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  1. I'll wait for Julie or someone who can take the time to type three more letters and an apostrophe to confirm.
  2. @jasonwbantle, @swoosh, @Shady Slim, @gopherwrestler, @The Orca, @Malfatron. If I’m the last to submit let me know. I’m confident in my answers, just letting them marinate a little bit. I won’t hold things up.
  3. Tiebreaker alternative: Correctly stating the reason. So if two players get the same amount correct, but one player knew why it was correct more, that player wins.
  4. Thankfully for me, two of my answers are the same answer, so I can just hope one of my answers with the same answer is right. If I win. If I don’t, **** you, Julie.
  5. This is easy. I’ve already come up with three different answers for the first question and they all make sense.
  6. Jason is right this should definitely be an HOH centered entirely around The Thing trivia.
  7. I just gotta say, regardless of the outcome, this is the most fun Big Brother I’ve ever played. The twists, the turns, the betrayals... These past three HOH cycles have been among the wildest ever.
  8. @TedLavie, disregard my last PM. I didn’t mean it. I’m coming for you. @gopherwrestler, you too.
  9. It was a good game, everyone. Good luck to all of you the rest of the way.
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