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  1. What movie are you watching v1

    I don't think I can finish it. It's bad.
  2. No submissions do not factor into average. For example, oh I don't know, say Mission doesn't submit. That will NOT lower the average. Average comes from all submissions, not all players.
  3. What movie are you watching v1

    I'm going to watch The Snowman even though I know I shouldn't.
  4. @mission27, @Shady Slim, @Nazgul, @Malfatron, @theuntouchable, @Adrenaline_Flux, @Hockey5djh, @TedLavie, @The Orca, @Pickle Rick, @ET80, Writes of Passage Each player has to PM me a message. They must TITLE the message Writes of Passage Message. If they don't, their submission will not count. The object of the game is to be one of three players closest to the average number of words per message. The three players who are closest to the average number of words per message will compete in the final portion of this challenge. By word count, I mean actual words. The first portion of this challenge must be between 1 and 100 words. You must actually write a message and it must be in complete sentences. This one takes some effort. You MAY NOT work with others in this challenge. If there are players who do not submit, that will NOT factor into the average. Nazgul has a 5 word leeway to get into the final 3. ET has a ten word leeway. Those nachos were heavy and caused some lethargy. Salmon was healthy and caused a fresh mind. For the Final Three portion, the longest message and the shortest message get eliminated and the player in the middle wins Immunity. Deadline to submit is noon 11 PM CST Monday.
  5. Clue - Malf Salmon - ET (Writes of Passage Advantage) Nachos - Nazgul (Writes of Passage Advantage) Mystery Bonus - Orca, Shady Survivor Delicacies (Nothing) Letter - Touch Fragile Tile Clue - Nazgul I'm out for tonight. I will send out the PMs tomorrow to tell you what you've won (or maybe tonight after a brief break).
  6. @mission27, @Shady Slim, @Nazgul, @Malfatron, @theuntouchable, @Adrenaline_Flux, @Hockey5djh, @TedLavie, @The Orca, @Pickle Rick, @ET80, The auction is about to begin. If you use a fake name, you lose all your money and are ineligible for the next Immunity Challenge. If you are present, I will assume your PMs for bids are forfeit. If you are not present, I will use your bids as the items come up for bid.
  7. Ninth vote and the next person voted out of Survivor: Six Islands is BCB. @bcb1213, the tribe has spoken. Thank you for playing.
  8. That's 6 votes BCB, 3 votes Mission, 5 votes left.
  9. Sixth vote, BCB. Seventh vote, BCB.
  10. Third vote, BCB. Fourth vote, BCB. Fifth vote, BCB.
  11. First vote, @mission27. That's three votes for Mission. Second vote, @bcb1213.
  12. I'll read the votes. Auction will take place in Chatty. Anybody cheating by using a fake username will lose all their money and will suffer a penalty in the upcoming Immunity Challenge. 37426108874729 @mission27 has missed a second vote deadline. He will receive two penalty votes this Tribal Council and he has lost an additional hour from all future vote deadlines. @Hockey5djh has missed his first deadline. He receives a warning. Every player (even Mission) got a missed deadline warning. Hockey, next deadline you miss you lose an hour and you receive a penalty vote if it's a vote, or you lose an hour and won't be eligible for the next Immunity Challenge if it's a challenge deadline.
  13. Somebody asked me if you could share money between players and I forgot to answer. You CAN share money, but the maximum bid on any one item is 500. If multiple people bid 500 on an item, they either split that item or both/all get it depending on the item.