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  1. Let’s go, Rodgers. And by let’s I mean you. Denver needs to get another first round pick if they want Davante, too. Or they can give us Jeudy straight up for Davante (age matters before you all call me stupid for that).
  2. I feel like EDGE is overrated in this era of football. I could be wrong, I probably am, but I feel like unless you’re getting a top three EDGE, you might as well be getting a top 20 EDGE, and that IDL is kinda eclipsing EDGE in today’s NFL.
  3. Just remember we got a 4th round pick for Clinton-Dix. The better Stafford does the more we get for Rodgers. It’s not about the years or the ability alone, but also the marketability. You trade Rodgers to a team and that team is going to sell out each and every home game, will likely get a home playoff game, and will get loads financially.
  4. Yep, I’d push them out past Aaron if I could. Aaron is not pulling a Brady and playing for 6 more years, he’s got three more years tops if I had to guess. I’d like to get a 2023 first round pick if I could, so the further out the draft picks the better.
  5. Stat King I’m getting the impression isn’t much liked around here.
  6. Lol. Packers leadership is setting the stage for this being Aaron’s decision and Aaron’s decision alone and people think that means they want him back. No. They don’t want Rodgers back. They want Rodgers do force his way to a new team so they’re not the villains. It’s pretty obvious. Aaron says he doesn’t want to rebuild (I’m not taking a pay cut). LaFleur says there’s ways to bring players back (take a pay cut).
  7. Unity avatars count for 4 points per game that’s why we lost.
  8. It doesn’t matter. If he was thinking it, it counts, and I believe him. Leave him alone. He’s Outpost Approved.
  9. Lol. I watched the game. Otherwise would have been a good zinger. No it wouldn’t have been though. If Rosie O’Donnell has a nude scene in a movie, me not watching Rosie O’Donnell naked does not change the fact that she was naked. Naked Rosie, terrible Rodgers, tape doesn’t lie regardless of whether or not you watch it. But I did watch it.
  10. Also, defense is gonna get tired when Aaron and the offense do nothing. More I think about it the more I say it’s like… Less than 2% on the defense.
  11. Yep. We’ve got time for Rodgers to do something if not for that play, and only a soft defense allows that.
  12. I’m thinking Hackett getting hired might be a clue a team is going to make a run at Rodgers. Something tells me Aaron would want a coach he has experience with, but is also a little (lot) malleable.
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