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  1. Actually, that was a Hitchcock shot. Vertigo.
  2. I’ve got four shares of Nikola that I’m not going to sell. Lose two hundred dollars if it goes belly up, gain 4,000 dollars if it’s even the Hulu to Netflix, that’s an easy choice. As far as buying it, might not recommend buying it right now, but if you’ve got under 500 invested in it I would say the long term potential gain is worth the long term potential loss. I also have around that much in the other one. Don’t even remember what the other one is called, but I know I’ve got it.
  3. An animate chair is likely possessed by some spirit or cosmic entity. I’m sure an animate antique desk chair is more dangerous than a spider.
  4. I’ve never been able to get into any Resident Evil game except for the VR one, but the VR one was a top 1 scare experience of my life. I have a PSVR gathering dust, but I’m absolutely going to keep it in case the next Resident Evil also has VR because I’ve never experienced fear quite like playing that game. I don’t think I’ll ever forget how badly I got ****ed up the first time one of those ****ing wall monsters came out of that basement wall.
  5. Probably because he wasn’t aware of his surroundings and put his arm onto the brown recluse. I am always aware of every living thing around me. And they are aware that I am kind to all animals and mean them no harm; thus, they do not harm me. Your buddy probably squished helpless hundreds of spiders, of which that brown recluse was aware, and got vengeance for his fallen arachnid friends.
  6. You're all a bunch of pansies. Spiders are the least frightening thing out there. Especially wolf spiders. I love wolf spiders. In fact, if I see one outside, I will catch it and release it inside my house. They're solitary, fiercely territorial creatures that are free exterminators. They aren't aggressive, they keep to themselves, and they will keep all other bugs out of your house. When I was living in Arizona I went out looking for wild tarantulas. You could pick those guys up and hold them and they'd be as docile as a butterfly as long as you didn't blow on them or breathe on them (they don't like this because tarantula hawks would kill them and do terrible things to them and blowing on them made them think it was the wings of a tarantula hawk). There are three (ONLY THREE) dangerous spider species in America. Four with a painful bite. Five more low-risk spiders only dangerous if you have an allergic reaction. That's 12 - one dozen - spiders you have to worry about more than a bee out of over 3,000 species of spiders. And these spiders that ARE dangerous are SOLITARY. They call a brown recluse a brown recluse because it is reclusive. They don't like people. They don't chase people. They don't actively try to harm people. I've had a brown recluse crawling on me before. I was cleaning out a neglected storage closet in Texas that was loaded with them. Yeah, slightly dangerous if one got under my shirt or something, but I was careful and had gloves on. It crawled onto my glove. I gently brushed it off and it scurried away. Brown recluse, black widow, hobo spider. The brown recluse is not what you think it is. That spider is not a brown recluse. You're more likely to never see one in your entire life. That's a brown recluse. Unfortunately, it's a bit tougher to tell the difference between a harmful hobo spider and a wolf spider. Thankfully, their territory is not in an area I have to worry about, so every one I see I know is NOT a hobo spider. Hobo spiders are pink. Brown recluse are green. Unless you live in one of those two areas, you're not at any risk of a spider bite harming you unless you're a little girlie man. Black widows are everywhere except Alaska. They're easy to identify. You're all a bunch of girlie men.
  7. Finally watched Parasite. Don’t know yet. I’ll let it process. Process it for a while.
  8. I don’t think he was gay. I think he was asexual. I know there’s a lot to suggest he was, especially the derogatory terms used by Andrew Jackson and others, but I think that was more because they didn’t like him. His letters seem damning until you see that other men at the time wrote to other men similarly. All those people and all those journals and I think you’d find something a bit more concrete to suggest he was gay.
  9. The third try doesn’t get better. Everyone who likes this movie sniffs their own farts and just pretends to like it. Movie has a fun rating in the negative. Just think about it. If you have to watch a movie three times to see if you like it, you’re not gonna like it.
  10. @Counselor, monkeys just always freaked me out. So do goats. As far as antique desk furniture... I had a recurring nightmare for literally two weeks, every single night, of an antique desk chair, the ones with four legs that stretch out on wheels so it looks like an octopus chair. It would be in my garage, and it would chase me and it would keep me from being able to move. I had no knowledge of ever having seen the chair before. Then after two weeks of recurring nightmares of an antique desk chair, one suddenly shows up in my garage. Same. Exact. One. Obviously at some point I had seen the chair before, but hadn’t remembered it. My mom’s grandpa had died, and she took the chair from his estate. Brought it home. I had a panic attack. A literal one. My calf muscles froze up, I couldn’t move. Just like my dreams. And when I say my calf muscles froze up, I mean they turned to concrete, every muscle tightened and I could not move them. So I lay helpless on the stairs right at the entrance to the garage, an 8-10 year old kid not knowing what a panic attack was, thinking a ****ing chair is going to swallow my soul or something. Antique furniture still freaks me the **** out. If someone was to tie fish line to one and pull it across the room I would probably cry like a little *****, or at the very least **** my own pants.
  11. Maybe the fact that in one of his seasons he exceeded the career production of every receiver we have on the roster with the exception of Adams.
  12. Just read a James Buchanan biography. Dude has zero excuses for ho terrible he was. Might have been one of those blessing in disguise type presidents we’ve had since, if it wasn’t for his incompetence and inexcusable prosouthernism, we might not have had the Civil War when we did. I think every President before him would have done better considering he had a major hand in ****ing up the biggest things that went on during his tenure. There were others who were equally incompetent, but not many exacerbated things that came up as badly as Buchanan did. Now I’m switching back to horror with Black Mad Wheel. Then Lincoln. Then Revival by King.
  13. Idea for the Draft a Movie crowd: Four captains draft FF members. Those four members Fix a Franchise. They can each draft a defunct franchise (Predator, Aliens, Terminator, etc) or actors or directors. Teams complete outlines for their franchise reboot, sequel, prequel. The entire Entertainment Subforum votes on a winner. EDIT: Even better, each team fixes the same franchise and we go through multiple franchises to see which teams are the best at fixing those franchises. They can decide what is the best way to fix the franchise (sequel, soft reboot, hard remake, etc).
  14. I hope like hell Rodgers doesn’t win MVP. Last MVP to win the Super Bowl was two decades ago. That curse is real.
  15. Only if the Buccaneers pass on him first.
  16. I shan’t be taking part. Television sucks. When only ten of something even belong in the discussion, what’s the point? You’ll be waiting your time, Deadpulse. Better off doing a best movie quotes of all time tournament.
  17. It’s not being down on Rodgers to rate him accurately.
  18. Se7en is most overrated thriller of all time. Not trying to say it sucks, but it is highly overrated.
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