the answer that most of your teammates picked as well. No points will be awarded for picking an answer tied for first. You’ll lose a point if you pick an answer that didn’t win or wasn’t tied for the lead in voting. You’ll lose 2 points if you’re the only player that chose any given answer. *Tiebreakers will be broken based on who gets the most overall votes for the best answers for Questions 9 and 10, so players must vote for the best answer to these questions. *Players can't vote for their own answers on #9 or 10. *A secondary tiebreaker will be based on whichever player submitted their entry first. Survivor Survival Survey 1. You’re on a fairly difficult hike, about 2-miles outside of cell service and you find a man in his 60’s man who has clearly taken a tumble. He appears to be in good shape physically other than the recent fall. He says he felt light headed and his arm is tingly and then he says had a heart attack last year when chopping wood. 1. Run down the difficult trail back to cell service and call 911 2. Help the man to his feet and slowly walk down the difficult trail with him 3. Wait with the man until someone else comes along 4. Carry the man down the difficult trail back to cell service 2. You slipped and fell in a creek while fishing, your ankle is broken. Luckily your family knows where you’re fishing and will come looking at dark, but thats 6 more agonizing hours away. 1. Take off your boot too look at your ankle and make sure you have circulation, if you don’t you’ll need to reset the bone 2. Keep your boot on and crawl a quarter mile up the riverbank to the gravel road, cars drive by every 90 or so minutes. 3. Keep pressure off your foot, float down the creek to the next swimming hole for help 4. Use the ice in your cooler to keep your ankle cold, wait for your family to come find you 3. You’ve been living off the grid a few dozen miles into the forest. You hear a rabbit squealing in the distance, it’s been caught in one of your snares. 1. Kill it immediately 2. Let it squeal, it could draw in a Coyote or Bobcat to shoot with your .22 3. Let it squeal, it could draw in a Black Bear to shoot with your 12 gauge 4. Let is squeal, it could draw in a Cougar to shoot with your .308 4. You’ve been living off the grid a few dozen miles into the forest. At about 12am you see the silhouettes two men in all black clothing approaching your remote cabin, you don’t see any apparent weapons but they’re crouched and are moving quickly. They apparently don’t see you cleaning your rifle on the front porch just outside the light given off by a candle on the side table. 1. Shoot first. Shoot now. 2. Retreat into your cabin and prepare to defend your home. 3. Bail out the back door, hide in the woods and prepare a counter attack. 4. Bail out the back door and hide in the woods until they leave. 5. You’ve been living off the grid a few dozen miles into the forest. You found a patch of mushrooms you’ve never seen. How can you be sure it’s safe? 1. Gather them for a soup, boiling them makes them safe to eat 2. Lick the top of the mushroom and wait an hour before proceeding 3. Rub the mushroom and your arm and wait an hour before proceeding 4. Squeeze the mushroom to check the color of the liquid that comes out 6. You’re stranded at sea. Your fishing boat lost all power, she has no motor and no paddles or sail. You’re just drifting hundreds of miles out at sea. What’s your priority? 1. Find the flare gun and a way to spell SOS on the roof. 2. Set up buckets on the roof to catch rainwater from the upcoming storm. 3. Start creating a makeshift sail to direct yourself back towards land. 4. Just keep drifting. Conserve your energy so you don’t need as much food or water. Someone will find you. 7. You’re in the desert on an easy trail, 5 miles from a main road, and just got bit by a rattlesnake 1. Suck out the venom and head back to the road. 2. Apply a tourniquet and head back to the road. 3. Cut and bleed the bite area and head back to the road. 4. Do nothing and calmly walk back to the road. 8. You were searching an abandoned warehouse when some zombies cornered you. You jumped up on some scaffolding but now they have you surrounded. 1. Just hold still, eventually they’ll forget about you and move on. 2. Climb across a beam and through a hole in the tin roof. 3. Hang down and start smacking them with your crowbar, they’ll thin out eventually. 4. Shimmy along the top rack of lumber until you can tip the last one over. The noise should distract them and you can escape. 9. You need to disappear forever. You found fisherman who will drop you off on a secluded island in the South Pacific. You can pick up three things at Walmart before you leave. What do you buy and why? Please keep your answer to three items and three sentences explaining them. 10. Give me the 5 words you most associate with survival. 4. Footballs Future Challenge The name of the game is to see who can contribute to our great site of footballs future. Rules: *Post only count in team forums, so the Football, Other Sports, and General forums do not count towards posts *We are contributing here, and not spamming, all post must be 2 sentences in length and at least make sense with the topic or current conversation going within the thread. Grammar is not all that important, but stick to football. *Stick to football, every post you post or thread created, must be numbered and sent to me via PM. Post and Thread creations also must be separated or point reductions of 1 point will be inforced. If post is not football related (host/committee’s disgression) it will not count towards your point total. * No duplicate posts Point System: 1 point per post 10 points per thread started (must not end up locked) Longest Post (total word count) = 40 bonus (points) 2nd Longest Post = 30 bonus (points) 3rd Longest Post = 20 bonus (points) 4th Longest Post = 10 bonus (points) 5th Longest Post = 5 bonus (points) TieBreaker: 1. Most likes received on your posts created. 2. Most threads created. 3. Length of longest post 4. Length of second longest post 5. Length of 3rd longest post 6. Continue on with post length. *if tied there will be a 1 hour runoff period for post to break tie on HOST’S COMMAND *Player with most points will WIN Immunity and the right to vote. The 7 with the least amount of points will be susceptible to being voted out. *The Controversy Committee will be brought to attention if I find post not being legitimate or following the exact rules stated. Your 48 Hours to posts starts (NOW). 5. Identity Theft Object: Everyone has to find a post from someone else currently playing in the game somewhere else on the site (Gen, News, etc - not TAST). They must cut/paste the response into another thread, and see who gets the best reaction from it: - Find link to OP and share with host before copy/paste. - COPY/PASTE ONLY, do not quote. - 1 pt for each football earned. - 2 pts for each time that post is quoted. - No begging for footballs or quotes anywhere else. TIEBREAKER - Whoever posts their response in a forum with very little activity (poster 1 earns 5 points in the Chargers forum will win tiebreaker over poster 2 who earns 5 points in NFL General). 6. baseketball challenge players get to choose where to take their shot. A layup is 1 pt and has 75% chance of making it. A free throw is 60% chance and 2 pts and a 3 pointer is 3 pts but 38% chance of making it. This is a h2h challenge and the other player knocks down the percent chance of making the shot by 15% if he can correctly guess which shots the shooter selected. Top winner wins immunity, top 7 are safe, bottom 7 lose. 7. Who Dis Challenge: Each player must submit 5 locations they would like to visit. Once all players have submitted, all answers will be posted without the name of the player. Your job is to match each set of 5 locations with the player who provided those locations. Scoring: 1 pt for each correct match Tiebreaker 1: The player who submits fastest Tiebreaker 2: Random Number generator. Smallest number is safe Rules: 1. Each location must be different 2. Each location must be an actual location (must be able to Google it) 3. Highest scoring player wins Immunity and can vote. 7 winners advance and can not vote. Bottom 7 players go to Tribal Council. 8. Survivor Eating Challenge Contestants will need to find time to get in a chatty room with Jeff. They will have 5 portions of disgusting local cuisine. Contestants will guess a number 1-10, the closer they are to the random roll the more food they eat. Each food item contains 10 "bites". If you guess the correct number, you take 10 bites. If you're within 3 of the number, you take 5 bites. If you're within 5 of the number, you take 3 bites. If you're within 7 of the number, you take 2 bites. If you're within 9 of the number, you take 1 bite. Whoever eats all 5 portions in the least amount of guesses, wins. The next 7 lowest guesses will be safe. The 7 highest amount of guesses will be up for vote. 9. The points don’t matter The object of the game is simple. Have the most combined assists, rebounds, steals and blocks. You are to take one player from each grouping Thursday night Group A The Point Guards De’Aaron Fox Sacramento Kemba Walker Charlotte Ben Simmons Philadelphia Darren Collison Indiana De’Anthony Melton Phoenix Kyle Lowry Toronto Kris Dunn Chicago Jamal Murray Denver Lonzo Ball LA Lakers Russell Westbrook OKC Group B The Shooting Guards Buddy Hield Sacramento Jeremy Lamb Charlotte JJ Reddick Philadelphia Victor Oladipo Indiana Devin Booker Phoenix Danny Green Toronto Zach Lavine Chicago Gary Harris Denver Josh Hart LA Lakers Terrance Ferguson OKC Group C The Small Forwards Bogdan Bogdanovic Sacramento Nicolas Batum Charlotte Jimmy Butler Philadelphia Brian Bogdanovic Indiana TJ Warren Phoenix Kawhi Leonard Toronto Chandler Hutchinson Chicago Torrey Craig Denver Brandon Ingram LA Lakers Paul George OKC Group D The Power Forwards Marvin Bagley JR Sacramento Marvin Williams Charlotte Wilson Chandler Philadelphia Thaddeus Young Indiana Mikal Bridges Phoenix Pascal Siakam Toronto Lauri Markkanen Chicago Paul Millsap Denver Kyle Kuzma LA Lakers Jerami Grant OKC Group E The Centers Willie Cauley Stein Sacramento Bismack Biyombo Charlotte Joel Embiid Philadelphia Domantas Sabonis Indiana DeAndre Ayton Phoenix Serge Ibaka Toronto Wendell Carter Jr Chicago Nikola Jokic Denver Javale McGee LA Lakers Steven Adams OKC Group F The Sixth Man F Nemanja Bjelica Sacramento F Michael Kidd Gilchrist Charlotte G TJ McConnell Philadelphia F Tyreke Evans Indiana F Kelly Oubre Jr Phoenix F OG Anunoby Toronto G Ryan Arcidiacono Chicago F Will Barton Denver F Lance Stephenson LA Lakers G Dennis Schroeder OKC Group G The Wild Cards F Harry Giles Sacramento G Malik Monk Charlotte F Mike Muscala Philadelphia C Myles Turner Indiana C Richaun Holmes Phoenix C Greg Monroe Toronto C Robin Lopez Chicago F Trey Lyles Denver C Tyson Chandler LA Lakers C Nerlens Noel OKC Tie Breakers How many rebounds will Indiana Have How many assists will Chicago Have How many blocks will Toronto Have How many steals will Oklahoma City Have 10. You’re It Come down to the Survivor playground for an old fashioned game of tip! It’s simple, and it’s a whole lot of fun. RNG selects who is first in, and then the game officially starts when they make their first tag by tagging the player in the thread and saying “you’re it”. From there, who ever is it then tags someone else, and so on, and so on. You’re allowed to do it to anyone except for the person who had just tagged you. In terms of the outside of thread collusion, this challenge is a bit different! You’re allowed to do as much collusion as you like. Say that we have three users, FDR, The Man77, socialist-nic-cage, FDR is in an alliance with socialist-nic-cage, they can use pm’s to communicate “we’ll both only got for The Man77”, and then only go for him - Hey, or they can double cross each other - how much do you trust your allies? The placing is done as such: 48 hours after the first tag, the game is over. The time that each user was “it” is summed, and then as follows: -The user who was “it” the least has individual immunity and a vote -Seven users who were “it” the longest are sent to tribal -The rest of the users, ie placing from second to eighth, are safe from the vote Go out and get tagging! 11. Survivor Biathlon Contestants will have to run 50 miles. They can run at a speed going from 10 to 50 mph. After 20 and 40 miles they have to shoot 5 times to a target 30 yards away. The faster contestants run, the more tired they are, the more likely they are to miss 1 or more shots. Accuracy % decreases by twice the speed they run at. Every miss is worth a 30min penalty. The contestant completing the biathlon in the shortest time wins Example: Phil chooses to run his biathlon at 40mph. He will shoot 2 times 5 targets at a 20% accuracy (dice roll). Let's say he misses 7 times out of 10. That means he will have completed the biathlon in 285 minutes (75 min run + 210 min of penalty) 12. Rock, Paper, Scissors Everyone is randomly given a number 1-15. #1 gets the veto power(RNGesus luck), #2 plays #15, #3 plays #14, etc. Each person picks rock, paper, or scissors until there is a winner. Three total games are played. So someone could end up 3-0, 2-1, 1-2, or 0-3. The worst 7 records go to voting. Best 7 are safe. If there are not a clear cut 7 best and worst, three more games are played among those with 2-1 and 1-2 records(include 0-3 records if needed for an even number of contestants) to get a clear cut top and bottom 7.
  4. Survivor III: Winners Versus Losers

    Dwight, Finn and Nazgul join the Loser's Group. Nazgul opted out, so he is eligible to compete in the next Immunity Challenge. So are Dwight and Finn since everybody gets one grace missed submission before the rule goes into effect (Shady and Swag had already used theirs up). I will post the challenges shortly.
  5. Survivor III: Winners Versus Losers

    @Dwight_Schrute and @FinneasGage are the final two. About 40 minutes left.
  6. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    Nope. Like I've said before, once you get to the second round, I believe in best player available/best value available regardless of position. The further you go, the more I believe this.
  7. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    Aaron Jones has the highest yards per carry in NFL history for players with 200 attempts or more. We're fine at RB if we use what we have at RB.
  8. Survivor III: Winners Versus Losers

    I need submissions from @Dwight_Schrute, @FinneasGage, @Ragnarok, @Utley. Remember, you can opt out of this challenge and not suffer the consequences. If you don't opt out and I don't hear from you by the deadline, you will suffer the consequences of not opting out.
  9. Survivor III: Winners Versus Losers

    Lots of people do.
  10. Packer fans in October: Fire McCarthy! Packer fans in January: These replacements suck!
  11. Good. Nobody will want to hire him as head coach. OC really doesn't matter when you hire an offensive-minded head coach.
  12. Random Packer News & Notes

    Yeah, and we're undefeated when Montgomery has 10 receptions or more. I've never asked for Rodgers to throw to backs 10 times a game. Ive asked for him to take it when it's there instead of taking 8 seconds and a sack or throwaway.
  13. Survivor III: Winners Versus Losers

    The next challenge is due at 11:30 AM CST Tuesday. I won't tag everyone again since I've already tagged everyone a reminder of the next challenge. You can find the challenge description on Page One. Please pay close attention to the rules.
  14. Survivor III: Winners Versus Losers

    The ninth vote and the next player voted off of Survivor: Winners Versus Losers... @SwAg. Swag, thank you for playing. You will have an opportunity to come back into the game.