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  1. Yeah, I can see myself doing that. This whole refreshing the ****ing page every ten minutes during free agency, bitching and moaning on here for Gute to do something, telling all of you how defense is the only thing that matters, how much Pettine sucks and will never win us a Super Bowl, watching 16 games (17 now) getting all hyped up for the chances? Nope. I might watch highlights (depending on how many points I see the Packers allowed), but I'm done wasting my time for this much hurt. I feel like if I didn't watch 16 games, didn't spend so much time setting myself up for
  2. This cements it. I'm done. It was nice talking to all of you. Even the ones of you I strongly disagreed with. **** Tom Brady.
  3. I'm quitting. I'm giving up. I'm throwing in the towel. Nine years of pain for a slim shot at momentary euphoria is not worth it. I will not watch another season where the defense is incapable of holding teams to under 23 points in three or four playoff games. I'd get over it if I thought 2021 had any shot of being different. It won't. Not with Rodgers getting paid what he's about to get paid. It might not happen next year. It might not even happen the year after that. Sooner or later, however... You'll see. It doesn't ****ing matter if you have Joe Mont
  4. Yes it is. I don't want to hear that ****. He gave up the difference in the game by not calling prevent defense in literally the one spot you do it. If that's a field goal the Packers just won this game. It is absolutely on Pettine. It's on Pettine, it's on Jones, it's on LaFleur. It doesn't matter. I'm done with football. This is a bull**** feeling over a game. This has been the worst week of my life since 8 years ago and now this ****. It's just not worth it.
  5. Rodgers making what will be like 20% of the cap next year. 29th overall pick. I am going to put in a very serious effort to quit football. Like for real. Life sucks enough without this kind of self-inflicted pain. Three times Lazard was held and nothing.
  6. Third and four for a shot to go to the Super Bowl. Does Pettine have anything?
  7. That penalty actually helped us, right? It stopped the clock, right? I'm behind on the game, just following.
  8. I would cash in all the Packer luck for the next 10 years to get this win.
  9. It was the smart move if you trust your defense. It all comes down to whether or not Green Bay can force a three and out.
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