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  1. I've been laying way low for months now. It's beginning to feel like it'll be time to get back into it. I haven't been looking at ANYTHING. Somebody give me a dozen of the best long-term investments that they feel strongly about. Heck, everybody do that. I'll save it for future reference, and 10 years from now, the person who got me the best gains I will send a 100 dollar gift card to Red Lobster.
  2. Who was that Eagles receiver that someone had an ABSOLUTE MELTDOWN over us having let get away last year? I always remember that Texans cornerback who had a strong three game stretch and then nothing.
  3. Tom Brady’s guy. Guarantee it. They will wait to release it until the Championship game, then the refs will cheat, Brady will win a ring in spite of the turmoil.
  4. The jig is up, the news is out, they've finally found our defense still sucks. 44-37 Rams win.
  5. I guarantee Brady did not get vaccinated. 100% guaranteed. The dude eats avocado ice cream and is all about zero chemicals. Has his food prepared by virgins who wash their hands only in the Nile River and open mouth kisses his son.
  6. He probably doesn’t even remember. I was banned once I think. Permabanned. Like 16 years ago. And here I am.
  7. No you don’t need an elite QB to win. You need a QB at or below his exact value capable of putting 3 or 4 good games together in a row with a defense that is capable of (and does) play like a top 5 scoring defense in the NFL and a good head coach. That’s it. That’s literally all you need.
  8. @Uncle Buck, would it be possible for you to welcome the Jordan Love era with glee?
  9. Now find out Brady did the same thing, which will lead to the revelation that he has been using PEDs for the past ten years. Belichick and Mac Jones win 5 of the next 10 Super Bowls. Brady becomes an NFL pariah, nobody calls him GOAT anymore. Thousands of internet forum users start scrubbing their post history and turn to modern day Peters. Didn't you cheer for the Patriots? "I always knew it was Belichick" Didn't you have six Tom Brady jerseys?" "I never called the man GOAT." Didn't you become a Buccaneers fan suddenly? "I never rooted for Brady!" Then
  10. Watch OBJ completely destroy the Rams and their way of operating. Which is terrible.
  11. Just, if I was a Falcons fan, I would be so relieved that they’ve got a Hall of Fame tight end that only took a 6th overall pick to get. It’s got to be so nice to be able to watch a skill position player as a cornerstone piece of draft capital and eventually cap space allotment when your offensive line is junk, your QB has two years left if he’s not traded in the offseason, you’ve got no defensive cornerstones under 27 years old and you’re going to be an 8-8 team for 3 of the next six years, so you won’t be able to add any franchise players in the draft. I just cannot fathom the rati
  12. Whitney was named Whitney 100% because his last name was merciless and his mom wanted him to have maybe just a little mercy. If Gary misses any time at all, he really should change his first name to Hunter or something similar. Savage, too. Savage was named Darnell for the same reason. Darnell is the least intimidating name in the world after Urkel.
  13. Defense is going to suck. Now it’s good against good teams, so it means it’ll suck against bad teams. Vikings 37, Packers 13.
  14. Still boycotting Marvel. Give me X-Men or I don't want anything to do with the MCU. Although it's gonna be pretty hard to ignore Spider-Man and Dr. Strange movies.
  15. You need Luke. Do not need Han nor Leia. Take a little off ROTJ Luke and make him a highly conflicted character who never went FULL pouting and perfection.
  16. I want an origin story on the raptors and Muldoon.
  17. Link me. I remember the rumors, too, but only on non-reputable sources.
  18. I have. I enjoyed it. You referring to the dark mirror or whatever multiple paths type ending stuff they had in there? I mentioned that as a way to eliminate the sequel trilogy a few months back. Did they do more with this in something recently?
  19. I’m not sure what you mean by this. I’ve been behind. Could you elaborate please?
  20. I had a terrible typo. I now love the prequel trilogy. I hate the sequel trilogy.
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